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@eh-meh-heh submitted: Can’t draw hands?! Better put them behind the head. My contribution to the Crop Top Yuuri Movement

**if you have any advice regarding shapes, proportions, shades etc. please tell me, because I’m self taught and I need some criticism. Kisses**


fun times ;PP (click on photo for better quality)

erro by @loverofpiggies

ikn by @comyet

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What would you suggest for someone just starting out in art? I'm 18 now, and I know getting better can take a lot of practice, but every time I try I end up embarrassed or frustrated because what comes out is so low quality Any advice on how to see results/get better faster?

the first thing that came to mind was:

  • do not set insane expectations for yourself
  • do not set an ability cap on yourself

you’re going to grow, but it’s just like actual growing. sometimes you’ll notice that something doesn’t fit the same way it used to, but other than that, you don’t actually notice it happening in real time.

start out simple. i always hear “i can hardly draw a stick person!” like…great, alright, that’s a perfect platform. you can progress with that:

build up to things–i’ve found that starting from a foundation and working up from there produces fastest results. draw what you know, and then start to actually observe something to see what you aren’t understanding.

problem is, you really have to commit to it! if working on this skill becomes even just a free-time hobby, you’ll start to see progress.

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As a creative writer, what is your advice for getting over the urge to be a perfectionist in your writing? I'm trying to start a story and I keep running into the feeling that I can do better with every sentence. What do you suggest I do?

just get on with it

A) Think practical. If you spend overly large amounts of time focusing on details you’ll never have a finished piece of work. You need to strike a balance between progress and quality, with both being very high.

B) No piece of work is ever finished because the author is growing and learning as they write. That’s why when you look at stuff you wrote years ago you’re like “bleh”, but at the time you thought it was a masterpiece. Understanding this helps a lot.

C) There’s no perfect piece of writing so don’t bother. Just do the best you can do and your audience will appreciate it.

D) just get on with it


as long as we’re all together, it doesn’t really matter, right?

(trying to get over my artblock, click for better quality :’^D)

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So I'm writing my first one shot and I don't know how long to make it/what I'm really doing. Can you give me some advice??

length is sort of a funny thing with writing, and from personal experience, has always been an issue. Just remember this:

  • Length doesn’t equate to how well written something is. Just because something is long doesn’t mean that it is going to be better than something that is short. Quality over quantity is something to keep in mind. It’s okay to have a short oneshot. Don’t try to stretch it out by adding details that you don’t need. This can cause you to get off track and drag on things that don’t really need it, you know?
  • Writing something for the first time is always scary, and you’re going to worry about whether or not it’s going to be good. That’s okay. It’s okay. It’ll be okay. Practice makes for a better writer. I can assure you that the more you write, the more you’ll see yourself progress. Don’t beat yourself for not being strikingly amazing the first time.
  • Adding your own flare to writing is a perfectly okay thing to do. It’s always more satisfying to read something that has character and personality rather than something flat. Make your own writing style.
  • Using a thesaurus is actually really helpful. It’s helped me find words that are beautiful. Use carefully though because if you replace every word it could get a bit confusing. Here’s a list of synonyms for commonly used words: Here.
  • Stray away from using constants like “he said” “she said” “they said”. There are a lot of ways to express that someone is speaking. You can find some of these words here and here.
  • Don’t stress yourself out. You’re not writing for others, you’re doing it for yourself so it’s okay.
    • Don’t let people boss you around. “Where is my fic?” etc.

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Sweet tapdancing babyjesus I love you guys, but please, please, I'm literally dying for Shounen no Kyoukai. My swedish friend is also up my ass about the update. I kiss the ground you walk on, you magnificent people. I don't even know what grammar is anymore. I'm just dying for the update. (Also sheesh, your stuff is high quality, guys)


i will be back home tuesday night. give me some hours to get over my jetlag and catch up to some zzz’s and i will TRY to knock out ch5 of my sweet precious yuka and don’t fucking mess with kaoru when he’s pissed on weds and release that shit on thurs! thurs!!!!! i shall try!!

SORRY FOR THE HIATUS!!! i’m feeling much better so i’m gonna try this typing on a keyboard for longer than 5 mins without pain thing one more time!!

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Do you know why people can just dump out amazing art in big posts every week or two weeks?? Cause like, I'm wondering how- I can maybe squeeze out a decent piece in that same time span and the art quality is not nearly as good. (But I'm trying to get better.) If you do know how, care to give some tips?

I’d say it probably comes with practice and discipline hh it is pretty hard to draw regularly, but once you get into a routine and train yourself to do it often it kinda becomes easier. Don’t put yourself down if you’re not used to it yet, you’re still doin good no matter how much you post!


but you get it deep down, don’t you? you punks lost to this guy. 

Etsy shop coming soon

I’ve decided to do my own printing and selling art online, so I get more control over the quality of prints I sell, also hopefully make them more affordable for people..  Currently I sell at Society6 store and i only get like $2-3 per sale, and i think i can do better than that! :)

If you have any suggestions, or if you like to see any particular art of mine as a print, i would love to hear it!!!  (you’d have no obligation to buy the said art, i just like to have some idea what I can make available in my shop!!)

I’ll also be selling some watercolor originals there, so exciting!! :)

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I was wondering if you could go into a little more description on making your style of sigil. I love the concept but kind of get lost through it. Maybe I'm not reading it properly or what but I'm confused and I don't know where it starts... :(?

Sorry, I’ll try and give a little clearer explanation.

I sort of draw representations of the things I’m indicating, yes? Here’s another one I’ve been working on, for example. This is just the base, to show you where the basic three components go.

Sorry for shit quality, lmao, but yeah.
Now, that’s just where I put everything. This sigil happens to be for the following:
“I will get transferred to work in the better clinic here.” I am tired of the hospital clinic I’m currently working in. I want to switch to another, better clinic.

As you can see, I’ve only draw half a sigil! This is for a reason: I like symmetrical sigils, and adding wavy lines and shit makes it pretty. 
This is just the very basic thing– it’s got half a stethoscope in it, and a few plusses, and a wheel, and a snake.
Now we make this half, and only this half, super pretty. Add lines, add reinforcing things (arrows, DNA-like symbols, snake patterns in this case), and make sure some cross the center line– you’ll see why in a second.

Final draft on the left, original on the right.
Now, this wrks for me because I’m doing them digitally– if you do them traditionally, just do your best.
Copy, invert, paste the other side on:

See how much nicer it looks all put together and symmetrical?
Really, it just takes an eye for arranging things, and knowing how it’ll turn out when it’s flipped on itself.
I hope this helps!

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hi I see your lovely watercolor art everywhere and I'm trying to get into painting with watercolors better, do you have any tips or suggestions? how do you make them so pretty??

hi! thank you so much for the compliments <3 I’ve never given painting advice before so I’ll try my best and if you have any more questions or need clarification please don’t hesitate to ask, okay?  :)

first of all, I know a lot of people recommend beginners to start with “artist quality paints” (vs. student quality. artist quality have more pigment and also more resistant to fading but they are a lot more expensive). I disagree with that completely. Sure you may get better pigmented colours but you do not need expensive art supplies to make beautiful art! My watercolour palette (the same one you see in all my painting photos) was a cheap set from target. My paper is also bought from target. when I use acrylics, I buy my canvases and paint from the dollar store. you do not need expensive supplies!! If you want to invest more in your art supplies later, or now if you have the money, fine! but please don’t ever think you need brand name supplies.

Okay maybe that last paragraph wasn’t much of a watercolour tip so I’ll get into some now. note: I’m still learning and I am by no means an expert on watercolour. these are just methods that I use and have worked for me but you may find that some of these tips don’t work for you and that’s okay! you can paint however works best for you as no rule is set in stone. 

1. usually I start by painting a background (flatwash), some people don’t, that’s fine! do what works for you to get the effect you want. I use a wet on wet technique. I brush water completely on the paper (soak the page), choose two colours, brush one on the top of the page and the other on the bottom. wet your brush and blend into a gradient.  less pigment, more water. done

2. wait until your background is completely dry until painting the foreground (in front) stuff. I usually do wet/dry for this (wet paint, dry paper) so it blends less. if the paper is still wet beforehand, the second layer of colour will blur with the background. you probably don’t want this so wait for the background to dry.

3. I seriously cannot stress drying time enough. it doesn’t only apply to the background. when painting things near each other in the foreground, you need wait for the first thing to dry so the second thing doesn’t blur into it. for detailed things, I suggest the wet/dry method.

4. when using wet/wet (wet paint, wet paper) for your foreground stuff (make sure the background if still dry!!), only put water where you need it, do not wet the whole page like when you do the background. example: wet/wet cat? put water down in the shape of a cat, so you have a water cat blob, then go and drop pigment with your brush into the water blob. the colours should spread out and blend.

5. with layers, remember to paint lightest to darkest

6. paint everything in a single layer at once or else it will not blend together (if that’s what you want)

7. use painters tape on your paper if you want a white border on the page around the paint. rub the tape on your clothes first to get in less sticky or it could ruin the page when you try to take it off that the end.

8. change your brush water frequently or you will get a weird tint on all your colours

9. a variety of different sized/shaped brushes will be of more use to you than a 50 colour pallette. brushes don’t need to be expensive, but it does help to have a bunch of different sizes.

10. buy basic colours and mix your own to shades to have money. scroll down a tad and look at the list here for ideas. does my pallete have these names? nope. aim for similar shade and you’ll be fine

11. tutorials are great, but don’t try to make your art look exactly like the example.

12. unless you want to make a colour lighter, don’t use white watercolour. simply leave blank space on your page as your white. remember, blank space is good and interesting to the eye.

13. draw in pencil first or don’t. I only draw complicated things first. backgrounds and clouds? wing it, it’s more fun that way

14. buy paper in bulk

15. break the rules sometimes, experiment! you can’t learn unless you make mistakes

16. look to nature for your colour inspirations. all my sunsets are based on colours I’ve seen together irl. that being said, using your imagination is great too!

17. here are some videos (you’ll see some of the tips I mentioned in visual form here!)

also please remember that we are all our worst critics. usually when I look at my paintings and I only see their mistakes. it’s okay to critique your own art, so that you can make improvements to your next piece, but it’s not okay to tear it apart (literally or metaphorically) because it didn’t turn out the way you envisioned it to.  Us artists usually have an image in our mind of what we want our pieces to look like after they are done. When they don’t turn out that way, we get upset. people who look at our art don’t have that image in their mind. they can see all the good things about our art that we simply disregard.

On a similar note, save all your art. yes, everything. grab a huge container from the dollar store and chuck everything in it. date it and keep it organized if you want, but you don’t have to. when you are feeling discouraged, look back at your art from a year ago, or even a month ago. you will see improvements, no matter how small. remember that for every piece of art I post here, there are like 20 sketches, sculptures and various paintings that I have hated. there’s art that I’ve posted online that I hate now. what do I do with it all? save it, do more art, and look back at it when I’m feeling discouraged. trust me, seeing those improvements will encourage you to keep working at it. though motivation and inspiration is not something that will just come to you sadly. 

if you don’t want to do art, do it anyway. make it bad, mess up, try new things. everything will make you better in the long run. not seeing the improvements you want? that happens. I don’t pick up my brush, pencil or tablet pen for weeks because I don’t like how my art looks or because I know there are better artists out there. but I always get back to it eventually because I know I can’t improve if I sit around watching art tutorials on youtube all day instead of practicing. just paint, okay? it doesn’t have to be good. but there in a 0% chance it will be if you don’t try

I know this had been a rambling mess, but I really wanted to give you the advice I’d wish I had received when I was starting out and looking to improve. 

I hope this helped you a bit. If you ever post your art, I’d love to see it!

f-van-lieshout  asked:

I've just thought about a plot-twist for one of my stories and while it would mean to break the heart of whoever reads my story (which is good in my opinion; similar to Divergent), it would also mean for me to kill all of my beloved characters:( not kill exactly, but something like that. What should I do? I'm trying to think of something. An alternative. I like the plot-twist. I don't like the part of my characters getting killed. It makes me sad to think about it, they're like my kids. Advice?

You’re not going to like this very much, but I would suggest going with the plot twist that includes the deaths of your characters. Killing characters is so, so painful (believe me, I know) but sometimes it has to be done. I think that it would help the quality of your story and make it better overall. 

syranaluvr  asked:

Heyo I really like your gifsets and was wondering what dimensions you use (like for the last gifset of Hunk and Yellow) and also how you get the gifs to look high quality not look too pixelated after exporting them, because I just started using photoshop and am having some trouble with that. Thank you in advance! :D

hiii! thank you so much!!

apparently, these are the sizes…. but those seem really small so I didn’t listen to it

the sizes I used for this gifset are 500 x 275; the size for this gifset is 600 x 335

always save with 265 colors, and use selective color. the most important part about saving gifs is what you use to dither it with; each gifset needs a different setting (like for this one I used pattern, for this I used noise and I used diffused on this one)  mess around with the settings to find the best one

I also cut/downsize my gifs using image size (alt + ctrl + i) and resample image with “bicubic sharper”, and save them with quality: bicubic smoother or nearest neighbor 
 I hope some of this helped :) 

It’s Pisti! 

I put some Magi characters into a random name picker as well as combinations of outfits that can be found in this meme. I think this dress suites her nicely (It’s B3).

I can (and probably will) use the random picker again, but I think it will be more fun to try out what others think will look neat. Ask away!

After weeks of stalling and deleting older posts, this is finally my 1000th post!  Wow I never thought I’d get this far.  I was gonna have a fancy post covering all my fandoms, but I ran out of time and energy >.< Will try not to ramble too much, so in short:

Thank you everyone for following me and for having supported my blog up till now!!! 

I’ve had my ups and downs, I’ve ran away from fandoms, I’ve gone through long bouts of nothing, and yet for some reason there are still people who follow me and give me support, whether I’m posting weird cracktastic doodles or derpy cosplay or just complaining about life.  I read every single one of your comments and tags *A*

Thank you all, and here, have a teen + adult Eren, first time in a long time! (I’d like to think I’ve gotten better?)  >.<

Also, some of the other stuff I didn’t get to finish but started:

Sports homos

Historical Japan homos

Was also gonna do Hobbit, Marvel, gsnk and a few other things, but again, I ran out of energy >.<  I’ve been working on trying to draw cleaner, better quality doodles…

(just out of curiosity, would anyone potentially be interested in prints/postcards of said cleaner doodles….? *scurries away*)