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coraline au stuff

so this is just all the stuff i’ve been writing down on my phone about this au, if anyone wanted to read about any of the actual story? kinda??

not all the ideas are mine, i’ve been talking with a couple different people and they’ve all had really amazing ideas!! i just wanted to make that clear (like the au was my idea but my friends have helped make the story better lmao)

also!! i’m still working on things and this isn’t really finished but i felt like i had enough where people could come read everything and see what’s up

i’ll put everything under a cut just in case no one actually cares lmao

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  • Sangwoo: You know... i probably would have killed you if you didn't scream my name while being choked.
  • Bum: Oh... that's... interesting...?
  • Sangwoo: My favorite color is red blood.
  • Bum: Okay... uh... sure.
  • Sangwoo: I'm a sadist, i'd love to see you with a dog collar barking like a puppy.
  • Bum: ...alright...!
  • Sangwoo: When i brush my teeths i apply the toothpaste first then i drench the toothbrush in the water.
  • Bum: Uh huh, that's... that's great...?
  • Sangwoo, in his head: I don't understand, it's been weeks since i'm trying to flirt with him and it's still not working. Am i doing something wrong?
  • Bum, in his head: HoW tHE FUck aM I SupPOsEd tO rEPly tO thESES??!!!

theunicornsuccubus  asked:

Hello! If you're still in the mood for questions, and you're comfortable talking about it, I would love to hear more about your experiences in the religion as a trans woman. I'm really interested in the religion myself, and I'm trans (nonbinary) and I haven't found a lot of information on the religion from a trans perspective, so I would love to hear anything you're comfortable talking about. :D

Sure. So, it’s a complicated situation and really depends on the house that you’re in. Before I get into how we’re treated today, let’s talk history a bit first.

The religion itself is not anti-trans. It actually has a long reputation as being a haven for LGBT people in general, and some people estimate as much as 40-60% of Lukumi Orisha priests are gay, lesbian, bisexual, or trans. You literally can’t swing a chicken without hitting someone gay. This reputation started in the 19th Century, and Cuban newspapers ran racist articles and cartoons making fun of the religion for being full of homosexuals - causing a backlash from straight men, many of them Babalawos and Paleros (two types of priest who can, at least according to the official party line, only be straight men). A lot of straight male Lukumi priests avoid being mounted by Orisha, because of its implied (homo)sexual connection - and gay priests are said to mount spirits more easily due to this same connection. That backlash is really important for understanding how trans people are treated in the religion.

In Cuba, whether we like it or not, the religion absorbed Catholic sexual mores, though it still remained a much more queer-friendly place than anything outside the religion.

It’s worth also noting that in Yorubaland, some of the “male” priests of Oshun, Shango, and Oya would “ritually cross-dress” for the rest of their lives - plaiting their hair in female styles, taking on female names, and even marrying husbands - as part of their initiation. I have one photo of such a priest from the 1960s, and there’s a fascinating book about this called Sex and the Empire That Is No More by J. Lorand Matory that I highly recommend. I believe that some “female” priests of Shango also ritually cross-dressed and became men, as well, so it’s not just people we would call trans women.

All that said, while gays and lesbians are totally normal within the Lukumi religion, trans people have become a sticking point over the past twenty years. While trans people have always been able to be involved, that involvement has a few areas of intense debate among priests.

The first is clothing. In Lukumi, male and female priests are treated mostly the same, though there are a small number of tasks only male priests can do (and a smaller number only female priests can do), although women essentially rule the religion in Ocha-centric houses (houses that deal with Oriates rather than Babalawos). The real difference between men and women is simply clothing - male priests wear pants during initiation and at fundamento drums, whereas female priests wear long skirts (and bloomers). So many Orisha priests question what to do with trans people, particularly during initiations and fundamento drummings. Do we wear pants or skirts based on our genitals? Or based on our identities? It’s very controversial to let trans people wear clothing based on our identity rather than our birth assignment - so much so that when my original Godfather was trying to make my Ocha, many people slammed the door in our faces. However, this has changed in a major way since that time, and it’s becoming very common for trans people to wear the clothing they are most comfortable with. In my house, there are now tons of trans people, and we’ve all been initiated in clothing we’re comfortable with. I was initiated in a dress. But there are still some houses that will not do this because of tradition.

The next thing is hormonal and surgical changes. Any change to the human body of an Orisha priest is controversial. This is because when you become a priest, your body is no longer your own - it becomes your Orisha’s. So, during the 1970s-90s, even getting tattoos or piercings was controversial after initiation. This has changed a lot, although most people will still ask their Orisha’s permission before any kind of change, including surgery. Some people try to argue that changing our sex goes against the body Obatala made for us, and that the Orisha will be offended. This is absolutely not true. However, it is true that Orisha may say no to certain surgeries, or you may have to bargain with your Orisha for them. It’s like talking to your parents about surgery - they may disapprove (on an individual basis) but at the end of the day it’s your body and, like the best parents, the Orisha will still love you anyway.

That said, the Orisha has never, ever said anything negative to me or any other trans person I know in the religion about the fact that we’re trans. Much to the contrary in fact! Ochosi came down at a drum just a couple of weeks ago and talked about how our ilé (house) is revolutionary because we accept “the community” and that we’re doing the right thing. The Orisha have little patience for human hang ups, like transphobia, because they only care about people’s character. If you show up with a heart full of love, and work hard, and try your best to follow their advice? Then they’re happy. That’s all it takes. They do not care about your genitals, except insofar as you remain healthy.

The third thing is: which Orisha can trans people be marked to. So, this is much less of an issue today, but it used to be a big issue. Some people used to say that trans people could only be marked to a specific road of Obatala called Alagemo - the chameleon. I’m sure you can guess the justification there. Others would say we could only become priests of Obatala because Obatala owns all “deformed” bodies, due to the pataki in which he gets drunk while making human bodies and thus creates “deformities.” (I don’t like to use this word because it seems negative and cruel - when I tell this story myself, I prefer to say that he makes different bodies.) But this, in my opinion, is hogwash. Trans people can have any Orisha for their head Orisha - I know trans priests of Oshun, Yemaya, Shango, Obatala, Aganju, Oshanla, Inle, and more!

Now, as for the cosmology of the religion itself, it actually has wonderful things to say about trans people. Firstly, there are a number of Orisha who are androgynous or live part of the year as each gender. Inle and Olokun are notoriously androgynous, for example. And Orisha such as Logun Ede and Laro live part of the year as men and part of the year as women. More importantly, there is Ideu (Idowu), the child born after twins. Here’s the pataki of Ideu.

After Oshun had had her twins, the Ibeji, taken away from her, she lost everything. She was inconsolable. She cried all day and all night. All she wanted in life was a child. Finally, after some struggle, she became pregnant again and had a little boy, Ideu. Ideu brought the love and happiness and wealth back into her. He was the light of her world. Oshun was overjoyed. However, Obatala had just found out that Ogun had raped his mother Yembo, Obatala’s wife, creating rape for the first time in the world. Obatala, the normally cool and calm Orisha, went into a fury and declared that he was going to kill all male children to prevent rape from ever happening again. He went from house to house, killing all the boys he found. Someone came and warned Oshun. Oshun was distraught! This innocent baby, Ideu, had given her her happiness back and she loved him more than anything in the world. She couldn’t let Obatala kill him. So, Oshun being a very resourceful woman, she set about sewing a skirt. She put the skirt on Ideu and when Obatala arrived, she told him that she’d just given birth to a daughter and didn’t have any male children at all. Satisfied, Obatala left. From that day forward, Oshun raised Ideu as a girl in order to save her life. Many Orisha priests to this day make a small skirt for the male doll that is received with Ideu, to honour the fact that Ideu is now a girl.

This story is the genesis of trans people in Lukumi cosmology, in my opinion. The take away here is that Oshun loves trans people so much that she’ll do anything to protect us. And, in my experience of Oshun, this is very true.

So, to conclude: the Orisha love us just as we are, but how you get treated as an individual will depend on which house you join. Some houses are more accepting than others, but in general things are rapidly improving in most houses. You will have a better experience in most Ocha-centric/Oriate-centric houses than you will in most Babalawo-centric houses, but again it’s very individual and there are Babalawo-centric houses that are wonderfully accepting and Ocha-centric houses that are unfortunately not. Go where you will be loved, don’t put up with being treated as second-best or inferior. The Orisha don’t want anyone to be treated badly - they love all of their children.

midterms-crisis  asked:

Um...Sorry but I'm actually quite new to this. Just wanted to ask what your personal favourite headcanons are for RFA+V+Saeran+Rika if it's not too much trouble Just saw your tumblr today and I'm currently in love~ XOXO~♡

please don’t be sorry, I like these kinds of requests. Thank you very much for your words, it means a lot to me, everyone is so nice. These may be a little gruesome and could be triggering, so just be warned. Also, I think I’ll keep adding to this list, because I’m sure I can think of more in the future. Oh, this also probably shows which characters i really like. 

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nerd-most-likely  asked:

So I'm writing a novel. You know how it's just best to poop out the first draft basically ASAP? Well I'm writing and now that I'm getting to the end of it, somehow I find out much to my own damn surprise that it's actually in first person of this prophet who's fault it basically is for every ounce of the problems protagonist and crew have had. I've been writing in what I guess was assuming it was third person. Is this weird? Or do I need to go back and rewrite at what was a 3 am sleep drunk?

Isn’t writing fun? 

This is not weird at all. In fact, it’s completely normal. I’ve been working on my novel for a good three years now, and my current antagonists used to be the good guys. And my former antagonist became a good guy, and then became ambiguous, and then kind of became a bad guy again. Obviously things can change drastically as you’re writing a novel. 

But sometimes you just gotta roll with these punches and find intrigue in it. Our creativity ebbs and flows, and it’ll go in directions we don’t expect. One way I find enjoyment in it is being able to look back at where I started and see how far I’ve come. The journey our stories go through act like journals of our writing progress, without us actually having to journal. Won’t it be fun in years ahead to look back and see where your story began?

I don’t think you have to rewrite something just because it didn’t turn out how you expected. But you may have to take the time and see if you “come to your senses” or if this new direction is in fact the new direction. Was it a temporary moment of sleep-deprived insanity? Or was it a new idea germinating, only needing some encouragement from you to grow?

Considering you asked this question several weeks back (my apologies), I’m sure you might know by now how you feel about it. Who do you think the protagonist is? The prophet? Or the ones the prophet is causing problems for? What’s more, are you dealing with an “evil protagonist,” or do you think the motives or your prophet have changed to the point where this character is not the evil one, but the other characters are

In my little personal story up above, I mentioned that my antagonists changed throughout my writing, and this was a result of my exploring their motives more. Originally, they were simply background support for the protagonist. When I thought about why they were helping my characters stop the antagonist, it all came across as really self serving, and a lightbulb hit me late at night and I took their self serving motives and actually made them into malicious motives. And a new antagonist was born. And they were far more interesting as an antagonist than as background support for the protagonist. It was a huge change, but it excited me, so I went with it. 

So @nerd-most-likely, I think you should evaluate the motives of your characters to see what it is they really want. Once you can clearly state what each side wants, try to figure out how those wants affect the other side, and then further, what they will do about it. For example, what does the prophet want? And how exactly do those wants create chaos for your other characters? You alluded to it a LOT of chaos for those other characters, but was it intentional? What is the prophet going to do it about now? Try to help them, or continue to create more problems? 

Once you have that detailed out, look at it from the other perspective. What do those other characters want? In this case, solving all the chaos the prophet created could be part of it, and in achieving that goal of solving the chaos, is the prophet affected? Do they have to “defeat” the prophet to resolve the problems? 

Through this process, you might discover that both sides are truly at odds with each other. One side needs the other to fail in order to succeed. <<When this becomes true of your story, you’ve defined a protagonist/antagonist dynamic. Now you just have to decide which is which.

There’s potentially two stories you can tell here. The prophet’s story, and how the other characters’ actions affect that story; and the story of the characters, and how the prophet’s actions affect that story. You get to decide which one appeals to you more. Regardless of who the “evil” one is, you get to choose whose story sounds most fascinating. Even if the prophet is the one in the wrong, that story could be the better story. There’s no rule that says you can’t write stories from the perspective of the villains. You might even decide to write from both perspectives, so readers see both sides of the story and have to decide for themselves whose side they’re going to take in the end. 

As far as point of view goes, switch to first person if that feels more comfortable for you. I’m a huge advocate of staying in your comfort zone with point of view, and only challenging yourself if it’s something you want to do. It’s unusual for a story to use both first and third person perspectives, but it’s not non-existent. Storytelling is about experimentation, so experiment! 

I hope this was helpful! You are certainly not alone in dealing with drastic story changes as you’re writing. As frustrating as it can be to back track and change things you’ve already written, it’s also kind of cool to see the way our creativity…creates things. It’s not instantaneous - it’s a process that requires patience, and sometimes you have to put the pause button on “focus” because the attention span of creativity can be next to nothing. 

So just go with it! Good luck with your story :)


Responses to {Final Chapter: Part 30} I Won’t Stop You // Jeon Jungkook, Vampire!AU Asks~

Please ‘Keep Reading’ to find my response to your ask ^^ As always, I have copied and pasted all asks into this post in regards to last night’s chapter to avoid clogging up people’s dashboards and to avoid spoilers for those who may still wish to read the chapter. Thank you ^^

ALSO THIS POST IS REALLY LONG YOU GUYS REALLY PUSHED THE BOAT OUT YOU SENT IN OVER 120 ASKS AND I ANSWERED THEM ALL MY FINGERS FEEL NUMB! Seriously, you guys made me really emotional with everything that you said. I’m so thankful to all of you, from the bottom of my heart ^^

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anonymous asked:

Number 22 for Jasper please! I would love if it is in an AU but it is not necessary. Thank you xxx

anonymous said: Jasper 4?

anonymous said: 20 22 pleeasssee

(no longer taking requests for this particular challenge, sorry!)

things you said after it was over | things you said over the phone | things you said that i wasn’t meant to hear

When she heard his voice, Piper almost dropped her phone. She fumbled it and by the time she had it righted and pressed to her ear again, she’d missed half the message.

“- hope you’re doing well, I just wanted to check in. I’ve already said that. Shit, I’m repeating myself. I just… Call me. I’d really like to talk to you. Please, Piper. I miss you.”

The message ended and the automated voicemail voice took over. Piper hung up and stared at the phone, clearly offended.

“What was that?” Annabeth asked without looking up from her essay.

Piper didn’t answer for a moment, fighting the bile she could feel rising up the back of her throat. Well, okay, it might have been tears. Whatever it was, she tried to ignore it, swallowing thickly and forcing herself to reply to her roommate. “Jason.”

Annabeth sat straight up, fingers stilling on her keyboard. “He called you?”

Piper nodded, biting her thumbnail. The roof of their tiny little dorm room was suddenly fascinating to her.

“When?” Annabeth asked.

“When I was in class,” she replied evenly, still looking straight up.

Annabeth bit out a particularly inventive curse word and shut her laptop before swinging her legs over the edge of her bed. Piper didn’t move as she took the two steps needed to close the distance between them and enveloped her in a tight hug. “I’m sorry, Pipes.”

Piper shrugged and made a noncommittal sound, something that might have been ‘don’t worry about it’, or, ‘if you let me go I’m going to collapse’.

“What do you want to do?” Annabeth questioned, pulling back but keeping her hands on Piper’s shoulders. “Do you want to delete it? Call him back? Do you want me to call him back, find out what he wants, and then tell him never to call again or I’ll kill him?”

Piper laughed despite herself. “I don’t know what I want to do.”

“Sleep on it, maybe?” Annabeth suggested.

“Yeah, I’ll just leave it for a bit. And decide in the morning.”

Annabeth didn’t look happy, but she nodded. “Okay, good game plan. Wanna go steal junk food from Percy and watch Legally Blonde?”

Piper sniffled once and nodded, but then said, “Actually, would you mind stealing the junk food and I’ll stay here and get the movie set up?”

Her roommate obviously saw straight through her casual tone, but she didn’t press it. “Sure. You get it ready and I’ll be right back with all the best candy. I’ll grab popcorn, too.”

“Thanks.” Piper smiled weakly as Annabeth left the room.

As soon as the door shut, she threw her phone into her pillow with all the force she could muster, and pressed the heels of her palms into her eyes until she didn’t feel like crying anymore.

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Word Count: 948

Triggers: Violence mention

Requested by @monsoon92

Being married to Eliot Spencer was not what one would call…normal. Given his job, your job, and how it bled into your personal lives, it was a miracle you even kept dating in the first place. It probably helped that you both understood when one party couldn’t make it home in time for dinner, or if one of you had to stay and work an overnight “shift.”

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cyan-sketches-things  asked:

I'd love to hear you sing! And can we hear about the MBAV au? And you're right about Benny's hair, I've been sitting here for an hour attempting to do it and aaaaaaaaa

PPFPFT I’ve gotten a lot of positive response so I guess I. Will post that tomorrow hhGHH

Omg yeah seriously;; Benny’s hair is impossible I don’t know how it DEFIES LOGIC??


NSKDBBJDDB SURE I would love to talk about it!!

So uhh it’s called the Grim Reaper AU? It’s pretty obvious where this is going but allow me to further enlighten you

But yeah get ready for one helluva ride this is SUPER SUPER LONG I’M SORRY it’s like 3k words (the length of a good oneshot holy shit SHIMA WHY) but hey I have been developing this AU for three years now sO
Okay here we go

It all starts out when Benny and Ethan are on their way to school and Benny notices they’re being followed by this strange girl dressed in black—but for some reason nobody else is able to see her except for Benny. After school he corners her alone and starts questioning her (he also kinda threatens her a little bit;; tells her to stay away from Ethan since he’s an overprotective cupcake). She reveals that she’s a Grim Reaper and her job is to, well. Bring lives to an end as they’re written down in her book. Basically everyone is fated to die at a certain time in their lives, and Grim Reapers are the ones to carry their souls over to the other side. And after a bit more goading she admits that yes, Ethan is fated to die in two days’ time and she’s been assigned to carry his soul over.

Rest is under the cut to save yourselves from endless scrolling whoops

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Raw and Honest Marriage Reflection Conversation with M
  • Me: I'm working on myself and would love to hear if you notice anything.
  • M: Am I missing something you're wanting me to notice?
  • Me: No, not that I know offhandedly.
  • M: I feel like I failed a test lol.
  • Me: I have been working on changing how I view things so that my approach could be better. Would be better. A little cognitive behavior therapy on myself. Thoughts become actions and actions become thoughts. So I'm working on both.
  • M: Awesome.
  • Me: For example like at the park when my friend left and I stayed there with Jumping Bean. I? was on edge watching for any man to enter the area but I stayed and played with him the entire time. And than how I responded to the bullies. I pretty much completely ignored them after immediately dismissing them. Normally I would have gotten right back into their face when they got into mine.
  • M: I'm proud for how you handled those girls babe. And you are totally on the right track. You are having a positive outlook more often than not and you aren't letting the little things bother you as much.
  • Me: I want to do better. For myself, our son, and you too.
  • M: And that's the right order to do things.
  • Me: I'll continue to work on it and improve. I have noticed some personal differences in myself but I don't think they are apparent yet.
  • M: Like what?
  • Me: Honestly? I'm not sure if I should say it. I don't want to hurt you. Do you still want to know?
  • M: Well now I have to know.
  • Me: Honestly, I don't feel like I'm walking on eggshells.
  • M: What do you mean by that?
  • Me: I felt like I was constantly getting scolded by you for the smallest infractions. As if I was a small child getting spoken down to.
  • M: Could you give me an example?
  • Me: If I would say something slightly in disagreement with you you would speak down to me until I backed up. Essentially telling me I'm wrong every time I spoke or did something. I realized just how much that conditioning effected me and how much I didn't say or do something because I didn't want to be looked down at nor spoken down to by you. It made me feel like I could never tell you anything. You would even say a comment or give me a look while my friends were over and I would immediately shut down until you left again.
  • M: I had no idea. I love you babe you shouldn't have to feel that way around me. Glad I left then.
  • Me: I love you so much babe. And I always wanted to make you happy and proud but in the process I've given up and lost a lot of myself and never truly realized how much. How ingrained it had become. I like like none of my passions mattered. For a small example was when I shared something a friend had said, and you gave me that look and said something like "Why would they say that? My friends and I never would," in that tone of voice that just made me disappear. A tone of voice that made me feel as if I was a total disappointment to you. When all that I had shared was that several of my new friends found me attractive, my new friends whom you know are open and honest about who they are attracted to while still being extremely respectable and not going near the boundaries.
  • M: I'm sorry my love. Something else for me to work on while I'm here.
  • Me: It's been years upon years of it. I realized that I go dead silent or worse agree with you when you'd say something that I was not okay with at all that anyone else I'd confront them immediately about. It's all things that all of my friends have been telling me for years but I never understood what they truly meant when they told me until a bit after you left for this training.
  • "You're not yourself around him."
  • "You seem different."
  • "Are you okay? Are you sick?"
  • Are some of the things I've been told.
  • M: So then ... Do you want to try to work this out once I get home or ... ?
  • Me: Absolutely yes love. I knew I was more reserved around you than anyone else but it never hit me just how different I had allowed myself to become for you, for our relationship. I love you so much babe and I always have. I don't want to lose you. I didn't want to hurt you at all.
  • M: I'm not hurt and don't worry about hurting me. It's the truth and it needed to be said. And now that I know we can focus on that.
  • Me: I knew it was an issue and had tried to tell you in the past multiple times but it took a few weeks apart to realize how much. Does me ever telling you something along the lines of my throat closing up when I try to tell you soemthing or my voice getting choked up ring a bell?
  • M: Yes.
  • Me: Or me trying to tell you something and looking away and fidgeting while I tried to tell you something bring up any memories? During each and every of those moments you were employing the scolding voice and/or look. So often that even when you were not yet I knew it was only a matter of time. I was being scolded and punished for any and all infrastructures I felt. You would withhold love and affection and give me the silent treatment too for my infrastructures. For hours at a time. You've sent me to bed too, banished me rather.
  • M: Okay, that one I don't really remember, but I get your point. I have been an abusive shit of a boyfriend/husband. And I'll work on it and pay more attention to you and what you need.
  • Me: I don't think you're a shit, not purposefully, but I do think things were getting toxic between us on both sides. I love you so much babe and I don't want to lose you. I do NOT want us to break up. I want to be with you if we can fix our relationship. I desperately want to work this out babe.
  • M: Let's do it then.
  • Me: How do we? How do we find ourselves and each other again? How do we fix this?
  • M: Be yourself and do your thing while I am here doing my thing. We come back together as each other. Possibly get couples counseling when we get to our next location after my training is finished.
  • Me: What if you hate me? You already told me in November if you met me today as I am as the man that you are today you wouldn't be interested in me. It already broke my heart when you told me that.
  • M: I can assure you that I don't hate you. And we are different people now than we were then. The best advice Dad ever gave me was that love changes because people change. You will love differently because you are different. But it's still love. I still love you babe.
  • Me: Still loving me has never been a question but you were acting and essentially said that you didn't like the person I am today. I've been reserved and holding myself in check for you. I can only imagine how much you'd be against the real me.
  • M: I'm sorry that it came across that way. I love you and only you.
  • Me: I've long ago learned that I've never been monogamous with love. It may be five or more years between loving another, but it is there always.
  • M: And we will work with that.
  • Me: Is this something that will destroy you? Destroy us?
  • M: Can't give an answer to that unknown. Honestly. But I want to be with you.
  • Me: I guess it boils down to one of us will have to give something up. Neither of us has control over our hearts. I know it has been a point of tension in our entire relationship. I tried to be mono for you for many years, but about halfway through your our relationship after you returned from deployment I couldn't do it anymore no matter how hard I tried. Since than our relationship has been open since we opened it, but I remained reserved for you, for us. Nobody else was worth my time and effort to get to know other than Kitten while we dated her and when I met and formed a strong connection with Red Stag during which I've developed emotions for him and him for me. I've fallen hard for him.
  • M: We will do better love. I don't want to lose you, nor you lose yourself.

me-and-my-gaster  asked:

Hello! It's a first time I even try to ask for something like this, so I'm not sure if I'm doing it right, but I see you're doing a wonderful job here and it looks like so much fun, so I had to join you all! I wonder if you could write something connected to the time BEFORE skellys s/o became their s/o - a situation when US/UF/MT skelebro accidentally sees their soon-to-be s/o practicing tribal fusion (type of belly dance) alone in some secluded place. Gosh, I hope it's not too wierd...

(Hi there new friend! Woah, i googled Tribal fusion and it looks amazing *-* The clothes are cool too, wow )

US Sans: He is on his way back from training when he passes one of the little side caves in waterfall. He hears faint music, and since he isn’t in a hurry he decides to investigate. He sees you dancing to some music coming from a portable CD-Player. His eyes are locked to your moving form, he is completly fascinated by the way you gracefully shake your body. He notices that he was staring for quite some time, so he steps closer and asks you excited about what you are doing. He want’s to learn that too, it’s amazing. Thats honestly how you come closer, you teach him to dance, you start hanging out afterwards, and things don’t stop there.

US Papyrus: He was at Muffets till late at nigth together with Sans, because it was Karaoke night, and Sans draged him along. While his brother sprinted home to still catch Napstatons late night show, he strolled trough Snowdin, not to worried about missing the show. The streets where mostly empty, a few lights in some houses still open, the librarby still open even at this late an hour, so he went there to pick up a book he wanted to get for some time, but was having a bad memory for small tasks he has to do, he always forgott.

He walked in, the librarien was apparently in the backroom, but the main room wasn’t completly empty. You couldn’t find a good place to practice, your living room to cramped to properly dance in, and the outside to cold for the clothes you practise in. So the librarien allowed you to practice there after dark, when almost nobody visited, so you wouldn’t interrupt anybodys reading. Papyrus watched you move your body smoothly to the quiet music, carefull not to disturb your dancing. He lends the book quietly and leaves, but now before asking the librarian if you come here often. He defentily will visit the library more often now.

UF Sans: He is  pretty nice fellow at heart, but he has his creepy moment. Hes on his way home, passing some houses, most people already asleep. One ground floor window still has ligth coming trough it, so he glanzes inside for a second, because he clearly sees movement in there, and he is a bit jumpy that late at night. His head snapps back to the wndow after less then a second and he freezes in his tracks. Woah, wait what? 

You are dancing in your living room, minding your own buisness. Sans comes a bit closer to the window and continues to stare trough it, not really thinking about how creepy the whole thing makes him seem. He watches you for a bit, until your gaze randomly falls on the window and you see his small, shadowy self standing there. He teleports away instantly, while you run to check if the doors are locked. He will try to run into you “on accident” after that, and you start dating soon after. How you will rct to him telling you that he was the one who scared you trough death that one night is up to you.

UF Papyrus: He sees you while he is out patrolling. Beeing the captain of the royal guard, he has to make check-patrolls every view weeks all across the Underground, added to the ones he has to do daily in Snowdin and surroundings. He is about half way trough his patrol trough Hotland, when he hears faint music from a direction that ends in a little plateau above the lava. He walks there just out of curiousity, and sees you dancing, illuminated by the glowing lava below. He stands there, a ligth blush creeping onto his face, he will blame on the heat later on. He is a big fan of dancing, loving Mettatons musical shows the most of all his shows, so he watches you for a bit before coming closer and introducing himself. He will give you his number pretty straigthforwardly. If you decide to call him he will invite you to a few hangouts before inviting you to a date when he starts to low key crush on you. Which will turn into a full blown crush on the date. But you just gotta show him how to move like that.

MT Sans: He was out patroling at nigth, it was his turn this time. Most people are asleep, a few drunks passed out next to an already closed bar. A few of his coworkers patroling a different area. Then he suddenly hears music from one of the usually already closed bars. He peeks inside, hand on his hidden gun, just for safety and then he sees you. Dancing on the little stage where there is usually some singer entertaining the bar patrons. There is nobody else in the bar except for you and him. He blushes furiously at the way you swing your hips, and at how much skin you are showing, this is not a sight he is used to in his kind of work. He scurries off pretty fast, not wanting to seem like a creep for staring at you trough a half open door. He is pretty good with words normally, but when you properly meet for the first time, he will be a sligthly blushing stuttering mess. Give him a few minutes to get his cool back ,you won’t be disappointed.

MT Papyrus: He has a small italian restaurant with a little stage for live music, as a cover for his sexond, more shady job. He is cleaning up the last few spills and drying of the xonter in his kitchen. Most others have left already, the musicians often staying a bit later to practise. He hears music from the main room, not thinking much about it, since he leaves after everybody else and often watched the musicians practise before they leave together and he locks up. So when he stepped outside to tell whoever stayed that he is about to leave and has to lock up now, he didnt expext to see you dancing there. He never saw somebody move so elegantly and his face heats up when he nootices that nobody else is there, and you havent seen him enter. He is watching you move your hips seductivly from the shadows, before stepping closer and clears his troath loudly to tell ypu what he actually came here for. His face is beigth orang the entier time. After you meet again he will be composed enough to compliment you on your dancing.

anonymous asked:

Hi I'm having really bad anxiety attacks because it's finals week and I'm afraid of failing a class I should've done really well in but didn't because the professors a dick and tests on tiny little details that shouldn't be important anyway I'm ranting a lil how would the RFA handle MC freaking out over finals

Hiya anon we are so sorry to hear about rough finals and your dick of a professor and we really hope this helps you!  - Mod DK

Hope your finals week ended up going smoothly! We’re both college students so we know exactly how rough it can be. Good luck to anyone still dealing with finals! Love you guys. - Mod MC


  • Finals are coming up and after events that happened with the RFA your grades may have slipped a little and now you’re in full freak out mode.
  • 2 weeks before the finals start you have a mental break down.
  • Zen considerably flips out, he’s never seen you like this before.
  • Hell you barely batted an eye when Saeran attempted to kidnap you but this brought you to your knees.
  • Seriously, grades suck ass.
  • Zen calms you down and gets you a cup of your favorite tea and gives you an amazing back rub.
  • “ZEN THE KNIGHT WILL SAVE HIS PRINCESS” he proclaims as he opens your calculus textbook
  • With one look at the first page he slams the book shut and looks at you with newfound respect in his eyes.
  • He tries to help you by tutoring you but since he isn’t familiar with the subjects you were studying he can’t help much.
  • So instead he makes flashcards with you and quizzes you on said flashcards.
  • He brings you coffee and tea constantly.
  • Even though he knows pulling all nighters is bad for your skin he will still stay up with you because he loves you that much.
  • And then he promptly puts strawberries over his eyes to help the swelling
  • he is an actor after all.
  • He constantly tells you how much he believes in you and how smart you are.
  • You are tempted to just study for hours on end but he always gently reminds you to take breaks and short naps because Jahee gave him all these tips on how to study like a pro.


  • Your professor reminds you that finals are coming up in a week and like every normal college student you freak out.
  • You end up on the floor of your shared apartment with Yoosung just rocking back and forth.
  • Yoosung comes back sees you on the floor and sits down and starts rocking back and forth with you.
  • You both are so screwed.
  • After hours of having a crisis you try to get your shit together.
  • You know that if you try hard enough both you and Yoosung will be able to make passing grades.
  • Every free time you both have you are studying.
  • Coffee cups are everywhere and chocolate milk cartons because at one point Yoosung remembers the pass out after drinking caffeine syndrome and freaks out again.
  • You and Yoosung make a pact to not play LOLOL until finals are over.
  • It’s hard and sometimes you catch him playing but you let it go because he is doing his best and needs some time to just relax and have fun.
  • You both somehow pass and you both end up crying and have a marathon of playing LOLOL and eating the perfect balance of junk food.


  • Finals. Are. Coming.
  • You are freaking out and seriously reconsidering dropping out and moving to New Zealand and becoming a sheep herder for the rest of your life.
  • After a horrible nightmare where your final exam comes to life and tries to eat you he figures out what is going on and intervenes.
  • He is kinda offended that you didn’t come to him first but
  • You are kinda doubtful of his teaching methods when his first “brillant idea” is to eat a shit ton of Honey Buddah Chip and chug PHD Pepper but you have no other choice.
  • You already knew that Luciel was a genius but damn this boy really knows everything.
  • And even though some of his teaching methods were unconventional he was a really great tutor.
  • When he wasn’t working he would be reteaching you the shit you didn’t understand which really makes you wonder about why you are paying your really expensive school fees.
  • Seven already has really bad habbits of not eating right and pulling all nighters so he never discouraged you from the same
  • There were many timesyou woke up from falling asleep on your very uncomfortable textbooks.
  • Even though you looked and felt like shit when finals finally came around you passed all of your classes and then fell asleep for 24 hours straight right after.

- Mod DK


  • You are the best procrastinator in the world.
  • Due tomorrow? Do tomorrow
  • That’s been your motto for the past few years of college.
  • You’ve never had a significant other around finals time to encourage you to get your work done at a reasonable hour
  • Jumin has never had a significant other
  • And he’s never seen you during finals time
  • He didn’t know how bad your habit of procrastination was.
  • It was the night before your portfolio of work was due for your writing class and you hadn’t even started.
  • Jumin was frustrated because it was already 2am and you had yet to come to bed but he understood you were busy.
  • When he heard something thud in the bathroom and your muffled curses follow he was out of the bed in a flash.
  • He whipped the bathroom door open only to find you in the tub
  • Not taking a bath though (ya perverts)
  • You were in the tub scrubbing away with cleaning products.
  • Cleaning was one of the most effective ways you had to procrastinate.
  • Jumin was a little miffed to say the least, “MC, we have a maid for that.”
  • Then the tears started to fall as you began freaking out.
  • You explained that you were procrastinating and after a short lecture from Jumin he made you get to work.
  • He called out of work the next day, much to Jaehee’s chagrin just so he could stay up and make sure you kept working.
  • You did however get the best back rubs ever while you were typing away
  • The two of you took a bath together the next day to relax ;)


  • He cracked his knuckles and stood up from his desk chair, he was done working for the day.
  • He walked to your shared room only to find something strange.
  • When he found you asleep in a pile of papers on the bed he knew something was up.
  • He blew his bangs out of his face and walked over to you quietly
  • He saw how tense you looked and shook you awake
  • You jerked awake, eyes flying open as you realized what happened.
  • “No, no, no. This isn’t happening, Shit!”
  • You frantically shuffled through the papers attempting to get them in some sort of order.
  • He saw the beginnings of a panic attack
  • He was so not okay with you doing this to yourself.
  • In a move somewhat unlike him, he wrapped his arms around you and pressed you to his chest.
  • He wasn’t going to let you have a total meltdown.
  • “MC, tell me what’s wrong, I want to help.”
  • You didn’t want to burden him but you couldn’t afford to turn down the help.
  • You explained that you had a really hard final first thing in the morning and even though you’ve been studying like crazy for the past few weeks you still feel like you aren’t getting the content.
  • He’s immediately ready to help
  • He’s super smart just like his brother so tutoring you is no problem.
  • The two of you make flashcards and he teaches you everything as you make them
  • You’ve never understood anything so well in your life.
  • You thank him with an A1 makeout session before the two of you go to sleep


  • He noticed you were slightly wobbly when you came home from school
  • “MC, are you drunk?”
  • You explained that you were not in fact, drunk, just very sleep deprived.
  • You had finals all week and you hadn’t slept the night before because you were studying.
  • V remembered those days.
  • You went to make yourself another cup of coffee
  • He straight up confiscated your cup and ushered you to bed.
  • “Nap time, MC.”
  • “But, V, I have to study.”
  • “No Ifs, ands, or buts MC. You’re taking a nap and once you aren’t completely out of it I’ll help you study.”
  • You slept for five hours
  • When you woke up you smelled food
  • You went to find V and were pleasantly surprised to find V with a plate full of dinner for you and neat stacks of flashcards sitting on the coffee table.
  • “I hope you don’t mind but I used your textbook to make flashcards while you were napping.”
  • You felt so guilty and told him he should have woken you up.
  • He was so not having it tbh
  • “You needed your sleep MC, besides I’ve gotta keep my darling healthy and happy. What sort of lover would I be if i couldn’t manage that.”
  • You knew he wouldn’t let you refuse to you just went along with him spoiling you while you studied.
  • You made sure that he got all of the cuddles and spoiling he could handle once your finals week was over.

- Mod MC

finasol  asked:

Sorry if you've answered this, but do you have any advice if you're afraid to write? I wrote a LOT when I was younger but stopped when I was 11-12 because I realized my writing sucked. Later I took a creative writing class in my freshman year of high school to try and get back into it, but it only unearthed my old fears of terrible writing. I'm feeling an urge to write again, but I'm scared. I want to do my characters and ideas justice, but my current ability will mar them.

I think what’s probably tripping you up is not so much the bad writing itself, but that fear of failure/imposter syndrome. Having experienced it myself I can say it’s a killer, and can really prevent you from reaching your full potential. It’s difficult to work past but doable.

There’s this quote by Ira Glass I like to reference when this question of bad writing/fear of bad writing is brought up:

Nobody tells this to people who are beginners, I wish someone told me. All of us who do creative work, we get into it because we have good taste. But there is this gap. For the first couple years you make stuff, it’s just not that good. It’s trying to be good, it has potential, but it’s not. But your taste, the thing that got you into the game, is still killer. And your taste is why your work disappoints you. A lot of people never get past this phase, they quit. Most people I know who do interesting, creative work went through years of this. We know our work doesn’t have this special thing that we want it to have. We all go through this. And if you are just starting out or you are still in this phase, you gotta know its normal and the most important thing you can do is do a lot of work. Put yourself on a deadline so that every week you will finish one story. It is only by going through a volume of work that you will close that gap, and your work will be as good as your ambitions. And I took longer to figure out how to do this than anyone I’ve ever met. It’s gonna take awhile. It’s normal to take awhile. You’ve just gotta fight your way through.   

So my advice to you - right now - would be that you’ve got to get past this initial phase you’re in. You’ve got to practice. You need to want writing more than your fear of failure, and you’ve got to understand that the path to get there is difficult. You also need to ease up on yourself.

At 11 or 12, there’s no way you would have been good. You’re still a kid then - still figuring yourself out - and you’re just beginning to formulate your own individual ideas of taste, but won’t have the skill set to execute this. You lack experience, both in lived real-world experience and in writing. It’s unfair to critique yourself on the same level as a published author in their 20s or 30s, and the same holds true for writing in high school. That’s only a few years later, and while you might have a more refined sense of taste, you’re still going to lack the hard experience of a writer ten years your senior. The only way to get better is through practice, practice, practice and constructive critique. You can’t give up.

If you’re looking for some hard tips on how to get better (and how I personally worked past this fear of failure):

  • Don’t take your writing too seriously, and write what you want to write instead of what people tell you to re: subject matter (so if you want to write epic fantasy with a female protagonist, do so, and take the constructive critique on this subject matter in stride)
  • Learn to separate yourself from your work. Just because your work isn’t where you want it to be or someone tells you that your work isn’t where it needs to be, does not mean that you’re (personally) a failure. I think that fear of finding yourself personally lacking is where a lot of people quit.
  • Practice obsessively. I literally wrote 3-6hrs every day, all year, from the time I was 14 until the present (so over a decade). Have a routine to go along with this practice, so it becomes ingrained. I get up every morning at 5am, pour myself a coffee, make sure I’m in comfy clothes, then I just sit down and write
  • Get friends/writers at your skill level - who are also trying to get published - to critique your work, and critiqued their work in turn. This on-the-level, non judgemental feedback on how to improve your stories is really important in getting better and not being overwhelmed by the fear of failure
  • Use fanfiction to get past your fear of showing your work to others. Sometimes you’ll get flames on your fanfics, and not everyone will enjoy them (a given), but the crit you get on fanfics is nothing compared to the crit you get on original work. If you can hack it online, it gives you a thicker skin for dealing with the heavier duty stuff down the road
  • Find your comfort zone. Some people are comfortable with only a few people viewing their writing: others have no problem blasting it across the internet, and both of these options are okay. The trick is to write in a way that helps you grow as a writer
  • Live by the rule “write for yourself, edit for an audience”

Hope this helps. Keep on writing, and never give up.

Geisha Mommy
  • The girls have a little fun at Puris trying on the summer line-up fashion, along with Genos. ;D
  • -------------------------------
  • -Saitama stops by Puri's place to return something he'd borrowed.-
  • Puri: [-Opens the door to let Saitama in.-] Ah, Saitama-kun. What a surprise~
  • Saitama: [-hands him a small stack of magazines.-] Thanks for lending this to me last week. Sorry if I'm a bit late bringing them back...? [-Finally notices he's dressed up in Geisha attire.-] Uh, sorry. Were you planning on going out or something?
  • Puri: [-grins as he poses-]Nope, just trying out some new line of fashion for the summer. What do you think?
  • Saitama: Looks pretty good.
  • Puri: Oh you~[-waves his hand playfully at his simple remark before getting an idea.-] Actually, would you mind checking out how the others look in theirs?
  • -Doesn't even give him a chance to answer as he brings him in. Inside, Lily and Fubuki are also dressed as geisha, though in their own styles.-
  • Puri: Girls, look who's decided to drop by and help us get some feedback. [-winks at the two of them-]
  • Saitama: Uh, well I didn't actually decide on this...
  • Lily: Aw, thanks a lot, Saitama-san. It's real nice of you.
  • Fubuki: [-She stretches her arm out a bit-] I'm a bit used to what I normally wear for work, so this is sort of a nice change of pace for me....
  • Saitama: Yeah, you two look great too.
  • -Both of them smile as they had caught Puri's silent little signal.-
  • Fubuki: Well if you think 'we' look great, you should check out our other friend...
  • -Saitama cocked an eyebrow as they all kept pushing at him to go further into the apartment, feeling that he really wanted to go back so that he could get dinner ready for the family this time before they came home.-
  • Puri: [-knocks on the door of the bathroom-] Genos, would you mind if we come in and see~?
  • -Saitama's attention suddenly perked up, watching as Puri opened the door.-
  • Genos: Puri-san...////....C-Could I please take this off? I feel rather ridic-?! //////
  • -Turns around to find Saitama staring at him, suddenly steaming like crazy. He was dressed up as a Geisha like the others; though it would seem they dolled him up even more with makeup and hair ornaments clipped carefully in his gold locks. He looked quite exotic like this.-
  • Genos: S-S-Sensei?! What are you doing here?
  • Saitama: ...Uh...I should be asking you the same thing. Why are you...?
  • -The trio who'd set them up were all smug as the two flushed at the sight of each other, Genos trying his best to not fall over under the multiple layers he was dressed under.-
  • Genos: ...I...I was just...helping Puri-san and Fubuki-san with the new line. They said they wanted to see how it would look for men who might want to wear it, a-and.../////....
  • Puri: Well I for one think it looks quite good on you, Genos-kun~
  • Lily: Yeah, the color really matches your unique eye color after all~
  • Fubuki: And your frame actually looks quite flattering.
  • -Genos glared at the three, feeling like they'd set him up the whole time, though it was quite apparent that this wasn't something they were expecting; yet were nonetheless quite pleased with how things turned out.-
  • Puri: What about you, Saitama-kun? How do you think Genos-kun looks all dressed up?
  • -Saitama was simply staring at Genos without saying a word, and he felt anxious as he squirmed beneath his attire.-
  • Saitama: ...Uhm, not gonna lie....////....You look pretty amazing, Genos.
  • -Puri, Fubuki, and Lily are practically squealing as Saitama compliments Genos, who is looking down and blushing even harder as more steam billowed upward.-
  • Genos: ...Th.../////...Thank you, Sensei. Uhm, B-But I better get undressed.[-turning around and beginning to take the outfit apart-] We should probably head home and get dinner rea-?!
  • -Saitama suddenly wrapped his arms around his waist from behind-
  • Saitama: Yeah, you're right. So...shall I lend you a hand?
  • Genos: E...Eh?!//////
  • Saitama: [-traces his lips down his neck-] This is the kind of outfit that requires 'two' people to help take off, right~? [-He asked playfully as he started to undo the first few layers-]
  • Genos: B-But, Sensei, we can't. The three of them are sti-?!
  • -The trio had already closed the door and were probably planning to give them a few minutes.-
  • Saitama: [-grins as he continues-] They sure are thoughtful, aren't they?
  • -Genos wasn't sure if he wanted to curse them for putting him in this situation or thank them. He'd probably figure it out in a few hours.-

raisesomehale  asked:

If it tickles your fancy, i'd DIE to read this! :) "our parents are forcing us into an arranged marriage and we hate each other but now i’m in love with you and i don’t think it’s mutual"

Stiles understands. He understands, but that doesn’t mean he has to like it. It, of course, being his impending marriage to Derek Hale.

He understands because he’s the son of a spark and a human and a spark himself and Derek is the eldest son of the Hales, an incredibly famous werewolf family. (If they were really giving full effort, he should’ve been marrying Laura, but he and has dad agreed it was better to let bygones be bygones instead of starting a fight).

It’s not like the Hales are bad people. Once Scott got bit by a rogue werewolf and became one himself, the Hales welcomed him and anyone he cared about with open arms.

However, the rest of the nonsupernatural community didn’t quite see it that way. Tension built and attacks from both sides began less than six months later.

Beacon Hills has always been complicated. The whole world has, but now it feels like a constant power struggle between the two sides.

But very few even want to be fighting, some do, some want to wipe out the entire other side, but most people are just scared.

That’s where Stiles comes in.

Sparks aren’t deemed supernatural by most people since their skills all lie in harnessing power from something. It’s not magic, none of it just happens.

However, they are also some of the only people who can defend themselves against the supernatural. Of course, anyone can learn how to fight the supernatural, but becoming a hunter takes years and years of training. They also tend to be the least okay with the supernatural.  

Which is why Stiles is now hours away from his wedding. Because this marriage is the last chance to show everyone that the two communities can coexist and more than that they can thrive together.

So Stiles understands. It just sucks.

He’s barely spoken to Derek since the years since he’s met him. He’s pretty good friends with both Cora and Laura at this point so he doesn’t know why he’s not marrying one of them.

It isn’t like he didn’t try either. Ever since they even began talking about this as a solution, Stiles would try to talk to Derek, but Derek would usually just ignore him or glare at him until Stiles left.

That’s fine. Stiles doesn’t really care if his husband-to-be likes him or not, but he does care that they have to prove to the community that this can work.

He doesn’t want to think about what will happen if they don’t.

He jerks out of his reverie when he hears a knock at the door.

Scott slowly opens the door and peeks in the room. “Hey, man, it’s almost time.”

Stiles nods.

“You ready?”

“As ready as I can ever be.”

Scott pulls him into a hug before leading him outside under the moon.

They decided to keep this as intimate as possible. If everyone’s going to be keeping a close eye on their marriage, the best they can do is offer than a private wedding.

This means that it’s just his dad, Scott and Melissa for him and Talia, Laura, and Cora for Derek.

Neither Stiles or Derek bothered with suits, going instead for casual for the werewolf part of the ceremony.

His dad tries to shoot him an encouraging look, but Stiles keeps his eyes firmly focused on where needs to stand next to Derek in front of Deaton.

He doesn’t turn to make eye contact with Derek, but he can tell from his peripheral vision that Derek doesn’t either.

“While I am well-versed on werewolf weddings, I had to get my officiating permission online,” Deaton jokes.

Stiles hears polite chuckles from behind them, but he doesn’t think either he or Derek let out a breath.

“Let’s keep this quick. Stiles, do you take Derek to be your lawfully wedded husband?”

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twrpresources  asked:

How did you come up with such a great application format? I'm making my own skeleton roleplay but have never done that type of roleplay before so I'm unsure of what to include within the application. Any tips or maybe guides?

If you’re referring to IMP’s application format, thank you very much for the compliment! Now, as for your question however, the last several roleplays I’ve started with the same basic premise for an application format, and its evolved from each group to the next, so here are a couple tips in regards to how to make a good application. 

And actually, before you even get started on the application form, I suggest that you do the following. 

  • Know the inner workings of your game. Know the plot, the setting, and other various parameters that could be relevant to the lives of characters. Are there key figures of importance for the skeletons to be familiar with? Are there places they might frequent? What are some of the most pertinent parts of your premise that will affect the lives of these characters? 
  • Know what your skeletons will contain content-wise. Or, simply, what are you giving your applicants to work with? Are you giving buzz words? Are you giving them archetypes? Are you giving a few bullet points about them? Do you set a personality type? How much of your skeletons do you leave up to the applicants? Are you leaving 50% up to the player? Are you leaving 30% up to the player? Or are you leaving 80% up to the player? 
  • What are your expectations? What are you looking for in your skeletons? Are you trying to attract people that will give you characters that will remain stagnant in their progression, but will give you lots of activity? Or are you looking for people who will be less than desired on activity, but will give you amazing character development? Or are you looking for that perfect mixture of both? What are your activity expectations going to be? Will your group be a para-heavy group? Or a gif-heavy group? 

All in all, know what you have to offer and what you’re looking to gain. Once you know those basic facts, I think its time that you start to think on what you’re asking for in your potential players. 

Normally, you want to start out with the section about the player. Here are some good things to ask for:

  • Their name
  • Their timezone
  • Their age
  • Their preferred pronouns
  • Their experience as a roleplayer
  • What you can expect out of them activity wise. Are their certain days of the week that they’ll be more active on than others? 
  • Their triggers (if any)
  • A section for them to list anything else that may be a concern for them.
  • A clause that you have them copy over to make sure that they’ll do their best to follow the rules that you set forth.

ALWAYS make sure they know they have the option to have any section of any personal information removed. 

Now, as for the character section, this is where its important to know about what the premise is, and what you put forth in your skeletons. 

As far as basics go, you’ll want to have sections for:

  • The character’s name
  • The character’s age
  • The character’s faceclaim (if you leave it up to player, or present faceclaim options)
  • The character’s preferred pronouns
  • Any demographics specific to your game (species, blood status, group affiliations, etc.)
  • A biography

Now, for biographies - that can be a tricky section. Sometimes people feel like they have to fit some cookie cutter amount of word count, or that they have to include x, y, and z. If you want to make sure that they have the most room to grow, I feel that the best thing you can do, is to simply give them that. Assign a minimum word, or paragraph, count. Don’t give them a limit line. Let their creativity shine. 

However, of course, this may not work for all. If you’re a game that gives them 70% upwards of information about the character on the skeleton? Give them a word cap. You’ll end up getting a lot of the same material given back to you in different phrasing. If you given less than 70%, I say leave it open ended. 

But, I do feel that you should mention to the players that what you want in a biography. Make sure they know that what you want to know is all pertinent to the character. It should be a summation of who they are, but we don’t need to know what their favorite ingredient is in their favorite cookie recipe or what phone carrier they use. The biography shouldn’t contain information that can be later saved for a headcanon or fact post. Make sure they know what you’re looking for in an application. 

Also make sure that they know to cover what you give them in the skeleton information, as that’s rather important. 

  • A personality section (if not covered in what you decide constitutes for a biography)

If you decide to give word caps - I advise that you split up the biography section into two parts: their history, and their personality. It’ll still give them the time to explore both aspects, but it’ll also be more streamlined and to the point. 

Now, after that I normally advise that one has a couple in character questions, security questions, and a writing sample

For the in character questions, you’ll usually want these responses to come from the character, in first person. You can ask for a string of dialogue, or something written in third person for each one. Fact of the matter is, this is where you get to know the character’s voice. Its quite different from reading a biography, and it’s a good way to get a view of the character from, well, the character themselves and not the writer. For the content of the questions, try to have it reflect on the plot and current events on the goings-ons of the game. You can have some of these questions in character responses, or situation responses that the player answers. 

For security questions, this is where you can test the knowledge and how much the player has read into the information you’ve provided about your world. Is there information that’s absolutely crucial to the plot that everyone needs to know? Ask about that! Is there rule that everyone needs to be aware of and that you want to make sure doesn’t get thrown under the rug? Ask about that! Typically I suggest that you have around three security questions. 

And now for the writing sample! Depending on how much you ask of your potential players, you can choose to make this section optional. The above sections, if written well, can typically be a good enough way to get to know the character the player has in mind, which is plenty enough in my opinion. If people want to go above and beyond, encourage them to do a writing sample. After the player has done all this work to show above, knowing that the writing sample is an option can be quite the stress reliever. And on top of that, the people that turn in a writing sample - their writing sample will be the product of them wanting to do it, not because they have to.Its a whole different experience when it comes to reviewing people’s applications. I highly recommend doing an optional writing sample. 

Okay. I think that about does it. Sorry for the delay in getting this to you! (Also - feel free to check out this admin tip I wrote a while back. I would’ve linked you it to you before, but frankly, its over a year old and I A: had more to say and B: forgot about it.)

Let me know if you have any questions! (:


edit: ALSO. Another good idea - have an application tips page! List what your expectations aside from your rules, and what an applicant to do to really catch your attention. Address any common questions that may come up; explain how they’re to utilize each section of the skeletons provided if it’s unclear. And don’t forget a note of encouragement! That’s always a terrific thing to have, as it’ll give them a little extra spark of motivation and self confidence. Always, always a great thing to have. 

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Hi. I'm not really sure if you dabble into zerrie stuff. But um do you think that there's a possibility that yes it started out as publicity and then blossomed into something more? I'm always torn between its real and its fake. All confusing tbh but um yeah

I think it’s been fake from the start, partly because it seems to follow other 1D girlfriend/hook up patterns.  The couch interview where Louis and Harry pretended (or not?) to kiss was one of the first times Perrie was brought up at all.  If you watch it, it seems quite forced, like Zayn knew he had to single out Perrie from Little Mix! and say he liked her.  In fact, he had such a hard time doing it, the others ended up doing most of it for him.

Considering that not only did Little Mix sign with Modest, but they were part of the X Factor which 1D are the biggest alums of, it’s not strange that they wanted to use 1D to promote Little Mix.  1D has been used to promote X Factor contestants multiple times through dating rumors.  Has it mostly been Niall?  I think it’s mostly been Niall, but there was: Sophia Wardman, Lola Saunders, Amelia Lily, Tamera Foster, and Lauren Platt, plus a few others who were more tangentially related like Samantha Jade, Jessie J, and Alexandra Burke.

If there was any chance of it being real, it was at the beginning, but as I just said, I don’t think it was real then either.  We’ve seen far too much by now to know Zayn isn’t into the idea of dating her at all, so there was no blossoming of romance later on.  

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Soulmate AU in which the one that dies first can’t never remember their soulmate in the next life, while the other soulmate remembers everything but only after they turn 17. And the only time when they both remember everything at the same time is right before one of them dies.

So imagine that Lexa and Clarke met for the first time a long time ago, and their names were Kaitlyn and Sarah. Kaitlyn was a soldier and Sarah was a nurse and they met, fell in love and spend only two weeks together before the hospital in which Sarah was working was bombed and she died before Kaitlyn even realized what had happened.

Lexa has been living on the ground for 16 years, she’s already the Commander and she’s already lost Costia, and all she knows is war and that love is weakness. But then she turns 17 and all the memories come back to her and she remembers Sarah, with her blonde hair and her blue eyes and the warmest smile she’s ever seen. So Lexa starts looking everywhere for Sarah, from the boat people to Azgeda to even considering infiltrating Mount Weather just to make sure that Sarah isn’t one of them. But before she can come up with a solid plan Anya sends her word of a group of kids that fell from the sky, she sends word of their fierce princess with blonde hair and blue eyes and Lexa just knows that’s Kaitlyn’s beloved Sarah. And the first time that Sarah, now Clarke, walks into the room and their eyes meet Lexa just knows that Clarke is destined to be hers once again. Because they have always meant to be each other’s and because they will always belong to each other.

But unlike the first time they met, when Kaitlyn and Sarah could sneak around between work shifts, go dancing and make out under the stars while peacefully lying on the beach, this time is harsher and everything is more complicated.

Kaitlyn and Sarah were free spirits, but Lexa and Clarke are leaders with the weight of the world on their shoulder.

Lexa tries to keep Clarke at bay, because she knows that her life is in constant danger and she never wants Clarke to experience the same kind of heartbreak that haunted Kaitlyn for more than 64 years. So she tells Clarke about Costia, and she tells Clarke about her believe that love is weakness, but Clarke is stubborn and she -just like Sarah rolled her eyes whenever Kaitlyn insisted that their relationship could put them in danger- refuses to be intimidated by Lexa’s cold exterior or harsh words.

They push and pull at each other until they fall in love, unintended on Lexa’s part, unexpected on Clarke’s. They kiss and their world explodes in color but then Mount Weather happens and Lexa picks her people over her heart; because she stills remember that fateful day, a whole lifetime before, when Sarah told Kaitlyn that she was cancelling the dinner she knew Kaitlyn had worked so hard on because she needed to stay until late at work, saving lives at the hospital. Picking their duty over their hearts is what they do, no matter the lives they lead or the reasons that pushes them to make those choices. It’s also what they loved most about each other.

So, Lexa picks her people over Clarke and she walks away after muttering “may we meet again” because she knows they will, even if it is in another lifetime. And Lexa spends three months beating herself over the fact that she doesn’t want to die first because then Clarke would spend her whole life regretting the fact that she never knew what was in front of her -and probably her next life looking for Lexa. But she doesn’t want Clarke to die first because Clarke deserves to live free and happy and until she grows old; and because Lexa is sure she won’t be able to stand that kind of heartbreak for a second time.

Then the legend of Wanheda spreads and Lexa knows she needs to save Clarke and then one day Clarke is there, starring at her filled with hate and spitting and cursing at her in a way that Sarah never did with Kaitlyn and her heart breaks even more. But that doesn’t stops Lexa from trying to make sure that Clarke is alright and it doesn’t stop her from swearing fealty to her and it doesn’t stop her from trying as hard as she can until Clarke is one of her own and she doesn’t have to chose anything or anyone over Clarke ever again.

When the challenge is issued and Lexa witness Clarke trying as hard as possible to stop her from fighting, to save her life, Lexa sees Sarah in Clarke as clear as ever for the first time. She sees Clarke storm out after refusing to go to the arena and watch her die and Lexa almost smiles at the irony because she knows Kaitlyn would have given anything to be there for Sarah’s final moments; just like she knows that Clarke wouldn’t miss it if only she knew… everything.

Lexa wonders how will Clarke react when she dies and she remembers everything. She wonders if Clarke will grieve her like Kaitlyn grieved Sarah or if she’ll move on. She even wonders if Clarke would spend her next life looking for her just like Lexa did in this on. She wonders many things, but then Clarke is there and she’s looking right at her and when Lexa picks up her sword she knows that she won’t die; that she has everything to live for.

And so she beats Roan, and she gives her people peace, and even when Clarke’s clan continues to screw up Lexa things she can make it work. She wakes up one day and Clarke is sitting across from her, drawing her like Sarah used to do with Kaitlyn whenever she had the chance and Lexa thinks they’ll eventually find the right time to be happy with each other. And she thinks she has everything to live for when Clarke kisses her before she has to leave to Arkadia. Lexa feels more alive than ever when Clarke traces her arm tattoo -the one she got to honor both Kaitlyn and Sarah, because it represents how their love was intricate and deep and beautiful, because it represents how they both saw each other as equals, just like Lexa sees Clarke- and she feels like maybe this is their chance. Like maybe their reincarnation meant they got a second chance to live and cherish the kind of love and life that was taken away too soon from Kaitlyn and Sarah.

But then Clarke says goodbye and she leaves the bed and Lexa is just finishing getting dress when she hears the undistinguished sound of bullets -Kaitlyn was a soldier, she could never forget- so she rushes to Clarke and she pushes through her confused guards and she opens the door and the stray bullet finds her faster than she can blink.

And that is when Clarke remembers absolutely everything. She remembers Kaitlyn fighting off four drunk jerks that wouldn’t leave her alone one night as she was walking home alone. She remembers Sarah taking Kaitlyn home that very same night so she could tend to the soldier’s bruised fists and bloody lip. She remembers how her stomach filled with butterflies when Kaitlyn called her beautiful and how Sarah couldn’t help but leaning in to kiss her.

Clarke’s eye filled with understanding just as Lexa’s eyes dimmed with the promise of a life that was about to end. She wanted to ask why Lexa didn’t say anything, she hated herself for not being able to remember and for holding up a stupid grudge against Lexa when she had done the same on her previous lifetime. And there is Lexa, dying but still trying to comfort her and still making sure that Clarke will be protected. Kaitlyn, her soldier. Lexa, her Commander. Both are slipping away from her and all Clarke can do is cry and hold on to for as long as she can. Because she knows that a bullet to the gut isn’t something that a person can be saved from because that’s exactly how Sarah had died in her previous life, from a piece of metal that pierced her stomach the wrong way and made her bleed out.

So she takes Lexa’s hands and she whispers “may we meet again” and when she kisses Lexa on her final breath, Clarke promises to never forget, and she promises that she’ll start looking for Kaitlyn and Lexa and whatever their name might be on their next life. And she promises to be a fair leader to the Skaikru and to bring peace and justice to the grounders just so everyone will remember Lexa for the incredible legacy she left them.

Then Clarke dies and Elyza is born many years into the future and she lives her life like a normal kid until she turns 17 and she remembers. But by then they are already at the beginning of another apocalypse so Elyza perfects the medical skills she remembers from Sarah and the warrior skills she remembers from Clarke and by the time she turns 22 she’s already the leader of her own community, she calls it Polaris, she her people call her Commander and she keeps them safe and well fed and as happy as they can be in such a grin world. But occasionally Elyza goes out to meet with other communities of survivors because she’s still looking for her soulmate. And one day, on her way back to Polaris she stumbles upon a group that is about to be overrun by a horde of walkers and she sweeps in and saves them and she’s so caught up in trying to protect all their innocent lives that she doesn’t realize there’s a girl that hasn’t been able to take her eyes off her until someone touches her arm and says “Thank you for saving me.” And for a second Elyza is stunned, because here’s this girl that looks exactly like her Heda but at the same time she looks nothing alike. And she has a bit of mud on her cheek and Elyza can’t help but reach out and wipe it away. Her skin is as soft and she remembers it and just like that, her heart heals again. “I’m just glad I found you on time.” The girl blushes, ducks her head and puts some of her hair behind her ear before sometime changes within her and she lifts her chin and says: “Me too.” Then she extends her hand, all business like and Elyza has to but her lip from beaming too hard because no matter what lifetime they are living, her soulmate will always be incredibly proper and polite. “Hi, I’m Alicia Clark.”

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Hello! I'm starting uni in two weeks and I'm slowly building a study strategy. I think I'll be good with the materials since a have a good idea of what I want and how I want to use it. However, I'm worried I won't be able to stay on track with my studying. So how do you manage your time? How do you mix studying, relaxation and social life? How do you get yourself to start studying when it's the last thing you want to do? Thank yoooouuuu xx

On how I manage and balance my time between social life and studying, I actually don’t. But here are somethings I wish to follow the coming semester:

I have set up a timetable for myself. I should follow that study schedule normally. If I have any appointments, or that I need to hang out that day, I would have to make sure I have completed what I should have done before going out.

I make sure that I get a little done every single day, even just doing a few pages of my readings. That keeps me going.

A to-do list (I use todoist) is always my best friend. It constantly reminds me that I still have to work and that I have a lot to get done. That motivates me to start working.

If I am really not in the mood, I would choose the easiest course to study, or the easiest thing to do. This gives me some sense of accomplishment.

Do not overestimate how much you can do in a day. That will give you huge pressure and you are most likely going to give up after a while. Try to time yourself studying a chapter, reading a set number of pages. Then you can have a better estimation of your time when planning your studying in the future.

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can i ask you for travel advice? if it's not too invasive a question, how do you afford doing it so often?

hellooooo of course! this is my favorite topic. as far as how I personally afford it, I’ve been lucky to be able to work in foreign countries and that helps me afford traveling in the area afterwards? like I worked in russia last year and funded my mediterranean trip afterwards that way, and I worked in australia this winter and made enough to travel around Southeast Asia with after. it’s kind of like killing 2 birds with one stone because it saves that one international flight you know? because i’m already in the general area I want to travel in. but I’ve also travelled without working in a place first and it’s totally possible. working and saving a bit at home first is probably necessary though (when I’m working at home I’m literally on perpetual travel mindset, like 2 hours work and I’m like THAT’S ONE LONG DISTANCE BUS RIDE). it just takes some determination. jobs that allow travel are great. bar tending, winemaking (!!), farm work, language teaching. I met a guy who works at golf courses around the world which is hilarious and awesome because they have golf courses everywhere.

workstays are another great option and ive never done it but I’ve met a bunch of people who adore them. I’m not sure if you can look for these ahead of time online but the people I’ve met who’ve done them seem to just operate on word of mouth at the hostel or wherever (“I worked and stayed with Joy in Laos and it was awesome here’s her email” etc). with these you normally get free room and board in exchange for light work.

I’ve answered a question similar to this before so ill c+p and add on some new tips I’ve picked up since then.

ok so fiiiiirst of all asia/south america/africa are as a rule cheaper than australia/north america/europe. but if you wanna still go to europe you can check what currency they’re on, like for example if you’re really budgeting, avoid the northern/scandinavian countries and russia (eta: not anymore! the rouble’s crashed since I answered this ask so now is the time to go to russia!!!) and then to a lesser extent any country on the euro. other european countries with their own currency are generally cheaper, like hungary/czech/poland/turkey etc etc. and ofc you can always check to see how your own currency is doing against the others. and i mean you’ll still probably want to go to places on the euro, but if you mix it up with places NOT on the euro it honestly does make a huge difference.
also, if you’re going with other people, try couch surfing!!! i’m alone so i didn’t want to risk it, but it’s a p cool organization that lets you stay with people for free in different places. i think you’re also supposed to offer your own place in return, wherever you live. i’ve heard it’s a ton of fun, and it’s 100% free. if you’re alone like meeee then it might be better to stay in hostels, which are still great. rooms with more beds/roommates are cheaper, and i recommend them because honestly, you can’t even tell. it’s sort of like one big party anyway and for the most part, people aren’t always in the room bc they’re out exploring the city. and it’s actually awesome to meet people? bc then you have friends to go out with, bc yk wandering foreign cities at night alone can be sketch, especially if you’re drinking. also it’s cool to make foreign friends bc they almost always offer their place if you’re ever traveling through their city haha. so it’s like building a network.

check if your hostel has a kitchen! they usually do. if it does, then you can spend muuuuuch less money buying food at a grocery store and cooking for yourself. (eta: not necessarily outside of Europe/North America/Australia. it’s so cheap to eat street food in Asia that it doesn’t help much if at all cooking for yourself). maybe splurge on one local dish per city (and if you do, get out of the touristy areas where they jack up the prices! - i was told that in budapest if a place charges more than 2.50 usd for a bottle of coke, the meal will be a rip off too), but cooking saves a ton of money. a lot of places have cheaper lunch than dinner menus, so make your local dish a lunch thing. even if you’re wandering around the city, grabbing some fruit and a baguette or something saves a lot. same goes for buying beer in grocery stores vs. restaurants (ALWAYS get domestic beer and the local liquor). also bring your own tea/instant coffee. coffee in europe is SO EXPENSIVE outside of a few places like italy and greece. all hostels should have a kettle.

try not to buy water!!! check to see if it’s safe to drink the tap water in the country you’re going to (asia generally no, western europe and usa/canada/australia generally yes) and fill up water bottles. also ask if they have tap water at restaurants, otherwise they’ll bring you expensive bottled water. in parts of europe they might complain or refuse but it can’t hurt to check yk

if you are/were recently a student, bring your student id!!! you’ll save a lot on museum prices. check with your hostel to see if they have any discounts. bring your own towel in case you wanna go to swimming places, sometimes they charge you (and hostels will sometimes charge you to rent one).

walk instead of taking the metro if it’s not too far bc sometimes subway prices are a little ridic. i think it’s like 2.50 usd in vienna? which isn’t a TON but yk, it’s just another expense~ also I i don’t think you really SEE a city until you walk all over it. i’ve stumbled upon the coolest stuff just wandering around trying to get to other places. …bring good shoes tho aha. in Southeast Asia, motorbikes are amazing and very cheap (around $6 a day), and especially if you split that between two people it’ll save a lot of money if you’re planning on checking out a lot of places. just be careful!!!! they’re dangerous.

always try and take a bus if you’re traveling pretty close (like in between european countries) instead of planes/trains. buses are usually a loooot cheaper and tend to be a lot quicker too. (eta: budget flights are changing this though! if you can I would DEFINITELY recommend packing a carry on sized bag that’s less than 7-10 KGs. trust me when I say you won’t need more than that, especially in the summer. that way you can just fly for really cheap (but ONLY if you’re not paying the outrageous checked baggage fees) it doesn’t have the romance of train travel but it saves a lot of time. some good budget airlines are jetstar and ryanair in europe, jetstar and tigerair in australia, air asia and thai lion air around asia.)

look for bathrooms in like mcdonalds and starbucks. a lot of places in europe charge (which I think is toilet TYRANNY) but these places usually have nice clean free toilets. if you’re gonna spend time in a park especially - pee before you go. it’s frustrating when you could buy a coke with the money you’re spending to go to the bathroom (coke is expensive but it’s my one vice :( it just tastes better when you’re traveling)

some more new stuff: check out local SIM card prices. in places like Asia it’s seriously cheap to get a data plan (I’ve been paying around $10 for 3-5GBs of data) and I think it saves money in the long run because you’re able to research and compare prices on the fly. googlemaps is also a lifesaver and I’m sure I’ve saved hundreds using it to check local bus routes as opposed to taking taxis and expensive metros.

always try and take buses and public transport from the airport as opposed to taxis or paying for a pick up from your hostel. getting to my place from the airport is one of my least favorite things about traveling (don’t know the language or the layout of the city or the character of the people or the currency etc) but it’s always sooo much cheaper getting public transport. what I do is check the next hostel’s website before I leave wifi at my current hostel to see if they’ve listed how to get to it from the airport/bus station/etc and they usually do, and then I’ll screenshot it and just check back later when I’m at the airport or wherever. or you can pick up a data sim at the airport and just look it up while you’re there but that’s a gamble.

what ellllse. if you want to book tours, check the price offered at your hostel (a lot of hostels are really cheap because they hope you’ll book something else through them) and then compare it online or around the city. I’ve found normally hostels offer the best rates because they know the people there are on a budget.

insurance! i know a lot of people (probably most) get comprehensive travel insurance that protects them against thefts, disasters, and medical issues and i’ve heard that works really well. i’ve always gone with this purely medical insurance company geoblue though which isn’t incredibly expensive ($30 for 2 weeks, and i think it was like $150 for 3 months) just because i’ve never really had anything lost or stolen and i’ve had a lot of weird health issues traveling, and geoblue has been amazing at getting me appointments in a nice hospital in a foreign city in like less than a day and then paying for all the expenses, even antibiotics. buying some kind of insurance is definitely worth it i think because most domestic insurances either charge a lot for use abroad or don’t apply at all, and you just never now what’s going to happen. i’ve personally used my international insurance more than my domestic insurance even because i’m not home that often and when i am i don’t tend to get as sick.

that’s all i can think of rn but!!! you can do it. traveling is amazing, and there’s ways to do it without spending a bucketload