i'm trying to work on my graphics now

The looping gif that no one asked for and no one wanted, to endlessly fuel all your rage

i did a thing for this on my previous blog, but i feel i should bring it back with a fresh post since i moved blogs. i’ve been trying to find work for some time now, but i haven’t had much luck & i really need the money. so i decided that since i am pretty good with making things such as icons, graphics, etc, i could do commissions as a way to make money while doing something that i enjoy. below is what i’m willing to make & thanks in advance!! xo

30 {100x100 } square icons: $10.00

30 {100x100} circle icons: $10.00

30 {200x100} rectangle icons: $10.00

promo graphic: $15.00

muse banner with 5 icons of your muse{s} of choice: $5.00

I’ll take that cool expression of yours… and make it hot.

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