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More Roarhaven Nine-Nine: aka the arbiter core is more interesting with Omen and Never involved.

(Based on this wickedly funny scene from Brooklyn Nine-Nine )

Greetings, Colleagues;

As some of you may know, this week’s Iron Banner is - improbably - Mayhem Clash. We feel that this is an opportune occasion to bring you another Mothyards Live Streaming Event.  We will be assembling a crack team of elite Guardians to cause mayhem in the Crucible, and we invite you to follow along through the heat of battle on our Twitch Channel tomorrow, 5/10 at 6PM MST/ 8PM EST.

In order to keep things interesting, we will be running a number of challenges along the route to victory, including (but not limited to) randomized loadouts, punishment games, equip-the-drop, Iron Banner Bingo, and anything else that we or our viewers can think of. We hope you’ll take the time to join us.

With that said, we would like to introduce our victory-bound squad:

The old, jaded one.

  • Nickname: G / G-Man / ‘How do I say that?’
  • K/D Ratio: 1.15
  • Subclass: Still throwing knives at people, despite it all.
  • Likes: Moths, iambic pentameter, knives
  • Dislikes: Playing Destiny
  • Quote: “Whoops.”
  • Further notes: Will never forgive Bungie for Gunslinger nerfs.

The only one who knows what she’s doing.

  • Nickname: Kitty / ‘HELP!’
  • K/D Ratio: 1.89 
  • Subclass: I KILL WITH MY HEART.
  • Likes: Cats, tripmines
  • Dislikes: Warlocks
  • Quote: “It’s like herding fucking cats.”
  • Further notes: Secretly a Warlock.

Too good, too pure.

  • Nickname: Shep / ‘You know who.’
  • K/D Ratio: 0.8
  • Class: It’s HAMMER TIME. Until it’s BUBBLE TIME.
  • Likes: funny helmets, puns, dancing
  • Dislikes: Aksis and his TV crew
  • Quote: “Hey guys, should we jump down here?” [Already jumping]
  • Further notes: Way too many puns.

The strong, silent one.

  • Nickname: Master Chef / The Knee of Justice
  • K/D Ratio: 0.86
  • Class: Striker. Only Striker. There is nothing else.
  • Likes: Shoulder Charge, Peregrine Greaves, the color red.
  • Dislikes: Salt, Warlocks
  • Quote: “I prefer sidearms.” [Points to arm]
  • Further notes: Is the Crucible.

The Kinderguardian.

  • Nickname: Nova / ‘Oh, no.’
  • K/D Ratio: 0.55
  • Class: Electric knifeapalooza.
  • Likes: Black Spindle, Cayde-6, Sticky Nades
  • Dislikes: Jumping puzzles, shotguns.
  • Quote: “Guardian down.”
  • Further notes: Unsure what K/D means.
Reaction (Chris Hemsworth X Pregnant!Reader Ft. Uncle Tom!)

Summary: Reader is the wife of Chris Hemsworth and has been for 2 years. Just when he leaves to film Thor: The Dark World, Reader discovers something interesting. It poses a problem, considering she needs to tell Chris the great news but wants to in person. Unsure of what to do, she calls up her best friend Tom who quickly sorts things out. Months later, Reader and Chris share a little bit more news that earns the greatest reaction from her best friend.

Key: (Y/N)-your name

Today’s Playlist: Nothin’.

Cast: YOU! Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hiddleston, and some random background peoples

Warnings: Minor Language

Status: Complete, may consider part 2 if requested

Note: Yes, the story puts a big focus on Uncle Tom. I couldn’t resist!! Can you blame me though? Can you? Really? Also, I wasn’t going to post this until later, but because of the lack of posts from me lately, I figured I needed to redeem myself.

    Damn it. Damn it! Of course you find out as soon as Chris leaves for filming. Just peachy. Since your husband of 2 years left for filming Thor: The Dark World, you’ve been feeling horribly sick. At first you doubted you were pregnant. I mean, it wasn’t all that probable. Yet here you are with a positive pregnancy test, alone in your apartment.

    You’re overjoyed, obviously. I mean, you’re going to have a baby! You can already see the nursery in your mind with a cute little crib and stuffed animals and- Well, that’s the idea. You’re ecstatic.

However, Chris won’t be home from filming for months and he just left a few days ago. You can’t go through this alone and certainly not without him knowing. At the same time, you don’t want to tell him over text or phone call. He deserves to hear it straight from you, but there’s no way he can come home when they’ve only just started filming. You have no idea what to do.

But someone else might.

You pull your phone from your pocket desperately, tapping on the contact name of your best friend; Tom. Tom Hiddleston is your best friend and the one who introduced you to Chris in the first place. He’s the way you met your husband, but you two have known each other since a long time before that. The only thing you can think of to do in this situation is to ask him for help. Lucky for you, he’s actually in the exact same vicinity as your husband, which will undoubtedly make it much easier to find a solution.

He answers almost immediately, “Oh, (Y/N), love! Is Chris not answering his cell? Yeah, he’s filming a scene right now, but-”

“Tom, that’s not why I’m calling.” You inform him quickly in a rushed and nervous tone.

Tom sounds terrified for you, immediately going serious. “(Y/N), is everything alright? What’s happened?”

“No, no, I’m fine. Nothing’s happened.” You reassure him, hearing a sigh of relief on the other side of the call.

“What is it, then?” He doesn’t sound mad at you. Tom could never be mad at you. He simply wants to know why you’re calling him. You call him regularly, obviously, but usually on certain days and today is not one of those days.

“I…have news Tom.” You tell him nervously, biting your lip even though he can’t see it. “I’m pregnant.”

“What?!” He exclaims excitedly. You can practically hear him leaping for joy. “That’s amazing, (Y/N), you-!”

He stops. He’s realised it almost immediately, you note. That’s observant of him. “Tom…”

“You haven’t told Chris yet, have you?” Tom whispers into the phone, probably nearby many other people and not wanting to spread the news just yet.

“No, I haven’t.” You admit, “I just found out today and I want to tell him in person, but…” You trail off with a sigh.

“He’s here.” Tom finishes with a determined tone.

“Exactly. I haven’t any idea what to do.” You groan frustratedly, leaning back. This is the worst possible situation. Hopefully, Tom has an idea to solve it.

“Have you come up with any ideas to get him home without giving it away?”

You shake your head and make a sound that tells him no. “I thought of faking an illness, but he might just send Liam and that would make things even more awkward.”

“One of the unfortunate cons of being close friends with your husband’s brother.” Tom teases a little, knowing it will lighten your mood. Then, he continues on with ideas. “I can talk to the higher-ups, if you want, maybe see if they can fake a critical issue or something. Is that alright if I tell them what’s going on?”

“If that can convince them to send him home.” You let out a relieved sigh, extremely grateful for your friend. “Thank you so much, Tom. You’re a lifesaver.”

“I know.” He’s probably grinning like an idiot over there. “Still, (Y/N), a baby! Have you thought about names?”

You laugh at his excitement, which soon finds its way over to you. Tom’s happiness is absolutely infectious. “Not really…I was thinking Tom Hemsworth has quite a nice ring to it.”

Tom laughs heartily, “Honestly, (Y/N), don’t name your child after me. Chris would never stop laughing, nor would he ever forgive me.”

“I doubt it,” You reassure him knowingly, before moving on. “I’ll talk to you later, Tom, hopefully after all this mess is sorted. Let me know how it goes. Thank you again. You’re the best!”

“Aw, too sweet.” He compliments lovingly, “Love you!”

“Bye, Tom! Love you, too.” You say, ending the call. You let out another sigh of relief. Tom always has your back.

Just two days later, Tom calls you back. You answer immediately, nervous and ecstatic to hear what the news is. He sounds just as excited. So excited, in fact, that you can barely understand what he’s saying; he’s speaking so quickly. Thank god you have many years of experience with him acting like this.

“(Y/N), (Y/N), great news!” He chatters with ebullience almost overflowing. “The director’s convinced Chris there was a huge malfunction with the equipment and that it won’t be fixed for a few weeks, meaning that everyone gets to go home for a bit longer! Of course, we’re not all going home, just him, but he left for the airport this morning and he should be there late tonight!” He gasps for breath.

You cheer and squeal excitedly, gripping your phone tightly with joy. “That’s absolutely amazing, Tom! You are the greatest friend of all time! Such a sweet talker.” You tease at the end there, knowing full well that he probably convinced the higher-ups within moments. He’s just always been so sweet and well-mannered.

The two of you chat for a bit after about regular things. Well, they would be regular except all Tom can manage to talk about is the baby and how ecstatic he is.

“Uncle Tom!” He exclaims, “I’m going to be an uncle!” He almost explodes with excitement and awe. He cannot comprehend just how life-changing the experience will be. He also cannot, for the life of him, picture you as a mother, though he says he’ll get used to the idea eventually. He ends the conversation telling you, once more, how happy is he both himself and for you and Chris as well as telling you that everything will be great and Chris will be home soon.

Tom is right as always and Chris shows up at 12 that night, much to your delight. You welcome him home with hugs and kisses, feigning surprise at his sudden return. You mustn’t let him onto the fact that you already knew he was coming back for a few more weeks.

Unsurprisingly, Chris is exhausted, though he doesn’t want to sleep. “I missed you.” He mumbles, burying his face in your hair. “I just want to stay up and talk.”

You giggle, hugging him tightly. “You were only gone for a few days.” You tease, “Besides, love, you’re exhausted. We can talk tomorrow.”

“Fine.” He pouts childishly, causing you to laugh again and kiss him on the cheek.

He grabs your hand and takes you to the bedroom. He changes into his sleepwear and flops onto the bed, yawning and pulling the blankets close. You join him swiftly and Chris pulls you lovingly to him almost immediately. You kiss him endearingly and tell him goodnight, shifting into a comfortable position before closing your eyes and drifting to sleep. It takes quite a while, though, because of your excitement and nervousness for tomorrow.

The morning comes far too quickly and you ease yourself out of bed, grateful that morning sickness hasn’t hit you today. That would be a far less fun way to tell Chris that you’re expecting. You rush to the kitchen with newfound energy, immediately pulling out things to make both you and Chris some breakfast. Halfway through the cooking process, Chris sleepily finds his way into the kitchen, helping you finish up. He does, however, stay extremely close to you with the excuse that he’ll have to leave in a few weeks again and wants to spend every moment he can with you. It’s exceedingly adorable and you can’t really argue with it.

Eventually, the two of you sit down to eat breakfast. Midway through eating, you pull a small, ribbon-wrapped gift from your purse by the door. You sit back down at the table, practically bouncing with joy. You’ve already pulled out your phone and started recording. Chris looks up at you with curiosity and confusion, glancing nervously at the phone. He can tell you’re recording, but he doesn’t know why.

“What?” He asks you through a mouthful before swallowing his food nervously. You adore his accent, honestly, and it seems to come out, even more, when he’s adorably confused.

“I have a gift for you!” You announce excitedly, waving the box.

“I like gifts!” He smiles brightly as you hand it to him. You watch from around the phone as he pulls apart the ribbon and opens the tiny little box. You tilt your phone toward the box so it can see what it is; a positive pregnancy test. It takes mere milliseconds before Chris realises what that means. He looks up at you in absolute shock and awe. “Really?!”

You nod tearfully and your emotions overcome you as you see his expression. “Yeah, I’m pregnant.”

“Oh my god!” Chris leaps to his feet as you abandon the phone to the table so that you can embrace him. It’s still recording as he hugs you tight and buries his head in your hair, talking to you. “I’m gonna be a dad! You’re pregnant!”

After a few seconds, he pulls back and leans down so that he’s eye level with your stomach. He holds you gently by the waist and kisses your stomach lovingly. “Look at my little one, already making people cry.”

After that, you stop the recording, though Chris is extremely attached to you still. Who can blame him? He refuses to leave you alone for two seconds and you can’t say you mind. It’s amazing to know how excited he is and that he’ll stay by your side no matter the situation. Soon, the two of you find yourselves on the couch with two cups of steaming coffee, discussing baby names.

“I think if it’s a boy, we should name him after Tom.” You tease with a glimmer in your eyes.

Chris laughs, “Really, can we? Like a middle name or something, I mean, obviously not the first name.”

You gasp a little with a sudden revelation, “We should name him Chris! Can you imagine the confusion?! What with you, Evans, not to mention Pratt-” They’ve already hired him to star in a Marvel movie at this point.

“Oh my god, we have to now.” Chris jokes, “We have to.”

The video you recorded was posted online for all to see and everyone was ecstatic for the Hemsworth family. You posted it after informing all your family and friends, including the Hemsworth brothers. The both of you told Liam in person and he was off the walls about it, immediately starting to come up with names and such. It was hilarious. Everyone else was equally as excited, possibly even more than you. Chris’ close friends from his acting jobs constantly brought it up, though no one really minded. You couldn’t have imagined a better reaction overall.

And 9 months later, a little Christopher Thomas Hemsworth was born. Yes, you named him that. The pair of you took your humor a little far, but hey, it is a nice name. Tom pretty much cried upon hearing it. Actually, he did, and there is solid proof of it that practically the entire internet has seen at this point.

You and Chris came up with the plan to announce the baby’s name at the premiere of Thor: The Dark World, in front of everyone. In fact, a certain interviewer got you, Chris, and Tom for an exclusive red carpet interview that most everybody was paying attention to at the time. It was perfect, especially since they got you all a place to sit at a table instead of having to stand around awkwardly. Tom was a little frustrated at first that you wouldn’t tell him, but you told him he wouldn’t care once he heard the name. He, being the humble man he is, didn’t think for a second that you would actually name the baby after him.

The interviewer couldn’t help but ask you and Chris questions about the kid. Lucky for you, he asked just the right question. “So, you two probably get this a lot, but have you come up with a name yet?”

Everyone laughed a little and before either of you could answer, Tom spoke into the microphone. “Yes, they definitely have, but they refuse to tell anyone! Me particularly!”

Everyone laughed again at Tom, who was now turned to you and pouting jokingly, though there was a sense of seriousness in what he said. “Actually,” Chris spoke up as everyone quieted down, “We do have a name and we thought it was about time to tell everybody.” Immediately, everyone started chatting and shouting out ideas excitedly.

“If you decided on Chris, I swear to God.” You could hear Natalie Portman, who had just joined the party upon hearing that you were going to announce the baby’s name- She was very determined to be Aunt Natalie. She succeeded- vaguely mumble that, which led everyone to laugh, then be silent in anticipation.

After a few tense moments, Chris nudged you and encouraged you to speak. “His name is,” You started, practically feeding off of the excitement flowing from everyone in the room, particularly Tom who was leaning forward in his chair so much he looked like he might fall off. “Christopher Thomas Hemsworth.”

The room exploded with gasps and cheers, everything immediately overwhelming. As Tom leaned back into his chair, rubbing his temples in extreme shock, you laughed tearfully at his reaction, covering your mouth with your hand slightly. Then, you gasped upon seeing him start to cry. He started to tear up, his closed hand covering his mouth in shock at first before opening and trying to wipe away the tears. Everyone realised that he was crying and some cried out in sympathy while some laughed gleefully at his pure joy and shock. Tom placed his head in his arms and continued to cry, completely floored by what you had just revealed.

“Aw, Tom.” You leaned over to him and wrapped him in a tight hug, attempting to comfort him.

Tom was able to pull himself together and turned to embrace you as everyone watched, their hearts melting. After a few moments, he spoke. “I still can’t believe you’re naming him Christopher.” Everyone chuckled loudly, but he wasn’t done. “You are going to regret that so much later, you know.”

You laughed loudly, embracing your best friend. You didn’t- and still don’t- regret naming the baby after Tom. He’s been there for you in the roughest of waters. None of this would have been possible without him. So that’s how you made Tom Hiddleston cry. Twice. Oh yeah, he totally burst into tears upon holding little Christopher for the first time. It was so sweet.

Christopher Thomas Hemsworth grew up with the best family one could ever wish for, what with an amazing dad, the most loving and sweet uncle known to mankind, and about a million other family members including a shit ton of other not-so-blood-related uncles and aunts.

Note: *Tom Hiddleston laughs in the distance* Ehehehe

Sorry for the lack of updates. :( My computer caught update fever and then I caught the actual fever. Yay.

Requests are always open!

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Hey :00 I saw like one or two drawings then found your head cannons on bing average. If you can, what are some headcannons on how they would realize they're falling in love and how the two would confess. - Noodle 🍲🍲 (I'm asking because I might draw it or write a fanfic but I'm like unsure how to start)

sure thing! (if you do end up making either a drawing or fanfic, tag me in it! i’d love to see!) 💛

  • for bing, he starts to piece it together the more times they hang out. it almost becomes a daily thing that he and chase hang out, whether it’s something simple as going to the grocery store or going to the skate park or just hanging out on the couch watching movies.
  • when chase unexpectedly has to cancel plans, that leaves a rather empty feeling inside of bing and he can’t explain why. he makes sure to text chase all the time just to check in and make sure that things are okay. 
  • bing has that slow realization that he’s falling for chase due to just always wanting to be around him and wanting to hear chase laugh and be in a good mood. hell, bing will purposely fall on his ass while performing a skateboarding trick because he knows that chase will laugh.
  • for chase, it’s the subtle things he starts noticing about bing when they’re together. like if they’re walking too close to each other on the way to the skate park, but it doesn’t feel awkward at all. perhaps their hands brush for a moment and chase suddenly feels his ears go red.
  • chase’s heart starts getting all fluttery when he feels his phone vibrate and glances at it to see a new message from bing, even if it’s just as simple as memes they send back and forth to each other. 
  • how they end up confessing can happen a lot of different ways, i think! they could be relaxing outside drinking a bottle of beer and watching chica run around the yard. or they could be at the skate park till sunset and that could set up a rather romantic scene. or chase starts falling asleep on bing’s shoulder when it’s movie night and chase tiredly tells him. or even they end up sending flirty memes to each other via text and that could spark up the conversation. the possibilities are endless!!

Do you like…. go out of your way to get attention and stuff because you need it to live, but once you get it and someone attempts to make it a normal thing you start getting paranoid and questioning why they’re being nice to you?

Like??? Thank you for the attention and validation but I’m terrified and unsure on how to deal with it so I’m going to lash out for no particular reason because I don’t understand what I’m supposed to do.

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Yeah but "haha um apparently you were playing matchmaker for me and your friend but I'm actually in love with you, sorry..." headcanon?

Jason shifted nervously as Percy and Annabeth continued their sparring match, completely unsure if he should leave or stay and attempt to continue what was supposed to be his date with Percy. He pushed his glasses back onto the bridge of his nose just as the waitress came by with refills, her smile bringing a light blush to Jason’s cheeks.

“Tag along on your friends’ date?” she whispered, trying not to disrupt the rhythm that Percy and Annabeth had built. 

Jason glanced at Percy and Annabeth, then back at the waitress. “Actually this was supposed to be my date but uh… I suspect I may have been a pawn.” 

The waitress laughed and Jason felt his heart flutter in his chest. 

“True love always finds a way, doesn’t it?” 

Jason smiled wide as he tried to process all the beautiful colors reflected in her eyes. “Yeah… I guess it does.” 

I came up with a name! it gets called Tilde.. I’m unsure on if it is able to speak yet, but their hands are incredibly expressive. their body appears to be a vessel, one that isn’t always in use. when they move, although they appear flimsy they’re actually quite solid. I’m considering that it may be kind of a guardian, protective figure whos often left to its own devices. 6 hands is their average but they’re able to have any number of them

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6&149 Got7 Mark?

Drabble Challenge in less than 700 words!

6; “I just like proving you wrong.” , 149; “I just need ten minutes.”

Mark Tuan, a quiet guy who had a strong presence; your frenemy.

Mark had always been competitive, and when it came to you, he was always doing his best to beat you.

It seemed like there was always some kind of tension between the pair of you, especially through high school. Some people assumed you two actually hated each other, others thought you two liked each other.

You two didn’t really mind what others thought, all that was on your mind was grades and postions. The pair of you had been thrown into the same activities growing up, and when you got to college, you two ended up in the exact same classes.

Mark didn’t let the college parties phase him, he still kept at studying and trying his best to ace all his tests so he didn’t lose out to you; you did the exact same. Though sometimes, his friends would drag him out to parties before he died in a pile of his books.

One night you were dragged out to a random sorority party, were standing in a corner, drinking with your friends. You hadn’t noticed Mark was in attendance until he became the centre of attention while playing beer pong.

Somehow Mark had been nailing all his throws, and his friend Bambam had downed all the beer that was in his cups. Of course, everyone started cheering for Mark, but it did eventually die down.

While in the kitchen looking for more drinks, you bumped into Mark, who had a smug look on his face.

“You saw that right?”

You just shrugged, continuing your search for soda.

“Oh come on, you have to admit it was cool, no?”

It was times like this when you wanted to punch Mark in his perfect little face but you sighed and got your head out of the fridge.

“I didn’t know your nerdy ass had that in you.” You tell him, shooting him a sweet smile.

“Really?” He asked, one eyebrow raised.

“Yes really Mark. Now if you don’t mind…”

You continued searching for your drink, not noticing Mark standing right by you, trying hard to not stare at your ass.

“I just need ten minutes.” He states, still staring at you dig through the fridge.

“For what?” You questioned, finally pulling out a can of soda.

“I just like proving you wrong.” He answered simply.  

You shrugged and nodded, taking a gulp from your can.

In the blink of an eye, Mark had gotten you in a room, pinned against the wall, your soda discarded on the night stand.

“So what, you just assumed I’m a nerd?” He questioned, his face mere inches away from yours.

You could say you were confused, because on one hand you didn’t know how you ended up in that position, but you were also unsure of what the tingling of your stomach meant.

Mark just looked at you, observed you.

It was silent for a while, as silent as it could be with a full blown party happening downstairs.

“I’ll show you.”

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Seeing your discussion about season finales made me wonder: would TUE have been better as a Season 2 finale? Reign Storm could've ended Season 1 on the note that Danny was starting to slide down a moral slope. Season 2 could've started with Control Freaks and perhaps Splitting Images, discuss Danny's struggle with said moral slope with TUE showing he's descended enough to cheat on something he doesn't need to cheat on, and then scare him straight and wrap up that character arc, perhaps.

Ooh…well, since you brought it up. Spoilers for my in progress timeline, I guess!

Yes. Absolutely.

Reign Storm’s perfect for capping off season 1, and while I love season 2, it’s packed with a ton of stuff. If I had my way, I’d spread that over two seasons (with some more episodes thrown in, of course) and leave TUE as the season 2 finale and Reality Trip at season 3 (with a few changes).

That said, I’d focus more on the pressures Danny’s dealing with rather than him slipping down a slope. One of my problems with Splitting Images is that it really didn’t show Danny doing much of anything wrong. For the most part, he was just standing up to a bully, and he did less damage than Poindexter did when he was doing the same thing.

Season 1 was perfect for building up Danny’s relationship with ghosts and the town and showing him grow more comfortable with who and what he is, as well as what he can do. Splitting Images, Prisoners of Love, Public Enemies, and Lucky in Love are a few episodes that are or could’ve been great episodes about Danny learning to understand ghosts more. That’d also tie into how Reign Storm ended with Danny’s enemies coming to help him fight Pariah Dark.

Season 2 has Memory Blank, Identity Crisis, The Fenton Menace, and heck, Kindred Spirits and Flirting With Disaster. These episodes more heavily pile on the stress. One episode has him wanting to split his human and ghost halves apart so he can live his double life easier, another has him getting so stressed that he and those around him actually start questioning his sanity, Flirting With Disaster has him developing feelings for a girl who hates his ghost half, and then Kindred Spirits is just messed up. Throw in Doctor’s Disorders or another Spectra episode for good measure, because she’s an expert at making people feel hopeless.

Rather than it being about a series of bad choices, it’d make a lot more sense for season 2 to be about him being pushed to the point where he’s willing to make a bad choice like cheating. This also makes the ending a bigger deal because, while he’s been through a lot and he might feel like he’s not allowed to mess up from now on, he gains a new ally in the form of his sister.

Jazz friggin’ adores Danny with all her heart, and after TUE, the show makes a real effort to show how supportive she’s trying to be. There are mistakes made. Jazz is clumsy and inexperienced, and Danny’s temper gets the better of him. Still, the two of them always support each other in the end. That season could be more about the “coming out” part of Danny’s journey. Jazz knows his secret, now, and in Reality Trip, everyone else is going to find out, too. The Reality Gauntlet would, of course, allow Danny to choose what development sticks, but that means there could be characters whose growth mattered by that point (specifically, I mean Jack and Maddie.)

Things after that point get a bit tougher since season 3 is so short and has a lot of things people don’t like, but there are definitely some salvageable things about it that I think could work well with Jack and Maddie knowing Danny’s secret. Make Girls Night Out about Jack and Maddie trying to adjust to knowing Danny’s secret and helping their kids with what they’ve been up to. That could be a large part of why Jack’s trying so hard to make the fishing trip a good experience for his son.

I’ll talk about this all in more detail when I get to my finalized timeline, but yeah. These are my basic thoughts on all of this.

INTP Mistakes

INTP: *High energy and having a good day.*

ESFP: Hey! INTP, I know you aren’t exactly the social type, but we are having a happy hour this weekend and I though I’d at least TRY to invite you.

INTP: You know what? I think I’m up for it! I’ll go!

ESFP: Wow, that’s unexpected. Well, great! I’ll see you later.

That weekend

INTP: *In the middle of a sea of dancing drunk people* Hour four: I have nearly emptied the entire punch bowl. I am unsure of what I’ll do after that. Things are not looking good. I leave all my organs and money to science.


lock screen 💛 home screen 💛 last song listened to 💛 last picture taken

uhh @jacksonwangblog + @teenagermp3 tagged me in this and idk if you can tell but i love got7 and the colour pink??? also a combination of the new ios and me has messed up my phone so idk what the last photo i took was so this is like…the last snap i saved lmao

i’m super unsure who’s done this so just ignore it if you have but i’ll tag @7for7bitch @7for7era @shelovesjinyoung @iloveujaebum @flygyeom @redgyeomie @starrygyeom @pizzawasabi @cloudygyeom @choiyoungjae @cosymin @lastlov @darlingjbum @limjaebum @gyeomsluna @saltygot7 + @spookgyeom

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I've been looking into your #Danu tag some and looking into some of the research on the goddess - I came across UPG - what does that mean? I'm still very new to this path, and I feel drawn to Danu, but unsure of her. I was raised Christian, so I don't really know how to *feel* the spirit of a deity. In Church, God was just *there* - you didn't ask how or why and it didn't matter if you felt Him or not. I want to *feel* Her... or... someone like Her. If that makes any sense.

First, let me say welcome!  I was raised in the southern Baptist church, and feel your statement that “it didn’t matter if you felt Him or not”, and that’s what led me away from Christianity in the first place.  And Danu is the Goddess that helped me make that transition.

Now to address your questions.  UPG is Unverified Personal Gnosis, meaning beliefs I hold based on my experience, but that I haven’t found correspondences to within the lore.  With Danu, it’s all UPG (or SPG, SHARED personal gnosis), as She isn’t directly attested to, by the name Danu, in any of the lore.  Her name comes from a linguistic error taking from the name Tuatha de Dannan (People of the Many Skills, most likely) and juxtaposed with Danu, the Vedic deity (Hinduism).  A lot of the associations for Her - rivers, motherhood, protection - are drawn from Vedic Danu and the existence of so many rivers throughout the lands where Celtic culture thrived with names similar (like the Danube).

There are debates about Her throughout Gaelic/Celtic Paganism and Polytheism.  If She is a true Irish Goddess, if She is a Goddess that only exists because so many people now believe She does, or - as I believe - if She is a Goddess by another name who answers to the name Danu.  This is where that UPG comes in.  The Goddess that I know, who has made such a major impact on my life, is a Goddess known in the lore by another name - Boann - who has begun coming to the call of the name Danu for the people who searched for Her.There are others you can find, just by checking the Danu tag here on tumblr, who believe She is an earth and fertility deity.  My Danu may or may not be their Danu.

I know it can all be very confusing, especially in the beginning when you are trying to establish a relationship with Her for the first time.  My very first interaction with Her, I didn’t even know Her name.  I just kind of cried out into the void and She’s the one who showed up.  But the very first “feeling” I got from Her was something I’d always heard others within the Christian church talk about - a peace in my spirit.  I had a very difficult childhood and peace wasn’t something I was familiar with.

If the Danu you are interested in the Goddess you’ve seen me talking about in my #Danu tag, then I can give you some pointers on first introducing yourself.  Call out to Her earnestly and introduce yourself.  If you have access to water, particularly a river or stream, an offering of something biodegradable - particularly food - is a good start, but it’s not necessary.  And give it a little time.  You might not “feel” anything, especially initially.  I know some people who say they’ve never “felt” their Gods, but they still have fulfilling relationships with Them.  But I understand wanting that.

I really hope this has helped some!  If you have more questions, please feel free to send me more questions.  Or, if you don’t want to stay behind the anonymous, please feel free to message me, too.  I’m always happy to answer questions about my Gods and my own personal experiences and understandings!  I wish blessings on you, Nonny, and all the other amazing goobers who follow me despite my often long absences!

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inkblottedsoul  asked:

So I read your tags on the "calculus" thing about Leibniz or Newton, and wasn't Archimedes also hugely involved? Like, I know he was killed before he could finish it and I'm unsure if his work was actually used later as far as it went, but I think I remember my teacher saying he was one of the first.

Ok, it’s time for a bit of a trip, because people always say shit like “Newton invented calculus” or they swap out Leibniz, and MAYBE, sometimes they’ll mention Archimedes.  Science, including math, doesn’t work that way.  It’s incremental.  The bits and pieces of what we now call “calculus” were developed over a LONG period of time by many different people.

So before we begin, calculus is the study of a thing called a “limit” which is a way of doing infinitely many things.  There’s two main parts of calculus: differential calculus, which uses limits to talk about rates of change, and integral calculus, which uses limits to talk about areas and volumes.

Ok, now, to Archimedes.  He developed what was called the “method of exhaustion.”  You want to know how much area is in a circle? First, fit a triangle inside the circle.  You can figure out it’s area.  Then a square.  Then a pentagon, and take the number of sides bigger and bigger, and the more you have, the closer it is to being the whole circle.  In modern terms, you compute those areas, and then you take the limit as the number of sides goes to infinity, and BAM, area of a circle (which is also a way to calculate pi, and there’s fun history there, too)

Now, we jump a thousand or so years, because Archimedes got stabbed and, frankly, people had to figure out polynomials, modular arithmetic, and geometry a bit more before the next part of calculus was really popular.  We come back to the story with Descartes.  He said “We can describe the plane by pairs of numbers!” and it was AMAZING.  Suddenly, geometry was freed from Euclid and was dominated by numbers.

So what’s the first thing you do in that case? You try to compute the lengths of some shit.  Like spirals, parabolas, etc.  Descartes came up with some tricks, but he declared that no one would be able to do it for cubics, WAY too hard.  Never ever.

So of course, not long after he died, Fermat did it.  Fermat figured out how to compute the rates of change (slopes of tangent lines) for any curve that was defined by polynomials.  Any at all.  And how to use that to figure out the length, though some lengths couldn’t be computed cleanly, he could still calculate them pretty damn well.

This is actually about 60-70% of what you need to get through a calc course.  All thanks to Fermat, who often gets no credit for it.

So then, a BUNCH of people start working on area inside of curves, and Isaac Barrow (Newton’s teacher) figures out that rates of change and areas are closely related: there’s a thing called the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus that is the details, and it’s REALLY important.  But of course, he can only do things for polynomials, really.

And now Newton comes along, and he systematizes it, and says “Well, not all functions are polynomials…OR ARE THEY?!” and declares that all functions are just polynomials with infinitely many terms, and you can just treat them the same way.  Neither of these statements is true, but they’re not the worst things you could say.  So now, Newton could handle all the functions that show up in classical physics…and BOOM, physics revolution, though he hides the calculus for various reasons.

Leibniz, possibly unaware of how Newton got his results, figures out how to do things more generally, treating functions as just things, not as big polynomials.  He developed the product rule (also called the Leibniz rule) and his notation was WAAAAAY better, and then, the shit hit the fan when Newton found out.

It’s one of the nastiest academic disputes ever (take into account that Newton was basically a supervillain and in charge of England’s money supply), but it’s a bit off topic.

So, we’re now at about 80-90% of a calc course, and the rest was filled in by the other European mathematicians and physicists of the time, with a LOT of work replicated in England and on the Continent because of this dispute.  We tend to remember the Brits, because, well, we’re Americans, but also because Britain was getting more powerful at the time.  So we have Maclaurin and Taylor who cleaned up the “infinite polynomial” business standing out particularly.

The Continent had its revent in the 19th century, when people found out “Oh, shit, these proofs, they all have holes in them” and it was Cauchy (French) and Weierstrass (German) among others who fixed it all up.

So, hope you enjoyed this lesson in history of math, next, ask me about the Jewish woman who made her father (who was one of the great 19th century mathematicians) a completely forgotten name whose work is often attributed to her by accident, and who completely revolutionized our understanding of physics, and who is, honestly, one of my favorite historical people ever (bonus point if you know who it is)

channaxox-deactivated20151218  asked:

hello! I'm just getting into mythology and trying to find reliable sources to read from, and i found you! I thought I'd ask, since you sound like you know what you're talking about, what books would you recommend to learn best from? it doesn't have to be for beginners or anything, just what you find the most accurate. I find that most books have mixed reviews, so I've been unsure about what to read. if you could specify type with the book that would be helpful. (i.e; greek, roman, ect) thanks! ♡

Hello hello hi! Basically anything under the /book rec tag on my main blog, to be honest: http://teashoesandhair.tumblr.com/tagged/book%20rec

For someone just getting into mythology, I generally recommend that they check out a few secondary sources (ie retellings / compilations) before they tackle the primary ones (ie the original sources), purely because I find it helps to already have a good grounding in the actual narratives before you view them more critically. You’re totes OK to bypass that completely and just dive right in, though - I’ve included some primary sources below, just in case!

But my general recommendations are that Robert Graves’ The Greek Myths (edit because, as per usual, I have Maurice on the brain and put ‘Rupert’. Awks) is the best secondary source / compilation, The Golden Bough is the best critical / comparative literature text, and then Theogony (Hesiod), The Library of Greek Mythology (Pseudo-Apollodorus) and Metamorphoses (Ovid) are the most comprehensive and entertaining of the classical sources! Those are all in the Greco-Roman category, except for The Golden Bough, which is basically EVERY category (it’s also incredibly heavy going, so I don’t recommend it as a beginner text; more as one to keep on your bookshelf for when you’re ready - try Graves’ book first because it’s more user friendly, tbh!)

Another good range of books for you to check out would be anything from the Pantheon Library, which is a genuinely well-researched and accessible collection of myths, folktales and fairytales from around the entire globe. They aren’t primary sources; more compilations of various works, and they’re not always as well cited as I’d like, but there’s nothing to stop you from using them as groundwork to build upon, especially if you’re just getting into mythology now. I started with similar books as a child (only less mature, obvs - Enid Blyton all the way) and I think that secondary sources, being somewhat more accessible, are possibly the best route in. A+, would recommend.

Other books I can recommend:

  • The Prose Edda
  • The Poetic Edda (both Norse, and both very accessible, so I can recommend them for a beginner even though they’re primary sources)
  • The Mabinogion (Welsh - go for a more modern translation, like the one by Sioned Davies. Welsh mythology is the shit, yo)
  • The Iliad / The Odyssey (Greek - both are just bloody riotous good reads, tbh! I recommend the Fagles translation)

And then Penguin Classics / Oxford World Classics both have an extensive range of compilations of world mythology, from Egyptian to various Indigenous American tribes to Irish - the Penguin series are my personal faves because I tend to find the introductions are a bit more thorough, which I like. 

I think that’s probably a good list for someone just getting into mythology! Come back to me when you have inevitably devoured that list, being the bloody genius bb that you clearly are, and I shall provide a list of follow-up books. Good luck!!