i'm totally taking that as a compliment

  • Naruto: Sasuke
  • Sasuke: ...
  • Naruto: You've got issues
  • Sasuke: ...
  • Naruto: Like enough to fill an entire ocean or a mountain or no, a GIANT butt-load
  • Sasuke: How big is this hypothetical butt, usuratonkachi?
  • Naruto: I thought you were asleep.
  • Sasuke: As if anyone can sleep with you yelling insults in their ear.
  • Naruto: I was whispering well-known facts, bastard
  • Sasuke: It's three in the morning. Go back to sleep. We can argue tomorrow
  • Naruto: Or, uh, since you're up, we could argue right now
  • Naruto: Come on Sasuke, just this one thing, just one time. We don't even have to invite anyone.
  • Sasuke: Then what's the point?
  • Naruto: Do it for me
  • Sasuke: No.
  • Naruto: But we're already basically, uh, com-committed to being together, so why is this such a big deal?
  • Sasuke: I could ask you the same thing.
  • Naruto: Seriously bastard, you can just give in and do it, or have me harass you until you give in and do it.
  • Sasuke: Or?
  • Naruto: Or, you can tell me the real reason you're against it, and I might... Give you a break. For a while.
  • Sasuke: That's it?
  • Naruto: I could do this all night, teme.
  • Sasuke: *raises eyebrow*
  • Naruto: *blushes* You know what I mean
  • Sasuke: Fine. You want us to have a wedding. A traditional marriage ceremony.
  • Naruto: Duh.
  • Sasuke: So, which one of us is the bride?
  • Sasuke: These rituals follow a specific set of guidelines and require each party to take on a certain role. If this is really what you want, one of us has to be the bride.
  • Naruto: Seriously?
  • Sasuke: I thought you knew that.
  • Naruto: Yeah I did, and the answer is pretty obvious, but I didn't know that's the reason you-
  • Sasuke: What do you mean, 'the answer is obvious'
  • Naruto: Well, you're the one who always, er, is the one who takes *vague hand gestures* when we do the, uh, ya know, the thing that we *cough* do.
  • Naruto: So you'll be the bride. Problem solved.
  • Sasuke: Naruto, you...
  • Naruto: Yeah, what is it?
  • Sasuke: Should sleep on the couch.
  • Naruto: Aw, c'mon. If you really don't want to I guess I could... But Sasuke, you'd totally be the perfect bride.
  • Sasuke: *activates sharingan*
  • Naruto: Gah! It was a compliment, you asshole! Okay, okay, I'm going. Geez.

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so i'm adhd and how would the rfa react/help mc out (please include medication if you're comfortable with that) also COOL URL MAN

Yo, I’ve got ADHD and I take meds too, so I’m totally comfortable with this one. AND THANKS FOR THE COMPLIMENT MAN

I added V and Saeran without realizing you didn’t ask for them, but oh well.


  • When you told him you had ADHD, he’d probably be surprised, because you seem more mature than him.
  • You’d have to explain the ADHD doesn’t necessarily equate to your maturity level. 
  • In order to help you stay focused on your homework and such, he’d suggest that you guys study together, though that often ends up making it worse.
  • Probably is no help in making sure you remember to take your meds. 
  • He sleeps in every morning, and it is always a rush to get out of the door.
  • If your meds make you lose your appetite, he’ll text you to remind you to eat, because it’s important for your health. 


  • He would probably be wary of your medication
  • He seems as though he would be all about natural remedies, like herbs and such.
  • He would suggest that you at least try the natural things, but would be okay with you taking meds when the herbs don’t work
  • Like Yoosung, he’d constantly text you to make sure you eat lunch, or he’s just try to search for a time when you guys can get lunch together.
  • Always makes sure to remind you to take your meds in the morning, has them in those little green, week long med containers.
  • Also has you taking vitamin d, because it helps with brain activity, and hopes it will make it easier to pay attention.
  • Is afraid that your meds suppress who you actually are, and likes being around you when you’re not medicated, no matter how talkative or hyper you get.
  • Though he was never great with academics, he’d help you study so that you don’t lose focus on the assignment.


  • Mom mode activated
  • Would make sure that the meds you’re taking are the ones that are the least debilitating to your appetite and general health.
  • Like Zen, wants to make sure you’re at least trying natural remedies.(From experience, they don’t really work though)
  • You never miss a day for taking your meds
  • She has them neatly arranged on the counter, and an alarm is set for when you need to take them
  • If you can’t focus while doing something, she’ll make you tea and attempt to help in any way possible. 
  • Will pack you a lunch so that you can’t miss a meal, if it comes to that


  • When he finds out you have ADHD, he immediately has you seeing the best specialist there is
  • has you taking the best meds, as well as any vitamins that may help you.
  • You rarely miss a day of taking your meds, because Jumin is always making sure that you take them.
  • This donut just wants life to be as easy as possible for you.
  • When you’re struggling to stay focused, he will have you sit in his lap and he will stroke your hair, helping with the project you’re working on
  • Is very good at staying focused, so he can combat your lack of focus.
  • makes sure you’re always eating lunch


  • I feel like this kid suffers from minor ADD or something.
  • I mean, Vanderwood had to constantly watch the guy, because he never seemed to get his work done quickly.
  • Will not be any good at reminding you to take your meds, if he does remember, it will be like 4 in the afternoon
  • Does remember to make sure you eat, but it’s always Honey Budda Chips
  • If you can’t pay attention to something you’re doing, he might attempt to help, but in the end you guys will just be messing around and doing everything other than what you were supposed to do.


  • You are the light of this man’s life. Everything revolves around you
  • He never forgets to remind you to take your meds, 
  • Has sticky notes on the wall to remind you to take your meds, as well as to encourage you to keep trying to pay attention to what you need to get done
  • Super patient and will help you with whatever you’re struggling to pay attention to.
  • Will try to get lunch with you everyday so that you don’t forget.
  • protect this bean


  • “Take your stupid meds, you stupid idiot.”
  • Pretends to not care, but is worrying about you 90% of the time.
  • Texts you to remind you to eat, but in a subtle way
  • “I’m eating lunch now, you should too. But I don’t care if you starve.”
  • Super subtle. 
  • Is surprisingly patient when you need help. 
  • He isn’t super good at academics. He’s smart, but wasn’t raised with a normal school system.
  • Regardless, he will do what he can to ensure that you’re not too stressed out, because he often feels like a burden.

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Hi Holley! I come to you for advice: I'd really like to start telling a story with the Sims 2 (I have a few scenarios already kinda written in my mind) but I'm afraid this project might be too big for me. Can you maybe please tell me how you work for your Dossanina Story? If not, it's alright, totally understandable :) By the way, I follow your story avidly, it's better to me than a tv show :) Hope you have a nice day!

Thank you Anon! That is a great compliment. It made my day. I really am still amazed people enjoy my story. 

I’ll be honest though. Sim stories can be a lot of work. It all seems so easy then it can take on a life of it’s own. That being said, I am NOT discouraging you from starting one. They are also a great outlet for creativity and can be a lot of fun, despite the work.

Recently my lovely friend @dunne-ias wrote some great tips for aspiring sims story tellers. Maybe it will help. Give it a read.

As for my own process, it’s kind of developed over time. 

Maybe most people don’t know that my Dossanina is a prequel to my gameplay neighborhood  Just Pleasantview. It was supposed to be a short look at Don and Nina’s history. However, like I said earlier, these things can take on a life of their own. Back then I would take pictures first, and then “caption” them. That worked fine, because the story was based on gameplay. I mean, yes, I had a general idea about what I wanted to happen but, it was not a completely written out/posed thing. 

As I got better at writing, better at posing, I need to change my process. Currently I have a list of things I want to happen, that constantly gets added to. I have a rough timeline, where I place all the things in a somewhat organized fashion (it really isn’t organized tbh. I’m not really an organized story teller). I write out a whole scene now before I start filming the scene. I personally think this has made my story better. I tend to catch inconsistencies more at least. 

As for picture taking…

I’m sorry to say this is simply practice, practice, practice. 

There are some tutorials out there with tips. Off the top of my head I can think of a few by @whattheskell​.

1. Strike a Pose

2. Changing facial expressions without stopping a Sim’s queue!

These are a good place to start. Your own process can naturally evolve from these tutorials. Like I said, PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE!

Poseboxes are abundant. There are too many for me to link to. @strangetomatoPintrest Board is a good place to find them though.

Well, that’s it Anon. Hopefully I provided you with some good information. Good luck with your story!   

EDIT: There is one more tip I want to mention. Saving Camera angles while filming can be very useful. If you didn’t already know how, in camera mod [tab] you can save angles by hitting the ctrl+5-9 keys. Then when you are in camera mod you can simply hit the number you saved your angle and the camera will go to it automatically. Hopefully that makes sense.

Also, feel free to message me anytime! I am super nice and like to think I am helpful. I love talking about sims storytelling, so feel free to use me as a resource, if you wish.

so this drunk girl comes up to me at work and.....
  • drunk girl: can i ask you something?
  • me: sure go ahead
  • dg: if i were you i would totally take this as a compliment but i just wanna know how old are you? because you dont look a day over 18
  • me: i'm 19 actually
  • dg: oh ok! i was wondering because you look amazing! i've been looking at you all night you just look so great and wonderful!
  • me: aww thank you!
  • dg: ok now it's my turn. how old do i look?
  • me: 21 or 22 maybe
  • dg: oh my god you just made my night. you wanna know why? i turn 25 next week. you're amazing. i could just hug you can i hug you?
  • me: sure!
  • *we hug*
  • dg: ok well have a good night! happy..........happy you!
  • me: happy you too!

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this may seem strange and I'm not sure if you watch the show, but you kind of remind me of phoebe from 'Friends'. I mean this completely as a compliment I love phoebe so I hope you take it that way and I'm not offending you. She's very pretty and free spirited and cool and yeah.

HAhahahah OMG yes I LOVE friends and thank you!!!!!!! I remind myself of her too half the time so totally okay hehe :) thank you!

I don’t know why it’s so hard for some of you to get that im not a girl nor am I a lesbian??? so telling me ‘you’re the hottest lesbian ever’ or that 'i love girls with balls like you’ makes no sense and is totally weird and I don’t know how I’m supposed to take it as a compliment when ur totally wrong?????

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Okay but Ashton in baseball pants, I'm totally a Luke girl but idk man all this talk about Ashton and his thighs is doing things to me

omfg yes ok so you’d be laying down on the couch waiting for ash to get ready for his baseball game when he’d walk into the room with his uniform on, his tight baseball pants perfectly complimenting his thighs as he pushes his hair back and puts his cap on. you’d bite your lip as your eyes travel up and down his body, ashton smirking as he takes a few steps closer to you. “like what you see, babe?” he’d tease, purposely bending over to turn off the TV and give you a full view of his butt, causing you to groan as you stand up and push him against the wall. your hands would wander around his body, the rough material of his baseball pants rubbing against your bare legs as your hands run over his biceps that were stretching out the sleeves of his jersey. you’d then steal his hat and place it on your head, ashton cursing under his breath because now he was imaging you riding him with just his baseball cap on, causing him to grab your face and smash his lips against yours, his need for you growing as he picks you up and carries you to his bed. “we’re going to fourth base tonight, yeah?” he’d growl out as he practically rips off his uniform, a loud moan escaping from his lips as you raked your nails down his back and told him that he better not strike out. 

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I'm going to be brutally honest and say that Bryke is totally screwing with the M/akorra shippers. They take so many headcanons from their fanfics and blatantly give it to Korrasami. Case in point: letter "I miss you, RC is not the same without you", sitting in Avatar Korra Park, first person to greet Korra upon reunion, complimenting on hair, Korra complimenting the other's appearance, tension upon reunion, years apart and more emotional growth, in-sync fighting... oh I'm sure there are more.

There could be a giant neon sign that says “CANON!” over Korra and Asami’s head as they kiss and people would still think that they are just really good friends/sisters.

In the same Book 2 commentary that some Makorra shippers use as evidence, here are the quotes that officially says Makorra is dead:

  • Mike: So here we have the sad, definitive, but very clear break-up of Korra and Mako.
  • Bryan: We’ve talked about in a previous commentary that the Asami and Mako break-up was maybe a little too vague, so we thought we’d-
  • Mike: Make sure it’s very clear.
  • Bryan: Put a button on this one.
  • Joaquim: Put a nail in it. The cool thing though is that as sad as it is, it feels very real.
  • And then they proceed to talk about how mature the break was (and I agree). Anyway…

“Definitive, but very clear break-up”.

Those are the key words. So the entire time, SS Makorra was sunk for good since Book 2 and confirmed by the creators themselves. 

I think that is why they get annoyed whenever someone brings up Makorra. This entire time they probably had no intention of bringing it back (especially after the backlash which was pretty bad I will admit) but with how much the Makorra/Love Triangle soured our view, we expected a revival. After all, it was forced upon on us last time.

But so far, it hasn’t been the case. 

With Korrasami we were given, “It’s a valid way“ while Makorra has been given ”Definite but very clear break-up“ and ”forbidden fruit”.

I find it hilarious that some messages I receive say that Korrassami has been confirmed as not canon by Bryke and that I should get over myself. Heh heh heh….

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Omg I'm so pissed Tumblr turned off my mobile notifications and I haven't gotten notifications from your blog. So, sorry for the spam.

Tumblr can be such a mess sometimes, omg. It sucks when stuff like that happens. I’m totally flattered that you have notifications on for my blog in the first place, though. X3 

Never worry about spamming the activity feed; I absolutely take it as a compliment. :D

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