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sooo thanks to reading heartstrings by @taylordraws i was up til 3am doodling this garbage. god help my lost soul.

also i’d been talking to @littleblackchat all day about it and she was designing up what she imagined Mari’s dress from chapter 3 looked like, and I doodled this version based on her descriptions and early doodles of it xD so it’s a little different from the one she posted. Also I pointed out that the keyhole in the dress was perfect for Adrien in that scene, since he put his hand there and gyid7573943778hsjdfj IMAGINE IT GUYS imagine it


‘Anakin, why?!
I’m sorry. I have seen that it is the Jedi who will stand in the way of peace’

Thought: Altean Lance AU where the first thing he sees is Hunk peering at the cryopods, trying to figure out what and who happens to be in them, while Pidge messes around with the controls (and not actually affecting much, because Allura’s not awake yet), Keith, still in his Marmoran armour (there’s no way he’d just been a rank and file Galran soldier), is watching with narrowed eyes and suddenly having a Bad Feeling, and Shiro is herding pilots like they’re cats.

Hunk and Lance actually hit it off right away. As Allura and Coran start waking up, Hunk’s telling Lance about how they found the Yellow Lion on Earth, and no, they’re Human, what’s an Altea - oh, yeah, and Keith’s with them, don’t worry about him-

Except, Allura, Lance and Coran do worry about Keith. Keith ends up pinned on the floor by an Allura who’s still reeling from the loss of her planet and people and this Galran is in breathing space of her BROTHER

Shiro ends up being the one to calm everyone down. Because Hunk is now panicking and Pidge isn’t being helpful because she’s torn between not wanting things to deteriorate but also she doesn’t exactly like the fact that they’re working with a Galra, even if he says he’s on their side. Lance is staring at everyone, feeling sort of shaken up and betrayed because that’s a Galran oh quiznak that’s a Galran on the Castle and he hadn’t even noticed

And then it turns out that Keith is, somehow, able to explain to the Alteans present that half the reason he’s here is that he has the Blue Lion. In his ship. Which is parked not far away, thank you.

Keith, who the others point out helped them in their firefight against the Galran cruiser while leaving Earth.

Allura deigns to accept - read: tolerate - Keith’s presence on the Castle, but she does continue to keep a close eye on him, and Lance starts. Poking at the guy. Because seriously, things are bad and all, but Lance just doesn’t have the negative energy to stay mad and angry like Allura does. Even though some of the things he says in what becomes known as their ‘rivalry’ can tend on the ‘oh, uh, that was a bit harsh’ side. 

(Because in this version, if Lance isn’t on Earth, the Blue Lion doesn’t respond. Therefore to fix this gaping plot hole, Hunk ends up finding the Yellow Lion instead, through somewhat more complicated circumstances. The Blade of Marmora already knew where Blue was canonically, so here they still do, even if she’s not on Earth. And Keith, being the hot-head he is… probably took more action than most of them would have appreciated.

And for a rough idea as to what Keith’s ship here looks like: 

That’s the size of Rolo and Nyma’s cargo/smuggling ship. I’d say Keith’s is a bit like that, given he’d want to appear unimportant to anyone just doing a general scan. And he probably didn’t plan ahead what he was going to do with it.

The ship stays in one of the Castle’s hangars, just because there’s no point wasting a good ship, even when all of Lance, Shiro, Pidge, Hunk and Keith still (never mind if Allura likes it or not) get a Lion.)

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i dont understand people who think taron is insulting colin or whatever??? i mean colin is obviously a legend, the king of england, the england's sweetheart and yet he's still down to earth that taron can joke around with him and him making a joke about how he talks badly about taron behind his back that's him being humble

on positive note, colin’s chest is what dreams are made of i hope someone is putting it into good use (2/2)

That’s exactly what I was trying to say yesterday. If anything at all, it shows how humble Colin is and how genuine is their affection, if they’re so comfortable making fun of each other.
I honestly believe it would make Colin even more uncomfortable if Taron (and everyone really) just treated him as the Oscar winning Actor all.the.freaking.time.

Taron has also said on more than one occasion how talented he think Colin is, so I don’t understand? Like, does that even need saying, how good he really is at his job???!!!

On the second part of your message: oh god yes. I really do hope so.



Like, “I can’t be with you right now. People are trying to separate us. But I’ll find a way for us to be together. I’ll come back for you so please wait for me.

✪ —-— “ Hey aren’t ya’ like ever cold with that outfit ya’ wearing. Kinda looks like that bizarreo stuff that comes out the fashion catwalks. It’s confusing are ya’ like cold or hot?Pointing at his scarf and his very tight and short crop top. Not to mention ya’ pants are a little too low that maybe that belt should just retire.Was she giving him a roasting? Yeah, but she didn’t really understand that maybe it was a little harsh.   

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I was thinking earlier today… “Hey, I’ve never drawn Lirin and Hesina before.”

So yeah, here’s a cheerful depiction of them with Kaladin. >.>

 their reunion and being sad over Tien ahhhhhhhh why isn’t the next book out yet agfdjkslfs


if you ever want to know what all of the humor in “gutless wonders” was supposed to look like, this is it. “confused look” humor.


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