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Let's bully Raito-kun ;3
Sakamaki Ayato Sakamaki Raito Sakamaki Kanato

Well, here’s a translation (Sorry, my Japanese is too noob and so do my English) I don’t own anything about the audio and I just cut it from the game


Raito : Heeh… do your best, Bitch-chan, I’m going to cheer for you *kiss*

Ayato : Keh, oi Raito! What are you doing(1), you bastard! *kicks*

Kanato : Don’t do anything silly and what about starting RIGHT NOW? *kicks*

Raito: Ouch! (whiny voice)That’s why, I said don’t kick my leg!


(1) Umm maybe “what are you doing” is not the best phrase, but literally it means that Raito just do what he likes to Yui (I mean that kiss)


From translator’s notes: In Japanese, “I like you” is suki, while “moon” is tsuki

Natsume Soseki, the most acclaimed novelist in Japan, once taught his students that the correct Japanese translation for an English sentence “I love you” is “The moon is so beautiful”.

TL note: But here Shouya’s [Maki’s] answer appears to be a total coincidence. We are yet to see if Nishimiya Shouko [Hanayo] ran because of embarrassment (for saying “I like you” first), or if she loved books enough to misunderstand Shouya’s answer as yes, I like you too.

Koe no Katachhii Chpt 23

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of course i parodied the cutest scene in the entire manga, but thinking abt this au as a whole is prETTY FUCKING SAD but someone come down in this hell w/ me tho

ch 94′s title

While there aren’t any misses this time in the translation, other than Tsukiyama’s line to Ui being “My memory is better than monsieur Naki’s”, there’s a bit about the title that I feel went missing from the translation and I haven’t seen anyone mentioning?

The title is a direct reference to the 94th Surah of the Quran, Al-Inshirah, which in Japanese is titled the same as TG:re’s 94th chapter. In English it gets translated as “The Opening of the Heart” (metaphorical) or “Consolation”, “Solace” etc. 

The first line (out of 8; the one both the Surah’s Japanese title and :re’s chapter title are referring to) goes like this: “Did We not relieve your heart for you?

Translation: Interview with Kodaka & Terasawa from Famitsu 2015/12/24

Note: I haven’t seen a translation, just summaries, of this anywhere so I decided to give it a shot. I’m not fluent in Japanese (also I’m not a native English speaker), so this won’t be a literal/accurate translation, but I’ll try my best to convey the main points of the interview! This is my first time attempting an interview, so please be kind to me!

The Danganronpa series doesn’t only get “V3″ with a new setting and completely new characters, but also the final part the finale “3″ for the story of “1″, “2″, and the spin-off, “Ultra Despair Girls”. How did it come to this new approach? To find out about both works, we asked the two key producers, Terasawa Yoshinori and Kodaka Kazutaka.

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Yagami Riku (CV: Kimura Ryouhei)/Fujiwara Takeru (CV: Okamoto Nobuhiko)

Radio of Stride Step 57 ~Mini Drama~

This is the mini drama from Step 57 of Rajisuto! In this episode, Riku invites Takeru to go shopping for clothes…while they both try to speak in English for their assignment.

Since there are quite a number of English dialogues here, I’ve preserved the lines in the translation below (they’re the ones in italics). I hope it doesn’t get confusing :D


Riku: Eeeh, what’s this? A “Try to speak English whenever possible during the weekend!” assignment?! That’s not easy to do, you know!
Takeru: Speak English, Yagami.
Riku: You’re totally into this, huh.
       (sighs) But then, it’s finally weekend… I’d like to buy new clothes, try on some outfits. I want new clothes, new pants!
Takeru: That’s all you’ve been saying lately.
Riku: Because I don’t have that many clothes to choose from. I can’t go out to shop on weekdays because we have training. Come to think of it, where do you usually shop for clothes?
Takeru: Hmm, I don’t shop for clothes that often.
Riku: Ah, yes yes, underground!
Takeru: Underground is below the surface!
Riku: Oh, sorry…um…understand! Well then! Let’s shop for new clothes together, since we won’t have training this weekend! Let’s shopping together!


Riku: Oh! This parka looks good, right? It also looks easy to partner with any color!
Takeru: Is it water-absorbent?
Riku: Absorbent? You don’t usually get wet in the rain, do you?
Takeru: Not for the rain, but for sweat! It won’t do if the fabric can’t absorb sweat effectively.
Riku: Why are you worrying about perspiring? It’s autumn right now!
       Hmm, ah, then how about this knitted top? Looks nice, right?
Takeru: Is it breathable?
Riku: Breathable…? It’s knitted, so that’s not what you’re supposed to be looking for, right?
Takeru: But it has to be! In this season, it’d still be no good if the fabric isn’t breathable to an extent.
Riku: Uh…really?
       Oh! Those pants look cool! Um, those are called…camo pants? The design fits the autumn season, and I think I read from a magazine that its slightly loose fit makes it easier to balance! Hmm, I think a flashy belt would go well with that–
Takeru: I don’t want to wear something that’s not for running!
Riku: …You know, you keep on saying “this won’t do” or “that’s not good”! Just what kind of outfit do you want?
Takeru: Something that’s sweat-absorbent, highly breathable, and great for running.
Riku: Isn’t that a tracksuit?
Takeru: A tracksuit?
Riku: Yep, a tracksuit.
Takeru: But I already own a tracksuit.
Riku: Yeah, you do.
Takeru: Then I don’t need to buy clothes for now. Let’s go home, Yagami. After that, let’s change into our tracksuits and run along the riverbank–
Riku: Nooo! Today is no club activities! Forget Stride!
Takeru: No!
Riku: Please! Forget Stride!
Takeru: No, I’m not forget Stride! Let’s run along, come on, Yagami!
Riku: No! I don’t come on! Aah, don’t drag me! I want–I want new clothes! I don’t want to run on a rest day!
Takeru: Let’s Stride together!

yesterday & one heart

Please be aware these segments are translations of translations (chinese > japanese > english) and I’m crying violently and are likely inaccurate in places. Please do not take these as 100% what he’s written. cr. for Japanese translations to mochazo.


even though I’ve recieved love from you, I wanted to pursue a new path
I know that sometimes you’re disappointed with me
although I’ve done some things to you, made you mourn
I’m dispelling the darkness with me, so please don’t cry
your love is a necessity to me
it warms my heart
I have no regrets about my dreams
so I’m going to fly again
please show me your smile

One Heart

the night is dark and there are no stars
so I lost my way
I grasped your hand and returned back with you
baby somehow or another, don’t give up
that way we we’re able to seize this second chance
so won’t you be by my side with me? always