i'm trying to figure out how to color charmed

I'm just thinking about Trio-era muggleborns and I can't.

They have to leave behind their Gameboy Colors and their N64s so they spend entire summers playing through Zelda games and getting blisters on their hands from Mario Party, or becoming Pokémon masters.

The older kids go through a grunge phase where they get in trouble for wearing Garbage and Nirvana t-shirts instead of the school button downs but they persist so much that the professors give up even trying to give them detention.

Some particularly talented Ravenclaws figure out how to charm their Pokémon cards so the battles come to life.

The girls wear their hair in No Doubt Era Gwen Stefani mini buns and own Merlin knows how many butterfly clips.

Someone brings in a neon pink inflatable couch and all hell breaks loose when they blow it up.

N*Sync vs BSB fights with MAGIC.

The younger kids bemoaning having to wait until the orange tapes come out to catch up on their favorite Nicktoons.

Lisa Frank binders and notebooks.

90’s muggleborns.