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I have a small request. How would the RFA react to an MC who was just trying to get them to watch their favourite anime(s)??? (All I'm imaging is Seven watching FMA and just going 'wth??')

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..might have used this one to,,,self insert a little. Spare me, self care is self insert


  • see, mc was in A Mood for a while. where they were really bored and uninspired and as much as zen tried to help out, nothing was really working 
  • but then they came across this old anime that used to be one of their favorites
  • “zen, i need to borrow the laptop…I also need you to come with me. and with some snacks” 
  • “can i ask..why?” he said, but followed them to the couch anyways
  • “it’s time for some Self Care, hyun.” and he laughed in response, but followed 
  • mc promptly put on some shojo anime called Lovely Complex :’))))
  • they were cuddling him the whole time so he kind of had no choice but to watch
  • he found himself laughing along with mc halfway through the first episode
  • by the end of the second one, he asked “babe..how many episodes are there?” 
  • “24…why?” “…we can get through this whole thing today”
  • and so they did. mc has to tell him that there’s more in the manga cause he was sad it ended
  • he liked it, he thought it was funny but also really cute. and mc was glad that he did! they watch it whenever one of them is in a slump now
  • ok but his favorite part is the basketball game and he was so mad when risa was asleep dgjbad
  • unironically uses some lines from it just to make mc either laugh or blush


  • mc watched all of the show he wanted them to watch, so it was in return for that
  • they decided to make him watch OHSHC, one of their favorites
  • he was…kind of confused during the first episode 
  • “so they…they run a ‘host club’ to just…play around?” 
  • frankly scared of the twins cause they kind of remind him of the chois 
  • “mc, is that jumin in an anime?” - referring to kyoya 
  • mc was laughing the entire time, especially when he asked if he was like Honey
  • they did, however, finish the whole series in a day
  • but he ended up liking it a lot! he thought it was adorable!
  • still confused as to what was a host club at the end of the anime, but he still loves it
  • his favorite episode was the beach episode 
  • mc had to tell him about the manga cause there’s more 
  • and he was like “oh, here’s more content!” “yeah, it’s too bad there’s only one season in the anime…”


  • jaehee said she would watch anything mc wanted…
  • and recently, they’ve been pretty obsessed with haikyuu!! - they needed to get to the s3
  • so…It Began
  • if she was completely honest, she didn’t really like it at first
  • there was so much,,Yelling. and they were really overhyping volleyball, weren’t they?
  • oh well, she was going to watch at least one season with mc
  • however, started liking it at the aoba josai practice match 
  • and really liked it when they got to the practice match with nekoma 
  • she ended up catching up to mc at the end of the day
  • the next day, they watched season 3 for the first time together
  • hooked it up to the tv and had a whole cheering session during the whole season
  • the amount of screaming they did when tsukki did The Thing was Insane  
  • singing the theme songs at the most random times happen all the time
  • she ends up having a blast 
  • her favorite characters are either daichi or saeko, though she has a soft spot for yamaguchi


  • mc had been trying to get him to watch soul eater for a while now
  • just to see what his opinion would be. they thought it would be fun~
  • finally got the chance to sit him down and play it, so they did!
  • poor jumin was so confused at first….and didn’t really like it either
  • “why is that boy turning into a weapon, mc? those two girls turned into guns??” “what’s with all the boobs?”
  • but he did watch the whole thing
  • found it..interesting. not one of his favorites, but he’d watch it again
  • really liked the part with Soul and Maka and the little devil thing (god its been a long time spare me)
  • also the part with tsubaki and her brother
  • thinks its cute how excited mc gets when they get to certain parts
  • death the kid lowkey reminds him of his high school phase and he’s embarrassed to admit that to mc
  • it also takes them a while to finish, since he’s so busy
  • at first, mc thinks he just really doesn’t like it and tries to avoid it
  • but he does want to finish it! he doesn’t like seeing things halfway through
  • is really glad when they do finish it. he thinks it was a nice ending to the anime (but then he found the manga…)

707 / luciel / saeyoung

  • mc was determined to make saeyoung watch fullmetal
  • he just didn’t want to because there were so many parts to it and he didn’t know where to start
  • so they started from the beginning. the first series
  • and he was so confused at first!
  • not cause of the alchemy thing but because of where this was going to go plot wise
  • but then he was sucked into it
  • really likes edward because part of him relates
  • says he’s edward and alphonse is saeran
  • was surprised when it started getting..really deep
  • and at this point, begged mc to show him all the other parts
  • so it was a whole binge watch session. they didn’t leave the house unless absolutely necessary
  • loved it even more when they found the outtakes and brings them up at the most random times
  • mc and 707, casually eating cereal: “let’s look at the door.” | every time saeyoung has to stop saeran from doing something: “i’m trying to save your life, asshole!” 
  • and his favorite(that saeran actually participates in) - him: “mc wanted me to tell you they’re making stew tonight!” saeran: “Fuck yeah!”

v / jihyun

  • jihyun asked them to watch something heartwarming and cute
  • and the first thing that popped into their head was yuri!!! on ice
  • plus it was short, so it seemed like a good choice
  • he automatically thought the ice skating was astounding. like, victor’s first performance alone got him hooked
  • “wait, is he that character everyone thought i looked like at one point?” he asks 
  • but anyways, he really likes yuuri. but also likes guang hong 
  • the small gasp he made when Episode 7 Happened was the most amazing thing mc has ever heard
  • the ‘yuri on ice’ performance really is his favorite one. agape comes at a close second
  • actually clapped when The Rings came into play
  • “is that it? is there only 12 episodes?” he asks, mc nods sadly
  • “next level?? mc what is ‘next level’?” they don’t even know
  • “…if people think that I look like victor, should i cosplay him?” “jihyun-”
  • it was exactly what he needed though. something cute and heartwarming
  • he’s super excited for next season

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