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Oh, what about Lance being kidnapped and the other Paladins are trying to comfort him(because for some reason he still has his phone) And he talks about how scared he is, leading to a Klance confession. Please and thank you.

kidnapped!lance has come up quite a lot in my inbox so this is kinda in response to all of those requests! (except the one involving lotor…. you know who you are :p ) hahah 

this one got a little long but also *satisfied gasp* i live for the drama

i just… *clutches heart* i love protective!keith so much

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The thing you mentioned about butterflies not always being so good; you are so on point. Comfort and security is a much better feeling to be in a relationship with. I've been looking for that lately, bcuz I'm tired of the butterflies/anxiety, but I can't find it. How did you find it with Sasha? Whenever I try to make friends with a guy first, it's either I end up developing feelings too quickly or they do which makes me uncomfortable. I want that level of comfort before a romantic relationship.

uh, I don’t know to be honest! it all just flowed naturally? 

Sasha was never too intrusive or demanding, he’s a good company, so it was easy with him and then it just started to grow.

The thing is that you don’t FIND it on purpose, you know. It find you when the time is ready. Life is always spinning and taking turns, so all the changes will eventually lead you to where you are supposed to be!

So..try to not rush things! I mean…Don’t go for what makes you uncomfortable, I think I don’t even need to say that because it seems like you aren’t the person who would do that. I think with the right person you can tell in the beginning they are a decent human being, they won’t give you negative connatations.

There’s right time for everything, so let the life flow! 

Bruh, Mark’s video made me so uncomfortable. He didn’t even acknowledge that Felix dehumanized US. The way he says “felix is NOT an anti-semite” almost sounds like he thinks we’re ridiculous for thinking there’s even a possibility that he is. He’s joking, DUH, lighten up. Sorry not sorry man, but as a jewish person, I am very wary of goyim making jokes about Jews. One doesn’t have to consciously, proudly be racist/anti-semitic to say racist and anti-semitic stuff. I know I can say dumb racist shit that I hadn’t even considered might be fucked up but when it’s pointed out to me I apologize and learn. 

“I’m not even defending the jokes that he made, because even he has apologized for them” alright but you’re also not saying that you believe he went too far, that his jokes were inappropriate, or something like that? That would have been nice and made me trust in Mark’s reaction more. Felix is hurting, and I feel for him a little because being a dumbass doesn’t warrant death threats and “go kill urself”, but also? We are hurting??? Mark doesn’t seem to acknowledge that we’re hurt???? Also his whole intense, pissed demeanor is just off-putting but that’s my own hangup about men talking, and I won’t tone police him. Mark buddy I know you’re trying but you didn’t handle this well. 

But Seán, oh man, his video was comforting to me. l felt that he cared that people, not just Felix, were hurt. He was calm and kind and ready to be like “yo I love this guy but he did something stupid and had to face the repercussions, and tbh that’s fair. Let’s all grow from this.” Thank you, Seán.


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I'm sorry, but I think you should look further into those complaints regarding pearl never apologizing. From your video, I think you misunderstood what they were trying to address; it isn't necessarily about the number of times a character has apologized, but moreso that these apologies are manipulative in nature and frequently pertain Pearl shifting the focus onto HER pain rather than the party she has hurt, forcing them to disregard their own feelings to comfort her.

I was specifically addressing the complaint that she doesn’t apologize enough at all in that post, but I have seen the complaint about her apologies not being genuine enough before as well. I guess I just don’t see it because the only time she’s ever apologized then been “comforted” by someone after apologizing was with Garnet in the Sardonyx arc, and that was after she spent literally like 4 episodes tripping over herself trying to say she was sorry. Every other example in the video ended with Pearl saying “I messed up, and I hope you can forgive me.”

I’ve often been in situations and received manipulative apologies like what you are describing before, and I just felt like Garnet didn’t ever cave in the Sardonyx arc–she didn’t say “it’s okay, I’m sorry for being upset with you.” She said, “you really hurt me, and in order for me to be able to forgive you, you have to get your shit together so I can know that you won’t do this again.” In the end, it was clear that Pearl messed up and needed to change her behavior, and she was committed to doing it. And she did–she learned and grew from it, and I think you can see a marked difference in her character post-Sardonyx arc.

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Hello!!! I'm currently an architecture student and while my designs so far aren't weak per se, I've never done anything all that creative or wasn't stiff and traditional. I've always been a "as long as it functions" kinda person but I really want to design in a style out of my comfort zone. Whenever I give it a try I'd run into a hurdle and I'll be all nope :' ) back to the safe circle. What advice do you got for peeps who wanna venture into different styles, particularly deconstructivism?

That is a tough question because I know very little about you. The way to venture out of your comfort zone depends on what is keeping you there. 

Each of us understands space in a certain way, that is why each of us designs in a different way. Don’t fight your designs, try to evolve and improve them. BUT, trying to fit or move towards a style for aesthetic reasons is a sure recipe for failure. If you are interested in deconstructivism, read about it, understand its principles and underlying drivers. Maybe then you can approach a project from start in a different way and reach a successful conclusion.

Last, but not least, stop looking at only the starchitects associated with this movement, like Gehry and Hadid, they will surely drive you towards a dead end if you try to mimic their design mannerisms. Check out other decon masters:

Seattle Central Library OMA

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Okay but imagine in KIC: They are don't a run through but they sent Yuuri to get something and it started raining so re rushes in late with his Calvin Kleins and soaled so he pushes his hair back into eros and is trying to dry his glasses and everyone just goes "Oh No, He's HOT" I'm obsessed with KIC now its all I think about

i lov this but omg somehow this just ventured into sick fic n comfort and i hav no regrets

Yuuri busts through the door, arms full of drinking trays. “Sorry, sorry, I’m late. Sorry. It’s raining so everyone was holed up in the café and–you know, I’m sorry. My fault. Sorry.” 

He doesn’t cringe over how redundant he’s being; he can never apologize enough for falling behind on HM Couture Standard Time. He doesn’t even want to look at Victor and the squinty-eyed, purse-lipped expression he must be wearing right now. 

Chris tuts, coming forward to help him set the coffee cups down and distribute them around the room. “Yuuri, you’re soaking wet.” 

Yuuri blinks, quickly glances down at himself as he hands JJ the final drink. He’d been so focused on getting to the run-through on time that he hadn’t noticed his state of dress. He runs a hand through his hair, and the water keeps it pushed back. “Oh, god. Sorry, I’m getting–the floors are all wet and I’ll ruin the chairs, I’ll… I’ll step out?” 

He moves to meet Victor’s eyes, finally, but the man’s in the middle of removing his coat. He sets it down neatly on Yuuri’s chair, gestures to it. “Take a seat.”

There’s a collective gasp around the room. 

“That’s cashmere,” Georgi says incredulously. “That’s cashmere and Burberry, you can’t–”

Yuuri’s nodding in agreement. “Victor, he’s right, I can’t–” 

Victor raises a hand. Gestures again at the seat. 

And that’s that. 

Georgi looks incredibly pained as Yuuri makes his way over to his chair. He sits down carefully, tries to ignore the horrible squelching sound that comes from wet denim meeting fine wool. He looks up, apology ready on his lips, but instead he jerks forward, sneezing violently into his elbow. 

A warm hand touches his arm. “Are you okay?” 

Yuuri wants to nod, wants to just grab his clipboard from his bag and take his notes because he’s delayed this meeting enough, but he’s sneezing again. There are voices speaking, he thinks, but he can hardly make out the words through the sneezes; tears are blurring his eyes. 

It’s over moments later, but his chest is heaving. “Sorry,” he says again, eyes screwed shut. When he opens them, the room is empty and Victor has another coat gathered in his arms. “What…?” 

The coat wraps around Yuuri’s shoulders, and it smells like him. Sweet and warm and expensive and Victor. 

“Run-through’s pushed to tomorrow,” Victor says simply. He’s got a cup of hot water on the table in front of him and he tears the corner of a silvery packet, pours its powdery contents into the cup and stirs it. 

“What? But the print deadline’s on–”

“Let’s just take care of you, okay?” Victor pushes the cup toward him. “Drink.” And Yuuri thinks he imagines it, but Victor also mutters under his breath, “So ridiculous, puts himself through the rain like that…” 

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I'm kinda expecting Shiro's humor to backfire on him. Like it's all fun and games until you're on the other end of things, listening to one of your own try to comfort you with black humor in what may be their last moments. Bonus thought: it's Keith throwing back the 'if I don't make it' line because he thinks it's hilarious and clever.

“Keith.  Keith, buddy, I need you to open your eyes for me, okay?  C’mon, you can do it, just open up.”

Keith’s brows twitched, and there was a long moment where it looked like he’d passed out again.  Then his eyes opened.  “Hey.  Ow.”

Cracking a smile, Shiro bent over Keith, like he was trying to physically shield him from danger.  Not that there was anything to protect him from.  When Keith had been hit, Shiro had pulled him into the Black Lion until the rest of the team could arrive, and he was directing so much energy into the shields that Shiro wasn’t sure they could have moved if they needed to.

Maybe it was a bad strategy, but Shiro couldn’t help it.  Everything in him needed to keep Keith safe, no matter what that meant.  When the rest arrived, he’d go back to being reasonable.  Right now, he was going to help Keith.

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You know, the last few months I’ve felt weirdly disconnected from the Trek fandom. A while back, I went through a lot of stress in my personal life and let’s just say it took its toll on my anxiety. I shut down a lot of the things I was doing, including art, because it just seemed overwhelming. Even when things were better, I still felt distant, unsure. But yesterday I saw some TOS again and it felt like coming home. I realize how much I’ve missed this fandom, how much Spirk means to me. It’s something I will ship forever, I’m sure of it.

I can’t say that I’ll be churning out a lot of art and stuff (still have no internet at home!) but mentally, I’m here again. LLAP, everyone.

I hate crying in front of people because my abusive mom always called me a drama queen and accused me of trying to manipulate her. When I can’t help but cry, I’m so ashamed. The tears, the shakiness, the trembling, feels so fake and staged even though I have no control over it. I can’t be comforted by other people anymore and it’s all her fault. I just want to be able to cry in someone’s arms without feeling like a monster.
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  • *George and Harold are walking past Melvin's house, when they notice a cop car outside, and Melvin sitting on the front steps with a cop trying to comfort him*
  • Melvin: Why hast thou forsaken me, O deity whose existence I doubt?
  • Policeman: *hands Melvin a paper bag* Here. Breathe into this bag.
  • Melvin: *hyperventilates into the bag*
  • George: What’s going on?
  • Melvin: They stole everything, George! EVERYTHING.
  • Policeman: Are you two his friends?
  • George: Sort of. I'm George Beard, and this is Harold Hutchins.
  • Harold: What happened?
  • Policeman: Your friend here called 911 to report a robbery.
  • George: WHAT?!
  • Harold: Oh my God, what did they get?!
  • Melvin: What DIDN'T they get?! They got my enchanted weapons, my vicious gladiator armour, my wand of untainted power, and all my gold!
  • George: ...You called the police because someone hacked your World of Warcraft account?
  • Harold: *Is trying desperately not to laugh*

Taking a break from commissions, in my comfort zone.

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How would they react if their crush walked in on them crying?

uh oh

Noctis: His face and ears immediately go bright red, and he covers his face with his arms to try and hide. “Don’t look over here!” he barks, not meaning to sound so harsh but doing so is his only defense mechanism. He doesn’t want anyone to see him in such a vulnerable, pathetic state, especially the crush he wants to try so hard to impress. “Leave me alone. …Please,” he weakly begs them, but if they sit next to him anyway he won’t be able to bear it and lean his head on their shoulder. 

Ignis: His entire body jumps when his crush enters the room, as he hadn’t been expecting anyone to catch him at such a pitiful moment of weakness. He coughs and brushes it off the best he can, giving his eyes a quick wipe and pretending they didn’t see anything. “Y-Yes? How may I help you?” However, it would be painfully obvious that he was crying just literal moments before, so he’d drop the facade and quickly excuse himself once more to avoid having his reputation soiled. 

Gladio: He probably wouldn’t be crying very hard when it happens, but still feel a bit embarrassed at having his crush see him at the worst possible moment. “…What are you doing here?” he grunts out before wiping his arm across his face. Though he’s flustered, he still considers opening up to his crush in that moment; if he wants to be with them in the long term, they should know all the sides of him… right? “Come here,” he murmurs, then puts an arm around them. Somehow it feels better already.

Prompto: A gasp leaves him when he first sees them, and he furiously scrubs at his eyes to wipe away all his tears. “N-No, wait, don’t come here yet! Just… give me a second, okay? Ahahaha…” If they come any closer, he’ll just start crying again and open his arms. “S-Sorry… you think I could have a hug?” Of course he’s embarrassed to have his crush see him cry, but honestly, at the moment, he wants their attention and comfort more than anything. 

when people hear fat people say don’t use the body posi tag if you’re skinny and get offended it’s like you all really think these people are trying to say if you’re skinny you aren’t allowed to think positively about yourself and want them to feel bad about their bodies when really the issue is that too many skinny white girls have taken over that tag and have started to use it as another #thinspiration type thing when really that whole thing started as a way for people with different body types of feel more comfortable with themselves by seeing others that looked like them and now it’s just become another thing that’s once again blocking out the voices of fat people 

Okay no but when Justin stays at Alex’s it’s all cute and stuff but then Jess calls saying she’s at Bryce’s and you can see Alex looking at him worriedly and when Justin says he needs to go to Bryce’s right now Alex takes him there without questioning and I can’t help but imagine that Justin was all pissed off and worried about Jess and Alex would just hold his hand and try to comfort him and would side glance at him and stuff and Justin wouldn’t look at him but know Alex was staring and he’d just go ‘focus on the road asshole I’m fine.’ And when they got there Alex made sure that before they got in Justin wouldn’t flip and punch a guy and I can only imagine Justin rolling his eyes for the thousandth time at the concerned boy but secretly really liking it because no one ever cared so much and whenever Alex wasn’t looking he’d smile to himself god bless I love justlex

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(the anon from before) Thank you ^^, sorry I'm a kidcore blog and I try my best to be nice to each age regression community.., I don't think anybody deserves hate just because they are comfortable with a certain name they use like "cglre" or whatever.., we all like the same stuff, so why can't we be nice to each other and move on with our lives ;_;

Lol, I can literally write an essay on this. I’ve been here since the beginning. Prepare for a long ass post.

Playdoh-Princess Presents:

The History of the Regression Wars

Kidcore. Cgl. Long ago, the two nations lived in harmony and peace. BUT everything changed when the ignorance attacked. 

You see, this all started within the cgl community when minors started joining the community and making blogs of their own. Cgl then split into two camps: the “cgl isn’t a kink” crowd and the “coloring is a kink” crowd. Kidcore/toywave at this point hadn’t attacked cgl. We all interacted in one big age regression community. 

BUT when members f the cgl community started saying cgl was a kink community and called minor supporters “pedophiles,” kidcore/toywave distanced themselves and took on that rhetoric creating the community we all know and hate today: chire. 

This also launched start of tons of anti-cgl blogs. I mean, members of cgl’s own community were saying it was toxic, that age regression was a kink and watching cartoons was inherently sexual. How could any person support a community like that? It was the perfect storm.

With members of the cgl community now getting hate from the “coloring is a kink crowd” AND chires AND anti’s, the sfw cgl crowd created their own separate bubble: cglre. 

At first, this was a great idea. Sfw littles and cgs finally had a place to call their own that was completely separate from any other toxic community. We created spin off tags: toyre, babyre, kidzspace! The world was our playpen. 

This happiness was short lived, however. Chires and anti’s continued to attack and harass cglre members like never before. Due to this, many members left the cglre community or just gave up regression all together. Even in cglre though, there were a few members who were starting to attack simply cgl blogs. (Which I totally took a stand against.)

After a few months, a new community was created: kidhearts. The founders of this community are ex-cgl(re) members. People where excited for a new tag, a new community to be apart of… But, of course, this ended as well. Now, the kidhearts believe that cgl is a kink. In my opinion, they did this as a desperate way of distancing themselves from cglre and gaining support from other age regression communities. 

So really, this all goes back to those members of cgl in the beginning, mainly the ddlg kinksters, who claimed cgl was inherently a kink. They sparked a fire under the asses of every other age regression community that has come after them. 

And here we are in the present. 

What will happen next? Kidhearts, antis, and chires are going to all get together and shit on cgl(re). Cglre will ignore them. I’ll make cute banners and record bedtime stories. My friends and I will hang out in Discord laughing about the entire shit show that is the Tumblr age regression community. LIFE will go on. 

  • What I say: yeah I don't know if I'm gonna win this competition :/
  • What people think I want to hear: don't worry you'll be great!! I'm sure you'll win!!!
  • What I actually want to hear: it's okay if you lose just try your best and see what happens as long as you give it your all nothing else matters

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i'm !!!! about thomas' pro-ace message and i want to thank him but he disabled his anons (i can probably guess why) and i'm generally rly anxious abt coming off anon. so all of this to suggest the following: anyone who wants to + who feels comfortable sending messages off anon should send him a compliment!! it doesn't have to reference his support of aces/aros, though i see no harm in mentioning that if you want to!! i just want him to smile bc he made me smile. also love u risha!! <3

Whiny 14 years are trying their “bad post op” dogpile and I’m actually cackling. Look how scared they are that their exclusionary politics aren’t working. Anyways guess I gotta reblog again to send some support ❤️

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istg.. this run ep was near rookie king levels of physical affection i really don't know what to do with myself!!!! yg was all over jimin from the start and dear god, it looks so natural and comfortable between them??? even when yg was straight up running his hands up and down jm's back, it's all just so!!! and yg got so flustered a couple of times, like his little smile when they're all ~as expected, like he's trying to say 'yeah yeah i know i'm whipped you guys can stop it now' im just!!!

The way yoongi touches jimin has got me so fucked up?? he just casually feels him all over n massages his shoulders n rubs his arms n back n it’s so affectionate yet subtle. And thAts whEn they’re filming. I’m so shooketh I need to write a fic abt y cooking for j bYe 

yoongi (among millions of other things when it comes to jimin) seems to particularly enjoy standing right behind jimin and not at a distance but almost with his cr*tch glued to jimin’s perky behind 👀

yoongi’s arm was behind jimin so much and ever since the mirror incident i dont trust him anymore i need all angles 👀

i just….love that y feels the constant need to touch jm whenever they’re next to each other,,,,its so soft

he’s been doing so much lately !! even at the bbmas he spent a lot of time hovering around and behind him,,,, and if he can unthinkingly do this on camera, just. imagine what he’s like in private. now we know why having them in a team together like this only happens once in a blue moon

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71, 74 and 93? Solangelo

93: “I like it when you smile.”

So, I’ve decided to make separate posts for each prompt. I’ll tag you on the other’s when they’re done.

“Nico! Nico, Nico, Nico, Nicoooo! Wake up!”

“What?” Said boy grunted in slight annoyance but still groggily peeked out from the warmth and comfort of the blanket wrapped around him but made no other indication to move or acknowledge his boyfriend.

“What do you like about me?“  Will was on a sitting position but scooted a little closer and gently rocked the other, trying to keep him awake.

“Will, it’s like four in the morning, go back to sleep”

"I can’t. Not until you tell me”

“Can’t it wait? Until I’ve got my coffee in the morning?”

“Uh, no?”

“Then right now, I don’t like anything about you. Now can we please go back to sleep?”

“Come on, Nico. Please?” The son of Hades perked up at the tone of Will’s voice. The negative emotions on those words, he knew them all personally. Fear. Lack of confidence. That sense of self worthlessness, that he’ll never amount to something or to anyone. That idea of not fitting in, of being left behind. Of not being loved.

He knew all of those emotions, lived by them for a time. Until he met Will. Until he found it in himself to accept the company the people around him had been offering.

“What’s wrong, Sunshine?”

“You like me, right?”

Nico narrowed his eyes, of course Will already knew the answer to that so why would he? The son of Hades’ eyes had widened up a bit as realization struck,

“You had a nightmare” Will gave a brief nod.

“In it, you were leaving me for someone else. Someone so much better, more deserving of you and all I can do is stand there wanting to take you back but you we’re pushing me away. Telling me you don’t want me anymore. That you’ve fallen out of love” Will didn’t bother hiding the fear he felt “I love you too much, Nico. I don’t want you to leave. Please, don’t leave”

“I’m not leaving. Not ever” Nico took a deep breath, the annoyance in his face totally gone and instead was filled with pure understanding and love. Fully awake now, he gently ran a hand on Will’s cheek and wiping his tears with them.

“What do I like about you?” Nico stared at the other. His gaze as gentle as possible. “Let’s see, first of, I like it when you smile…”