i'm trying not to let it show

I can’t stop laughing over the racist neckbeards on the Marvel Facebook page upset about a completely innocuous illustration of Miss Marvel urging people to vote as being too politically biased towards Hillary (it doesn’t say anything about who to vote for, but apparently a Muslim superhero talking about the election is too much).

And the fuckboys in the comments trying to argue that freaking Steve Rogers would be an enthusiastic Donald Trump supporter. I’m fairly certain they’ve either never read a Captain America comic or watched one of the films, or they’re just misinterpreting the character to a BAFFLING degree.

you know in this scene after even kisses him for the first time isak is trying SO HARD to not break into a grin like he’s holding back that massive smile because finally FINALLY he got the closeness he wanted FINALLY it’s real and even likes him too and he kissed him, and isak is trying to not let it show too much and he’s like “wow the very official competition we were having there you totally cheated this is all i care about!!!!!” and he’s pretending to be shocked by even’s gesture but he’s just so!!! ridiculously happy!!!! HIS EYES ARE SMILING SO BIG

and EVEN with that huge huge smile on his face. he just KNOWS 

Happy first day of #AGilmoreChristmas!!!

Here are a bunch of too many christmas & winter themed gilmore girls icons of the cast/characters from the original show, the revival & the EW photoshoot.

  • 200+ icons can be found here
  • please like/reblog if using
  • credit is not necessary but always appreciated
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Most of these were made before the revival came out. I might add more so if you have any specific requests, let me know, and I’ll try to make them. Anyway, I hope you like them! ENJOY! :)

And don’t forget to check the advent calendar every day for a new gift!

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Could you imagine Zarc going berserk?? I mean he had the red eyes at one point but was that looked more like he was really into it, then that he was really mad?? I wonder how those eyes would look on him.

Maybe like this…? I bet the show would make it cooler but I gave it my best shot haha

You decide what made him so mad

I was unable to do this last year due to time constraints, but I’m not going to let this AWFUL year pass without acknowledging and showing love for those who made it bearable: ALL of you.  I’m incredibly grateful for the little bit of joy you all have brought me in 2016.  This is my follow forever:

These are people who have been with me since the beginning, loved ones, those I love like family, and of course, the fuckin’ nerds who stood beside me and screamed with me about video games, pro wrestling, tv shows and more.  I hope all of you will stay with me forever and that even if somehow we part, that we’ll always find each other again somehow.  Much like those three.

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Finally, this is for the ones who I haven’t known personally for too long, but who I already adore like crazy.  Much like the stars that perform on NXT like Asuka up there, Shinsuke Nakamura or Samoa Joe, you’ve ALWAYS been amazing and I’m so happy that now I can get to know you as well.  And I hope that a year from now, we’ll all be even closer. ^_^

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I think from the whole arguments i’ve seen in this dumb discourse the worst is the “Rebecca doesn’t know how to say no” bs.

Because this people is saying Rebecca is letting every writter do whatever the fuck they want without saying No, using Lauren and lapidot as an excuse.

This is a clear prove that this people never saw a cartoon with directing issues, you wanna know what show always had direction troubles? Adventure time. Watch the shows and you’ll notice many of the writters have their own vision of the show and that, even back when Pendlenton was, he didn’t knew how o tell them no. The crew even admited they started to think of the whole mushroom war and that thing IN THE MIDDLE of season one, they have no clue what they’re doing, neither had Pendlenton as directors.

On the other side Rebecca had the whole show well though since the beginning and it shows, everything connects, characters come back even seasons later, its well developed and all chapters are clearly in a straight storyline.

I am a lil bit too tired with people believing everything on the negative side of the discourse just because is the negative side, please know your facts before reblogging and/or posting.


hey, even though cardcaptor sakura is classed as a shoujo, everyone seems to have forgotten that romance has never been and will never be the main main focus of the manga. so if a new character shows up, it’s most likely not to get in the way of the main pairing. (please trust clamp a little. they dedicated an entire dimensional travelling manga to syaosaku, they’re not gonna go so low that they cut these two off with a silly love triangle. and ohkawa can write better twists than that)

i love syaosaku as much as the next person, but i really don’t understand why everyone has to connect the new girl to their relationship as soon as she appears. there’s a very clear connection between akiho and the cloaked figure, as well as the possibility that she’s sakura’s twin destiny (like kurogane and fai, or the two kamuis of x - minus the romantic implications of course), why aren’t we talking about that instead?

their relationship isn’t the only thing there is about sakura and syaoran, and it’s most certainly not the only thing there is about the manga, albeit it’s very important. this might sound rude to syaosaku fans, but it’s just the truth. the manga is more than just about the main pairing, and not everything has to be related to their relationship. their relationship will be fine, nothing will get in the way of it. please don’t reduce akiho to a simple romantic plot device.

I have to do a sleep deprivation EEG next Friday, so I have to ask for work off and get a sub, and I hate doing that. This time, I got to pick the day, though, so I made sure it was not an even day so my sub doesn’t have to deal with my sophomores.

On one hand, it’ll be nice to have a day to rest, especially after a sleep deprivation EEG. But I still always feel so guilty about asking for days off, even if it’s for valid reasons. 🙄

Got some new copics yesterday and had to try them out, which worked out well since I’ve been itching to draw this cat!bill design from the coven au that’s been floating around

let’s all try and hold back a little on the colossal freak out i know ever international skam fan is having right now because of the geoblock, i know it’s scary and i know it’s frustrating but nrk isnt trying to spire us they’ll try and figure this shit out they appreciate our support and want us to be able to watch the show, let’s not take this frustration out on nrk or dump our worries all on the norwegian bloggers, they’ll keep us up to date and i trust them to help us all have access to the show like they have been doing so graciously for months now

there’s still a long time until season 4 is probably going to start, there’s still a long time for this all to get sorted but we’ll figure it out, find our ways around like we have been doing this whole time, this is not the doomsday it might look like i promise


bc i hit another milestone recently and you guys are incredibly sweet and i can’t thank you enough for following me, i thought i’d show my appreciation and spread some positivity!! plus, i need more people to follow. so basically i’m going to stalk through your blogs and show as much love as i can

everyone gets compliments and i’ll try to be as specific as possible. all you have to do is

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(or first ever attempt at trying to organize my thoughts) There is this feeling I cannot shake since watching that ground-breaking show that is Skam. And particularly, that beautiful soul, named Even Bech Naesheim. And how Isak might be …. his anchor. In this universe in this moment.

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With Thomas Gibson being fired

First Paget, then Shermar, now Thomas.

I for one look forward to the inevitable deterioration of the show’s cast to the point where it’s just Matthew running around with a bunch of brooms dressed like the rest of the team trying to solve crimes.

Jumping from a park bench with the Hotch!broom above his head like “WHEELS UP IN TWENTY GUYS LETS GO WHEEE”

Trips over the Morgan!broom

“Damn Morgan always pranking me ha ha”

Spouting out facts because that’s what he does to feel useful. “Loneliness causes the same chemical reaction in the brain as physical pain.”

Taking the Rossi!broom to the bar to wingman for him because Rossi would have liked that.

Taking the Emily!broom to the movies to watch Solaris in the original Russian.

Tiny Henry!broom and Reid go to the park.

“ha ha this is fine”



Let’s take Olympus - The Gods always picked favourites and blessed (or really cursed?) them with special gifts. Now thousands of years later the favours’ descendants meet every sixteen years in the shadow of Mount Olympus to pick their strongest, brightest and most gifted to determine who will rule their empire - both worldly and otherworldly - for the next four times four years.
Alexandria Hayward, Alex for short (FC Zoey Deutch) shows signs of becoming a great seer, but it seems something (or someone?) is keeping people from listening to her prophecies. This leads to her almost dying during a fire in their training facility that she foresaw. Quiet and soft, Caleb Montgomery (FC Matthew Daddario) has never shown any signs of being a particular rough competition in the games to come. That is until the fire in the training facility forces him to reveal his gift - when he very literally pulls Alexandria from the banks of River Styx and back to the land of the living.