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DONE are dark!AUs, serial killer AUs, WW2 AUs, slavery AUs and political subjugation AUs and all that mess. welcome to an era of construction worker AUs, awkward Her/grindr date AUs, meeting at AA AUs, blue-collar AUs, established relationship AUs, stoner AUs, meet-cutes, and actually talking about the trauma that characters face in canon. the dawn of handling problems and developing characters (in character) instead of creating hyperviolent torture p*rn is upon us! 

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His lifebelt doing the bulk of the work to keep his afloat, Davey focused on trying to find Jack. He didn’t even know if it was worth keeping up the fight if the prize wasn’t getting to sleep beside Jack at night. Having checked everyone whose face he could see in the darkness, he pushed his way through a wall of people to widen his search, praying Jack hadn’t been dragged down with the suction of the ship. No. He had to still be alive or Davey didn’t want to be anymore. Jack was all he had. His parents would reject him for good now, no doubt, and there was no chance of them letting him see Les or Sarah. He couldn’t step onto American soil alone.

With his breath coming out like a portion of his soul was leaving his body, all wispy and white, with each painful lungful of oxygen he took, Davey was acutely aware that he was surrounded by hundreds of people, all kicking in the water. When someone grabbed hold of him by the shoulder straps of his lifebelt he tried to turn, assuming it was Jack, but was immediately pushed under the water.

He gasped as he went down, water rushing down his throat and threatening to choke him. Kicking up fast, fueled by adrenaline, he managed to get back above the surface for a couple of seconds before the hands moved to his head and pushed him down more firmly. Whoever the man using him as a floatation device was, he was stronger and just as determined not to die. Davey couldn’t fight him.

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anonymous asked:

Can you do a Jason Todd x reader one where the reader tells Jason she loves him for the first time ❤️

I’m keeping these all about 100/200 words! Here goes!


Y/N blinked, eyes opening to gold on cracked blue paint. It was still early morning and still early enough for Y/N to go back to sleep, if only to get the much needed rest after the night before. Y/N debated quickly in their head on if it was worth it, closing their eyes tightly as if to force sleep.

“You awake?” Jason murmurs behind them, his voice hazy and muffled from the pillow.

Eyes still closed, they smile and turn their body partially. Opening their eyes then, they come face to face with Jason’s tired one, but he’s smiling. He looks content. 

“I feel safe,” Y/N says, reaching forward to brush his hair behind his ears. “Only with you. I love you, Jason.”