i'm trying to be arty

I’ve really been wanting to lose myself in an MMO lately. It’s been a while and they always help me feel calm when I’ve been stressed (which I have been lately for some reason)


timeless, ageless and full of inner strength

So before I send this into the void, I had the sick thought to share it.
*too ashamed of it to post it on my main blog*
*this was never meant to be a thing- I started drawing Venus and then I thought “hey wouldn’t it be funny if it was Pete??” It was not funny.*

wow guys, i was definitely not expecting this blog to get so many followers :o thanks again to you all!

i’ve been getting a lot of asks at the moment, so sorry if i take a couple of days to answer yours… i like to draw a little something for everyone, but that takes time, and school and work keep me quite busy ;__; feel free to keep sending me asks though! just keep in mind that it’ll just take a bit for me to get to you!


‘I don’t know who I am anymore.’ 

‘I was afraid that I wouldn’t see you again.’

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What exactly do you think is the root of ame's self esteem issues? I can't seem to find where they originate from.

Amethyst’s self-worth issues stem from her being a Kindergarten Gem. The Kindergarten was a Very Bad Thing that was killing the Earth, it was what caused Rose and the others to rebel against their Homeworld, its a symbol of bad things, its what the Gems are trying to make up for by defending Earth. No one likes to think about it or talk about it, its such a black mark on their history and it clearly disturbs Garnet and Pearl greatly. It’s such a big symbol of what was wrong with Gems.

and, without it, Amethyst wouldn’t exist. She was born out of this terrible thing, she was one of the “parasites” that leeched life from the Earth in order to exist, Rose and the others rebelled to prevent other Gems like her being made, the Crystal Gems are defending Earth to apologize for her existence. No one ever wants to talk about where she came from and when they do its with such contempt. She probably feels like they wish the Kindergartens never happened, but if they never happened she’d never exist (and maybe it would be better that way, she thinks?). The Kindergarten is a symbol of what was wrong with Gems so, by extension, she is also a symbol of how terrible Gems were.

and its such a complicated situation. Because the Kindergartens were bad, but Amethyst isn’t bad for having been the product of one. But by condemning the Kindergartens, it also feels like the others are codemning her existence. It’s not that way, but its what it feels like. She couldn’t exist without it, and its such a bad thing. She feels like she’s a bad thing, because she was the product of something bad (this is even more the case if Kindergarten Gems were made to be warriors or something otherwise bad, because it means she’s supposed to be bad)

I think it has real-world analogues, if you think about it. Honestly, I can kind of relate? My father was a really awful person and was terrible to my mom, but if they were never together, I wouldn’t exist. My mom always says she’d do it over a million times to have us but I still don’t like thinking about it and I still feel bad that that’s a part of me. It’s just… its a very particular feeling, I’m not sure if I can describe it. But anyway, that’s kind of how I read this, as similar to that. Except, magic stuff with aliens.

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Do you think it's ok for adults to enjoy cartoon shows? My parents told me that since I'm turning 20 soon and shouldn't be watching kid shows, and it made me feel shameful about it.

well, I’m 27 and I watch a ton of cartoons (as well as run a blog pretty much entirely about cartoons). I also watch a ton of adult shows and so I can tell you, often times cartoons are more mature and well made than adult shows (even ones I like)

“cartoons are for kids” is such a bizarre myth. Cartoons are entirely made by adults and while many of them are aimed squarely at kids, a lot of them are more mindful of a wider audience. That isn’t to say they’re not for kids (there’s nothing wrong with a show being for kids!), just that they don’t think kids are mindless and respect them enough to actually have stories and themes and compelling stories. And, naturally, compelling stories will be interesting to adults. It really isn’t that hard to understand, so I can only assume some folks are just being willfully ignorant about it.

Its your parents who should be ashamed of their ignorant attitude, honestly, not you for enjoying things you like. Being an adult means making your own decisions about how you live your life, and you can totally choose to watch cartoons. You have the power, its your life.