i'm trying a lineless coloring style

deepfathom  asked:

Hey, can I just ask how you get the lineless style when coloring your art? I mean, I don't really understand how you color your stuff in the first place... I'm trying so hard but I'm just having a rough one making it work so I'm asking around a little to see if I can figure it out. :/

I’m totally gonna go overboard with this but ohwelllll<3
I made this tutorial a while ago and I realize now that it’s not very clear about some things, so let’s try this again!

Start with line-art! I draw it in red because I won’t be using that colour anywhere else on the drawing, so I’ll be really easy to see throughout the whole process. 

If you’re starting from a scanned picture, open up another layer above it and draw your lines again on that, so you have a layer that’s just nice clean lines. After I’m done I double the layer, just so the lines are easier to work with. (right click on the layer, hit ‘duplicate layer’, then rightclick again and hit ‘merge down’)

I usually make sure the details (lines are are going to be inside and coloured differently, like the ones coloured black here) are at least twice as thick as the others. 

Then, lock your layer! That makes sure you don’t end up drawing anything more/erasing things, and you’ll need to have it locked after you colour, so why not!

Now, time for colour! Make a new layer underneath your lines, and have at it! I usually colour a few things on each layer, but make sure it’s bits that don’t touch. That way I don’t have to worry about overlapping or going outside the lines as much.

For things that are going to be white, like his shirt and teeth, I do them in another colour, then lock the layer and go over it with white. When the layer is locked, nothing on it can be erased and nothing can be added, so all you’re doing is changing the colour. That’s the secret for colouring the lines and making them ~disappear~, but we’ll get to that in a bit!

Don’t be afraid to use as many layers as you need to, they’re your best friends when it comes to colouring. When you’re done your colours, it’s time for the magic to happen!

Go back up to your lines layer and, while it’s still locked, start going over you lines to correspond with the rest of your colouring! Once you start with one colour it should start to make sense, don’t worry.

If it helps, this is what your lines layer looks like without the colour layers, just for more clarification.

Once you’re done all your lines, there’s probably going to be a few pixels that are the wrong colour, because colouring isn’t an exact science and you’re bound to go out of the lines in a few spots

For those, I make another layer above my lines and just cover ‘em up with my brush tool, easy peasy.

And that’s pretty much it!

Then you can add whatever background you want on a layer underneath it all, and you’re all set!

If you have any questions or if anything is horribly unclear, don’t be afraid to ask! Otherwise, I hope this helps! :D