i'm trying to figure out how to use photoshop

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Hi~ so I've just been dying over your sets as of late and was wondering if you could ever make a tutorial that focused on the layers themselves and how it is to isolate a certain color by still making it vibrant but also not having it affect the parts that you don't want to be colored? I'm just having a real hard time trying to figure it out and it's overwhelming me to say the least. Thank you in advance :) 💕

hey pal !! of course i can!!! firstly, thank you so much for being so kind about my gifs, it really means a lot :). i use photoshop cc and we’ll be going from this

to this

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Hello, I am Baymax, your personal healthcare companion.

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Hi! I've been considering making mangacaps and gifs of my own but I don't know where to start! You always post them and I'm super curious, how should I get started? I tried looking it up but I couldn't really figure out how. Any advice?

Well first you should try downloading photoshop or gimp (which i use and is easier to download). I’ve made some tutorials before you can check out (for gimp)

As for mangacaps all you really need to do is know how to crop, and clean the image by using a white paintbrush to erase unwanted background etc. and increase contrast or brightness

Hope this helps a bit! ^^


She’s been there, 
God knows, she’s been there.
She has seen and done it all.


dedicated to alaskafloats, ilu and I hope you’ll enjoy all the scenes from the caps you couldn’t watch me screenshot bc they were too spoilery :)

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Hi! What have you done to me ?! I can not stop watching Bill Cipher Can not Deside! O__o I'm trying to make my first short film (GF). I have a question: What software do you use? Can you advise anything (not just software). Any advice will be important ^^Thank you!

I’m glad you enjoy it! ^u^ For animation I use Toon Boom Studio 8.1, for shading I use Adobe Photoshop Elements 7, and for backgrounds I use Paint Tool Sai. Although, sometimes I will experiment a bit and use Sai for line art and coloring like I did with my Bill Cipher Can’t Decide animation.

For advice, I can say that studying movement frame-by-frame really helps when trying to figure out how things move. You should also know the 12 basic principles of animation:

 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/12_basic_principles_of_animation They are very important and will help make your animation look so much better.

Also, the character you’re animating doesn’t have to look beautiful each and every frame. For example, I have some silly frames I had to draw that gave my animations more fluid movement:




Hope this helps! c:

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Heey :) How do you do this photoshoot scenario with lights and everything? I'm struggling to take decent pictures of my sims and I find this perfect. Is you can teach me it would be wonderful x3

I don’t think I’m good at it either. I’m still trying my best figuring it out. Often times I just light my sims with 2 front lights, a top light and add some shadow in photoshop. That’s all.

I’m using Kewai’s Photo studio sets like showing in this pic below. 

Not sure if this helps. :)

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You are the same at my age.....*throw the tablet out of the window* I'm not trying to offend or anything but gosh Thai ppl are so talented <3 <3 I am officially in aweeeeeee. You artworks are mind blowing at such age!!!!! One question tho: how long did it take you to get use to the drawing software (like Photoshop) as I find it difficult to figure all the function :(((( like layers and customise and brushes :((( cheers btw!!,

dslkjdsfdfThank you ;w; How can that be offending?!!

I can’t remember clearly.. but Photoshop was SUPER CONFUSING at first, so I started learning basic stuff like layers and tools in Paint tool Sai. That took me more than half a year I believe. Once I got used to it I switched to photoshop and began to use more complex tools and techniques! I think it took 2-3 months to get to the level where I kinda know what I’m doing!! XD (so much thanks to tutorials on youtube) 

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Sorry to ask, but if I may, how exactly do you go about the animation process? I'm trying to figure it out in photoshop, but it's kind of difficult.

I am still a student and so not everything i say will be correct and this is a Very Crudely drawn animation, but this is the basic process of the animation.

Starts off with a close up of eye that gets farther away, I just used the same picture since there’s not much going on yet

More zoomed out, shows partial to full face. The blink is also very quick and only lasts two frames.

Zooms out even further to show her hair. Very small movement in hair as shes suspended in motion.

This was probably the most awkward part. I tried to keep her movements flowing by following her right arm (red) and letting everything else follow.

Following that was a crudely drawn blurred object, but ignoring that we have her position which is steady for all but the last frame, where she drops down into a defensive position to strike the object.

Impact is made and the pieces explode. Her arm also moves upward to keep the flow of movement.

The very last two frames are just of a smaller explosion after the initial one. Please excuse her uneven eyes.

I hope this helped you understand it a little better!

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Hi! I love your work so much. I'm not sure if you've been asked this before, I tried to find it, but- how do you do your little animations? I look at them for ages trying to figure out what you've done to go from the finished art to the moving piece. It's brilliant.

Hi there! Aww, thank you so much! Sorry for the wait, I have got this question a few times but have been putting off answering it so I could try to do a tutorial. I did record my process the last time I made one of these, so hopefully this is helpful for now!

Basically I use the Timeline feature in Photoshop to make these simple 4 frame animations. Open it up by going to Window >> Timeline. This widget will come up, and you need to click this little frame icon in the bottom left hand corner:

As you can see, I make the animations by creating 3 frames and then duplicating the 2nd frame for the 4th frame so it goes back and forth. 

In each frame, you can key layer opacity/flow, layer x/y position, and layer visibility (on/off)

I mostly just use the above 3 things to make these animations, but if you want to rotate/scale layer contents, or change the shape of something, you’ll need to create additional layers to make those modifications and turn them on in the frames you want them to appear :) 

So yeah, that’s how I make these! Hope that makes sense :) Thanks again for your question and your patience!