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Hogwarts Headcannons
  • Give me Dean, muggleborn that he is, imitating Steve Irwin in Care of Magical Creatures class, much to everyone's confusion except for Harry and Hermione who are. On the ground. Unable to breathe. And refusing to explain why.
  • Give me Harry, demisexual that he is, realizing that the reason he can't stop obsessing over Draco is because Draco is the one who saw - and subsequently disliked - 'Harry', and not The Boy Who Lived. Realizing that Draco was the only one to first talk to him for HIM, in that robe shop, and not his parents or fame (because even Ron and Hermione did that at first). And thus, leading to him randomly starting crying in the middle of lunch and claiming he's doomed, much to everyone's fear.
  • Give me Seamus, pyro that he is, super happy one Christmas when Hermione buys him a book on fire caution, flammable materials, and elements such as magnesium. Thus afterward, the mysterious fires that have always happened are far more safe and controlled.
  • Give me Luna, wonderful airhead that she is, being stared at as, calm as anything, she waltzes right into the Slytherin common room and starts talking to the mermaids like its absolutely normal. A first year drops a book he's staring so hard, because HOW DID SHE KNOW THE PASSWORD. Draco just sighs, gets up, goes over to her, and offers her tea.
  • Give me Draco. Who looks on as Neville offers Harry rhubarb pie that he made himself, as Harry stares forlornly at his Treacle Tart, and makes and annoyed sound. "Dammit Longbottom he hates bittersweets." The Slytherins stare and Pansy just mutters "How do you even know these things. Merlin, help him realize."
  • Give me Parvati, who is being constantly mistaken for her sister by Ron, who panics and screams "IM A LESBIAN" when it gets to be too much.
  • Give me Ron, who stares wide-eyed from a distance whenever he sees Padma from that moment on for a full week, until Padma flips out too and hexes him. Parvati awkwardly wonders why Ron starts getting scared whenever she tries to approach from then on, since she knows Ron doesn't have problems due to that sort of thing from how he handles Harry.
  • Give me the thirty or so of the school's Muggle-raised, who made the mistake of showing their folks howlers, and react accordingly whenever one of the families sends one that is just a recording of Rick Astley, or High School Musical, or spoilers for Doctor Who. And the Wizard-raised just... staring... in fear... watching their savior and multiple other students as they run around screaming and crying in an absolute panic for some reason even though it was a different student that got the weird howler.
  • Give me Harry, whose hair surprises people by being dark red like his mother's when in direct sunlight. And usually at the Weasley den they're inside, but one day Harry joins them outside for a picnic, and Molly is so confused about where Harry went to then has do do a mental tally of her children.
  • Give me George, who in the midst of the final battle, hit Lucius with an Anaticula curse, so that every spell he tries makes a duck instead. And the Death Eaters are just so confused. "Lucius... is that a duck?"
  • Give me the Gryffindor common room. The new first years suggest Monopoly for game night. The entire room goes dead silent. One first year tries to ask what they did wrong. "Never mention that game again," is the only response they get. "But why-" "NEVER TALK ABOUT SIXTH YEAR. WE NEVER TALK ABOUT SIXTH YEAR." Their brave upperclassman Neville yells, trembling. Hermione starts crying. Harry goes into a panic attack. Ron whispers, "There are many reasons we don't talk about sixth year. If The Incident had been the only thing that happened, we would only not talk about The Incident. Many things happened that year. Thus, we do not speak of that year, or of that game."
  • Give me McGonagall, who struggles to control the cat population, because while students are told to have their cats fixed you know not all 100 students that brought cats did so. Her curling up around a litter that lost their mother to illness. Training them to stalk the corridors. Albus had his ways of getting information, and hers is the spy network of cats.
  • Give me muggleborns singing everything from Phantom of the Opera to Katy Perry in the corridors. Singing We Will Rock You to a pureblood who disses them for it. The purebloods thinking the weird songs and their tunes are some kind of Rite of Passage and fleeing whenever a muggleborn student starts singing. Altering song lyrics. "I throw my ferret in the air some-times, singin EEEEEEEYO, this is DRAAAAAACO!"
  • Give me muggleborns that are really confused about the whole quill instead of pens things, throwing transfigured pokeballs in Care of Magical Creatures, the band students bringing kazoos and harmonicas and the wizard-raised students that are just so confused as to how those things even work, because it must be some sort of air magic, right??
  • Give me muggleborns making entire conversations out of pop culture references specifically to confuse some Slytherin who just called one girl a Mudblood. "These are not the droids you were looking for." "I'm right on top of that now Rose, I promise." -jazz hands-
  • Give me muggleborns with Patronus that are things like Pikachu, velociraptors, the quiet Canadian transfer student with a moose patronus the size of a SMALL HOUSE, the one whose is a angeled-out Castiel, the one whose patronus is the democrat donkey and another the republican elephant and the two, previously best friends, become mortal enemies rivaling the fame of Harry and Draco.
  • Give me muggleborns hugging each other before break, promising to 'call' each other, trading weird codes, how they can't wait to go for 'sushi' or planning that trip together to 'disneyland' where they can go flying?? But no one's allowed magic?? Or flying?? And the wizard-raised think that somehow, shockingly, these children totally new to our world have developed a way to cheat the system??
  • Give me muggleborns who are fully aware that the anti-tech wards were made when, like, radios barely even existed, much less cellphone towers and microprocessors, so while they can't turn them on inside the stone school walls there's this group that Harry joins constantly that just sit there in silence staring at these tiny things and sometimes randomly laughing hysterically, and every now and then standing and just running all the way across to the other side of the lake all at the same time with no signal whatsoever. The purebloods are terrified of this frequent happening.
  • Give me Harry, Hermione, Dean, and Justin from the D.A, muggleborns they are, doing a movie night every week to help the D.A. relax and bond. They re-start this after the battles, during eighth year, with several other people such as the returned Slytherins joining in. The entire year they play things like Tangled, The Breakfast Club, Brave, Lion King. But then the last four weeks, they announce they don't want to mislead everyone that everything is all fun and rainbows. The last four movies are My Sister's Keeper, The Shining, Marley and Me, and for the last week, a marathon of the entire Jurassic Park series.
  • Give me Hufflepuffs, who secretly are very relieved to be the 'normal' House. Jocks over there, know-it-alls over there, goth wannabees over there, now lets go camp out by the kitchens we're gonna need it to survive the next seven years like this.
  • Give me Ravenclaws who are so done with the riddles when they stumble back at midnight after having fallen asleep in the Library. "What's the truth?" "THE TRUTH IS THAT I WILL SET YOU ON FIRE IF YOU DON'T LET ME IN."
  • Give me the Trio, who use the Marauder's Map to find the most absolutely ridiculous routes to class, knowing every single one of the shortcuts. It's not odd for them to simply appear out of the ceiling. One day the new first years try to follow them, to learn the school better, but it doesn't go so well because then they try to go through a disappearing wall the Trio just did they instead run headfirst into it, and the next time they do behind a tapestry, down a waterside, around some sort of tower, causally past an entire doorless room full of bats, and somehow come out on the complete other side of the castle.
  • Give me Draco whose just completely had it with Harry's staring and confronts him, like they always do, and Harry just blurts out that he likes Draco's new haircut and can he touch his hair, and Draco so shocked he lets him. "Potter stop treating me like a cat I'm evil remember? Bloody hell have you gone daft?!" "But... it's soft..." "I hate you." But he just can't find any anger over this, so there's like no venom whatsoever in it and Harry can't stop giggling.
  • Give me Ginny, who can't stop giggling as Luna confuses the fuck out of an entire crowd with her way of speaking, and who during seventh year could 100% get away with insulting the Death Eaters because of the way she said things. Who after Luna used said tactic to get her out of a Crucio punishment just clung to Luna, shaking, and realizing that she loves Luna so much for this very reason. That there will never be another person like Luna in her life, ever.
  • Give me Harry, who was not really well educated while living at the Dursleys, who couldn't read very well but was wonderful at sneaking around, little tricks like hiding things, and loved music. He taught himself magic tricks, and MERLIN ALMIGHTY THIS 11 YEAR OLD KID HAS MASTERED VANISHING SPELLS, WHAT, HOW, and Percy, uptight prefect he is, just looses it.
  • Give me Ron walking in on Harry talking to some random snake in their dorm room, laughing like the snake said a particularly good joke, tipping his head and smiling as he responds, the python slowly curling up his arm to rest over his shoulder. Ron freezes, stares, and then slowly backs away, closes the door and stands there staring at it for a full half hour in absolute horror.
  • Give me the rest of the D.A. walking into the Room of Requirement and hearing screaming, Dean shrieking that he's going to murder someone, Hermione crying, Justin cursing like a sailor yelling for everyone to stop, and the rest panic and run around the corner and there the four Muggle-raised students are. With some sort of odd device in their hands. Playing Mario Kart.

Wow so this happened… On a semi hiatus but here’s a lil angsty smutty gift for y'all. Happy Sunday.

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Drabble game prompt #12. “Say it!”

He fucks you relentlessly into the sheets, and turns you around so you’re on your hands and knees.

His fingers slide provocatively up your slit from behind as he guides himself back into you, and the both of you let out simultaneous moans as you reconnect.

You mewl as he continues thrusting, and suddenly a hand that’s anchoring him upright next to your head comes down to your chest, pressing up to indicate that you should get up on your hands. Confused, you let him pull you up so that your back is up against his chest and your hands are coming down to hold your weight. The hand slides up your neck and continues until he’s cupping your jaw.

“J-jungkook?” You whimper as his hips don’t stop thrusting into you, hitting that spot that has you seeing stars.

He doesn’t respond and instead yanks your jaw harshly to the right, turning the both of you to face the nightstand.

And then you see what he sees.

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42. "Stop being so cute." :)

42. “Stop being so cute.”

“No, no, no!” you shake your head and place your hand on Harry’s bicep. “’t’s not the number of cards you have that’s the issue. ‘t’s the fact that you have absolutely no idea how to play the game.”

“Well then tell me!” he bursts out, throwing his hands in the air. 

“Been tryin’ to! For the past half hour!” you laugh and bury your face in the side of the sofa, little snorts escaping through your giggles.

Harry grunts in frustration and snatches the cards out of your hands, beginning to shove all of the cards back in the box. He mumbles about how if capitalism weren’t so rampant in the world today, it would be much easier to learn how to play a simple card game while intoxicated. You choose not to mention that he just dropped at least  €6000 on new Gucci items within the past day and a half and has absolutely no place to be grumbling about capitalism, but you feared he might actually become mad and not speak to you for the rest of the evening.

You hiccup with laughter and make an attempt to stand up from your seated position on the floor, against the coffee table in Harry’s living room. “Gotta pee,” you say as you grab onto the side of the table in an attempt to stabilize yourself. You place your palm on your mate’s head as you walk by, climbing over his spider-like limbs. He takes a swig from the bottle of Fireball with one hand and shoos you off with the other.

In the silence of the bathroom, you begin to realize how intoxicated you really are. You will yourself to sober up, pinching the skin on your cheeks, knowing that you have to work in the morning. But it’s been so long since you’ve gotten to hang out with just Harry, and you missed your best friend. Looking down at the chipped nail polish on your fingernails, you swallow harshly, trying to physically push familiar feelings back down into your gut. 

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Cause I'm Lying (Dok2 x Reader)

First off, I know I dissapeared, sorry I had exams and as I wrote this scenario it got deleted and I had to write it all over again. This was requested by @hiybbprqag who is now one of my online friends. Here you go girl, enjoy!

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You weren’t something phenomenal. You were just a youtuber, no one really expected a relationship between a youtuber and a rapper, you had a fair amount of fans but looking through so many others that have tons of fame and power, you were just tiny in front of them. You did a lot of things, from vlogs and skits to reaction videos, mostly for khiphop but also some kpop.

You were reacting to dok2’s and the quiett’s new m/v ‘beverly ills’ when you said that if this video hits a specific amount of likes, you will try to do a video with them. Surprisingly your fans loved that idea and hit that number in just a few days, having you in excitement but also in fear, since you just now realised what you signed up for.

When dok2 replied to your message, it had you jumping through the roof. You were acting like a pure fangirl and you could not wait for the day of shooting.

Likely, they were just as chill as they seemed and had each other in a very comfortable level when you turned on the camera.

“What’s up guys, it’s me again. But today I am not alone, I am joined by two of the most influential men in khiphop, please welcome dok2 and the quiett”

You said as you started clapping by yourself and they said hello.

“I’m going to start being honest and let you know that I never thought you would reply to my message”

“when I first saw it I didn’t really think about it, but we were with Jay park at the time and he had seen you before so he told us to look you up, we did and here we are”

This time the quiett said. His reply made you give a very creepy comedic smile

“jay watches my videos, jay I see you baby. Call me”

You turned to the camera and did the basic phone gesture with your hand and winked to the camera, wiggling your eyebrows after and making the duo laugh.

Joon kyung had to admit that he was very quickly developing a crush on you. He had the chance to talk to you before the cameras started rolling and he had already started noticing things, your energy, your smile, your compassion, your comedic personality. Everything was making him more attracted to you as the seconds passed by.

“So that’s it for today. Thank you for watching and leave a like and subscribe to my channel cause hey! I had these two do random stuff with me in a video…. content! Bye”

you got up giggling at your self to turn off the camera, as they got up to stretch and move around a bit.

“Thank you guys so much, it really was an honor”

“Don’t mention it. Actually we were wondering if you wanted to come to the our studio tomorrow, maybe do a vlog of yours”


And that is how your relationship with joon kyung started. It felt like it was meant to be, he slowly started to appear in more of your videos and you became a regular at his studio.

You were lucky enough to be one step ahead from the media and actually be the one to announce your relationship.

The tabloids had already suspected something but it was not until you posted a vlog with him shopping and calling him “babe and him calling you “baby girl”, the highlight was a kiss on the cheek and had everyone tripping balls.

You mostly stayed under the radar, you didn’t share a lot of skinship or anything like that. Not only it was not your cup of tea, what was also not helping was that your man was on the spotlight and everyone would love to see some skinship, most of them wanted it so they can judge you for it. So you both agreed on keeping that behind closed doors.

“ So what is so important that could not wait”

You said as you hugged joon kyung’s cat cash, well now that you had a house together it became ore of your cat, although rollie stayed loyal to his original owner.

“you know the show infinity challenge? they asked me to be in one of their episodes”

“oh I love the infinity challenge”

You were struggling to stay awake. Joon kyung pretty much demanded for you to stay awake for some “special news”

“They want me to do a house tour, and I want you to be with me”

“I will be in it if they want me to”

“I told them I won’t do it unless you are there”

You slowly turned your head to look at him with a glare that could kill a man.

“you’re slipping on the couch”



You were the one to open the door for the crew to come in, with your boyfriend right beside you. Your profession might be around cameras but right now you were having a mini heart attack.

You smiled politely and greeted the MC with a warm smile. Acting like having multiple cameras and microphones on your house and recording every second was normal.

“this is your house? Wow it’s beautiful”

“yeah y/n did the decoration”

You knew very well this was Joon kyung’s way to get to your good side. You just smiled and placed a hand on his shoulder

“if I left it up to him it would be all gold and we would have no money”

You joked but there was some truth in it. Joon kyung is kind of extreme and he has an addiction to gold.

“should we take a look around the house?”

“Sure, let’s do it”

“And this is the last room which we call it ‘chill time’ ”

You opened the door and then the light. Here it was the bade of the things you both liked to do in your spare time.

“Wow, you got a lot of history comics”

“don’t get fooled. He has not finished half of them, he always picks new ones and leaves them to catch dust”

“hey, I will finish them”

“you have some of them before you even met me”

“woah, she is feisty”

the MC butted in, as he tried to control his giggle.

“she is right though, I promise i will finish them”

“why don’t I believe you?”

“cause i’m lying”

title Retro
summary Sometimes we pretend to forget or we forget to pretend.
pairing itasaku, tobisaku, hot messes

Part i | Part ii | Part iii | Part iv | Part v | Part vi | Part vii | Part viii | Part ix | Part x | Part xi (here) | Part xii | Part xiii | Part xiv | Part xv | Part xvi | Part xvii | Part xviii

There was dried blood under her fingernails. Sakura picked at it a few times. But she couldn’t quite reach. When she huffed, something tapped her shoulder. 

“Here, Boss,” Sai said, handing over his knife. She nodded at him. She began using the blade to pick her nails clean. Rocking back on her heels, she dug into a particularly stubborn clump. 

A whimper rose in front of her. Sakura glanced up. She watched the man attempt to wiggle away from her. Blood smeared across his mouth, gushing out from the gaps in his teeth. He slipped against the clear plastic draped across the floor and the walls. 

“You know, it’s bad manners not to clean up after yourself. What’re going to do with this, Sai?” questioned Sakura, resuming cleaning her nails. As she spoke, she heard metal chair legs scrape against the concrete. Tenten’s heels clicked over to them. 

“You said that this one was selling underage girls?” asked Tenten. 

“Yeah,” Sai confirmed. 

“I’ll take care of it,” Tenten said, cracking her knuckles.

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why davos seaworth is in my top five forever and ever

other answer to the anon here who wants to know why davos is in my top five among the rest. beware this might get wordy.

short answer: because chuck norris wears davos pajamas at night and he wishes he were half as badass.

no, okay, serious answer, have a top ten:

  • first, we’re talking about a guy who has managed the impossible in these books. as in, this dude managed to survive five asoiaf books and most likely will survive the sixth and he did that by telling the truth to the face of everyone he interacted with. like. guys. he managed that. how do you not love someone who has pulled out the Greatest Feat In These Books aka staying alive while actually being a decent human being without losing limbs in the process? well okay he doesn’t have some of his fingertips but that’s pre-canon, so. I mean, you have to love him just for that.
  • second: this guy is fucking awesome and he’s just - I love how he rises up to the occasion every time, how he works for what he has and how he’s totally not bullshitting about anything he does, never mind that he’s a former commoner criminal who raised up in society and made the most out of it. I mean, he gets a noble title after saving stannis’s hide at storm’s end, people make fun of him because of the onions and what does he do? he picks onions as his house sigil because he’s not a dumbass and he knows what brought him there. he gets nominated hand of the king? he fucking learns to read and write because he knows you can’t be an illiterate hand of the king, and he’s an adult by that point, it’s not exactly easy.
  • actually, shows that you don’t need to be literate to be the smartest man in the room, and I just love how before that he keeps on proving everyone about it even if his peers don’t think he’s the real deal. well, fuck them.
  • third: guys, there’s a reason why you see stannis not being cold at all just when interacting with him, because this badass is someone else who does not judge people, who does see beyond their fame/attitude/name and that is why he’s friends with stannis who has no other friends pretty much, and that’s mostly because people judge him pre-handedly - like I kind of die on how davos just loves stannis that much while most of the rest of the world dislikes him based on his apparently noncharming personality (which is by the way not just his fault, but). and I just die over how stannis who also doesn’t care about your background if he has good reasons to like you loves davos that much okay guys I’m weak.
  • fourth: Actual Decent Husband And Father Of The Century Or At Least Top Three Material. Or, guys, he might think that he’s been a bad husband/father and so on, but he actually managed to raise up his kids and maintain his family when he was a smuggler living in flea bottom with no real money, then he also accepted his title so he could give them a better life, he made sure his children got everything he didn’t (an education in primis because he knows you go ahead in the middle ages with it), he loves them all so much and guys. the letter he wrote to marya when he thought he was gonna die. guys. MY FEELS. HE’S JUST SUCH A DECENT GUY I’M CRY.
  • fifth: he’s the kind of decent/honest guy who will call out a room full of freys on talking shit about robb stark and the red wedding because he knows it’s the right thing to do when he knows they could and would most probably have him killed. and he didn’t know it’d gain him his out of jail free card when he did that and guys that was the most badass moment in adwd not counting theon jumping, k?
  • sixth: while he’s actually a nice honest guy it’s not like he’s naive or that he assumes that everyone will be nice and honest and honorable which is probably what kept him alive when it killed ned, but like I just love how this man knows perfectly how the world works and he knows that people are horrid but it doesn’t mean that he has to stoop down to that level and he keeps on living the way he thinks is right and I just really admire him for it okay.
  • seventh: at least we have a pov who was not born a noble and who knows perfectly what kind of shit commoners face and let me tell you that’s fucking refreshing and you can see he has an entire different perspective from how about everyone else and that he is a lot more cognizant of how much people put at stake in any given situation. (which is why stannis likes him that much along with his honesty I suppose.)
  • eight: he actually has self-awareness the way a lot of people in these books have not. he knows his strengths and weaknesses and he knows where he went wrong and he knows his faults, see that fucking letter he wrote to marya all over again. christ. I cried when I read it okay. 
  • ninth: being inside his head makes me fairly happy because at least I have someone who’s not trying to outsmart anyone, who’s straight about what happens and who is actually also a pretty damn wholesome guy. considering the average in asoiaf I really like having a break.
  • HE’S THE KIND OF GUY WHO WILL ACCEPT SOMEONE CUTTING OFF HIS FINGERTIPS BECAUSE IT’S FAIR AFTER SAVING THAT PERSON’S LIFE. I mean. Guys. I really like people who have the intellectual honesty to do it, what can I do?

bonus: show!davos is about the one character who didn’t get completely butchered, and he’s also the atheist representation I need and deserve even if I love the book version as well also in that one stannis is that representation so I’m good with either.

Also, as a friend of mine once said, 90% of the smarts in westeros probably went to him, and I’ll reiterate but he’s the most badass in the good way and I’ll fight anyone on that I love davos seaworth to pieces thank you for your time.

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Hey! I'm so gonna request a bunch of things, I just love your writing! Can I get an imagine where the reader is a famous musical actress and her and Ethan were secretly dating. Ethan than tells all of his gaming youtube friends that he has a girlfriend for months and they freak out when they see her? Really random I know!

ahh!!! thank you so much, babe!! i appreciate it. i never get asks like this!! this is adorable omf,, tysm!


So you were a busybody, okay, sure- but look at how far you’ve come.

You never thought this many people would know your name. You’re amazed daily by how many people recognize you, and how many paparazzi come to photograph you. Granted, your stylists and dressmakers are absolutely amazing, and you can never thank them enough. You’ve tried so hard not to let fame go to your head, and honestly? You try to rock an example point of view; not too much makeup, not too much skin, and not nothing at the same time. The time of va-va-voom everybody looks for in a humble yet beautiful girl, especially on the runway.

You started off as a child actress, working your way up the ranks, and you never thought that one of your shows would be such a big hit. You call it “yours”, but you didn’t write it. It’s just the show you got a lead in, and managed to make happen. And of course, it being musical was only the beginning. Apparently, your singing voice is something to savor all across Instagram, and although you’re still keeping a light mind when it comes to compliments, hearing it often is not bad for your self-esteem.

And yet… you’re struggling somewhat with balancing your life, your work… and Ethan.

You met him at an opening night for some shoe you forget the name of. He was dressed up, you were dressed up, and there was some small talk here and there, but all and all, what drew you to him was how you were treated like a human. Sure, you shouldn’t expect people to know who you are right off the bat, but you also don’t feel like it’d be a bad thing to be prepared for some seriously rude questions.

But with Ethan, he seemed like he knew who you were, and still just… treated you like a friend.

“Hi,” he’d said, “You’re Y/N, right? Pleasure to meet you, I’m a huge fan.” His smile was contagious and he shook your hand. “I’m Ethan.”

Because it was so late, he even offered to stay with you so you could get into your car safely. Creeps on the street are not something you enjoy, and he understood completely and even offered you a ride “in the least creepy way possible, I swear”, but you had a car coming and he was fine with that, too.

You laughed, hesitated, and then gave him your number. Told him he had to keep it a secret, everything, or he’d be in big trouble and you’d have to get a new phone. Again.

He promised up and down that your secret was safe with him.

It only took a couple of months of texting back and forth to realize how much you really liked Ethan. You learned that he was frequently on the Internet making a fool of himself in the best way, and even showed you the “stupid” videos he posted. They were adorable in your opinion, and you couldn’t help but watch a bunch of them before you went to bed… every night. He was just so charming.

He made the first move to suggest asking you out, and you texted him back a “fuck it, yeah” because that’s how he’s influenced you. You laugh about how little you used to swear, and how much he’s changed you.

He took you out to dinner and dancing and it was… so amazing.

It felt childish for you to talk to him so often, but you’re for sure “in like” with him, and he kept on responding to your messages. There were a couple nights when you’d Skype, and he’d just seem eager and adorable and rambly. And his entire personality had won you over so quickly that you didn’t know what you were going to do with yourself. It’s kind of unheard of for celebrities to walk red carpets with anybody who has below millions of dollars, but you had one of your designers start making a blue tuxedo. It was an impulsive buy.

“Ethan,” you’d said one day, while lounging on your couch with your head in his lap. He was playing with your hair and squishing your cheeks. “Do you wanna walk the red carpet with me next week?”

Ethan looks so pricelessly excited. “Uh, duh, who would say no to that?”

“My agent,” you joke, and he laughs. “We can call it a date if you want. Just smile for the camera and try not to do anything too cheesy.”

“I would never try to embarrass you like that,” he sounds serious. “You’re way too cute.”

“What about your friends? You always talk about them, but are you gonna tell them you’re running off with your… “famous”, psh, girlfriend to an event?“

“Weeeeell, y'see… I haven’t told them we’re dating yet. They’d kinda freak out a little, I think. A, that I have a girlfriend, and B, that you’re my girlfriend.”

You’re blushing a little. He sounds adorable calling you his girlfriend. “Yeah, I get it. But you could invite them if you wanted.”

“I’ll think about it, okay?” He runs his fingers through your hair, fluffing it out. “For now we can just sit here and you can be beautiful.”

You giggle.

You’re a little worried that he isn’t going to show up.

For one thing, even if he doesn’t, you’re assured that you’ll still look good. And although you might be a little frustrated, Ethan only ever has good reasons for being absent. You’ve got on a floor-length electric blue dress with a high leg slit and a… too-plunging-for-your-taste neckline. But it’s really comfortable fabric with a flowy skirt. You really hope Ethan likes it, and that he enjoys his tuxedo. It looks amazing on him, he tried it on for you before the show.

About five minutes later, Ethan pokes his head in. His hair dye is faded blue-purple, but his hair is tied up in a bun, anyways. He even has on stage makeup from an artist, probably. His glasses look adorable. And he even gasps when he sees you.

“You look fucking amazing.”

“I could say the same to you, holy-”

He picks you up in a hug and spins you around, before giving a gentle kiss to your cheek. Then he takes your arm in his and lets you lean on him like all of those adorable runway pictures, and you tilt his head down to see you. You give him a huge smile.

“Don’t look into any camera in particular, okay? Just look off into the distance, it makes all the pictures look a little better. Act like you like me,” you tease, and the agent gives you two the cue to walk.

Ethan’s a natural at handling all of the cameras. He follows your advice, gives you a kiss on the cheek, smiles, and holds tightly onto you. That’s the only indication that he’s nervous. Otherwise, his entire body is calm and collected.

He walks off the paparazzi section of the carpet with you, mumbling something about his phone.

“I got a text from Mark,” he says, and you look expectantly up at him. “He’s spamming me "what the fuck” and a picture of us backstage.“

"But… nobody took a picture of us backstage?”

“Maybe the security gaurd? It’s me spinning you around. The fuck is this?”

“Secret’s out now, Ethan. Gotta deal with me dating you in full force now,” you joke, to make him laugh before you keep walking.

After the event, you get a text from Ethan.

“I think all of my friends have a crush on you, too :P”

Originally posted by ethanscrankycrew

“Oh, I recognise you. The rock star. Sex, drugs, and rock and roll, yeah?” Neil asks, with a blank smile. He’s known too many of the type not to be jaded by them. They’re all the same; preaching about how it’s all for the music, how it’s about integrity and authenticity and, above all, about the sound. Then they fall into the pit of fame, or lack of it, and- well, at least the downward spirals sometimes vary. Alcohol, drugs, abuse, adultery, mental instability - Neil’s seen it all. He’s been on the receiving end of the worst of it.

Well, Neil hasn’t. But his old personas have. Neil’s just here for his pay; low wage, but cash under the table, no questions asked. He was hired because he doesn’t flinch at any face that comes through the door, injured, famous, tattooed, infamous, whatever.

But the other man just stares. The calm on his face has to be manufactured somehow, because not a single muscle on his face moves. He’s drugs, Neil thinks, then remembers him. Andrew, he guesses, of the Monsters. Mental instability, then he takes in the cracker dust he’s ordered. Mental instability and drugs.

“You play guitar,“ Maybe-Andrew says, doesn’t ask, blatantly ignoring Neil’s question.

“What?” Neil asks, hoping his panic is covered by how out-of-the-blue the question is. “No.”

“Don’t lie,” Andrew replies. “We heard you. Yesterday.”

“We?” Neil casts his mind back frantically, and… yes. He picked up a guitar someone had left at a booth to pull into safety, and when there was no one in the kitchen, he’d strummed. It had been the end of his shift and he was supposed to lock up. Stupid, he thinks.

Andrew ignores that. “Our guitar tech just got arrested and we’re going on tour tomorrow. There’s no one we can get, so that means we need anyone who knows their way around a guitar. That means you.”

“No, it doesn’t,” Neil shakes his head. He’s not getting on a stage. Not again.

“Why not?”

Neil guesses pushing the I don’t play line will get him nowhere. “I’m not good enough for the Monsters.”

“True, but irrelevant,” another voice says, and Neil wishes people would respect the closed sign.

Kevin Day. A shiver runs down Neil’s spine and it’s by instinct alone that he suppresses it. He shouldn’t be surprised. Andrew wouldn’t recruit anyone to the band, he’s notorious for not caring one iota about the music. Kevin, though; Kevin Andrew cares about. Neil stumbles through the words, “I have a job. I have a life. I can’t just leave.”

Kevin looks derisive, when Neil looks up past his overgrown hair, but he doesn’t see any spark of recognition in those familiar green eyes. “You work at a sleazy diner. I could pay you more just from what I’ve got on hand. And you’re closing up at 3am. What kind of life?”

Neil sticks to his side even though he is rapidly running out of reasons to. “I don’t want to. I don’t care about music.”

“Don’t let that stop you,” Andrew says, no forced cheer. It almost sounds more like a threat than a sardonic attempt at humour.

Kevin scoffs, “You like the music.”

“You don’t know me,” Neil lies.

Kevin throws a large, rounded object at him, and Neil catches it on instinct. Neil doesn’t know why on earth Kevin would throw a guitar that costs more than a month’s wages at him, but that doesn’t mean he’d let it smash on the floor. He tries to ignore the way it fits naturally into his arms. “Wh-”

Kevin cuts him off with a sharp gesture then folds his arms, looking unimpressed. “No. You failed to convince me you don’t care.” Then he sighs, “Look. We don’t want you any more than you apparently want us. But we need someone, and the only someone that can be is you. We’re not going to take no for an answer.”

“There’s the rockstar I was expecting,” Neil says flatly, only flicking a short glance at Andrew before setting the guitar down with a suppressed pang of longing. “Look. I can’t.”

“Anyone else who’d ever picked up a guitar and liked the song he’d played would kill for an opportunity to make a living from it and you’re turning down one on a silver platter. Why?”

“Why?” Neil almost laughs. “You corner me in the dead of night at my workplace and play mafia, try to make me an offer I can’t refuse. Surprise, surprise; I don’t trust you, and I’m not giving up everything I have for you. End of story.”

Andrew shifts, and Neil realises he’s in his personal space with an uncomfortable twinge. He acknowledges the movement by watching Andrew, who says, “It’s two months.”

“Doesn’t change my answer.”

“We can pay cash. You won’t be in the spotlight. We’ll even talk to your fucking boss, give him some autographs and photos so he’ll take you back after. Mostly you’ll check everything’s in tune and do some heavy lifting. Free food and boarding. There’s no reason to say no,” Kevin says, with the gesture of a man who’s laying all his cards on the table.

There’s every reason, Neil thinks to the man who’s never had to hide in his life. “No.”

“No, Kevin, he’s scared. He thinks we’re painting a target on his back. Seems he doesn’t know stage technicians are utterly invisible,” Andrew says. There’s something eerie, Neil decides, about cheerful words in such an empty tone. “So let me offer you what you want. We move. Every night, excepting a few. A runaway’s dream, hm?”

Neil stiffens at runaway and kicks himself for it. Andrew notices and acknowledges it, but doesn’t act further. “Can you just leave me to close up in peace?” Neil asks, one last ditch effort.

“No,” Kevin says.

Neil sighs, a sharp exhale through his nose. He thinks a stress headache’s coming on. Two months, he thinks. With a surge of adrenaline, he says, “Fine.”

He regrets taking the late shift.

“Writing a book is so easy” - the Sequel

(to read the original Writing a book is so easy, click here)


Ahhhhh, yes. The writer’s life. A wonderful land of imagination and smiles, where absolutely nothing unexpected ever happens….


So you wrote a book? I bet you’re really living the life now, huh? Fame, fortune, fans drooling over you as you sleep (actually that’s really creepy forget I said that).

You’re set, I bet. It’s all downhill from here. No more writing, no more tears. But what’s that knocking at your door?

Fans demanding, “MORE, MORE, MOOOOOORE!!!”

(ooooh I liked that rhyme. Muahahaha here goes….)

“But wasn’t one enough for you? I have no plans for a book number two!”

You grumble and gripe. You don’t want to type. “But writing is hard!” you shout from your yard.

But your readers are hungry, and feed them you must. Looks like you’re writing that sequel – or bust.

So tappity-tap, and clickity-click. All of this writing is making you sick. Pantsing and plotting, day-in and day-out. Keeping to schedules, that’s what it’s about! You make a log, and write every day, because keeping on-point is the very best way.

So you write it all down, you don’t even frown. Hundreds of pages, and thousands of words…to the point where you think this is all a little absurd.

But wait! Have no fear! You’ve filled the last page! You made it out alive, now on to the editing stage!

Okay I’m cutting the act, cuz shit’s getting real. No more rhymes. Writing itself may be easy enough, but editing is the equivalent to doomsday if you don’t have the guts.

Heh. Bet you’re head is still trying to speak in rhyme.


You need a red pen. No, put away your little blue BIC and go buy yourself an early birthday present: a nice box of red Pilot G-2s. The good stuff. You want DURABILITY. You want PROFESSIONALISM. You want a pen that’s gonna shame the hell out of all those other wannabees!!!


Let’s put it this way: if people look at your revisions and call 911 thinking they just stumbled upon a homicide – YOU’RE DOING IT RIGHT.

But try explaining that to the cops.


Edit in stages. Boom. Boom. Boom. And find someplace nice and comfy to write. The place people would least expect a writer to do any sort of writing at all!

Such as the nearest coffee shop.

In reality, coffee shops will become your best friends.

Warning: you may have some weird times when people come to visit “their author friend.”




You’ll work night. You’ll work day. You’ll invent your own timezone and ignore daylight savings because the only thing you know is that the sun comes up and the sun goes down.

You’ll even learn how to tell time by feeling how cold your coffee is (getting iced coffee is cheating shut up).


But one day, it happens. You hit the last page.

Your edits are done. You’re in the final stage.

You’ll delete that last word, and type End of Book 2. All your friends will be proud, but you’ll just be thinking, “pheeewwwww.”

Formatting’s a bitch, you’ll see that fast.

You’ll order a proof copy, and it’s in your hands at last!

There is the book that was in your head for ages, the very same book you worked through so many stages. It’s there, in your hand, you’re jumping for joy, HOORAY! It makes you feel cozy in the very best way.

And that was the story of how an idea became a book. Typing all of those pages is all it really took.

Such is the life of a writer, my friends. We discover new worlds and follow them till the end. For books are but words arranged this way and that, and most of the time we’re just pulling from a hat.

Writing is easy,” say those who won’t try. But for all of the real writers….

It’s do…or die.



Embassy is available HERE

Resonance comes out October 16, 2015.

Pre-order it on Kindle.

anonymous asked:

Can you recommend me some smut hannigram fanfic? Thanks!

 I’m not sure if you meant one-shots or fics that just had really good/wild sex so i put some of both in here. If a fic is part of a series, i marked what part it was in brackets beside the title.

As always, i suggest drinkbloodlikewine and whiskeyandspite because when they write sexytimes, they mean businessProvenance is proof of that.

Say Stop by cognomen, whiskeyandspite

It’s becoming less unusual for Will Graham to show up unannounced on one of Hannibal’s two respective doorsteps. What is uncommon is that he arrives with his gun wavering in the air at nothing, holding his own mind hostage.

A rewrite of the seizure scene in Rôti (S01E11).

Honzen-ryōri by drinkbloodlikewine, whiskeyandspite 

Post-Shiizakana where Will has just shown his dominance by killing Tier and Hannibal wants to feel that dominance for himself.

Past Our Satellites by shotgunsinlace 

he already peaceful office becomes an intimate space between them, with their seats pulled closer over the dark floorboards, and drawn curtains. The fireplace is their only source of light. Hannibal has carved the illusion of a reality all their own - warm and welcoming - and Will walks into it with wide eyes and open arms. 

Ivory Boy by rainbowdracula (1/3)

Man and monster alike coveted Hannibal’s companion, a beauty unmatched. Hannibal pitied them, for they would never know the sweetness of his thighs.

A little jaunt through the lives of the vampires Hannibal and Will Lecter.

Ouroboros by drinkbloodlikewine, whiskeyandspite

A therapy session, an oral fixation. That’s as much as you need to know. Freud would be proud.

Never noticed the rain by cicak (I’ve been waiting to slide this in somewhere, lemme tell you.)

Will’s a boat mechanic in the gulf of Mexico who understands people perfectly, and is destined to become the wise old boat captain once time catches up with him. Hannibal is the former surgeon on sabbatical with no innate understanding of human nature. Together, they have a summer romance, in amongst the bodies. (Mutant AU)

Ticket Pocket by geneticallydead (¼)

Hannibal needs a new tailor. He finds Will Graham.

Le Bel Homme by Cadaverish (½) (Aka, the fic that just keeps on giving no matter how much you reread it)

Beverly Katz convinces Will and their passel of drunken friends to break into the abandoned house of the famed Chesapeake Ripper, who died years ago without ever being caught.

Only something strange is going on in the house and by the time Will figures out what, it may be too late…

Bloodline by xzombiexkittenx

Someone is murdering fledgling vampires and it’s up to Will Graham to figure out whodunnit while coming to grips with his own undeath. Ostensibly, Hannibal Lecter, whose noble and ancient linage opens doors for the investigation, is supposed to be helping. Helping, is not the term Will would use.

Violent Appetites by xzombiexkittenx

Long before Will even stepped through the front door of Hannibal’s home, he knew that this invitation to dinner was not just an invitation to dinner. At the end of a therapy session Hannibal had said, “Please, let me cook for you,” and called him, “Dear Will,” and touched his arm.

Ikebana by reitoei

Will works for the FBI; Hannibal owns a flower shop.

Recently released from the hospital, Will is trying to piece himself back together. When he’s assigned to protect Federal witness and one-time psychiatrist Hannibal Lecter and finds himself entangled in a multiple homicide case instead, Will comes to see that his nasty compulsion to see into the minds of murderers has yet to leave its most lasting scars.

The Thorn of the Rose by AGlassRoseNeverFades

A Hannibal retelling of Beauty and the Beast. 

Heart-Shaped Box by rainbowdracula

They first meet at a crime scene.

Or, Will is an ethical incubus and Hannibal is a demon seeking redemption.

Sympathy for the Devil by bluesyturtle (long fic but it’s worth it)

Will hears Hannibal playing sax at a blues club and falls head over heels, but what he doesn’t expect is for anything to come of it or for the feeling to be mutual.

my own archive if you’re interested as well (x)

Oshea Jackson Jr - iTunes Q&A
  • Question: What's your favorite song?
  • O'shea: The Perfect Beat by Afrika Bambatta
  • Q: What's the scariest movie you've ever seen?
  • O'shea: I don't get scared by movies, really. But I'm easily disturbed. When I first saw 'Hills Have Eyes', I couldn't get some images out of my head. Still actually
  • Q: What's your favorite movie starring your dad?
  • O'shea: All about the benjamins. Super Suuuuper underrated
  • Q: What's your favorite Ice Cube song?
  • O'shea: Natural Born Killaz
  • Q: Whe do you think you'll finish screenwriting at USC?
  • O'shea: When I feel like my writing is missing something. I'll know it's time to sharpen back up and get to my cinematic roots.
  • Q: When can we expect music from you?
  • O'shea: Ingratiate I would love to do music. I still snap over instruments to myself. But they might typecast ya mans if I put certain type record. For now I'm focused on my craft as an actor but my older brother and I have started a producing team.
  • Q: Why haven't you used your snap?
  • O'shea: Everytime I'm on any social media I'm just thinking. "Why am I not on instagram?"
  • Q: What is your favorite part in SOC?
  • O'shea: Smashing Bryan Turners office. We've all wanted to break things with a bat before.
  • Q: What do you like to do in your free time?
  • O'shea: Crush my enemies. Not really. But I'm a real Nerd and I am completely unapologetic. When I gotta unwind it's video game time.
  • Q: Why didn’t you release the video for ‘Ain’t No Place’? Was it because of being typecast?
  • O'shea: Yes. With the movie having buzz around the Academy I didn't want any possibility of the song affecting the film. And I didn't want it to look like I'm Ice Cube part 2 out here. lol.
  • Q: Were you nervous about trying out for the movie?
  • O'shea: I was extremely nervous. I had to audition for two years and when you've never been through the process. You don't know what could've made you or boke you during that little time you had auditioning. If I didn't take the role. The world woulda killed me. If I didn't win the role. The world woulda killed me. And I was it was as movie. The world woulda killed me. At the end of the day, nothing was gonna sop me from immortalizing my dad in film. A lot of people ain't want me to get the part. Be he did and that's all I needed.
  • Q: Celeb crush?
  • O'shea: She's taken already. Don't wanna start waves.
  • Q: Did you practice some of the songs with your father or did you learn on your own?
  • O'shea: The performance and studio scenes in SOC are me in my element. What I'm used to doing. So when I was there it's like, wait y'all want me to rap my DAD's songs? I BEEN DOIN THIS.
  • Q: Were any of the scenes hard to do?
  • O'shea: More cowbell #SNLjoke
  • Q: Actors you look up to?
  • O'shea: Denzel and Leo
  • Q: Did you re-record some of Cube's verses or lip sync?
  • O'shea: We recorded the whole album, fam
  • Q: Marvel or DC?
  • O'shea: If you gotta ask. Somethin must be wrong.
  • Q: Do you like your fathers older movies?
  • O'shea: of course. People don't appreciate what a great film Players Club is.
  • Q: Do you ever feel pressure to surpass all that your father has accomplished?
  • O'shea: I've felt it since I was in the 5th grade. (The pressure) it doesn't come from him. All of it comes from me because I don't want to feed into the narrative of talent skips a generation or the whole "was born on 3rd base, and thought he hit a triple." Aspect. I'm so appreciative of my blessings and the only way to ensure my own legacy is to perfect my craft.
  • Q: Worst movie you've ever seen?
  • O'shea: Movie 43
  • Q: Best compliment you've ever heard?
  • O'shea: When I hear that I inspire someone. Being a celebrity is cute and all but it's smoke and mirrors. I understand that this all can be taken away in an instant. FAME is a jellyfish. Yeah it's beautiful but don't you dare get wrapped up in it. So while I do have a platform, the best thing i can do is to encourage or inspire. If not i'm just being selfish.
  • Q: Are you going to see Kobe play his very last game?
  • O'shea: Yeah I'll be the guy crying uncontrollably being escorted by security
  • Q: Would you take a role in a Tyler Perry movie?
  • O'shea: Is it about a single parent overcoming obstacles while still maintaining their strong christian values?
  • Q: What artist would we be surprised you listen to?
  • O'shea: I love Imagine Dragons and F.U.N.
  • Q: How was it growing up as ice cubes son?
  • O'shea: It has it's perks of course. But kind of annoying until you grow up lol. I have to put people through so many trials in order for you to be considered my friend. You don't know people's motives. My friend Tanner was my very first friend EVER. Met in kindergarten. Just said 'hey I'm Shea lets be friends.' After that.....Everyone else know me as ice cubes son. But my friends. Call me Shea. And it's 5 of them. You just grow up thinking different being ice cubes son.
  • Q: Would you want your kids to follow in your footsteps?
  • O'shea: If it was their choice by all means. My parents allowed us to find our own paths. But give everything your best effort because if you don't, then why are you doing it?
  • Q: What advice would you give your younger self?
  • O'shea: learn how to dunk
  • Q: Fave Rappers?
  • O'shea: Dwayne Michael Carter and Sean Anderson
  • Q: Which Ice Cube verse is your fave?
  • O'shea: "G-d damn I'm glad y'all set it off....."
  • Q: What's your fave app?
  • O'shea: ESPN Radio
  • Q: Will you answer me on day? :(
  • O'shea: "Maybe one Day..." - Drake
  • Q: Do you like Justin Biebers new album?
  • O'shea: I would be lying if I said Justin Bieber didn't have a few tracks on that thang
  • Q: Do you think education is necessary?
  • O'shea: I definitely feel that education is important. But I also feel the mind will not process information it feels it doesn't need. Find what interests you and educate.
  • Q: Growing up, what was the biggest problem you faced?
  • O'shea: Keepin the snakes out the grass.
  • Q: What type of films would you develop as a screenwriter? Is there certain topics that you're passionate about?
  • O'shea: I'm into smart comedies. And movies that don't give a lot away so you're not in the theater tryna guess things before they happen. You kinda just take the films scene by scene like life. If I could write a modern day Big Lebowski, I would be happy as an accomplished writer.
  • Q: Your thoughts about ride along 2?
  • O'shea: needs more me
  • Q: Any difference between before SOC and after?
  • O'shea: I'm a lot meaner and nicer at the same time
  • Q: Any tv shows you want to be part of?
  • O'shea: I would love to be apart of Better Call Saul
  • Q: Favorite place to relax?
  • O'shea: In a woman's presence. #CasonovaAnswer
  • Q: Rihanna or Beyonce?
  • O'shea: Beyoncé whole personality reminds me of my mom. I've never been attracted to her because I see too much of my mom.
  • Q: If you could have a superpower, what would it be?
  • O'shea: For everything to go my way at that moment.
  • Q: Favorite hip hop song of all time?
  • O'shea: Y.O.U. by Redman/Methodman
  • Q: Do you like Hockey? What's your favorite team?
  • Q: Do you know how to cook?
  • O'Shea: Only if the BasedGod is okay with it
  • Q: New or Old School?
  • O'shea: 90's. It had more Ice Cube and Dr Dre.
  • Q: Favorite historical figure?
  • O'shea: Mark Twain
  • Q: Dream starting 5 for NBA Basketball?
  • O'shea: Magic Johnson, Kobe Bryant, James Worthy, Kareem-Abdul Jabbar and Shaq
  • Q: What's your favorite word to say?
  • O'shea: It's a cuss word.
  • Q: Star Wars or Harry Potter?
  • O'shea: This can't be a real question.
  • Q: How many Yeezys you got?
  • O'shea: 3. 2 Nikes first editions
  • Q: Would SOC be better if Jason had Eazy with him?
  • O'shea: The fact that he didn't have Eazy is why I would've nominated him
  • Q: If you could change one thing about the world, what would it be?
  • O'shea: I'd make everyone more understanding. We'd be fine.
  • Q: Was wondering if you'd like both (Harry Potter/Star Wars)?
  • O'shea: Definitely like both. But give me the force over Magic. #RIPSeverus
  • Q: If you could speak another language what would it be?
  • O'shea: German and Spanish
  • Q: Are you worried that people will only ever see you as your dad's son and not you as yourself?
  • O'shea: Of course. But then I look at people like Kobe, Steph Curry, The Rock...they took their family legacy to new heights. That's my goal.
  • Q: Do you have any tattoo's? if so what do they mean?
  • O'shea: the Roman numeral for 24. XXiV. And before the Kobe talk starts. 24 has always been my number. It's my birthday. 2/24. It just always feels so complete. And my life changed at 24. It's only right
  • Q: Boyz n the hood or Barber Shop?
  • O'shea: Boyz n the hood had a message.
  • Q: Why learn Spanish and German?
  • O'shea: both are used in a vast variate of regions. May come in handy if ever abroad
  • Q: Do you still workout?
  • O'shea: Yeah dude. Still am. But decisions were made and now I'm makin work. #BooHoo
  • Q: What motivates you?
  • O'shea: My family.
  • Q: How are you handling all this attention you're getting?
  • O'shea: in my room ignoring most of it
  • Q: What is the most like you, chocolate or gummy bears?
  • O'shea: Hardest thing I ever had to do
  • Q: Fave Dragon Ball Z Character?
  • O'shea: Kakarot
  • Q: What do you fear most?
  • O'shea: Not being happy is my biggest fear
  • Q: Any advice for aspiring actors?
  • O'shea: Ask yourself why did you start acting. If it's to be famous. You will lose.
  • Q: Favorite disney movie?
  • O'shea: Lion King
  • Q: Do you find it hard to trust people?
  • O'shea: my whole life I couldn't trust anyone.
  • Q: Favorite cartoon to watch growing up?
  • O'shea: Dragon Ball Z or Ed Edd n Eddy
  • Q: How did you deal with people that were only your friend because of your dad?
  • O'shea: I don't deal with them. Bad energy.
  • Q: If you were an animal what would you be?
  • O'shea: Orca. Biggest and strongest in the ocean. And I'm a genius!? In pods running from 12-30 of the homies deep!?
  • Q: What's your type of woman?
  • O'shea: Sexy kind.
  • Q: Number one pick up line?
  • O'shea: You know how much a polar bear weighs? Enough to break the ice. O'shea Jackson, nice to meet you.
  • Q: Do you like apples?
  • O'shea: I got her number....
  • Q: Advice you would give to aspiring actors?
  • O'shea: Be an actor first. And a star 3rd.
  • And the last question, deserves it's own post...That's all folks.

incorrectshakespeare’s scene-by-scene analysis of hamlet’s sexuality and relationships with both horatio and ophelia

hi folks!! as you can clearly see, i get asked about my opinion about hamlet’s sexuality a lot. soooooo, i put together a full-play description of how i would want to emphasize hamlet’s sexuality while direction a production of the play. everything can be found below the cut!!

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anonymous asked:

can i have an imagine with dave franco and i'm also famous who's in hunger games, catching fire & divergent and dave is my good friend and we always visit eachother on set and stuff and i'm family friends with both of the francos and james compliments me at an award show and dave gets jealous???

AN: i have so many Dave/James Franco imagine requests i just??????

 You and Dave had met on set while filming a kids show when you were both five. The two of you had only been very small parts but it didn’t seem to matter as long as you were in the same scene.The two of you bonded and since then, had been best friends. As the two of you grew up, you both became very successful and went on to become famous, never letting the fame get in the way of our friendship. Sure sometimes it was hard, you would go weeks, months without seeing him, but you always made sure you had your nightly Skype calls which would sometimes go on until the sun would begin to rise. When you did have time to hang out, there were almost always pictures of the two of you walking around and laughing together floating around somewhere the next day. People were constantly asking if you two were ‘a thing’ and saying that they ‘shipped you two so hard.’ It never really phased you, seeing as you had liked Dave when you were younger but he quickly made it very clear that we would like to remain friends. It had hurt but you eventually got over it and moved on. So when questions like that came up, you laughed and answered with something along the lines of ‘he’s my best friend’ or ‘no i love him like a brother!’ Lately though, Dave had seem rather uncomfortable answering these questions, scratching the back of his head and muttering something that was usually inaudible. You didnt think anything of it though, assuming that he was just sick of being asked. 

After wrapping up filming for the Hunger Games, in which you had played a rather large role, you found out you had been nominated for best supporting actress. Dave had been the first person you called and you could tell he was on the verge of tears from being so proud of of you. You thanked him and you both agreed you’d meet at the event.

*Night of award show*

 You had just pulled up in the limo and you felt great. You were wearing a lilac dress that was tight and the top but then began to pool out at your waist. it reached the ground and dragged behind you. It made your figure look great. You stepped out of the limo and your name instantly began to be called. You smiled and waved, thanking people who were complimenting your dress. You turned, seeing Dave and James standing off to the side, jaws on the floor. You made your way over to them, engulfing them in a tight hug. James wolf whistled when you pulled away. 

“Damn, Y/N! You looking hot as hell!” His eyes seemed to stick to your chest and you began to feel a tad uncomfortable. Dave harshly shoved the older brother, eyes narrowing. 

“Can you not be a dick and try acting civil for once in your fucking life?”

Both your and James eyes widened and James stepped away, a small smile on his face. Dave turned to you, eyes softening. He pulled you close again, whispering a ‘you look great’ in your ear. He kissed your cheek and looked at you somewhat shyly.”Really great…”

*Later that night*

You were sitting next to Dave, his hand clasped tightly in yours as they announced your category.

“And best supporting actress goes to… Y/N Y/L/N!” You gasped, tears flooding your eyes as Dave pulled you up, smiling the widest smile you’d ever seen. You went to walk up but before you could leave Daves grasp, he pulled you back and softly pressed his lips to yours, the crowd erupting into screams and cheers. You smiled into the kiss and wrapped your arms around his. It was a quick kiss, seeing as you had to go up and accept your award, but it was enough to show everyone how much you two loved each other. 

It was official, you loved your best friend. 

AN: this is so long but i got so into lol

destrucsdansmatete  asked:

Hi, I'm in need of good Drarry fics right now and, as I like your recs in general, I really (really) would love to know which Drarry fics are your absolute favorite ones.

YESS. Thank you, it’d be my pleasure! These are in order. Kind of.

• Turn, by Sara’s Girl (306k)
One good turn always deserves another. Apparently.

Reparations, by Sara’s Girl (87k)
Harry is about to discover that the steepest learning curve comes after Healer training, and that second chances can be found in unexpected places.

He Who Must Not Be Normal, by lettered (40k)
Potter has fame and fortune and posh clothes and all he wants is a simple life. Draco has a flat and a cat and a steady job and all he wants is a complicated life. Which makes you think this story has something exciting like body-swapping, but it doesn’t. Instead it has Indian takeaway and a blue jumper and people wanting a whole lot of what they can’t have, discovering themselves as they discover each other.

Tempus Fugit, by Poison Pen (93k)
A monumental cock-up in Potions means that Harry and Draco have more to contend with than mutual enmity. A journey of discovery, self-reflection and love.

The Light More Beautiful, by firethesound (81k)
Thirteen years after Draco accepts Potter’s help escaping the horror of his sixth year, he returns to England where he makes the unfortunate discovery that Potter is still as obnoxious as ever. And worse, more than a decade overseas hasn’t been enough to dim Draco’s obsession with him.

The Way Down, by lettered (65k)
Harry is overwhelmed by his own power and fame and angst, so he’s become a hermit. Draco Malfoy is tired of the melodrama.

Chaos Theory, by Tessa Crowley (102k)
Chaos: when the present determines the future, but the approximate present does not approximately determine the future. One gene varies, one neuron fires, one butterfly flaps its wings, and Draco Malfoy’s life is completely different. Draco has always found a certain comfort in chaos. Perhaps he shouldn’t.

All Life is Yours to Miss, by Sara’s Girl (114k)
Professor Malfoy’s world is contained, controlled, and as solitary as he can make it, but when an act of petty revenge goes horribly awry, he and his trusty six-legged friend are thrown into Hogwarts life at the deep end and must learn to live, love and let go.

Nightcall, by femmequixotic & noeon (116k)
A hideously mauled corpse is found sprawled across the paving stones of Brick Lane in the East End of London. Inspector Harry Potter–widely believed to be the lead candidate for next Deputy Head Auror–is called in to investigate a possible magical crime. To make matters worse, his occasional lover and former school-nemesis, Viscount Draco Malfoy, now billing himself as a consulting criminologist, shows up at the crime scene to aid in the investigation of the suspicious death.

Running on Air, by eleventy7 (74k)
Draco Malfoy has been missing for three years. Harry is assigned the cold case and finds himself slowly falling in love with the memories he collects.

A Thousand Beautiful Things, by geoviki (104k)
Draco Malfoy struggles with changed fortunes, shifted alliances, an ugly war, and an unusual spell, with the help of a concerned professor, an insightful house-elf, and an unexpected Gryffindor friend.

Unhook the Stars, by jad (72k)
“Love is like a Rubix Cube: there are countless wrong twists and turns, but once you get it right, it’s perfect no matter how you look at it.” Seventy-thousand words of pornographic discourse between two boys-turned-men that still haven’t learned how to communicate like normal people — with words.

Right Hand Red, by lumosed_quill (73k)
Harry felt Malfoy’s breath on his lips as they came together over the bottle, hands firmly planted on the floor as though they each needed their familiar soil, refusing to cross into enemy territory. Except that Malfoy no longer felt like his enemy. Malfoy felt inevitable.

Only For The Lucky, by SunseticMonster (63k)
Things seem to be going well for Draco Malfoy after the war. He’s working as a professor at Hogwarts and makes the papers all the time for his charitable contribution to Muggle causes. But when Malfoy is rushed into St Mungos hospital for a psychotic break, Healer Harry Potter realizes that Malfoy’s success is not all what it seems and sometimes luck can have more than one meaning.

Stately Homes of Wiltshire, by waspabi (57k)
Malfoy Manor has mould, dry rot and an infestation of unusually historical poltergeists. Harry Potter is on the case.

Secrets, by Vorabiza (411k)
Beginning with Draco’s unexpected arrival at the Dursleys, Harry’s summer after sixth year becomes filled with activity and many secrets. As his summer progresses, Harry generates several unexpected allies as he finds himself actively becoming the leader of the Light side.

Little Red Courgette, by blamebrampton (31k)
When this season’s purple courgettes are woefully thin, Draco Malfoy thinks it amounts to small beans. Next thing he knows, the Department of Standards is over-run with leeks, Brussels sprouts all sorts of legislative difficulties, and somebody appears to have put a roquette under Harry Potter. Can Draco seize a marrow victory? Or will his plans for peas be squashed?

Azoth, by zeitgeistic (88k)
Now that Harry is back at Hogwarts with Hermione for eighth year, he realises that something’s missing from his life, and it either has to do with Ron, his boggart, Snape, or Malfoy. Furthermore, what, exactly, does it mean when one’s life is defined by the desire to simultaneously impress and annoy a portrait? Harry has no idea; he’s too busy trying not to be in love with Malfoy to care.

Our little star >> Jungkook, You

The part two of A beauty like you Enjoy~

A request like this took him some few weeks till he had the courage to talk about it and ask it from you.

He knew how the two of you were so young to have a kid, especially when the two of you just started your new life. He had just always been dreaming of a perfect family and he wanted to make this family with you, with love and a happy smile.

But it seemed like it wasn’t like this for you.

The last time he finally got the courage to tell you about his wish to have a kid, you didn’t give him an answer, until now. You always told him that you were thinking about it and it wasn’t easy to make a decision on something like this so fast.

At first he was sad and upset, the two of you were already married so you should have sooner or later expected something like this, but he still couldn’t forget what you will leave behind when you agree with him.

And it pained him as he saw you getting more stressed and down by the time. He never meant to push you into doing something.

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+ hi hi helo etc !!!! so basically for my first hundred (i'm crying i haven't been here long and ily all so much) i thought i'd make a lil masterlist of lyrics by marina and the diamonds from every ep/album that she's released that could be used for inspiration, descriptions, prompts, ideas, bios etc. check them out under the cut, and please like/reblog if you found this at all helpful. (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

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5SOS AUMichael finds out you’re a vampire. (gif credit x x) (picture credit x)

Michael was sort of freaking out just a little bit. It was within reason though because it wasn’t everyday that a person walks in on their girlfriend draining a blood bag in their bedroom.

You were watching him carefully, trying to figure out your next move. He hadn’t reacted yet, but you were sure it was going to happen any second now and you were using what little time you had left trying to come up with a believable lie to tell him. If worst came to worst you could always compel him to forget the whole thing but you weren’t sure if you had complete control over that just yet so you’d rather avoid it if it was possible.

“There’s - uh, you’ve got a little something.” He sputtered out, pointing towards his lip.

You quickly reached up and wiped at your bottom lip and when you pulled your hand away you noticed the blood. You cursed under your breath because not only did this look really bad, but now it was also embarrassing.

“Thanks.” You mumbled, your eyes flicking down to your shoes before you looked up at Michael again.

The two of you had been dating for nearly eight months and in all that time things had never been as awkward as they were now.

“You’ve probably got some questions.” You said after you cleared your throat to get his attention.

“Just one really.” He finally met your eyes and you couldn’t quite decipher the emotions that were hiding in them. “How long have you been a vampire?”

“What - why would you automatically assume I’m a vampire?” You asked, your eyes going wide.

“You are though, aren’t you?” You were surprised that he seemed to be so calm about all of this, that he was still talking to you the way he always had.

You opened your mouth to say speak but nothing came out, this happened a few times before you actually managed to speak. “Well, yeah - but also no. It’s complicated.” You conceded.

“Un-complicate it then.” Michael said, he hadn’t meant for it to sound so harsh but you figured he had the right to be a little upset. “You’re not like 100 years old or something, are you?”

“Michael, we’ve been friends since we were six, obviously I’m not that old. I’m eighteen, just like you.” You took a deep breath, preparing yourself to tell him the truth. “I’m half vampire, half human.”

“What does that even mean?” He ran his hands through his hair, tugging slightly on the ends. “I mean obviously you can go out in sunlight but what about the rest of it?”

“Yes, I can go out in sunlight, but too much exposure really tires me out which is why I hate the beach. I age like everyone else does but I’ll probably live longer. I’m fast, like really fast, and I’m pretty strong too. I can never have children, and garlic and crosses don’t effect me at all. Anything else you wanted to know?”

He looked thoughtful for a second before holding up two fingers. “One, mirrors; like can you see yourself in them and all that. Two, what’s the deal with drinking blood? Because I’ve seen you eat normal food too.”

“I don’t even know where the mirror myth came from but I have a reflection and so does my dad.” You paused for a second and bit your lip softly. “As for the blood and food thing, I need both. Without one or the other I get really weak and it can be harder to control myself.”

Michael nodded his head for a few seconds before his head shot up suddenly. “Do you have fangs?”

You sighed and closed your eyes for a few seconds, focusing on the sound of Michael’s blood flowing through his veins. You opened your eyes again and then opened your mouth just wide enough for him to see your elongated incisors.

He just stared wide eyed and you waited for him to say something. When you realised that it wasn’t going to happen you took matters into your own hands. “What are you thinking?”

You took a step closer to him and almost breathed out a sigh of relief when he didn’t move back or flinch away from your touch.

“I’m slightly terrified; but I’m not going to lie, I’m also kinda turned on.” He told you with a smirk. “Just remind me never to let you give me a blow job again.”

You rolled your eyes and laughed along with him for a few moments before you spoke up again.

“Wait, does that mean you don’t hate me?” You asked because honestly you’d thought that it would be inevitable.

He shot you a look as if to say are you crazy? “Of course I don’t hate you. I could never hate you. Besides, you can’t get pregnant which is the best news I’ve heard in a really long time.”

He laughed and you wanted to join in but you just couldn’t. “I’m serious, Michael.”

“Hey, so am I; about the never being able to hate you part, that is.” He wrapped his arms around you and pulled you into a hug before pressing a kiss to your forehead. “It’ll take some getting used to, but we’ll work it out.”


Cloudy on Ice

I need to have joy in my life again, so I’m mushing together two things that make me happy. 

Cloud’s hands shook as he watched the video of himself skating. He had been okay with Tifa recording it. She had always supported him, letting him into the rink when everything became too much, teaching him some stretches that could get him loosened up and focused, even making a huge sign for him during his failure of a Grand Prix Final. 

He was not as okay with it being posted online. He watched the number below rise higher and higher, now past 100,000 views. 

“Sorry,” Aerith, Tifa’s girlfriend, said, “I just thought it looked cool. I didn’t realize it was a big deal.” Cloud couldn’t respond, just let his hands shake. 

It wouldn’t be half as embarrassing if he was in proper shape. And if he hadn’t clearly copied Sephiroth’s free program from the Grand Prix Finals. 

Gods…he’s admired Sephiroth since he started to skate, always dreamed of skating with him…and his crush was so blatantly obvious now. 

Cloud was never going out in public again. 

“Oh…theres a battle going on in the comments,” Aerith said, “Oh my.” Cloud knew what he said. 

Loser, can’t skate well when it matters.

Piggy packed on the pounds, didn’t he?


Your fans look like they hope this means a comeback for you,” Aerith said, pointing. Cloud had to blink at them for a few seconds before he actually comprehended what he was reading. 

We knew you could do it Cloud!

That’s the Cloud we love!

Cloud blushed. He definitely wasn’t going back in public again. 

Cloud felt safe with his mother. While their little bed and breakfast could never compare to the official one in town, the beds were warmer and her cooking was much, much better. 

Perhaps he had taken a little too much comfort in her cooking, but she didn’t mind. 

“You always changed your weight so easily,” she said, “Up a little one week, skinny as a rail the next.” 

He came back home and buried himself into folding towels. Trying to forget about the video, despite everyone in Nibelheim talking about it. 

“Cloud!” his mom called, “we have a guest. He’s from way out of town. He wanted to use the bath, but I didn’t have towels. Deliver some when you have a pile for a room.”

“Okay Ma,” he said. He took a pile in his arms and headed up the stairs, inhaling the smell of his mother’s pork cutlet, his favorite. The guest had taken the Master bedroom, the one right next to Cloud’s. 

He knocked once and waited. He knocked again. “Towels for you!” he called. Still no answer. 

The Do not Disturb hadn’t been put up, so Cloud guessed they were out. He let himself in. 

There were an awful lot of bags for their usual clientele. People usually only stayed for a few days to see the mako fountains. This guest looked like he was staying for a good while, for what though. There wasn’t much to do in Nibelheim. 

“You must be Cloud.” Cloud felt his heart beat falter for a second. 

He turned towards the bathroom, where the door was slightly ajar and steam was slowly seeping out. Lounging leisurely in the bathtub, long hair in a bun (not to mention naked as the day he was born) was him. Sephiroth. Smirking quietly, but serenely at him. 

Cloud opened his mouth and made a quiet, strangled gasping noise. Sephiroth used the silence as an invitation to stand. 

“I’m here to be your new coach,” Sephiroth said, pulling a clip out of his hair and letting it fall. Cloud just stood there with his jaw hanging. 

“Could I have one of those, Cloud?” Sephiroth said. Cloud handed over a towel still silent. Then he set the pile on the bed and walked out. 

“I’ll see you at dinner then!” Sephiroth said. 

Cloud’s mother remained blissfully unaware of the fame their guest had. All she really knew was that he liked her cooking, which put him on her good side. She was the one who insisted Cloud stay and talk to Sephiroth, since he seemed to like Cloud too. 

“Mmm,” Sephiroth said, “we don’t have food like this back in Midgar.” Mrs. Strife beamed. 

“I used to make it for Cloud when he won his skating competitions,” she said. The very memory made Cloud’s insides curl up. He felt his appetite leaving him. Sephiroth noticed when he put down his fork. 

“Are you going to finish that?” he asked. Cloud shook his head silently. Sephiroth pulled the bowl towards him and began eating out of that one too. 

“Why?” Cloud said at long last, “why are you here?” Sephiroth swallowed and looked Cloud in the eye. 

“I hadn’t felt inspired in skating for months,” Sephiroth said, “And then…I saw the video. Everyone did.” Cloud felt humiliated. 

“It was beautiful,” Sephiroth said. Cloud blinked and looked up. Sephiroth’s hand curled over his, Sephiroth was leaning over closely. 

“All the emotion, the passion, the sadness, the joy…I’ve fought so hard to feel those when I skate now…but you…you did it perfectly. So that’s why I’m here. To help you find that emotion…and win the Grand Prix if that’s your wish.” Sephiroth’s hand was suddenly under his chin and Cloud felt himself turning red. 

“It is what you want…right?” Sephiroth’s voice was close to a purr. Cloud’s instinct was to jerk away. 

“Am I being to forward?” Sephiroth asked, brows furrowing. Cloud mouth finally caught up to him. 

“Yes,” he said, “Yes…Sephiroth, I do want that.” Sephiroth beamed at him. 

“Excellent…but first things first…you have to get back in the shape you were in before you fell apart at Nationals.” With that, Sephiroth finished off the last of Cloud’s bowl of food. 

And Cloud heard his stomach growl. 

Safe & Sound

Pairing: Chuck Shurley x Reader
Word Count: 780
Warnings: Death, feels. (I don’t even know what’s up with my lack of fluff this week.) 
Song: Safe & Sound - Taylor Swift
A/N: The third of my fics for my one-shot series collab with Ashley (@d-s-winchester) - make sure you also check out her fic for today, which can be found here! You can find the masterlist of all of the fics for the collab this week here. Enjoy!

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