i'm trying really hard not to rewatch the whole show right now

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Supergirl was never about the danvers sisters. karas relationships with cat, james, and monel always took priority in the story. you were quiet when alex was left out of all the crossovers, or when alex was only used as a prop for kara in s1 and had no arc or development of her own, or when alex got almost no screen time last episode, but now youre bitching "but what about the danvers sisters?" can you please stop acting like you give a shit about alex? your hypocrisy is showing. thanks.

Well, I mean, you’re right about one thing, to some degree. This pretty primarily a Kara Danvers-focused blog, so I tend not to blog as heavily on other issues the show has as much.

But I think maybe you need to work on your receipts-getting skillz because this blog started just the summer before season 2 and I talked a shit ton about how excited I was for the stuff incoming for Alex’s character.

But not about how she wasn’t in yet another crossover… hmmm…

Notice the trend? Positive stuff.

I try really hard not to be negative about Supergirl. But when I do end up complaining about it, it’s usually only the things that really grate me. And those things tend to be about Kara.

Yes, Alex didn’t have enough of her own storyline in season one. Yes, it’s ridiculous that she wasn’t included in any of the crossovers (When she has a brilliant voice…). Yes, Alex’s screen time was shit last episode (but I figured it’d be balanced with this episode that’s literally named “Alex” so I didn’t want to complain about an episode I was actually otherwise happy with for once). 

Like, I’m not pretending that Kara isn’t my priority in most cases. But that doesn’t mean I’m wrong about this. Or that I don’t ‘give a shit’ about Alex Danvers.

But also, I’m officially pretty sure that I know Alex Danvers better than you. Because if she heard you saying that Kara’s primary relationship was with any of those people instead of her she’d probably beat you up??? Idk, just a thought.

Maybe you need a rewatch of season one? I recommend a rewatch. Not every storyline was about those two, but they were the heart of the show. It always came back around to them at the end of the day, eating, decompressing. 

They didn’t have a storyline focused around them every episode, but the storylines, the major ones, were about them. 

The first couple were about Kara needing Alex’s faith, then we had the Alex killing Astra and eventually telling Kara storyline, Red K’s biggest emotional beats, the Black Mercy episode, and then the season finale was pretty much about them. When they were forced to fight in the beginning, how Kara wouldn’t be able to leave if she said goodbye to Alex, when they eventually did say goodbye. That was the climax of the episode, and thus the season. 

When Kara said goodbye to Alex and then Alex saved her.

Hell, it was kind of a problem for Alex because with every big story beat being about her and Kara’s relationship and with the small amount of story time given, her whole life was literally about Kara. And like, occasionally J’onn.

Also, I can’t believe you’re trying to tell me about Kara Danvers? Like which relationships are more important with her story??? I know Kara Danvers too well for this…

Alex is her number one. Her person. She’d sacrifice anyone on that list for her. Anyone in the show. She’d sacrifice her parents coming back from the dead to save Alex. Every time.

So yeah, I’m “bitching” about the Danvers Sisters. Because… they’re it. The core. That’s it for me.

I’d say the same damn thing if any of the people I ship Kara with said that they loved Kara as much as Alex does. Because they can’t. Not possible.

And if I could sacrifice screen time from any other character (barring James because that’d just be mean at this point, and Maggie because Alex really needs someone to support her outside of her relationship with Kara, in different ways that Kara can’t offer like “ride or die”) I’d do it, for more time between these two characters.

And if you want your ship to encompass the entirety of who Alex is, I think you need to reevaluate how much you care about Alex Danvers.

Because Kara is as much a part of her as Alex is a part of Kara, and trying to lessen that is like… painting Starry Night in black and white instead. Interesting concept, but it’s a no from me.