i'm trolling ok

I’m really intrigued about whats going on with Mark Sheppard and spn. You know at first I was like, I’m not gonna take notice of what he says because he could easily just be trying to make us believe he’s not coming back so it will be even better when he does. But looking at the stuff he’s saying, he seems really bitter and angry.
“Suprise suprise, it was cut.” - talking about his line.
He also said he wasn’t appearing at any CREATION conventions. 🤔 I really hope he’s able to tell his story. I can tell it’ll be good.

Witness my descent into madness:

Hmmmmm… I think I’m going to watch this new thing. I’m sure it’ll be fine. I mean, I love all of Guillermo Del Toro’s work! How bad could it be?

OOOOOH look at that cast! I’m totally gonna love this show! Just look at all the trolls!

And these two are part of the main cast!!!!! 


oh no





Bridget and Gristle Headcanons

Because they need so much more love and attention tbh

These are all post-movie.

  • They finally go on an actual date without getting interrupted. They have pizza and go roller skating and play mini golf and play 2-player games at the arcade and have one heck of a good time.
  • Bridget tells him that “she likes his back”, and it actually works as a compliment even without Branch telling her mushy stuff to say. Gristle is easy to please.
  • Bridget grows her hair out, doesn’t end up looking EXACTLY like she did as Lady Glittersparkle but she loves her long hair anyway~
  • Living her whole life in poverty, Bridget never really had an actual full meal. So the first time she actually gets to eat as a host at the castle, she eats SO MUCH. She just keeps going and the servants are like lowkey scared of her and Gristle is just watching her in adoration like “isn’t she beautiful?”
  • They actually have to remind him that his meal is getting cold and he should probably start eating before his lovely guest eats his portion too
  • They become the most disgustingly sweet couple EVER. They’re that kind of couple who gives each other cheesy pet names and is constantly complimenting each other (especially Gristle, he’s ALWAYS gushing over his gf) and making out in public and please, stop
  • Bridget is still Poppy’s bff and they’re super supportive of each other, also they regularly have tea meet ups to talk about recent events and how being a queen can be p stressing etc. Also sometimes Suki, Satin and Chenille come over to gossip and it becomes a sleepover.
  • oh also consider how Branch probably takes a while to fully trust the Bergens, and for a long time the only Bergen he can talk to without being on edge is Bridget. So he basically just tells her or Poppy everything he wants to say to Gristle bc he still doesn’t feel like talking to him personally.
  • Branch and Bridget are actually good friends and hang out sometimes and it’s so weird for everyone else but it actually makes sense, considering how much they have in common.

The Great Scannerfest 2k14, ft. homestuck

My friend got me a whole set of Inkjoy coloured pens last year so I tried tem out on all the lady trolls from homestuck!


Kirisaki Daiichi

Submitted by dawn-is-gone

Hanamiya doesn’t hit, he only snaps

A nice Kanaya.

Really happy with this, it was just a quick sketch I made during digital illustration but it turned out better than I expected!!

I drew her hair like Shiori’s though that’s what force of habit does to you I guess


And he decided to translate them

and Kagami was burning again after that one. Aomine is a cute dork (just because they’re texting, they’ll never mention that face-to-face, because there’s too much tsun), and Himuro was snickering in the background, feeling proud about feeding the aokaga

also laughing at all the flaws in that one post (that lbr was a troll post and in a sense i’m less mad at that one than others i’ve seen cause it’s just that stupid and trolly):

  • apparently all korrasami shippers hate mako: wrong!
  • apparently all korrasami shippers only ship this ship because “lesbians are hot,” not because of any real desire to see ourselves represented in the media and certainly not to explore and celebrate our own sexuality through fanworks: wrong!
  • apparently the idea that korra and asami could ever possibly become friends is delusional: wrong again! (fun fact: it’s actually canon :D)