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also, as a quick aside...

while i do try to support all headcanons, i really want to remind this fandom to try and be conscious of design choices. specifically, the races and skin colors you decide to give to characters when you design them. it’s been less than a day since the new episode came out and already a large amount of the john designs i’ve seen have been black men (mostly dark-skinned). i obviously support headcanoning characters as black but it’s concerning to me that so many people have immediately decided to design john, our pretentious cocksure devoid-of-positive-emotion megalomaniac of a Big Bad, as a black person, especially when their headcanons for most other characters are non-black or black but light-skinned.

like i said, i’m not trying to dissuade people from having black headcanons in general, i’m just trying to remind white people and other non-black POC to be critical and self-aware when creating our fan designs for characters.

(if any of my black followers feel that i’m out of line addressing this, please let me know)


“I am the governor, and protecting the people who live here is something that I must do.”


🌊 || 03.30.2016 || happy birthday eren!


They go out drinking and Jack finds out Davey is a light weight. The hard way.

anonymous asked:

I'm studying a new language (Korean) and I'm really struggling with a notes format and color coding system. I've wasted an unnecessary amount of paper trying to work this out, and I can't feel like I've truly established a concept/lesson unless I have satisfactory notes for it. Do you think you help?

Hi there! Thanks for asking, and sorry for the late reply ^^’ Well I find that it’s easiest if you can work out a colour for each sentence part, e.g. adjectives, verbs, nouns and particles. Those are the main parts. Once you get used to common components like the subject in the sentence, you can skip colour coding them and just code the parts of the sentences that are new. It’s as simple as that! If you try and color code everything it’ll just make things confusing. 

The other way you can code things is by coding subject, predicate, clauses, modifiers and phrases, but those can get a little confusing and aren’t as practical for learning a new language - it might be easier to code when learning a new grammar structure for example. 

As for the format of my study notes, I always use new grammar structures as a heading. Then write an explanation beneath, and end with an example colour-coded sentence. For vocabulary, I use flashcards (either paper or digital with Anki works well) since writing lists is pretty pointless. There’s no point in writing words out again and again unless you’re doing handwriting practice - I was always taught to do this in Saturday Chinese school, and it was completely useless - I would write out maybe 200 characters (10 times for 20 new characters) and remember none of them. 

I find this system super effective ^_^ Hope that helps!


behold a sneaky peeky comic about one of the next aus I’m gonna write after Intangible Force is over!! (which i’m working on, i promise, the chapter will be done by sunday at the latest)

But yes!! I wanted to let off some steam and do some drawing for the soul and then this happened. I hope you all like it!! longer-haired yuuri is my life. I also need to practice drawing viktor more he’s so difficult. i won’t say much about this au other than it’s an orignal story concept au!! more will be revealed soon!! and I hope that people like it..!!


a confused sketchy, rough viktor in response haha