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burn || jung hoseok

Jung Hoseok x reader

Summary: A fire starts in yours and Hoseok’s shared home, and quickly gets out of control. You two need each other to get through it.

Genre: angst/disaster/eventual fluff

Words: 2160

warning - fire, crying, general tragedy

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I don’t know how the fire started. All I know is that I smelt it before I saw it. The distinctive smell of smoke that I had passed off as a neighbour’s barbecue grew strong and pungent enough for me to consider it could be something more serious. I was getting some work done whilst Hoseok was downstairs, but the smoke distracted me to the point of concern that I wanted to check where the smell was coming from. I got up with a frown and made to leave my room in order to find the source of it.

When I opened the door, I was overwhelmed by the same smell, much stronger, and coughed slightly, lifting my sleeve to cover my nose and mouth.

“Hobi?” I called. I couldn’t see any smoke, but the smell was so strong that it had to be coming from inside the house. I tried to push down the dread rising in me, telling myself it was just Hoseok accidentally burning something while cooking. He had been in the kitchen anyway. There was no answer, so I began to make my way downstairs. The smell got stronger and stronger until I reached the kitchen door, which was shut. I gasped, fear immediately spiking in me. There was visible dark grey smoke leaking slowly from under the door, disappearing into the air. Hoseok.

My breathing sped up with panic and shock, and I resisted the urge to throw open the door, remembering all the fire safety talks I had been given. I tentatively held the back of my hand out to the handle, flinching and pulling it back quickly at the alarming heat of the metal. I frantically looked around for something I could use to open the door, spotting a tablecloth and grabbing it with shaking hands. I scrunched it up and held it around the handle enough that I could open the door.

My nose, mouth and eyes were immediately filled with smoke, and I held my hand over my face, trying to keep my eyes open as I hurried in.

“Hoseok!” I shouted, coughing and waving my hand in an attempt to clear the dark smoke filling the room. I could hear the flames, and feel them, a strong heat hitting my body from the front. Overwhelmed by fear and disbelief, I tumbled forward into the room, desperately calling. “Hobi, are you in here?”

There was no response, and I moved further forward, finally coming face to face with the source of the smoke. Where our stove should have been were only flames, growing tall up the wall and spreading across the counter and towards the ceiling. A startled scream fell from my open lips, and I made the mistake of inhaling sharply. All I could feel, all I could breathe was smoke, flowing into my mouth and down my throat, burning. I coughed and retched, stumbling backwards away from the fire automatically, my chest heaving. Tears were now streaming down my face, both from the smoke and from panic.

I couldn’t see the whole of the kitchen due to the thick smoke, increasing every second. I stepped forwards in a desperate attempt to reach the edges of the room and ensure that Hoseok wasn’t inside, and lurched, falling onto my knees. I coughed relentlessly, but realised after a moment that the smoke was a lot thinner down here. Heat rises. I forced my stinging eyes to open as wide as they could, and looked around, searching desperately for any indication of my boyfriend.

The relief that filled me upon confirming his absence was quickly followed by fear. If he wasn’t in here, where was he? The heat from the flames was increasing, and even on the floor the smoke was too thick, too overwhelming. I couldn’t see, I couldn’t breathe. I had to get out of the room. Upon crawling along the floor and finding the door, I was alarmed to see the flames had almost reached it, having spread across the entire wall. I made my out as quickly as possible, expecting relief from the smoke but getting none, as it continued outside the room into the hall.

I managed to stand when the smoke began to thin, and felt my insides burn as I gagged, my body trying to eject the smoke I had inhaled. I took a shuddering breath, trying to get oxygen, and looked at the door. Every single instinct I had was telling me to get out, get out now, or you’ll die, but I couldn’t. Hoseok had been here, which meant he didn’t know about the fire, or was trapped somewhere. I couldn’t leave him.

I made a decision quickly and hurried to the stairs, taking them two at a time but stumbling, my vision blurred and my legs weak.

“Hoseok!” I shouted hoarsely as I hurried around, my eyes streaming. “Hoseok!” My voice wouldn’t let me shout as loud as I wanted to, my throat hoarse and burning. The smoke had risen upstairs, and was increasing, filling the air steadily. I opened every door, and searched frantically, panic overtaking me as there was no sign of him. I counted every room, racking my brains for anywhere else he could be. My head was reeling and I choked as I tried to shout again, doubling over with coughs. I couldn’t see the bottom of the stairs when I reached them, the smoke was so thick. I stumbled down them anyway, one hand over my nose and mouth, and the other clinging to the banister.

The fire had left the kitchen, and I screamed at the sight of the flames spreading rapidly along the curtains in the living room, licking up furniture and burning everything on the bookshelf. I sobbed, the smoke billowing around my ankles now, rising and filling my lungs again.

“Hoseok!” I screamed in desperation, my body doubled over and my eyes screwed shut, tears continually leaking out of them. I heaved and coughed for air, every part of me burning. I had to get out. With one regretful glance back up the stairs through blurry eyes, I ran to the front door, running out of oxygen completely as I choked on smoke, fumbling with the handle.

I slammed the door open, falling out into the outside, immediately gasping and gulping the fresh air, my knees buckling. I heard shouting voices and crawled further away from the house, my burning eyes shut tightly and my thoughts only filled with Hoseok. I sobbed, my knees now on grass, and pressed my forehead down to the floor. Hands were on me, lifting me, and I fought them weakly, tears streaming down my face.

“He’s… still inside…” I cried, trying to open my eyes but screaming at the burning when I tried to. People were talking to me, but everything sounded dull and I lost track of what was happening to me, my head light and my thoughts incomprehensible. He had been inside with me. I didn’t save him.

I sat on the stairs of an ambulance with a blanket over my shoulders a while later, forcing my stinging eyes open to see the firefighters enter the house, and come back out with no one. My lungs were on fire; every breath left me begging for more of the water they had given me, my throat stinging, and every movement sent a sharp pain through my skull. Tears slipped silently down my face as I watched them fight the fire, neighbours gathered in lawns to watch. I wanted to scream, and shout at them to go away, and at the paramedics to stop helping me, and find Hoseok. But I knew it was no use, and I didn’t have the energy.

The ambulance stayed in case someone else was found inside, so I got to watch as my house was destroyed in front of me, the flames reducing with the firefighter’s efforts and leaving only a blackened mass of ash and wood. Everything I owned was in there, but none of that mattered. I closed my eyes in defeat at the thought of Hoseok, tears slipping down my face as I placed my head in my hands. I prayed he hadn’t been inside, confusion and fear for him more prominent than any pain I was feeling.

My ears were numb to most of what people were saying to me, but they managed to pick out one sound above the others, as suddenly my head jerked up, my eyes searching for whatever made it.

“Y/N! Y/N!” Someone was screaming suddenly, and I was up on my feet before I could register it and I was turning towards the sound, my heart jumping. “Where’s Y/N?” The voice shouted desperately, and then I saw him, pushing through people, his face panicked. His eyes lingered on the house before flickering anxiously around all the people.

A sob left my lips and I almost collapsed at the sight of him. I watched him run up to one of the firefighters, shouting something at him and looking around frantically. I clung to the side of the ambulance, crying violently with such an intense onslaught of emotions hitting me with full force that I could barely move. He was alive. He was safe.

“Hoseok!” I forced my damaged throat to scream out, broken and rasping but loud. I let go of the vehicle as my feet began moving of their own accord towards him. His head whipped towards me, and I moved faster, stumbling and sobbing. He reached me before I had managed ten steps and suddenly he was holding onto me; my face and then my shoulders and my body and I clung to his body, falling into him. He moved frantically, pulling me to him fiercely before quickly checking every part of me, tears falling from his eyes as he examined my face. I sobbed relentlessly, my body growing weak, and he was asking something but I couldn’t hear him. I could only desperately hold onto any part of him within reach, relief filling me so intensely that I could barely breathe. He wasn’t inside. He was here. He was alive.

“Where the hell were you?” I screamed, my arms thrown around his neck as I cried into his shoulder. I finally began to register the environment around me as he pressed me against his body to tightly, grounding me instantly, and I could hear him speaking to me.

“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry.” He was muttering into my neck, and my knees lost balance. We both sunk to the ground in each other’s embrace, and I could feel his tears against my neck. He sobbed painfully, his breath catching as he continued to frantically apologise.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I just went to the shops.” He cried. “What happened, Y/N? What happened, oh my god.” His breaths were ragged as he clutched me to him. I cried against him continually, my lungs and throat still burning with every breath and my entire body aching, only able to utter out the one thought running through my mind.

“I thought you were dead.”

I was taken to hospital quickly after the paramedics found out Hoseok was alive and well. Significant smoke damage to my throat and eyes, but nothing that wouldn’t pass, so I was discharged. I hadn’t let go of Hoseok since I had found him again, always clutching his hand or arm, and barely taking my eyes off him. The absolute fear I had felt in that house when I couldn’t find him was something I had never experienced before, and would never forget.

That night, lying in a hotel room with Hoseok draped around me, I cried. I cried for our house, our belongings, the memories we had there; for the experience, the terror and trauma that would never leave me; for the fear of what we would do next. But mostly I cried for Hoseok. For his light, his love, and how I had nearly lost him.

“I went back for you.” I whispered through my tears, which he was rhythmically wiping away with his thumbs, clinging to me. He shut his eyes, a tear falling from his lashes.

“Thank you, baby.” He murmured hoarsely, pressing a kiss to my forehead, and then my cheek. I curled up, cringing again at the memory, a sob leaving my torn-up throat.

“Shh, it’s okay.” He whispered, wrapping his arms around me tighter. “You’re okay now. I’m right here. I love you.” I felt his heart beating beneath my fingers; the soft rise and fall of his chest against mine as he breathed.

“You’re okay.” I choked out, curling my fingers into the fabric of his shirt, tasting the smoke in my throat again, feeling the panic.

“I’m okay.” He confirmed, and I felt one of his tears drip onto my neck, clutching me closely to him. “We’re okay.”


Angels and Demons (Cas x Reader)

Character: Castiel x Reader (Female)

Word Count: 4,644 (Sorry)

Warnings: Torture. Blood. Swearing.

Request: can you do a soulaate cas oneshot? like the reader and cas don’t know each other, but they meet and the reader can see his wings?

AN: What’s up, guys? I’m super excited to be writing for Cas :) …and I'm also excited to tell y'all that I am going to officially become an aunt today or early tomorrow! (I’m sitting in the hospital with my sister, as I write this) Anyways, I hope that everyone enjoys! Feel free to tell me what you think, leave a request, or just stop by to say hello! :)

-Megan :)



The sound of your bare feet smacking against the slimy concrete, echoed off of the surrounding brick walls as you sprinted around a corner and into an empty alleyway. 

“Do you really believe that you could ever escape me, [Y/N]?” a man laughed sadistically from behind you; the same man whom had broken into your apartment, mere moments before. “I know that Castiel has taught you otherwise." 

Ducking into a nearby doorway, you pressed into the shadows and squeezed your eyes shut, hopelessly trying to answer the questions that swirled recklessly through your mind. 

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