i'm trying to live!

anyone else kinda terrified you’ll never be able to hold a job in the future because of your mental illness

you know, call me crazy, call me biased af, but i just think it’s bullshit that we get all these sappy, ridiculous climon scenes and malec can’t even finish a goddamn conversation without someone walking in…and demanding, once again, that magnus fix their problems.

me: *sees someone who vaguely looks like my abuser(s)*

me, already having a panic attack: they’ve found me and they’ve come to harm me again. i can’t believe i ever thought i was safe. i’m sure i can buy a plane ticket to some deserted island and-

Yes, accept that you have flaws. Accept that you have sins. Accept that there are bad things about you. But please, I’m begging you please don’t think accepting these means you get to keep them.

You shouldn’t keep them. Work on your flaws. Repent of your sins. Kick those bad traits to the curb. Acceptance doesn’t mean you don’t have to change. Please understand that.


I’m not that good in realistic drawings… So I’m trying to improve myself in that style (you know, for art school and stuff)

So yeah!  If I have to draw realistic ppl, why not drawing handsome dudes like Luke Evans ? Even if he plays a huge douchebag, I don’t care. He’s got a nice face.

Here are my two attempts

The Kingdom group while Morgan was killing Richard

ShukaBlog 2017.03.19: Super Nerve-racking Day.

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I haven’t posted in a while.
My bad.

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