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Have you guys ever met another rick and morty pair that were together? Maybe even another pair from another ABO universe?

“We haven’t met another pair that were together, but the thought of meeting another Rick AND Morty from a ABO universe sounds really bad. The other Rick and I would probably get in a fight.”

  • me, last night, on an insomnia-induced sleeplessness high: hell yeah i'll put my controversial thoughts in this Twitter thread, that sounds great!
  • me, waking up this morning and reading my Twitter notifications: this is why i have social anxiety
Shout out to the people with mediocre talents

The people who can carry a tune but don’t have a remarkable voice

The people who can draw more than stick figures but can’t develop their own style

The people who have a decent imagination but no idea how to write it all out (or vice versa)

The people who can play covers of songs but can’t write their own music

The people who can dance with choreography but not freely

The people who can do sports but never make the team

The people who are good- that just don’t feel good enough

An anonymous fear submitted to Deep Dark Fears - thanks! I’m just finishing up my new Deep Dark Fears book - and I’ll be posting the cover tomorrow night!

I was looking through @attackoftheclothes and idk fashion happened