i'm trying so damn hard not to love you

I was thinking of Blue Paladin Keith
  • Keith: Okay girl so let's just try to get along and-
  • Blue: You hurt my boy and I'll destroy you
  • Keith:
  • Keith:
  • Keith:
  • Keith: ...What?
  • Blue: It wouldn't even be that hard, you are like a baby

(pls forgive me, i’m not a photo editor. i just wanted ot7)

Hey, everyone! I recently hit 100 followers! I’ve had this blog since January and even though I had a rough start and I wanted to leave a few times, I’m very glad I pushed through. I wanted to save a follow forever for another milestone and just do a drabble game for this one but there are so many amazing blogs a wanted to thank. I really appreciate every single one of you guys. This blog has been a safe haven for me, and I can’t imagine how my life would be without it. I’ve felt much more loved on this blog in the short time I’ve had it than on my previous blog, which I had for 2 and half years before I left. Even though this blog may be considered ‘small’ to some people (not that it matters to me), I still feel as if I genuinely matter to all of you, and I can’t thank you enough. I will never be able to fully express my gratitude. I really do care about all of you. All the users that show up under my followers are my friends, and I care about each one of you so much. Thank you all so much for all that you’ve done for me. I’m beyond grateful.

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You know, I almost forgot how nice to draw them

I did the 6Artists challenge and drew Xander in the style of 6 Twitter mutuals who always draw such amazing Xanders! I highly recommend following them if you have a twitter ~

It was such a fun challenge drawing in vastly different styles that I admire. I would love to try this again someday!

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Jensen tweeted Elta a 'Happy Birthday' post on insta and called her his best friend with an added "I love you, D." and I'm just staring at it like "ah, okay." and went back to sleep. I'm not even keeping up any more because they're trying SO hard to "Beard the fuck up." that it's not even funny any more, like if they wanted to reclaim their hetero back then they should have tone it down some way back then. No, it's society's damn fault. Fuck you society. Being gay isn't wrong, you dumbfucks.

Hello, my darling!

In the midst of these stormy seas I’m reminded of an incident that occured not  long ago - do you remember when Jared serenaded Jensen with “Right Here Waiting” and Jensen responded with “Everything I Do (I Do It For You)”? I’m saying this because I think Jensen could be picking up the slack when Jared isn’t up for some bearding. I don’t think we’ve seen Jared’s real presence over at his social media accounts for a while.

Jensen’s ig post was pretty telling to me. First off, the picture of D is probably ages old. She hasn’t had blonde hair or had her eyebrows styled like that in ages. Compare to this!

Secondly, here’s the caption with my added emphasis “I know we celebrated all weekend but I just had to throw out one last #happybirthday to my best friend on the planet.  I love you, D.“ So, huh? Jensen wants to reinforce the idea he spent the entire weekend at Austin. Well, that only furthers my suspicions that he could’ve left on Sunday to celebrate Tom’s birthday and to join his husband.

I wonder if the surrogate is indeed the cause of this storm or if the J’s are cooking up something big behind the scenes. This social media bearding is on overkill mode right now and I’ll be surprised if the hets or general fans don’t find it strange.

This dog and pony show does nothing to convince me the J’s aren’t a couple. They’ve survived over a decade of smoke and mirrors, weddings, births, rumours and storms of all kind. An unconfirmed rumour of a surrogate won’t bring them down, my dear! We must stand in staunch support of our OTP in these trying times - their ship will sail through it all.

Don’t let any of this bring you down, sweetheart! I hope you have a lovely day ahead of you. Thank you for the message!

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PS: Jensen may be able to write an adoring sentence or two about D, but does he sing to her? Does he heart-eye her? I think not.

Listen to me.
I haven’t felt a damn thing in months except with you.
Listen to the heavy cadence of my heartbeat.
It can’t take anymore.
If you are here to use me, tell me.
If you are here to love me, let me know.
I am incapable of surviving in the in-between.
I have told you– I am fragile. I have been hurt. Be gentle with my soul; it is trying so hard to heal itself.
—  we slow danced and you kissed me like i meant something

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I changed my mind a bit, like you. I was thinking it would be tentative and subtle but damn! these two are going to explode. They can't hold it anymore and they're trying it, really hard. I still think it will be Clarke the one who makes the first move but Bellamy is going to kiss her back without hesitation and they're going to pour all their love, passion, tension, feelings into that kiss. They better give us a good kiss or I'm sueing.

Yeah, I wasn’t going there before this episode, but they are laying on the restraint and repression so thick that it’s getting kind of ridiculous, forced, tense, overwhelming… and I think that’s on purpose. I don’t think it’s to screw with us, I think it’s to build the sexual tension, yes to drive us crazy, but also to drive Clarke and Bellamy crazy.

And at this point, I feel like Clarke DID make a move, and she’s changed her treatment of him so much since the List scene, that I’m not sure she WILL make another move. 

That look she gave him when she told him he was special, the anxiety/sadness/shame/shyness of it? And her refusal to look back at him. And when she did turn to him it was like, “What? I didn’t reveal my heart. There’s nothing happening here. We’re just bros being bros. You know. Totally platonic specialness, nothing to see here DON’TYOUDARESAYTHATYOUWILLDIEYOUWILLNOTDIESHUTUPDON’TSPEAKANYMORE phew oh Roan is calling. Dammit. The apocalypse again.”

Sorry I got distracted.

Yeah. He heard that special comment and it meant something to him and the look on his face was speculative and he went for something. HE WENT FOR SOMETHING. To tell her SOMETHING. Maybe it was just about how she was special too, maybe it was a love confession. But any way it went it was going to be something that he needed her to hear about what she meant to him. And that means HE was going to make a move independent of her initiating.

I think Bellamy has grown enough that he might make the first move. I’m going to say 50/50 at this point.

There’s going to be a good kiss. The season opened with them practically in each other’s laps, and I consider that a statement of of narrative intent. You don’t START like that and then pretend there’s nothing there. When you put a key element in play at the beginning, it has to be used by the end or you are betraying your audience.

I made my twin brother watch voltron

This is a list of things my brother screamed at the tv as we watch the first eight episodes of voltron

•"God damn it Shiro you motivational fuck"(said about 20 times in the first episode)

•"Shiro you zen bastard" (during the nose dive in “some assembly required”)

•*had to pause for 10 minutes after coran was introduced cause he was laughing so hard* “I LOVE HIM”

•"so they each control a limb?? Thats… inefficient"

•(im going to do a perimiter check- shiro) “thats a good idea a very verry good idea, not sven”

•*roles over back of couch* “i cant i CANT THATS SO AKWARD” (when Alluras talking to pidge about her gender)

•through out 8 episodes everytime allura or coran show up “its the space elves! They are space elves! Pointy ears and they are beautiful! THEY ARE SPACE ELVES”

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What up, Ace and or Aro fam??!! It's ya ace aro sista here and I just wanna say I love EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YA'LL BECAUSE YOU'RE YOU AND YOU'RE FUGGIN GREAT! There's not a damn thing out there that can tear us magical beings down, cuz we just that fuggin awesome 😎 Nah, but seriously, I'm so glad to have such a loving and supportive community filled with wonderful people. I absolutely adore seeing us all get along and sharing our stories. Keep being you, and keep trying hard okay? Love you!! 😚

I always start off trying to write out my feelings for taehyung but honestly it just never works out bc words cannot describe the feelings of love, pride, and warmth he gives me. He’s such a talented and kind-hearted man, wanting to make the people he loves happy and wants to see them laugh. He’s such a precious being and so so so talented in all his passions. He works so damn hard to learn the things he wants to learn and you can see it. I can’t wait to see what amazing things the future holds for our taetae! ♡

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I'm kinda bummed because the person who made the comic for national coming out day that's super popular is an aphobe. It's so sad to me because it's a comic that I previously loved. The last line is that no matter how out of the closet you are the community will be there for you and I thought this was nice so I checked their blog and it was like lol jk the community is definitely not here for asexuals though. I'm trying to not let exclusionists bum me out over pride month but it's hard.

NOOOOO is it really??? Damn. That’s upsetting. :C

–Mod Mercy


duality challenge (peaky blinders)

▲ light / dark

“You’ve had a hard time these past few years. God knows you have. You deserve some rest.”

Bts as Shit My Friends Say
  • Seokjin: No, I don't think you understand. I would be so pretty if I was a girl, like prettier than you. I'm not trying to hurt your feelings I'm just stating facts.
  • Yoongi: You guys are giving me a fucking headache. If you'll excuse me, I'm going to go lay down and die now.
  • Hoseok: *Is dancing on the table* Will you guys stop trying to get me down I'm living free.
  • Namjoon: Excuse me everyone, I need to get to my Honors Trigonometry class. No Jimmy fuck off I will not do your damn homework you imbecile.
  • Jimin: It's always so hard to find jeans that fit my butt. I don't think you realize how hard it is to have a big butt, people always want to touch it.
  • Taehyung: I have so many pictures of other peoples dogs on my phone. I want to steal them all and love them and feed them.
  • Jungkook : *buys oregano from a senior* dude I just bought myself some weed. I'm so hardcore.

Okay but can we talk about the hotel?? Even planned this cute ass surprise for his beautiful boyfriend at a fancy hotel (I’m guessing at least a 4 star cuz it was really nice). He ordered room service and champagne. Impulsive? Yes. But so so so heartfelt. You can’t tell me he isn’t deeply in love with that boy. Manic episodes don’t turn you into another person like Sonja is alluding to. This kid loves Isak so damn much, he wants to give him the world.


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I think it's super adorable when a guy tries really hard to express his feelings to you but he doesn't know how, and you watch him physically struggle. Not like, "i'm prideful so I won't show my feelings" but like "damn, how is it this hard to show you i love you?!" Honestly, I can see Yoongi being like that. i'm just freaking aboutmy imagination and i felt like telling you because i know you like yoongi and I like you. So i'm thinking you can freak out with me :P and when you finally catch on

Anonymous said: finally let him live and reciprocate his feelings, he’ll try to act nonchalant but you can tell he’s smug like he won a first place prize (you know how much yoongi loves his trophies), and he’s looking away and all but you know he’s super giddy inside and it’s enough for you even though you can’t see it on his face, but you know his heart. ahhhhh my hearteu! Yoongi!!!!

c’mon this isn’t fair mother fuc

yoongi isn’t an openly affectionate person.

and you know that.

so here yoongi stands in front of you by your locker, in the middle of an empty hallway and as if the silence wasn’t deafening enough. he’s been struggling for two minutes now, past the hi and hello, over the greeting and salutations, now choked up with words that should come out but just… don’t.

it’s hard for you to say anything because yoongi’s known for wanting to do it on his own and you’re letting him. whatever he does want to say, you’re willing to listen, even if it’ll take five seconds, minutes or centuries (if you’re alive), you’d wait.

his cheeks are blushing despite you not saying anything. he’s stuttering and stammering and he’s a complete mess coming undone in front of you without even touching him. your eyes, fixate on him as he shifts his weight left and right, his words jumbled up, mustered in his mind and boggling with his thoughts all over to the point where he can’t think straight. maybe that’s the effect you have on him, on anyone, on him.

he gulps for the umpteenth time today and clears his throat when he’s gathered enough courage. with expectant eyes and his heart on his sleeve, he says… “i like you,” he feels so lightheaded just saying that, and he says it again until he’s dizzy, spinning in your world, lost in your eyes when he manages to tip his chin up to lock gazes, “i like you a lot,”

without missing a heartbeat, your words come out to flow with his, mixed together and tangled in this new, exciting feeling that wraps around the both of you and keeps you warm, “i like you too,”

“really?” his voice cracks, mostly because of the curiosity and shock that tears his voice apart and you chuckle, nodding at his wide eyes, “yes, yoongi-yah,” you lightly reach out to punch his chest, playful enough for it to make him grin so wide, he’s going to blind the world with his gorgeous smile, “really.”

he takes a few more seconds to process what’s going on, before he extends his arm, fingers stretched for you to hold, inviting you in with the warmth only yoongi could have, “w-wanna go for a smoothie?”

biting down on your lip, releasing it soon after, you reach for his hand and nod, fingers naturally locking between one another, like a promise mending both hearts together, “i’d like that.”

((as yoongi guides you out of the hallways, his hand in your hand, you can’t quite see his face when he turns away from you. but you do know he’s blushing a lot but based on how tight he’s gripping onto your hand, the air in his steps as he matches it with yours, the sound of his breathing and excitement buzzing as he tries to keep his cool, it doesn’t take you a lot to notice he’s gleaming with joy.

yoongi is not an openly affectionate person.

and you’re okay with that.))

animals that the signs remind me of
  • Aries: Tiger cub (big and strong and cute and i want to give you a hug)
  • Taurus: Octopus (flexible and hugs really fucking hard like damn ur gonna kill me)
  • Gemini: Dachshund (you're small but i'm a bit scared of you when you get mad)
  • Cancer: Turtle (you're super fun when you come out of your shell)
  • Leo: Stray cat (you act all big but you just want someone to love you)
  • Virgo: Raven (idk you'd probably like them, you're such an emo)
  • Libra: Red-winged blackbird (they try to be intimidating and succeed like half the time)
  • Scorpio: Fall Out Boy (every scorpio i know likes them, hell who doesn't)
  • Sagittarius: Giant ass dog (sometimes you're so cute and adorable but sometimes i need a break)
  • Capricorn: Ant (you're so fascinating, why do you keep running away)
  • Aquarius: Platypus (you shouldn't even exist but you do and you're so unique)
  • Pisces: Butterfly (you're cool from a distance but please don't come close)
  • (these are all just my opinions of the signs based on people i know, please don't take anything personally)