i'm trying to get sponsored ;;

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Stunts clothes for everyone.. From Topshop to Adidas to Vetements lmaooo Btw Are we going to get Cliff and Bruce play dates too?? Pls leave Cliff out of this mess

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:They went from Topshop and Topman being the official sponsor of Elounor 1.0 (Eleanor literally never wore anything other than Topshop until late 2014 and early 2015 when she was trying to establish her fashion blog) to Vetements as the official sponsor of Elounor 2.0 lol

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:Well elounto coming back I guess it’s another season of which idiot fucks the stunt up games

Can I just say that I miss Clif a lot @louit91, please a pic with the puppy?

  Anonymous said to shadyshit91:I did not/still dont like Eleabir but I think the reason Louis&his family (espeically Jay) like her is because Eleanor literally just did her job. She was just in&out one and done. Danielle was drasticLly different. Danielle was getting her contracts worth she did not care that Jay was on her death bed. Shes a souless oppurtuist who thought this would take her to the top. Thats why Louis had the last laugh and blacklisted her ass from interviews.

Hm but she was extra af oo and was awful to Harry. I think they played nice to her because that’s what helped Louis, not because she was just doing her job. She treated Lottie and Fizzy bad too and was just yikes 

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:I personally think that the twins know; but if they don’t, they must ask questions with everything they get on SM (that’s sad honestly, leave those girls alone). They must wonder why bg is such a mess. they must wonder why Harry comes visit so often even without Louis??? But anyway leave those girls alone on SM, they already get hate for nothing, they don’t need to get harassed about their brother’s love life, they have their own lives and their own projects, focus on that if you want or leave

Yeah, that’s why I think they do know. Like with this mess that is bg…. but I agree 100%, just leave them alone, don’t engage with them, don’t discuss with them, they’re just kids. 

I really dislike girl hate. Like pls don’t hate on the girls who want to wear heels, loads of make up, fake lashes or eyebrows, extensions. I see so much hate for these girls like SHE FEELS BEAUTIFUL AND STRONG THAT WAY DO NOT TRY AND TEAR THEM DOWN.

Like purrbunny feels hella hot with her new boobies, theproserpina likes to contour her face, thefitally likes to lift and could prob sponsor Nike and she does a bomb ass smokey eye