i'm trying to come to terms with the fact that one of them could be dead by season's end

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Like do u hate felicity bc she took laurels spot? Like cmon the chemistry between Stephen and KATIE just did not exist. It was bad. Like I love laurel, she was so much better apart. Also I'm sorry but Emily's acting is 100000x better than Katie's, katie is a brick. I'm not TRYNA hate but I just wanna understand why you're so hateful towards one female character? Why not just support both?

For starters, I don’t think Felicity “took Laurel’s spot.” The only character that exists to take Laurel’s spot is “Dinah Drake” and I have problems with that for reasons I’ve listed time and time again (and especially, most recently in a post that probably hasn’t escaped the first page of my blog). 

As for Felicity, there are a laundry list of reasons why I stopped enjoying the character. She’s a “reset to factory default settings” kind of character in that she’s one-dimensional and isn’t allowed to grow or evolve beyond what and who we’ve known her to be (which I think is a result of the writers thinking they’ve struck gold with her and don’t need to develop her). For a character to be that way, and get the level of attention/focus/screentime that she pulls week to week, it’s frustrating. There have been multiple instances where the writers have given her a great story, and chosen to do nothing with it, for example, when Felicity was attacked by Darhk and ended up in a wheelchair, the writers didn’t use it to propel her down an interesting, and character-building arc, instead they had a magical chip that restored her ability to walk and she was made to be completely fine — restored to factory default settings. I also find her to lack empathy, and empathy is a quality I admire in characters of fiction and people in real life, so it’s hard to relate to someone who refuses to put themselves in someone else’s shoes to understand their actions and their choices and somehow makes it all about themselves instead (eg. the entire situation with Samantha Clayton, and Oliver’s son). I think her storyline in Season 3 ruined her for me, specifically in her treatment of Ray. I will never understand how she could have played with his feelings like that and talked to Oliver as though she would drop Ray like a bag of shit the second he was willing to give in to his feelings for her (which she kind of ended up doing anyway). And to refuse telling Ray that she doesn’t love him, and has feelings for Oliver, but to still rock up at his place of business and be like, “hey can I borrow a jet?” And ya’ll can say “yeah but it was to save Thea” but she was like “lol let Thea die, it’s not worth it, Oliver.” Her entire romantic relationship with Oliver was forced and rushed and the feelings were fabricated for plot-purposes at the beginning of Season 3, and so it was impossible for me to enjoy them as a couple (and yes, it’s important to bring up because Felicity was basically just a love interest for Season 3 and Season 4). I also hate the fact that we’ve seen no fucking long-term consequences and/or guilt for her nuking Havenrock and for her losing Billy Malone. Ten thousand innocent lives are dead because of her, and she was guilt-ridden for a single scene in Season 5. And we had to see another shot of Emily Bett Rickards “trying to cry” over losing Billy, but we never got the time to invest in that relationship, and she never seems to acknowledge it in a real, human way but instead can use it as a way to justify being pushed into Helix? Again, it ties back to her being a “reset to default factory settings.” And most importantly, I hate that she never has to earn anything on the show — she never had to earn her job at Palmer Tech, or earn becoming CEO, she never had to earn being the main love interest of the show and that development is literally non-existent, she never had to earn being somewhat competent in the field to take on the League of Assassins or the Ghosts, or whoever else she’s fought, and in a show about earning your role as a hero and facing a crucible to become something else, she’s literally done shit all to get to where she’s been. And look, I was a huge fan of her in the first season. But I remember slowly getting sick of it in S2 because her dynamic, and her role was growing very stale. I know people like to think it’s because I’m a Laurel fan, and a Lauriver fan, but it’s not true. The reason I don’t like Felicity Smoak, in a nutshell, is because I fundamentally disagree with how she is written and until the writing changes to fix the issues that I have, there’s no way I can “support her.” But that’s the beauty of the world — we don’t all share the same opinion, and you coming into my inbox trying to say “support both” whilst not-so-subtly dragging Katie Cassidy… it’s not incentive for me to agree. 

I hope that answered the first part of your question. 

On the topic of terrible acting, my initial problem with Emily Bett Rickards was the way she spoke her lines — it often felt like she was reading off a script, and they were very monotonous and almost robotic. Moments where it felt a little better was when she was able to have some personality behind it, and/or some passion. And then it felt like she was improving (specifically the “keep fighting” scene in S2). But it’s still how she delivers the lines, and so I’m not a big fan of it. And beyond that, I don’t think she’s cut out to do serious and dramatic scenes that involve extreme emotions, like being distraught. As funny of a meme the “No, Ray, Olibur” thing is, it comes from a place of how awful the acting and the writing was in that scene to the point where it’s comical. But she’s great at comedy, and she’s great at being the comedic relief. I just don’t think she’s mastered the art of doing serious drama. I mean, did you see the episode of Legends where they tried to make her a superhero? Anyway, you opened the floor on discussing acting ability and so I thought I’d share as well :) 

Now, onto the chemistry part of the question. Chemistry is subjective. You don’t see it for Laurel and Oliver – that’s fine! Frankly, when I look at Oliver and Felicity, it’s kind of awkward. She looks way too young for him, or he looks way too old for her, or maybe it’s both. And the truth is, I don’t see romantic chemistry between them. I see that it’s written in the script for them to kiss and say “I love you”, and that’s how it feels. Scripted. Forced. I like the kind of chemistry that isn’t one-dimensional. I like that Laurel and Oliver can fight, and scream and have conflict and drama because they’re mature about it and it feels real and it feels like there’s all this history between them that bubbles up to the surface during those heated moments. I like that when they are together, romantically, it feels and looks like they belong and all that history has culminated in something beautiful and logical. I like that when they’re friends, you see a gentle side to them and a platform that was established and that will hold through anything. I don’t get that with Felicity and Oliver (mostly because the writing for them never warranted the relationship in the first place, but also because of the romantic chemistry lacking). But as I said, it’s subjective. You think Katie is a brick when she acts? Fine. I think Emily has very limited range and a lack of experience that shows in close to every episode. Each to their own. 

(I do want to say, though, that despite not being a fan of one’s acting ability, I have nothing against Emily Bett Rickards personally and actively do my part to make sure people from the LL don’t direct hate towards her on Twitter, which is more that I can say for the Olicity fandom that targets Katie)

Now, the reason I don’t and can’t support both is because I’m not willing to overlook serious flaws and spend my time on my blog being fake. If you go all the way back through my blog, you’ll see that I used to be a fan of both and I used to adore Felicity Smoak. I don’t anymore (for some of the reasons I mentioned above). Hope that answered your questions! 

Forget about me writing my thoughts about the chapter like I’ve done for the past few months. This time I’m going on long rant because there’s no way I’m not addressing some of the stuff I’ve seen in the tags. I always try to keep this blog free of negative fandom stuff but not this time. My brain can’t compute some arguments and I feel the need to talk about them.

Warning for very long rant under spoilers, gore pictures of characters death, especially Hannes. And if you’re expecting character bashing you’ll find none.

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I'm asking this because I'm one of those 'fair weather shippers' apparently that is having a hard time believing in CS after 5a. You said: "it was his unwavering support and presence that allowed her to believe that it was possible to have love without loss, love without pain." Which I agree with, until the end of 5a. So, how do they go on from there? Support very clearly wavered. Emotional pain as well. Or is it just a case of eh, he was the dark one, no worries? How will this not affect her?

The take home message from the mid season finale was that even when cursed, even with the darkest evil tethered to his soul, Hook’s love for Emma was strong enough for him to break free - he sacrificed his life, his soul - to save her.

Their farewell was an epically romantic scene of pain and sacrifice in which neither of them could stand the idea of losing one another.

I don’t know what more there is to say anon - I think the show was pretty clear that the two of them are on good terms.

But if you don’t believe me maybe you can understand JMO’s words (X):

“I think that (Emma) is aware of what it’s like to have the darkness inside of you now that she’s been the Dark One, and she knows how the darkness works. She knows its manipulations and its power. Her ego is not involved when it comes to Hook’s choices once the darkness is within him. She’s very aware of what is taking hold of him and why it’s happening.”

From Emma’s perspective Hook’s support hasn’t wavered. He was cursed.

“But in terms of him deciding to make the sacrifice, she’s devastated because she feels responsible and feels like it should be her. She’s done so much to keep him alive and now she’s going to lose him anyway. But she knows she can’t deny him this because that’s exactly what he was saying to her in the first place, which was, ‘You should have let me die when I was cut by Excalibur in the first place’ and she couldn’t. She selfishly hung onto him. She did that because she wanted to keep him with her and now she knows that that choice isn’t going to save him or anyone and unfortunately she has to give in to it.

Gold is definitely held responsible for taking away the act of heroism that Killian offered, so that is where the betrayal feels strongest because (Hook) really did have to overcome so much. Clearly the darkness had so much over him and the true man that he is had to overcome so much in order to do so much in that moment and do the ‘right thing,’ which was to sacrifice himself.”

Emma’s pain comes from the fact that she cursed Hook - not from the things he did while cursed. She views this as her fault. Especially since his going dark was a result of HER failure to believe in HIM after she cursed him. Hook didn’t waver, she did. In the end it didn’t matter -  SHE put everyone at risk while trying to keep him alive - and she STILL lost him.  But those tears in the final scenes weren’t because he betrayed her anon - or because she betrayed him - they were because the man she loves is dead. Despite what happened Emma still wants that future with Hook…and she’s marching into Hell to get him back.

They’ve already forgiven each other. They were both cursed, both made terrible choices. But in the end they did the right thing - TOGETHER.

Their real struggle will be in forgiving themselves, not each other. 

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So, Hibike! is yuri or not? I'm confused @w@

Tbh, it’s still really confusing to most of the fandom. At this point, to me, I believe they are canon ambiguously rather it all turns out to be Yuri bait or not. My idea and understanding of the marketing strategy [yuri baiting] is that it’s something more comedic in nature, overtly or subtlety, take A Certain Scientific Railgun, in the series there was a one sided yuri with the classic senpai crush girl who’s overly gay and etc. This really only occurred in the beginning half of the first season and then they started the het route. That’s another thing, Yuri bait usually stops or slows in order to start forming the heterosexual and intended pairing. It’s just a hook to give people comedic pleasure, sort of like western shows, particularly American shows, usually have their own tropes that are only for comedy and easy cash profit, like the father who wishes to never get married just so he can be with the boys, ironically, both types of marketing measures are both damaging to the audience or belittles and enforces stereotypes.

Hibike, on the other hand, hasn’t even come close to slowing, in fact, at a natural progression, the scenes between the two have only become increasingly romantic versus platonic. Some people will say that females are just really affectionate to each other, and while that is for the most part true, I don’t think I’ve ever heard or have seen two girls SERIOUSLY be affectionate to each other in the manner of Reina and Kumiko, especially given how little they have actually known each other and have gotten on good terms with each other. When two gal pals do what kumiko and Reina did, it’s usually accompanied by laughs and giggles and a quick dismissal (as I have a pair of friends that literally look like a couple sometimes but usually laugh it off in friendly jest).

Plus with that latest episode, especially with Japan and the word usage of “ai” and the lack of a comedy atmosphere (in Yuru yuri, the blonde main girl *blanking on name* told akirin I believe “AIshiteru!” But she was doing that in a friendly way with light comedy and nothing really serious , plus it was only because she brought her pudding or something trivial like that.) the difference is, is that Kumiko was dead on and serious. So some people on threads claim that Kumiko was just mocking in friendly nature what Reina said in episode 8. But, that literally makes no sense? This show does a lot of call backs to words and phrases to emphasize them for some purpose that usually gets revealed later on. If she was mocking, why didn’t she smirk and smile or something along those lines??? That would be plausible given Kumiko’s personality. Except, no, THIS GIRL WAS SERIOUS.

I understand well enough that this could all be a * masterpiece* aka most hurtful, Yuri bait ever by the so called notorious Kyoani, but why would they go so far? Why would they add the red string of fate when they know what it means and has always been used to mean in folklore and in recent media over there? I’ve never seen a yuri baiting show ever go that far unless it was an actual yuri indication. And if there is some Yuri bait show that mentions or showcases the red string of fate, I guarantee it was again comedic, like a fantasizing fangirl Yuri bait character or on a comedy labeled show etc..

Also, I heard, but can’t for myself confirm, that the scene from yesterday’s episode was completely original. What’s up with all these little details, why are these scenes expanded on so well with romantic music and lighting and classic anime romance camera shots (legs+moving in closer)? Yuri bait is always a short, fleeting moment that is just long enough to get a rile out of the audience. I’m telling not just you but everyone who is still confused that no matter what kyoani does or doesn’t do they have the most suitable relationship for romance and they know it because they are the ones who designed it. Japanese mindset or Western mindset, it’s just something that can’t be overlooked as just platonic, even if they are engrained to believe so. If Kumiko was doing that to shuuichi and Shuichi was in the storyline position of Reina, would anyone hesitate to call it canon, let alone “platonic friends supporting each other?”

Close Friendship is the gateway relationship to all good and healthy starts of Romantic relationships. You cannot love someone you do not have any familiarity with, that’s only lust. You love someone by getting to know the dark and light shades of their heart and accepting them and embracing them with your own, in order to make a perfect and even and beautiful twilight between each other.

Two quick mentions since I’m sure you weren’t expecting this to be a long reply lol

1. Why, for the last three episodes , have they focused/teased/bait (doesn’t really matter in what purpose they did it) on what usually is expected to end up being a kiss? They showcase the legs and moving closer first, of course it has yet to be a kiss. I know that on tumblr each time we all notice it and get hype, what if that’s what they are trying to do, for one final moment where they do or for real hinted that they did? Now that is a little hopeful since I’m a shipper but Kyoani wouldn’t be focusing on it so intently if it was just bait, I don’t know if I’m being delusional but who else would honestly just pass it off as complete bait? There’s always a bit truth in every lie, right?

2. The reaction to Shuichi when she saw him wasn’t much about him or even felt like she was regarding him but knowing that he isn’t good and barely made it, made her realize she needs to work for herself to be better so she doesn’t end up like him. I think she does miss him as a friend, but even in that scene, a scene perfect for the hints of a romance and end to Yuri bait, didn’t happen.

Ahhh one or two more quick things (God, I just love talking about this show, romance or other)

Kumiko never gets into talking about how hot guys are or romances between them (taki and Shuichi stuff)

Kumiko shows more reaction and life around girls (mainly Reina) for platonic purposes or romantic.

Reina using rabu and suki about Taki still doesn’t even compare to “Ai” and those two always have a lighter tone, Ai is meant to have a more powerful tone, but it can be ambiguous too, but really, society wise, it isn’t, not in media for what I know

I’m sure I could talk a lot more but God this got long, my bad! yamioh666