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Honestly, people who haven’t watched Daniel Radcliffe in anything other than the Harry Potter movies are doing themselves a disservice. It comes through in his acting that he is choosing movies he really wants to do and is giving it his all.

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I think this is headcanon request, whatever you want to do this for. Reader plays Blink of an Eye on piano after Pietro’s death, Tony plays it through stereos of every Avenger’s rooms. How would they react? x (btw, i'm gonna send this to one another blog)

Hi, darling! I’ll try my best! And that’s fine to send your request to another blog. <3 xx

Tony Stark:

Tony would think it was just a beautiful rendition of the song that everyone should hear, that’s why he plays it for everyone to hear. Other than that, I don’t think it would effect him too much.

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Steve Rogers:

I think Steve would be the one with possibly the most empathy towards Wanda that he would realize how the song would effect her. I think he would make a choice to wait until the song was over to check how she was, but he would make his way to her room afterwards to check on her.

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Thor Odinson:

Thor would enjoy the song and congratulate your abilities as a musician heartily afterwards. He would hear the song and feel the emotion behind it. I think he would enjoy it and be touched by it.

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Natasha Romanoff: 

I think the song would touch her, and she would enjoy its melody. In the confines of her own room, she might let the emotion of the song show on her face as she listened, but the most you’d hear of that later would be her congratulating your skill as a pianist later in the day. I doubt she’d tell you how much it really touched her.

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Clint Barton:

Clint would be reminded of Pietro by the song. Staying to his room for a while after the song had finished as he works through his own feelings at having lost such a new addition to the team so quickly.

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Vision wouldn’t be as touched as the rest of the group, but I do believe that he would listen to the song and learn of the emotions behind it quite quickly. He may have enough intuition to wonder how it may affect Wanda.

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Wanda Maximoff:

She would listen to the song and immediately think of Pietro. I think she would wish to be left alone in her room afterwards in order to deal with the feelings it brings up. She may open her door for Vision or Steve if they were to knock, but I doubt she would want much comfort from either of them in favor of the solitude of her bedroom. When she did wind up seeing you again, she would try to tell you how beautifully you played the song.

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do you have any writing ideas in store for us? I always anticipate new pieces from you, so you think we could get a sneakpeek into something you're planning if you have anything?? Love you!

ah yes, actually. I’ve been working on a couple of things. However, I keep writing and rewriting or just scratching the whole idea because most of my pieces are Angst and I’m not sure whether or not it would be too angsty for you guys. And I feel bad that I haven’t really posted in a while, but I’m trying! 

Here are a couple sneak peeks for you !!

- However, even after you had come into his life and brightened the way home. The mere candle you had lit up for the journey wasn’t enough. It had been fading, and the bright light it had been providing was now dying. And now he had been back to stressing. 


* Your voice echoed through the depths of his mind, filling his every thought with you
* He thought he would get used to it, the sounds of your yells and shouts from the month prior
* However, getting rid of the mere thought of you would be more grueling than he had believed

and lastly 

- You remember walking into the cafe for the first time when you were young. The owners, a lively and happy family of three like they had always been, the cakes in the display as delicious as they had appeared. You had been just a mere child then, searching for a birthday cake with your mother who had graciously brought you along. Your eyes lit up, shimmering at the sight of the beautiful red velvet cake sitting behind the glass at perfect eye level. And here you were once again, in the same cafe at a much older age, searching for a special cake for your special day with an exceptionally special person. 

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