i'm trying to get better quality

Ya wanna know what really pisses me off ?

It’s so unfortunate the the general population of dog lovers/owners has no idea how to choose a reputable breeder. This is specifically about people who have decided they want a purebred dog and look for a breeder in the area. I’m in a number of Aussie owner Facebook groups (they’re god awful don’t even get me started) and the majority of these pets are structural disasters with seemingly awful temperaments and tons of health issues (ranging from minor to deadly). Rarely do I see dogs that are well bred from a reputable breeder. It’s sad .

But that isn’t what makes me so angry.

It’s these fucking backyard breeders. They know how to trap people. They tell convincing lies like “well you just want a pet, you don’t need a show dog!”. “Here my dogs are *only* $900 you don’t need to spend $1500 on a show dog , it’s just a pet”. “I don’t have papers or a pedigree for you , but it’s just a pet so it doesn’t matter, papers mean nothing for a pet dog.” They’re very good about insinuating that pet dogs are somehow lesser quality . Well, news flash everyone , they shouldn’t be. Pet quality can mean anything from the pup just wasn’t pick of the litter , the size didn’t fit standard, the color is wrong, the markings are a fault, not enough coat, or there’s some kind of minor structural fault that wouldn’t fit the show ring. These are still top of the line dogs , the price shouldn’t be less . Pet puppies aren’t a bargain, it doesn’t mean you’re settling for a lesser dog. You shouldn’t have to settle , well bred pet dogs are so important . That dog is going to be your best friend, you’re going to want it to live a long , healthy life . You’re paying $1500 for a health tested dog with a genetic history of well bred health tested dogs. That’s SO IMPORTANT . I can’t stress enough that pet dogs still need correct structure , need to be health tested, and need to come from a breeder who cares . You think Joe Schmoe BYB gives a shit about temperament ? W R O N G. They care about scamming you out of a quick grand . They don’t care if your puppy is an anxious mess with SA who ruins your life and your house . They don’t care if it’s so scared that it becomes aggressive. They sell that puppy and they’re done with you . You think if you call them back in a week, month, year - trying to get an explanation as to why your pup has such bad dysplasia it doesn’t even have hip sockets (Or why the cataracts have made them blind, or they dropped dead from DCM, or is actually double Merle and deaf , etc) you think that breeder is going to answer your email or call? Wrong again. They have their money. They don’t care, it’s your problem now. And that $600 or so you saved by not getting a “show dog” , you’ve now spent triple trying to let your dog live a comfortable life. It’s not fair to the owner and it’s not fair to the dogs. Pet dogs are not lesser quality . You deserve better . Your dog deserves better. Think about that.

fun times ;PP (click on photo for better quality)

erro by @loverofpiggies

ikn by @comyet

@eh-meh-heh submitted: Can’t draw hands?! Better put them behind the head. My contribution to the Crop Top Yuuri Movement

**if you have any advice regarding shapes, proportions, shades etc. please tell me, because I’m self taught and I need some criticism. Kisses**


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Hi Shin ٩(๑❛ᴗ❛๑)۶ I'm an aspiring artist myself and I really love seeing your art and videos!! You inspire me to keep working hard in my dream to become a commission artist myself ∩^ω^∩ I have a quick question if you don't mind me asking, but I struggle with coloring and my anatomy lacks perspective, If i may ask, do you have any possible tips for coloring or getting a better perspective for drawing character, your have such good concept and perspective it's crazy!! Thankyou for reading ∩^ω^∩

a more broken down process

or try a combination of colors on the hair

for better quality, you can download all of these >> here


@christopherpowelllover asked for a new art piece with Chris and @gayforgayle suggested I draw my Mc and him a few weeks or months ago so that’s what I did and I’m so happy of the result!! If you hear screaming it’s me all the way from here also my back cause it’s dead since the third time I listened to can I have this dance

I love my cute dorks !! Chris is one of my favorite character to draw Mc not so much cause I always struggle to get her face right, it’s like Zig I never know how it’s gonna look HOWEVER PAINTING CHRIS’ HAIR IS TORTURE! I lost one brush that made it easier so I had to go the good ol’ way 😂 But hey it was worth it, I love my baby powell! 

Remember when they won and I said I was gonna draw them matching @kittenmusicals there! Omg 3 birds with one stone! Is that how you say it?? I’m LAME!

Anyway that’s enough rambling ! I hope the Chris’ stans get to enjoy the piece as much as I do! and boy I do ! 

The Animation quality has been butchered by tumblr once again sorry ! 


as long as we’re all together, it doesn’t really matter, right?

(trying to get over my artblock, click for better quality :’^D)

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What would you suggest for someone just starting out in art? I'm 18 now, and I know getting better can take a lot of practice, but every time I try I end up embarrassed or frustrated because what comes out is so low quality Any advice on how to see results/get better faster?

the first thing that came to mind was:

  • do not set insane expectations for yourself
  • do not set an ability cap on yourself

you’re going to grow, but it’s just like actual growing. sometimes you’ll notice that something doesn’t fit the same way it used to, but other than that, you don’t actually notice it happening in real time.

start out simple. i always hear “i can hardly draw a stick person!” like…great, alright, that’s a perfect platform. you can progress with that:

build up to things–i’ve found that starting from a foundation and working up from there produces fastest results. draw what you know, and then start to actually observe something to see what you aren’t understanding.

problem is, you really have to commit to it! if working on this skill becomes even just a free-time hobby, you’ll start to see progress.

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As a creative writer, what is your advice for getting over the urge to be a perfectionist in your writing? I'm trying to start a story and I keep running into the feeling that I can do better with every sentence. What do you suggest I do?

just get on with it

A) Think practical. If you spend overly large amounts of time focusing on details you’ll never have a finished piece of work. You need to strike a balance between progress and quality, with both being very high.

B) No piece of work is ever finished because the author is growing and learning as they write. That’s why when you look at stuff you wrote years ago you’re like “bleh”, but at the time you thought it was a masterpiece. Understanding this helps a lot.

C) There’s no perfect piece of writing so don’t bother. Just do the best you can do and your audience will appreciate it.

D) just get on with it

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Papyrus, friend, I must ask you something! I am currently learning how to cook and the only thing I can make is spaghetti. Since my only talent is spaghetti, and I'm trying to improve my spaghetti, I must ask you, oh great spaghettore, what is your advice for cool spaghetti? Cause if I'm gonna get quality advice from anyone it's from you, cool dude!


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So I'm writing my first one shot and I don't know how long to make it/what I'm really doing. Can you give me some advice??

length is sort of a funny thing with writing, and from personal experience, has always been an issue. Just remember this:

  • Length doesn’t equate to how well written something is. Just because something is long doesn’t mean that it is going to be better than something that is short. Quality over quantity is something to keep in mind. It’s okay to have a short oneshot. Don’t try to stretch it out by adding details that you don’t need. This can cause you to get off track and drag on things that don’t really need it, you know?
  • Writing something for the first time is always scary, and you’re going to worry about whether or not it’s going to be good. That’s okay. It’s okay. It’ll be okay. Practice makes for a better writer. I can assure you that the more you write, the more you’ll see yourself progress. Don’t beat yourself for not being strikingly amazing the first time.
  • Adding your own flare to writing is a perfectly okay thing to do. It’s always more satisfying to read something that has character and personality rather than something flat. Make your own writing style.
  • Using a thesaurus is actually really helpful. It’s helped me find words that are beautiful. Use carefully though because if you replace every word it could get a bit confusing. Here’s a list of synonyms for commonly used words: Here.
  • Stray away from using constants like “he said” “she said” “they said”. There are a lot of ways to express that someone is speaking. You can find some of these words here and here.
  • Don’t stress yourself out. You’re not writing for others, you’re doing it for yourself so it’s okay.
    • Don’t let people boss you around. “Where is my fic?” etc.

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Confession: One of my friends is a Dartmouth alum and I'm often genuinely disappointed in him after seeing your Quality posts. Fic, math, hair, leggys, fandoms, memes... You seem like an all-around great person and I'm really glad you share that with the internet (even when things aren't so great).

jfdjhfdfdfd im so sorry for your Dartmouth alum friend

i can at least guarantee that he had better social rank than me. (im still trying to figure out if i can up my status by getting active on the dartmouth meme page. my city now)

thank you!! :D


but you get it deep down, don’t you? you punks lost to this guy. 

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Do you know why people can just dump out amazing art in big posts every week or two weeks?? Cause like, I'm wondering how- I can maybe squeeze out a decent piece in that same time span and the art quality is not nearly as good. (But I'm trying to get better.) If you do know how, care to give some tips?

I’d say it probably comes with practice and discipline hh it is pretty hard to draw regularly, but once you get into a routine and train yourself to do it often it kinda becomes easier. Don’t put yourself down if you’re not used to it yet, you’re still doin good no matter how much you post!

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Do u know how to get into voice acting for stuff? Like I would love to help voice act for rpg maker games on here. But I'm terrified of how I sound and I don't even know the first thing of it.

I’d start by getting a good quality microphone, since most devs will want good sound quality regardless of the voice acting skill. Try Blue Yeti or Blue Snowball for an “affordable” yet good USB based mic. I’m sure there are others (and possibly better) ones, but these are the ones I know and have, and can attest for their quality! I’d also recommend you invest in a Pop Filter, as it helps to improve the cleanliness of your recordings. As for software, Audacity (free) or Reaper (Free Trial; 60$) are good programs you can use to record and cut your work!

@flareblitzedyt, @makoriie and @rindre do regular voice work and recordings, so they certainly know better about equipment and software, and may have good input and/or corrections to some barbaric mistake I might have said above.

Next, do some voice reels/demos! Record a few lines or emotes, in your natural voice and, if you have a good range, other voice types you can do. If you are insecure about the quality, nothing wrong in asking for feedback in the rpgmaker community. I don’t know how good you are or not, so you have to be ready for critique. However, critique is helpful to improve. Don’t see it as a thing to stop you, but as something to make you grow! And I’m sure the community won’t be rude/a dick to you after you ask for feedback. And if someone is, they will prob be burned alive by everyone! Tumblr!

Asking for critique can be enough to get a dev to ask you for your voice talent! You can also make a post offering your voice talent, with a link to your demo, and tag “rpgmaker”. @misc-rpg and @pinkuboa are often on top and usually reblog those kinds of posts. If they miss it, you can always poke them! No shame in wanting to get your career off the ground! Make sure to make it clear if you are working for free or for a fee!
Lastly, keep a lookout for dev blogs and VA casting announcements. Most devs will open auditions when they need voice actors, so send your demo to them! Think like this: the worst thing that can happen is that they aren’t interested, and you just stay in the same place. Keep trying until someone is interested, and you will move forward!
Best of luck!

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Sorry to bother you, but my bones never seem to come out as white as yours and I don't know why. I haven't really been processing my own bones for very long but I usually use a water/peroxide mix and leave it for a few days on bones I've found nature cleaned. They come out okay but not as white as I'd like. Any tips for getting them super white? I'm sure you've answered this before so I'm sorry for asking you again!! Thanks!!!

There’s two things to keep in mind when trying to get your bones that ‘museum quality’ white: make sure the bones have been degreased throughly (in a mixture of hot water and dish soap over a few days), and soak them in a full peroxide solution (instead of mixing it with water). The longer the bones are degreased, and the longer they sit in the peroxide, the whiter the finished product will be. 

It’s also important to note that peroxide works better and longer in a dark environment so I whiten my bones for about 12-24 hours average in a closet, and can re-use that peroxide for a good few bone batches before disposing of it c:

That being said, there are a few factors that can keep bones from fully whitening. Greasy animals (like raccoons, bear, boar, etc.) almost require more aggressive chemical treatments than common degreasers/peroxide to leach out the grease in the bones and brighten them. Nature cleaned bones can also be finicky, as depending on the weather conditions or where the remains were left to rot, they’ll have natural stains. After a good scrub and peroxide bath, that natural color is the final result unless you use more aggressive chemicals (which I don’t like to use simply due to personal preference)! 

You can always go back and degrease and whiten bones to improve upon their quality as well, especially since some animals will have some locked-in grease surface over time, like coyotes. 

I actually have never gotten this question before lol, so I hope this helps ;3;!

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I was wondering if you could go into a little more description on making your style of sigil. I love the concept but kind of get lost through it. Maybe I'm not reading it properly or what but I'm confused and I don't know where it starts... :(?

Sorry, I’ll try and give a little clearer explanation.

I sort of draw representations of the things I’m indicating, yes? Here’s another one I’ve been working on, for example. This is just the base, to show you where the basic three components go.

Sorry for shit quality, lmao, but yeah.
Now, that’s just where I put everything. This sigil happens to be for the following:
“I will get transferred to work in the better clinic here.” I am tired of the hospital clinic I’m currently working in. I want to switch to another, better clinic.

As you can see, I’ve only draw half a sigil! This is for a reason: I like symmetrical sigils, and adding wavy lines and shit makes it pretty. 
This is just the very basic thing– it’s got half a stethoscope in it, and a few plusses, and a wheel, and a snake.
Now we make this half, and only this half, super pretty. Add lines, add reinforcing things (arrows, DNA-like symbols, snake patterns in this case), and make sure some cross the center line– you’ll see why in a second.

Final draft on the left, original on the right.
Now, this wrks for me because I’m doing them digitally– if you do them traditionally, just do your best.
Copy, invert, paste the other side on:

See how much nicer it looks all put together and symmetrical?
Really, it just takes an eye for arranging things, and knowing how it’ll turn out when it’s flipped on itself.
I hope this helps!