i'm trying to survive the zombie apocalypse

  • what she says: i'm okay
  • what she means: zombieland is so underrated. like... they literally have the most well thought out plan in terms of what to do during the apocalypse - live at a famous person's house. especially if it's in a secluded area. why doesn't anyone else ever try this? there's stuff to occupy your time, probably plenty of food, and not really a lot of zombies. seriously. just move from mansion to mansion and you'll survive the apocalypse. and they've got the intelligent character who actually knows how these things work and how to survive - the double tap. come on. no one in horror movies ever seems to understand this. don't be a hero? survive. travel light? true as hell. beware of bathrooms? naturally. limber up? cardio? actually how to survive the apocalypse. when in doubt, know your way out? bro. honestly all of these tips are gold and intelligent and we should really have all of them printed out into an actual book so we all survive. seriously, guys, we need to treasure this movie.

Friendly reminder that over the past three seasons, Beth has:

  • Continued to help her father after losing half her family.
  • Withstood the sudden incursion of a group of intimidating and hostile people into her home, many of whom could snap her in half like a twig.
  • Survived a suicidal depression.
  • Continued running after Patricia was ripped apart in her arms.
  • Fought alongside men twice her size for an entire winter.
  • Helped take the prison.
  • Kept the faith when her father was bleeding to death.
  • Was trusted to take care of a child who just had to shoot his mother.
  • Assumed nearly full responsibility for a newborn.
  • Volunteered to go into Woodbury after Maggie and Glenn.
  • Stayed hopeful for children whose parents were dead or dying of the virus.
  • Kept firing after she saw her father beheaded.
  • Left the only assumed place of safety to rescue the kids.
  • Lost her home, her family, and her security all in one day, and still kept herself mentally strong enough to drag the emotional equivalent of a deflated inner tube through the woods.
  • Learned to fight walkers even though she at least partly sees herself as incapable.
  • Made the scariest man in the zombie apocalypse cry.
  • Made the scariest man in the zombie apocalypse fall in love.
  • Still had the courage to keep singing, keep trying, through all of it, even when everyone, including herself, told her she couldn’t.
  • She stayed herself.
  • She changed.
  • She survived.

So. Friendly reminder.

Beth isn’t becoming a badass tonight. She’s been a badass all along.

Books & Cupcakes September Photo Book Challenge

Day 11: Can I Live Here?

Now, I don’t necessarily want to live in a world where the zombie apocalypse is occurring because I would probably die first, BUT if it means that I don’t have to go to school anymore and that I don’t have to pay back my student loans, then yeah I’m down for some zombie slaying (I’d probably last about a good week or two lol)!