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✔ - Sexual Orientation

In a het relationship. TBH I’m not sure though. I’ve always questioned, actually, whether I was bi. Like basically my whole life. So… I dunno. Do with that what you will.

I came up with a name! it gets called Tilde.. I’m unsure on if it is able to speak yet, but their hands are incredibly expressive. their body appears to be a vessel, one that isn’t always in use. when they move, although they appear flimsy they’re actually quite solid. I’m considering that it may be kind of a guardian, protective figure whos often left to its own devices. 6 hands is their average but they’re able to have any number of them

Day6: confessing to their oblivious crush

Jae: he doesn’t seem like the type to say ‘what the heck’ and just do it. I think he’d take his time and think things over a million times before he decides that it’s the best choice. Even then, he’s still unsure of himself but makes it through without stuttering too much or blushing. He knows you’re unaware of his feelings, so that’s why he’ll be subtle at first but once he can’t take it anymore, the words will come rushing out.

 Sungjin: also one to think about everything that will possibly go wrong. The only thing that’s killing him is the fact that you don’t know. If you did or he suspected that you did, it might be easier for him to gush out his feelings. But he knows once he tells you how he feels that it’s never gonna be the same between you. He’s ready to take that chance if he’s seriously in love with you though. 

 Youngk: might be oblivious himself, until maybe another member points out the way that he acts around you. This will certainly freak him out and he won’t know what to do for a while. He tries to drop little hints here and there that have likes you, but he can tell that you’re as oblivious as ever. He tries not to rush it, bc he fears sooner or later you’ll find out from someone else, so he just goes for it and hopes for the best. 

 Wonpil: there’s no possible way that you’d be oblivious to the way he acts around you. Even when he’s trying to be subtle, his attention is 100% fixed on you and he’ll react to whatever you do and say. He’d laugh or smile when you make a joke, even when it wasn’t exactly funny. You’d be able to the from these sort of things, then he’d be kinda forced to tell you how he feels.

 Dowoon: his ears would be pink all the time when you’re around, so he’d also be hard to hide his feelings. But if you’re still unaware of it, he’d casually ask you one day what your type was. He’d continue questioning you about whether you like someone or not, then proceed to not-so-casually ask if you liked him. You’d better say yes bc this boy will die of embarrassment if you don’t.

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A Series of Avoidable Events

Clarke Griffin works for renowned advertising company, Trikru Incorporated. She’s coasting through life, unsure of what she truly wants to do and settling for mediocrity. Its not her dream job but it pays the bills. It’s comfortable, familiar and what she needs.
All that changes when the company bring in Lexa Woods, a new visionary, with the aim to shake things up. Clarke finds her entire existence unsettled by the arrival of her new boss who is as intriguing as she is intimidating.
Can they put aside their differences and work together?

Aka the Clexa Boss/Employee AU that no one asked for.

“Sharon Carter deserves better” says the fan with the Bxckybxrnes screenname as they go to the trouble of making a video of how disgusted they are by the Sharon & Steve kiss, wherein two adults who are attracted to each other share a brief kiss before parting ways to each take care of their own things. “het bullshit” they further tag, in case there was any confusion that when they say “Sharon Carter deserves better” they actually mean “Sharon Carter deserves to not be near Steve and maybe to not exist at all.”

[Fic: Ereri] Catloaf Conundrums (5/?)

Rating: PG-13
: Alternate Universe - Neighbors, Slow Build, Friends to Lovers, Fluff and Humor, Idiots in denial, And a matchmaking catloaf, Pining!Levi, He doesn’t even realize it

A series of encounters with Eren’s fat cat Colossal and other mishaps bring together neighbors Eren and Levi.

“Coco was outside his door!” Isabel chimes in helpfully, “I was comin’ up the stairs and I saw Coco pawing at his door, so I thought it was your apartment, so I rang the doorbell but it wasn’t you, it was this Big Bro, and then he told me that you live one more floor up and so he came with me.”

Levi darts his eyes back front, but this time to arch an eyebrow at Isabel. “Big Bro?”

Isabel tilts her head at Levi. “Yeah, Eren here is Bro, so you must be Big Bro.”

Chapter 5 on Ao3

Chibi Ace with longer hair <3 ~(^u^~)