i'm trying to get it all down

I know we’re all pretty down rn so here, have some cute pics of svalbard reindeer

it’s the smallest subspecies of reindeer on the planet and it loves you

the svalbard reindeer is also the northernmost herbivore in the world, and during winter they survive an average of −16°C (3°F) weather

look at those small fluffy ears and kind eyes, the reindeer is cheering you all on to stay strong in these trying times 

just like the arctic winter, this too shall pass

the svaldbard reindeer proves that even under the most extreme of circumstances, life finds a way. so please, please keep on fighting

Fighting Panic

Requested: I was wondering if I could request a caring Shawn one where maybe you two get into a fight and you leave and then you have a panic attack or something and you call him and even though you two were fighting he still comes over and cares for you? Sorry if that didn’t make sense lol


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“Stop, y/n.” Shawn says, his voice full of anger. “You can’t keep holding it against me. It’s my career, my job, don’t you understand?”

You swallow hard, trying to keep your emotions in check. “I’m not holding it against you, Shawn. I just need to know you’re not forgetting about me!”

“I’m not, I don’t know why you would say that!” He says, his voice just as loud and terrifying as it was a minute ago. You can’t match his tone. You don’t know how to scream back at him, and you don’t want to.

“You’re always busy, and even when you’re not, you’re thinking about all the things you need to get done, which I get, but I feel like you don’t even remember that I’m here, that I’m your girlfriend.” You reply, honestly.

“How could I forget, y/n? I can’t forget, and I don’t.” He spits back.

You only wait a beat before replying, still trying to absorb his last words, “Do you want to?” You ask, your voice full of fear and sadness.

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Okay, but imagine Andrew squinting at his laptop screen, trying to decide whether or not to add a period. Should he capitalize? What about all caps?? Is there a printer in their dorm or does he need to send someone down to the library? He probably spends five minutes trying to get a decent shot without any shadow before deciding that this jives with his zero-shits-given aesthetic better. His password’s an impossible mix of 20 random letters that no one else can hope to figure out and he probably always stays on messaging apps so none of the Foxes can peek at his home screen over his shoulder. 


I got really excited about old man Corvo today

Hey Jude

Mary gets hurt, injured severely. She tried to bite off more than she could chew with what she thought would be a quick hunt, and now she’s bleeding out.

 Dean and Sam are trying to help, to calm her down.

She’s struggling for breath, looking up at her sons who are crouched over her, doing everything they can to stop the bleeding.

All three know it’s futile, that she’s not coming back from this. Castiel isn’t there, he wouldn’t have the power to heal this anyway.

Unshed tears fill everyone’s eyes as Dean pulls Mary to his chest, stroking her short hair away from her face.

She can’t talk, her breathing ragged and painful, and Sam’s clutching to her hand, willing for a miracle to happen.

Dean takes a shallow breath and begins to sing.

Hey Jude, don’t make it bad
Take a sad song and make it better
Remember to let her into your heart
Then you can start to make it better

Mary blinks up at him, tears rolling down her cheeks as Sam joins in, voice scratchy and low.

Hey Jude, don’t be afraid
You were made to go out and get her
The minute you let her under your skin
Then you begin to make it better

Mary’s eyes slip closed as her boys continue to sing, slightly off key but their voices are full of pain and love.

And anytime you feel the pain, hey Jude, refrain
Don’t carry the world upon your shoulders
For well you know that it’s a fool who plays it cool
By making his world a little colder

Mary’s body goes limp, a dead weight in Dean’s arms as her hand slips from Sam’s grip.

Sam breaks down, hard sobs coming all the way from his stomach as tears stream down his face.

Dean sniffs, tears shed across freckled cheeks as he softly continues the song.

Hey Jude, don’t let me down
You have found her, now go and get her
Remember to let her into your heart
Then you can start to make it better…

the thing about emma swan is that although i tag her as ‘perfect’ a lot - #ur so perfect #perfection #perfect princess, etc. - she is not actually perfect

i mean, emma screws up all the time. she lies to henry about his dad. she gets mad at her parents and acts like a sullen teenager. she lies to herself about her feelings. she holds grudges, and snaps out impatiently at people who try to break down her walls. she trusts too quickly or doesn’t trust at all. she unneccessarily doubts herself, to the point of letting friends walk all over her. or alternately, she tries to save everyone, often to her detriment or theirs


but why i’m constantly tagging emma as ‘perfect’ is because she tries so hard to improve herself. constantly

ever since s1, she has been discovering more and more about herself, expanding her knowledge and correcting her behaviors. and she has become a woman who loves easily and forgives easily, but still kicks ass and knows who she is

she’s not just some guy’s girlfriend, or the town’s savior, or the daughter of royalty, or henry’s mom. she’s all of those things - but most importantly, she’s emma. she likes florals and leather and cashmere and denim so screw consistency. she’ll put her hair up and let her hair down and wear heels or flat boots as suits her fancy. she’ll wear makeup when she damn well pleases or maybe not at all. she’ll reach for your hand if you need comfort, but she’ll stand by your side with a sword if you need that, too. and she is loyal to her last breath, loving even when she’s upset or frustrated

and she finally, FINALLY has the kind of faith in herself that all of us want to have: she is not nothing - she was never nothing! she is emma swan, and she deserves a happy ending, too

jmo said that emma is the kind of woman she would love to be friends with, and that’s what makes her perfect, to me: she’s so very, very real and frank and raw, and she’s the most heartfelt character i’ve ever had the privilege of loving

Due South was such a gift. Do you know how useful the phrase “for reasons that don’t need exploring at this juncture” is in our every day lives? Just try it.

  • “I left the house without pants…for reasons that don’t need exploring at this juncture…”
  • “I was going down on him in the coat room…for reasons that don’t need exploring at this juncture…”
  • “I need you to get me two gallons of Mountain Dew and a kilo of cocaine…for reasons that don’t need exploring at this juncture…”
  • “I adopted this puppy while you were at work…for reasons that don’t need exploring at this juncture…”

The importance of Due South simply cannot be underestimated. 

People write Todd as being super like endeared with how Dirk acts instead of annoyed when he falls in love with Dirk, but let’s be honest I think it would go more like this:
Dirk trying to convince him to do something like break into the bank because a hunch is telling him to and Todd being like “Dude no we will for sure get arrested this time” while Farah is kinda just watching this all go down( Because this happens like everytime and honestly it’s fun to watch what Dirk is gonna do to get Todd to go this time.) So then Dirk goes something like “OH NO! I’m going to have to do this dangerous thing THAT COULD GET ME KILLED all alone, if only my boyfriend would come to help me…..BYYYE I GUESS I’M GOING ALL ON MY OWN” And then he kinda just kisses Todd on the cheek and fucking does that awkward ass run he does (you know the one from the shoulder pat scene)
Farah then turns to Todd and is all like “That’s the man you chose to be in a relationship with.” all while trying not to laugh because holy shit they are cute BUT SOOOO RIDICULOUS
While Todd is just standing there with his “how did my life come to this" face and sighs as he sees Dirk trying to break in by climbing the wall (unsuccessfully ) and he just sighs and goes “I know.” And then goes chasing(more like a resigned walk) after Dirk before he gets himself killed. ( and of course Dirk would start smirking once he sees Todd coming towards him because they all knew Todd would join whether he liked it or not.)

The short version is, I’m about to double down on all the same theories I’ve been talking about for the past five years.

So if that kind of thing feels like some uncomfortable form of denial to you… I get it and that’s why I’m giving you a heads up.

Dazai Has No Shame

So I know this is kind of crappy but I’ve managed to kick down writer’s block a little.

@senren because you were asking earlier *sobs painfully* I’m writing smut rn lol.

Dazai has noooooo shame lmao.

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Okay so we’ve got Simon’s poster which made me DIE like I legit fell down the stairs and rolled around and then fell off a cliff right after because HOLY MOLY and then as I was slowly crawling on my hands and knees trying to get up Magnus Bane’s poster drops and I get knocked down by a freaking tornado of cat eyes and goatee and Greek godliness and pure perfection and all the while I’m sobbing my eyes out and I’m so weak and then I think to myself “Okay, you can do this. You can survive this. You can get up.” And I’m pushing myself up and I’m about to stand up but then ALEC LIGHTWOOD IS LIKE SURPRISE IT’S MY TURN AND THAT NECK RUNE AND BEAUTIFUL HAIR AND PIERCING STARE AND FACE SCULPTED BY THE ANGELS LITERALLY CAPITULATED ME INTO THE SUN LIKE MY POOR HEART CANNOT TAKE THIS ALL I WANT TO DO IS LIVE BUT I HAVE DIED AND BEEN RESURRECTED SO MANY TIMES BECAUSE OF THIS CAST I CANNOT KEEP LIVING THIS LIFE

Here, have some beautiful Hermione with some subpar coloring.

The Cricky mood.

A serious condition.

When you get into that mood, you’ve got a few options.

First, AO3, of course.


Okay, let’s calm down.

Second, tumblr. Obviously.

There, you’ll find a whole lot of material. Pics, gifs, heated anons trying to cancel your opinions and most of all, NEW FRIENDS.

Hi @cr7cky & @cricky-renaldo :)

Few examples.


So like, you get into that good vibe, yeah ? You start feeling like this :

And then you see this :

And you literally squeal. And probably look like this :

BUT.. it’s never enough, alright ? So you just wander through Cristiano’s IG posts. 

(Nobody forced him to.. HE DID IT ON HIS OWN.)


And you see those pretty faces every-fucking-where together, laughing, smiling, taking care of Junior (!!!!!). Working or not, they’re attached at the hip.

(Daddy and papa.. DON’T FIGHT ME.)

(Breathe, Cris.)

But then. THEN comes the real deal. Then comes the moment you go back to twitter, you type your own @ in the search bar and the # with it..

Oh how you freaked out about it when it happened..

.. again ..

.. and then again in the finale. You’re not sure you’re over it just yet. (Not sure I’ll ever be anyway.)


(Can you see him saying OBRIGADO ?!)


And you end up looking pretty much like this.

But you end up HAPPY. Happy crying because honestly.. aren’t they gorgeous ?


Everything I write lately is bloated with sadness.
When you try to love the world but she’s all fists,
all gut, all blood. I don't know what to do
with all of my black girl grief–
maybe auction it off, maybe bottle it, maybe just
let it sit in the sun and heat up and cool down again.
Let it congeal against the sides of the bowl 
and scrape it off to start over again the next day.
I get off the bus ten stops early so that I can make
the long walk home, feel the ground hard and sure
beneath my aching feet. I smell like flour,
dough, rosemary, the oven that cooks the pizzas.
I like how everyone looks at night: warm and drunk
and happy, even the trees. I take off my lonely
like a bodysuit and put it where I keep my sweaters.
I gargle with salt. I moisturize with honey. 
I remember the bodies that came before mine,
the bodies that made it possible for my body
to be here now. My friends and I are so pleased
with these parties we throw for ourselves.
We toast to them at our next awful brunch.
—  Kristina Haynes, “My Grief is Available For Pre-Order”
Another thing i like


you just can’t get away from a ler who’s got your sides.

go ahead, twist and turn, move youe arms up and down trying to block me.

roll around on the floor and try to duck and dodge my fingers.

try and get away. if you’re pinned, you’re sides are probably the most vulnerable no matter what you try to do.

spider tickles, squeezing them. they are all for the ler to enjoy.

And then, I just go down to your hip bone where it’s completely impossible to stop me. and squeeze those all I want as well


Game Of Survival - introducing Jessica Lahey

After the death of her father, Jess refuses to leave her brother’s side even if she doesn’t entirely agree with his decision to become something out of a Young Adult novel. And when her best friend gets involved, trading epilepsy and medical side-effects for glowing eyes and claws, Jess knows the Hale Pack is where she needs to be.
Hunting down a lizard-person and trying to be the voice of reason to a group of teenagers drunk on power isn’t exactly easy, but Jess is doing her damnedest to keep her Pack alive. Especially with a hunter family essentially taking over the school and Scott McCall trying to play hero with his high school Justice League watching their every move.
After all, Jess Lahey is a survivor.

@duuvals, @missjanuarylily, @dubonet, @eleanoraargent

anonymous asked:

Hey, I noticed you calling out a blog that keeps reposting Stucky fan art. I wholeheartedly agree with your message that this blog should be blocked, but if you know any of the artists whose art is being reposted on that page, you can tell them to report the page for Misattribution or Non-Attribution as listed in the Tumblr community guidelines. It's never for sure if Staff will actually take care of the issue or not, but it's worth a try!

Yep, don’t worry nonnie, I absolutely do this (or check that it’s been done and the artist has been contacted) every time!

Sadly, tumblr is stupid and it NEEDS to be the creator who reports them, even if we know the artist and can provide links ourselves… *groans*. But yes, I’m onto all these reposting douches! (ง ︡’-‘︠)ง


‘You got a lousy taste in men, kid. He’s not so bad…He’s got a temper, but deep down he’s all fluff. Fact is he’s not like anybody I’ve ever known…All my friends are fighters….And here comes this guy who spends his life avoiding the fight because he knows he’ll win. Sounds amazing. He’s also a huge dork…Chick’s dig that.’

I Want You To

I want you to paint me a story, my skin the canvas and your fingers the paintbrushes

I want you to oh so lightly drag your finger tips down my sides, play my tummy like a piano, and write a novel on my feet

I want you to smirk at me as I try oh so desperately try to get away from your teasing touch, but know that it’s all I want

I want you to make it your personal goal to find every spot on my sensitive little body that will make me squirm and giggle to no end

I want you to hold me down and whisper in my ear how ticklish I am and that you’re just going to keep going and going and going, never stopping. 

I want you to make me throw my head back in pure, rich laughter 

I want you to make me beg you to stop

I want you to make me beg you to keep going.

I want you to tickle me