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Can we have a reasoning as to why you chose to make the characters act the way you did, because I'm trying to make a webcomic myself? I would really like a mature awnser, because I've been getting awnsers from creators like "it's my comic lol i don't care about what u think lol"

You’re going to have to be more specific than that. I have no problem explaining my creative decisions but I’ve gotta have some specific examples to explain first. Ain’t no one got time for me to explain every single characterization decision I’ve made over the corse of the entire comic. OuO;;;;

Here, have some beautiful Hermione with some subpar coloring.

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Hello again~! So I think one of you writes for MTMTE based on the rules and some requests I've seen? But if I'm wrong feel free to ignore this, I'm sorry! >.< And I know I've already asked this (im trying to think up some more creative asks lol) but I really enjoyed that cute asf response you wrote to my cat ask. So if you're up for it could I get MTMTE Rung, Rodimus, Tailgate, Swerve, and Drift reacting to their s/o being able to turn into a cat whenever they want?

Rung~ Is actually not too surprised at the fact you can change into a cat. To be honest he’s found your secondary form to be very therapeutic and soothing after a trying appointment or just a long day. He loves holding you in his lap and lazily petting your back as the two of you either watch a holovid or he reads and you nap.

Rodimus~ Loves this because if he thought you were cute before (and actually teased and told you about it) now he does it twice as often because- Babe! You turn into a ball of fluff! He loves going about his daily tasks with you curled up close to his neck or sitting on his shoulders and giving certain Bots the infamous cat stare of doom.

Tailgate~ IS A MESS! A CAT??? WHAT’S THAT??? YOU’RE SO C U T E!!! The poor dear has absolutely lost his mind and doesn’t know what to do with himself now that his beloved human is smaller and cuter than before. He loves bringing you with him everywhere as a kitty, he’ll even give you a ton of rides on his hoverboard. After a few accidents (there was nothing broken thank goodness) he took his board to Brainstorm and asked for a little kitty seat to be put in for you. Now you two speed demons tear up and down the halls together.

Swerve~ Really feels like you’re soothing to his sometimes frazzled nerves. Often times he’ll let you sit on his bar, even though you’re not a customer, while he opens or closes shop. He likes hanging out with you as a kitty, but his favorite time is when the two of you are back in his habsuit and you curl up on his chest and purr. You really relax him and often times he’ll slowly slip away into recharge peacefully.

Drift~ Despite living on the Lost Light, he’s a little surprised that you’re able to do this. He does enjoy it though and has found that while obviously you’re not a pet, your presence during his meditation is a wonderful sensation. While he’s meditating you’re often found in his lap with his hand on your head giving rhythmic rubs as he sits there. He is very good at giving back skritches and you always pester him and make cat noises when he trys (and fails) to ignore your pestering for his skritches. It’s very peaceful between the two of you. Unless you sleep in the habsuit with him as a cat. Then he get’s upset in a harmless, cute way because you always end up crawling onto his faceplate in the middle of the night.

Nathaniel: What are you doing?

Ellie: Stress baking. And don’t think I’m going to try those November things this island is so fond of, they seem entirely too complicated.

Nathaniel: Cookies, then?

Ellie, now brandishing a spoon threateningly: You drove me to this with that murderous fae creature. And you’ve never had a problem with my cookies before, Nathaniel.

Nathaniel: But in my kitchen?

Ellie: Shut up.

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Hey so um I'm not sure if you she requests or anything but I really like your art style LIKE A LOT and I was wondering if you could do a winter design for Fenris? I'm going to a Ren Faire in November and it's gonna be cold and I want to cosplay him but I'm having issues trying to figure out an alternate outfit D:

i was in the middle of doing a drug report lmao…… i finished so i can draw this (what motivation!!)  

i didn’t think abt how complicated the design would be to make… i just went with it, i hope this help, or atleast inspires u for an alt outfit somewhat 

and thank you!


OCS!! first is a random old wolf oc who I forgot because they all look alike, second is me trying to simplify my style but Look It’s Hard, third is a possible new fursona (i.e. I love golden retrievers), last is Gadget who is a babe who I would ABSOLUTELY date if given the chance because they are truly wonderful and also Dave Strider 2.0

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Everything he/she posts is a REPOST.

Reposted gifs and photo edits from herewegobebe, littleshinee….lack of watermarks on edits by the best of them means it’s hard for me to tell….though I’m pretty sure….seoulers, ablazedays,…….

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do you know how one would make the cognitive functions easy to understand for someone who has no idea bout mbti? I'm trying to help a friend figure out their type well two friends technically but one is more cooperative than the other lol

Ni - looks for connections between apparently unconnected things, future oriented, often detached from the concrete world and oriented to abstract things, plans things ahead of time, often perceived as “deep”.

Ne - oriented to abstract things and ideas, looks for new possibilities, creative, original, daydreaming is usual, very detached from the concrete world most of the times, can be perceived as impractical or naive, often perceived as “random”.

Si - most likely to value tradition and history, nitpicking, precise, detail oriented, good at spotting differences from the past to the present (i.e. “that glass wasn’t there before”), sense of duty, practical and down-to-earth, scared of trying new things most of the times, often perceived as responsible.

Se - very aware of their surroundings, practical and down-to-earth, often thrill seekers, very observant, quick thinkers, impulsive, often charming, blunt, usually more oriented towards “the real world”, often perceived as confident, brave and intense.

Fi - feels deeply but keeps emotions in, very personal moral compass, can be perceived as “hipster-ish” and as a “wannabe special snowflake”, stays true to themselves, usually very honest, often fights a lot for what they believe in (i.e. social justice or stuff that they feel is morally corrects), original, often does not care about what others think of them, sympathetic.

Fe - deeply cares about what others think of them, seeks validation, selfless, easily expresses their emotions, can be perceived as clingy, can be seen almost as a motherly figure, empathetic, generally a people pleaser, can read others’ emotions very well, often very gentle and polite, can easily charm people.

Ti - analytical, introspective, enjoys finding new solutions to problems, likes to learn how things work (very often in a very in-depth way, not just superficially), is more likely to wanting to master very well something than have basic knowledge on everything, curious, thirsty for knowledge, follows a personal logic and train of thought, often perceived as nerdy.

Te - practical, strives for efficiency, headstrong, often stubborn, assertive, logical, bases their opinion mainly on concrete proof, blunt, direct, can be perceived as charming, often competitive and ambitious, rarely gives up, often perceived as bossy, aloof and inflexible, often scares people away by intimidating them (even not doing that on purpose).

The signs as things my creative writing teacher has said:
  • Aries: I can break a mans' arm in seven different ways
  • Taurus: Try using talking hamsters
  • Gemini: We're gonna do this quick and dirty
  • Cancer: I'm interested in the evil duck
  • Leo: Stop getting concussions!!
  • Virgo: I'll put a winky face next to it
  • Libra: Let's try mood lights
  • Scorpio: *something in fluent Japanese to confuse students*
  • Sagittarius: *mimics printer noises while printing important essays in class*
  • Capricorn: One time I saw a mountain lion there; so cool
  • Aquarius: Yeah, I mean, gay Star Trek fanfiction
  • Pisces: Do stupid things. Say LOL

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hey! i've been feeling a little down lately and you seem to be a really nice person + a rly good artist so i figured i'd ask: how do you manage to draw constantly?? i dont mean like fitting art into your schedule but rather how do you manage to always get new ideas and stuff?? bc even tho i love drawing and i have the technical skills i have no creativity... and its kinda sad really bc creativity its like the one thing people expect of artists...

I have no creativity either I think. I’m only inspired when it comes to my otp, which kind of sucks if you want to create a portfolio or if you want a more serious career in art.. 

But personally looking at other people’s art pumps me up! I end of experimenting with something “cool” they do - the way they color, use specific imagery, etc. Umm also think about what you’re interested in, for example if you like a band maybe draw inspiration from their lyrics? Maybe don’t try to force yourself to be creative, draw what you want to (be it a cat, or a plant, idk) and your style might evolve into something more distinct if you carry on for a long time. (Lol but please understand I have 0 creativity so take this advice with a grain of salt) 

The INTP just had a coffee meeting with a potential client.
  • Client: I can see that you're intelligent, but you're very artistic as well. Do you find that combination conflicting?
  • Me: (Thinking: Crap. How am I supposed to explain that!?) Yes, but I try to find a balance where I can use both sides.
  • Client: You have many skills and you're doing many things, do you find it hard to choose your focus?
  • Me: (Thinking: This guy just keeps dropping bombs, isn't he!?) I'm doing many things but I do love everything I do. I just want to do something where I can be creative...blah blah (I forgot what I said).
  • - towards the end of the meeting -
  • Client: It was lovely meeting you. I'm sure you'll do well with your sparkling personality.
  • Me: (Thinking: LOL! Extraversion skills-nailed it!) Thank you!
  • Client: You can't teach good attitude to everyone, but you're genuinely a nice person.
  • Me: (Thinking: Really!? Acting human-nailed it!) Haha I'm glad you think so.
  • - later on -
  • INTP: Someone told me I have a sparkling personality and that I'm genuinely nice.
  • ENTJ: Hahahaha. Poor guy.

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hi um this might sound weird but I'm writing a book thing and my main character is black (I'm white tho) and I'm trying to describe her and make it clear that she is a poc as it's a part of her identity but I've heard that using phrases like "chocolate skin" and "coffee coloured skin" is offensive. do you know any ways to go about this without being a completely ignorant ass?

lol creative writing isn’t my strong point but here’s good some links you might find helpful:

How to write WOC and MOC if you’re white

Writing people of colour


I’d say research extensively before writing and if you’re unsure of anything, ask a Poc you know to read it and listen to what they think.

I see a lot of Padlock art that depicts Tony trying to give Paige a gift of some kind, but his time-accelerating powers causes it to deteriorate before he can give it to her.

I figured he would eventually take a page from Paige’s notebook(lol see wut I did there) and get “creative” with his gift-giving.

those are supposed to be tongs if you can’t tell also I have bad handwriting sorrysorry


Hey Hey Hey taylorswift !!

I’m Natalie, I’m 15, and I’ve been a Swiftie since 2006

I’ll be seeing you on JULY FOURTEENTH at NATS PARK in WASHINGTON DC in WONDERLAND - oops, I mean the 1989 Tour(but hey, they’re close enough, right - whimsical and chaotic and magical and beautiful) and I’m so so so excited!!

This will be the FOURTH time I’ve seen you in concert, as I’ve been to Fearless, Speak Now, and Red.

My outfit is based on your tweet “Summer. Sundress. Sweater. Sunset.” with you being the sunset.

I’ll be going with my 13-year old sister, Victoria, who’s decorating a shirt for the tour. We’ll both make signs that you’ll (hopefully) be able to see at FLOOR 1, ROW 6, SEATS 13 AND 14.

I’d like to thank you, Taylor, for so much. This concert has given me something to look forward to for awhile, and it’s really kept me motivated. I wish I could show that with a better costume, but unfortunately I had some conflicts that prevented me from creating the costume that I had originally planned that was much more creative (for example, lack of dyeing, sewing, and fabric decorating talent). Regardless, I’m going to dance my heart out and sing at the top of my lungs and I know that I’ll have the time of my life. Can’t wait to see you, Taylor!!

Love, Natalie tree-paine taylorswift