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Love and hate, they’re so close it’s easy to mistake one for the other.

the world is upside down

For @snowbaz-feda day 4

Snow stares at me, slack-jawed.


I raise an eyebrow. ‘Something wrong?’

‘What do you mean?’

‘I mean exactly what I said.’

‘No.’ He blinks. He looks like he’s in a trance. ‘No way. No.’


‘You - no. No fucking way. I don’t believe you.’

I sigh. ‘It’s true.’

‘But that’s - but - no.’

‘Why does this matter? The world hasn’t stopped turning, Snow.’

‘But it - yes it has. Yes it has. I’ve been so wrong, all these years.’

‘You’ve been wrong about bigger things, Snow.’

‘No, I can’t deal with this, Baz.’ He starts pacing. ‘Sorry. It’s just. It’s too much.’

‘Snow, stop pacing.’

He stops and stands in front of me. He throws up his hands.

‘I just can’t believe you didn’t mean to push me down the stairs.’


clique six dynamics (as ranked by my followers): #15 - isadora smackle & maya hart 

ever since i’ve known you, you’ve never stopped trying to put yourself back together. // you’re the hottest little gopher-chipmunk in the whole forest. 

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Hey, so I've got a comment for the whole "black Hermione" conversation. I'm totally down for headcanon/opinion/whatever, so no offense meant, but it occurred to me that if this was reversed people would have a different reaction. Like, if a character everyone knew to be black was reimagined as white in the interest of increasing diversity. I'm kinda playing devils advocate with this, but what do you think? Would people still think it's an okay thing to do? My guess is no, but what do you think?

see here’s the thing

something like 95% of all characters in popular movies, books, tv shows, videogames, comicbooks, etc etc etc… are white. there is no way there could be a “reimagining of a black character as white in the interest of increasing diversity”. in the current state of the world, that’s actually impossible.

also, reimagining a person of colour as white in fiction happens all the time, and most of the general public doesn’t give a single shit about it. for example, katniss everdeen (portrayed by jennifer lawrence in the movies) was specifically described as non-white. tilda swinton, a white actress, played the ancient one in doctor strange, despite that the character is decidedly non-white in the comicbooks! ghost in the shell. prince of persia. stonewall. pretty much any hollywood movie base on an anime!

furthermore, hermione granger being perceived as black isn’t a “reimagining”. JK Rowling herself has said that hermione can 100% be read as black. this isn’t people taking a white character and changing her race - hermione does not have a canon race. fuck, if anything, she’s canonically black because the cursed child is a direct sequel to the last Harry Potter book, whilst the movies are mere adaptations.

even if hermione was originally white in the books, are we (white people) really losing anything by her being “““reimagined”“” as black? we already have almost every other fictional character, why can’t black people have a few of ours?

I’m very disapointed that the fandom haven’t already made this joke yet and that I needed to do it myself.

But here you have it, a very chilled Eclipsa. Uh, by the way, this may be considered spoiler-ish? so yeah, watch out for that….
But if you’re reading this then you’re probably already seen the spoiler, so… whoops?

Honestly I hardcore headcanon that Even and Isak start to here stories about how gross Vilde and Magnus are but they don’t necessarily believe it. They’re all “I’m sure it wasn’t that bad Mahdi” and “Cmon Jonas they’re cute! Don’t be dramatic” until finally they see it for themselves, maybe everyone has met up at Isak and Even’s new apartment, and they’re immediately horrified. Completely and utterly horrified. And Isak just keeps shaking his head, eyes wide, and being just as over dramatic as he always is. Even is also disgusted but he also can’t help but look fondly at Isak because even looking absolutely horrified Isak is such an adorable, overreacting dork. So finally he just turns Isak’s head away from the sight of Vilde meowing and purring (“Why the fuck does she keep making cat noises Even???”) with a gentle hand and kisses him really soft and sweet and tells Isak in an equally soft voice “Just don’t watch. Watch me instead” with a small cheeky smile and Isak grins back and concedes “Gladly” then pauses before adding “But I take back what I said about them being cute!”


endless list of favorite characters + Mary Stuart

“ I will let no one, not Elizabeth, not any usurper, take my country from me. Since I was a babe, I have been a Queen. Since a child, I have been alone on foreign soil. I know how to keep my life, my crown and I will. “

so if according to the crossover short, fairies are related closely enough to ghosts that they could be pulled into the thermos, would that mean that some fae mythology might apply to ghosts as well? that the fae courts could be ghostly courts and ghost changelings were a thing? that black dogs are just whatever wulf is? that time might move differently in the ghost zone and people getting kidnapped used to be more common?

clueless   .     guys   .     guys   .     guys   .     i  haven’t  done  this  in  a  while   ,   so  let  me  just  say  a  huge    THANK  YOU    to  everyone  i  follow    /    who  follows  me    ————-    honestly   ,   tumblr’s  been  such  a  place  for  me   ,   for  my  writing   .     it’s  a  hellhole   ,   yeah   ,   but  i’ve  met  such  amazing  people  on  this  site  that  i  don’t  think  i’ll  be  leaving  soon   .     anyways  i  hit  my  biggest  milestone  to  date    &    i’m  pretty  excited   .     this  is  my  third  time  playing  nancy    &    i’ve  never  played  her  for  long   ,  or  met  so  many  wonderful  people   .     so  yeah   ,   this  is  the  ol’  bias  list   ,   where  i’m  gonna  list  people  i  love    &    admire  below    :     (     if  i  didn’t  add  you   ,   i’m  super  sorry    !     )

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Isn't long hair a hyuga thing? tbh i'm kinda squick about pairing the younger gen with oro, but then I thought hizashi? i'm totally down for that. That way NEJI IS THEIR SON. Neji is the pretty baby. amazing. And then when Hizashi decides to sacrifice himself for his brother, Oro is like 'fuck no' and serves A's head on platter to his pretty husband.

Ughhhhhh, why did you make me ship this. 

It’s Jiraiya who brings him the news, bare hours after the decision has been reached.

(For this, rom thinks, he’ll forgive every slight and sin of their long friendship, without exception.)

“You’re sure?” he asks quietly, trying not to let his voice rise the way he wants to, because Neji is asleep in the chair by the window, blanket dragged up over his nose and head pillowed on the book he’d been reading.

Jiraiya nods, face grim, a deep frown pulling at his mouth. “I—” He stops, drags a hand over his hair, sighs. “Peace is one thing. I don’t want another war to break out, either. But…”

But. Orochimaru’s hands curl over the edge of the lab table, putting faint dents in the metal. But this is family, and Jiraiya will always put family above all else. He’s never had occasion to be this grateful for it, Orochimaru knows, but he’s not going to forget this moment, no matter what happens next.

“I have to—” he starts, and then stops short, eyes falling on the vulnerable form of his beautiful son. Leverage, should the worst happen, and Orochimaru has been a shinobi long enough to have every expectation that it will.

“Go,” Jiraiya says, a command rather than a way to finish Orochimaru’s sentence. “Hiashi tried to stop him, but Hizashi knocked him out, and the clan’s keeping him sedated so he can’t interfere. If you don’t help him, I don’t think anyone will.”

It’s the first time in years that Orochimaru has felt kindly towards Hiashi, and he allows himself a flicker of satisfaction as he pushes upright, stepping away. “Will you watch Neji?” he asks, meets and hold Jiraiya’s eyes so his former teammate will see just what the request means.

Jiraiya has never been as much of a fool as Orochimaru used to call him. He returns Orochimaru’s stare with a steady gaze and inclines his head. “I’ll take care of him. And if things go south, I’ll get him out of Konoha and come find you.”

Orochimaru isn’t one for sentiment, and never has been, but that moment is probably the closest he’s ever come to hugging Jiraiya. “Thank you,” he says instead, and without waiting for a response—because, knowing Jiraiya, it will be something that makes Orochimaru want to hit him, since that’s how things go between them—he turns to climb the stairs into the house.

“Good luck,” Jiraiya tells him, quiet but entirely sincere. “I’m sorry I can’t help more.”

“This is more than enough,” Orochimaru returns without looking back, and keeps moving.

The handoff is happening in Frost Country, neutral ground, and alone and moving fast Orochimaru makes it there hours ahead of the Konoha squad, even though he leaves later. The Kumo nin are already there, the Raikage among them, smug and satisfied and bristling with weapons, a show of force that makes rage crawl hot and biting up Orochimaru’s spine.

In the trees, carefully beyond the range of the guards, he takes a breath. The jinchuuriki is with them, crouched near the outside of the circle, and he’ll have to be the first one Orochimaru deals with. Behind him A is speaking with one of his guards, smiling, and Orochimaru is prone to losing his temper but this fury is as cold as the arctic, as devastating as an avalanche.

Hizashi is his, the first in decades to see him, even when others turned away.

They can’t have him.

This is every misguided and reckless idea Orochimaru has ever had, smashed together and magnified by the power of ten, but war and death and failure matter nothing at all in the face of hearing that his husband sacrificed himself without even letting Orochimaru know. Without facing him, because he knows Orochimaru would never agree, and that he isn’t as easily dealt with as Hiashi. There will be a reckoning for that, but only when Orochimaru is absolutely certain all threats have been dealt with.

He takes a breath and drops from the branches, shakes back the sleeves of his robe, and calls up his chakra. It boils across the clearing, sharp-edged and unsettling as a knife slashed across a bared throat, and before even Killer Bee can react Orochimaru is in front of him, Kusanagi in hand, his free palm already glittering with five points of light.

“Death to warmongering fools,” Orochimaru hisses, and slams the Five Elements Seal into the jinchuuriki’s chest with all the force of his chakra behind it. Bee crumples, collapsing at Orochimaru’s feet, and Orochimaru steps around him and brings Kusanagi up in a sweeping slash that cleaves through skin and bone with equal ease.

The Konoha nin take one stride into the clearing and stop dead.

Seated on a fallen tree in the middle of the blood-soaked grass, Orochimaru coolly looks up from where he’s polishing Kusanagi’s blade with loving care. He eyes his old teacher for a long moment, then uncoils himself and comes to his feet, sheathing his sword and reaching down to pick up what’s sitting next to him.

He doesn’t look at his husband, wrists bound, standing behind Sarutobi.

“Forgive me my impetuousness, sensei,” he says, and gracefully dips to set the Raikage’s severed head at Sarutobi’s feet. “I’m afraid my temper got the better of me.”

There’s fear in the faces of those watching him, but Orochimaru doesn’t care, doesn’t look to see if Hizashi shares their terror at the sight of him in blood-drenched robes, with streaks of it drying rust-red across his pale skin.

“Orochimaru.” Sarutobi sounds torn between exasperation and true anger. “This—you have—”

“Prevented you from making a mistake,” Orochimaru finishes for him, and lets his gaze slide past his teacher for the first time. Hizashi is staring at him, lavender eyes wide, and he looks exhausted and grief-stricken and so very pained that all of Orochimaru’s immediate anger slides away.

I’ve seen you on the battlefield, and only a fool wouldn’t fear you there, Hizashi had told him, one quiet night in the midst of the Third War, alone around a campfire and just come from a fight. Orochimaru had never spoken to him before, never looked at him with any thought beyond his abilities and his eyes, but that night changed many things. But the way you keep going, even when everyone else is ready to give in and die—that’s the reason I would fear you.

Hizashi has always given in too easily, and Orochimaru has never learned how to surrender. It’s in the middle where they meet that they can build something functional, but sometimes—

Sometimes a reminder that there are merits in both extremes is necessary.

“Orochimaru!” Sarutobi’s voice is as sharp as Orochimaru has ever heard it, but he brushes past the Hokage without pause.

“The jinchuuriki is alive, but unable to touch his chakra,” he says disinterestedly. “Use him as a bargaining chip. Kumo will not want to lose its only adult human sacrifice.”

Hizashi looks at him as he comes to a halt before the man, and there’s something in his face that feels like wonder and tentative joy. “You—for me?” he whispers, and raises bound hands.

Orochimaru catches them, presses his cheek to one callused palm and lets his lashes dip to hide the violence he’s sure is still burning in his eyes. “Neji would be heartbroken,” he says, and feels the faint flinch Hizashi gives without remorse. Hizashi knows by now that Orochimaru has never been one to fight fair; he should have expected nothing less.

“I couldn’t be the cause of you going back to war,” Hizashi says, and Orochimaru glances up to meet his tired eyes. “Not with Neji. Not after it almost broke you last time. I would do anything to keep my family safe.”

My greatest hope is to find something to live for, Orochimaru had told him, years ago, in a tent with walls too thin and more battles looming, his hands splayed across a broad chest. Exhaustion and too little chakra, coupled with the rare intimacy—so strange with a person who didn’t shy away—had made the words as simple as a thought. I have no reason to give in, but—

Sometimes I think that I would like one.

“So would I,” Orochimaru returns, and slices through the ropes holding him with a kunai. Instantly, Hizashi wraps his arms around him and pulls him in, drags him up against his chest and buries his face in blood-soaked hair. Orochimaru leans into his hold, feels the strength and solidity of him, and forces himself to breathe.

Even if this is the last moment before another war, Orochimaru doesn’t care. Hizashi and Neji are the only reasons he’s ever had to stop fighting, and now that he has them there’s no force in the universe that can take them away.

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I just finished watching the preview of the first episode of the new MST3K, and I enjoyed seeing you in it! I gotta say, I'm totally down with this reboot. I think they did it the right way.

I’ve been a fan of MST3K since I first saw it in 1992 or 1993. It is a major influence on my comic sensibilities as a writer and performer. I’ve watched it for at least a thousand hours over the years. 

I say all of this to give context to this: I’ve seen a little bit more of the show than the episode that I’m in, and it’s perfect. The new cast is flawless, the writing is brilliant, and it embraces and lives up to the soul of the shows we loved so much when we were younger. Jonah is just magnificent, and Felicia and Patton are hilarious, pitch-perfect.

I can’t wait for the rest of the season to be released, because you’re going to love it.

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Does this AU contain an award ceremony like the Dundees? And if so, what do you think everyone would win?

If it didn’t, it sure does now!

Gaston: Hottest in the Office (I’m sure that was a given)

Lefou: Biggest Heart Award

Stanley: The “You Tried” Award

Belle: Most Valuable Employee Award

Adam: Most Improved Award

Lumiere: Brightest Personality Award

Cogsworth: Stick-in-Ass Award

I’m super tired right now and can’t think of any others, but feel free to add on anyone you want! Or just give new ones to these characters because yikes mine were terrible

redhawke  asked:

omg id love to hear what ur reasons are for putting josie into slytherin !!

Are you ready for an essay? 

At first glance, Josephine looks like she’d be in Hufflepuff, right? She’s nice, she works really really hard, and compared to her friends with their giant swords and magic fireballs, she’s downright nonthreatening. But we Puffs are all about the loyalty, the fair play, the power of friendship, ect., and as much as I love her, those aren’t actually Josie’s strongest character traits.

Look, the Game’s not really a place for fair play. It’s all underhanded and behind everyone’s back and wearing masks all the time. Being fair gets you irrelevance if you’re lucky, assassination if you’re not. Does Josie have a moral code? Absolutely. Does that moral code preclude committing social annihilation and destroying people’s livelihoods, social standing, and marriages if they’re in her way? Nope.

Before Leliana recruited her to the Inquisition, she was the Ambassador from Antiva to the court of Orlais. In the games, we’re led to believe that the Orlesian Court is the place to be, if you’re looking for power and intrigue. And Josephine somehow worked her way up from the daughter of a minor trading family that’s been essentially exiled to Antiva for a hundred years, to a powerful, dangerousappointed position. She’d be the face of Antiva in the Empresses’s court, and people in both countries would be constantly trying to curry her favor or replace her with someone they could control. She’d have to be a master of two different Games, in order to survive it for even a week. (Am I saying she told a particularly drunk and indiscreet courtier about a rival’s illegitimate child hiding somewhere in Ferelden so that their affair was exposed and their standing at court destroyed with no trace back to her? There’s no reason to think that she didn’t.)

So why does she give up this powerful position to throw her lot in with an upstart cult? Well, partly because Leliana asked her to. And partly because it’s the right thing to do. And also, if the Inquisition fails everyone’s screwed anyways. She can help it succeed. And if they succeed, that’s practically unlimited power at her fingertips. (And there’s the ambition.) 

Not every Slytherin is a caricature of the power-hungry villain. Ambition takes many forms. Josephine’s primary drive is to provide for her family. She wants to secure her siblings’ future and care for her parents when they’re older, in the same level of comfort that they provided for her.

Joining the Inquisition furthers this goal. By the time they’ve been in Skyhold a few months, she’s already able to make moves to reinstate her family in Orlais that she wasn’t able to in her years as the Antivan Ambassador. This of course uncovers the trouble with the House of Repose, and while she’s obviously afraid to have assassins after her (again, I would guess), she knows that she’s safe in the fortress she’s built. I don’t just mean Skyhold. She’s indispensable to the Inquisition. The whole organization would crumble without her. They can’t afford to let her be killed, because her contacts, knowledge and mastery of the Game are far too valuable to lose. Also, they all like her a lot. She can afford to take the bloodless route of elevating the Du Paraquettes because her defenses are impenetrable.

Now, this propensity towards non-violence might not look like a Slytherin trait on the surface. She expresses guilt over deaths that she’s caused, directly and indirectly, and she is a very empathetic person. That’s not to say that the other members of the inner circle don’t express guilt over pain they’ve caused, but everyone you can take in your party is obligated to kill people, and Leliana and Cullen lead a spy network and an army. It’s not as easy for them to say things like “killing people is bad and I don’t want to do it.”

But while she’s not knifing anyone in the back or freezing them solid, Josephine’s merciless in her own way. Her war table suggestions are all about manipulation, and using other people’s efforts for the Inquisition (or her own) ends. “Let the city think they owe us a favor,” “Frame the search for the kidnapped soldiers as a hunt and the nobles will help.” And then there’s the mission to support one noble in Lydes over another. Her offer? “I can destroy Caralina’s marriage with four words and the proper glove left on the proper table.” That’s… a lot.

I’m going to sidetrack for a moment to Leliana, who’s often a foil for Josie. Leliana herself sets up this comparison. She’s calculating, experienced and even violent, while Josie is kind, hard working and “an innocent in love.” I’m of two minds on this dichotomy. On one hand, Leliana clearly believes this. She sees Josie as needing her protection and guidance. Leliana works in the shadows, cuts corners in the Game as Josie stays within all the rules. But, this good cop bad cop routine makes them both much more effective, and I’m sure Josephine’s aware of that. She absolutely uses Leliana’s spy network to make sure she knows the ins and out of every family and scandal in Thedas so she can apply the right sort of pressure. They augment each other’s effectiveness, but thy’re by no means opposite. 

Back to ambition. In the epilogues (as long as you’ve done her quest), Josephine goes back to her family and manages a successful and rapidly-growing fleet of ships. This was, of course, her end goal. It’s not as lofty as being Divine or Magister or Inquisitor, but she’s still got allll her contacts. International trade requires international friends, contracts, and communication. I’d bet her fleet is the easiest way for Leliana’s spies to move around, and that’s she’s paid for that help in secrets. 

I’ve always thought the smartest way to be powerful isn’t actually to be the most powerful. Having the most power is dangerous (ex. The Elder Wand). It’s better to have influence over the powerful. And Josephine knows where the Inquisitor stashes that chocolate they swear they don’t have.

RvB Rarepair Week 03: LeonardEmily

Science? Experience in torture? Breaking the laws of man, machine and god knows whatever else in order to bring back the woman he loved?

Like HELL Dr. Grey wouldn’t be all over that man if she ever had the chance to meet him.

The Night Court

RHYS: Feyre kissed me.

CASSIAN: Ohmygodohmygod

MOR: Ok, all right. We want to hear everything. Cassian, get the wine. Rhys, does this end well or do we need to get tissues?

RHYS: Oh, it ended very well.

CASSIAN: [getting the wine] Do not start without me. Do not start without me.

MOR: Ok, all right, let’s hear about the kiss. Was it like a soft brush against your lips? Or was it like a “I gotta have you now” kind of thing?

RHYS: Well, at first it was really intense, you know. And then, oh gods, and then we just sort of sunk into it.

MOR: Ok, so, were you holding her? Or were her hands like on you?

RHYS: No, actually first they started on my waist. And then, they slid up, and then, they were on my wings.


In the next room [Feyre eating while Amren swirls a goblet]

FEYRE: And, uh, and then I kissed him.

AMREN: Tongue?

FEYRE: Yeah.

AMREN: Cool.