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Sorry for the lack of posts, I’ve been on Amino, whoops.

This was a collab with the hella rad @epherall, they’re super sweet tbh aaaa
I did the sketch/line art on paper and then they made it digital and I sweA R I love this so muchhhh

((This is totally the genderbent southern motherfUCKING DEMOCRATIC REPUBLICANS- *cough* I mean um, Burr, Jefferson, and Madison))


h i okay so i haven’t been online lately bc i’ve been busy w school ending and all, and i’m so ! close ! to being done guys

b u t guess what

good news: i graduate tomorrow ! woo !

bad news: i f u ckin rolled my ankle badly and now i can’t walk on it : - ))) hhh im so screwed literally how do i walk on graduation i h a t e

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1. Where is your phone?: Hand
2. Your hair?: Pink
3. Your dad?: Asshole
4. Your other half?: Perfect
5. Your favorite food?: Vegan
6. Dream last night?: Trauma
7. Favorite drink?: Tea
8. Fear?: Dad
9. Favorite shoes?: Creepers
10. Favorite way to relax?: Cuddling
11. Your mood?: Numb
12. I love?: Animals
13. Where were you last night?: Bed
14. Something that you aren’t?: Pretty
15. Muffins?: Please!
16. Wish list item?: Clothes
17. Where you grew up?: Germany
18. Last thing you did?: Singing
19. What are you wearing right now?: Underwear
20. Something you hate?: Myself
21. Your pets?: Cute
22. Friends?: Precious
23. Life?: Mess
24. Regrets?: Many
25. Missing someone?: Constantly

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jackoral76  asked:

Meihem, Symbra, Janco, Hidge, Allurance? 8D


2 = Don’t see it, Don’t care about it, Don’t know it.


3 = I could see why others like it but not at all my taste.


4 = I could see why others like it, kinda cute I suppose.


2 = Don’t see it, Don’t care about it, Don’t know it.


4 = I could see why others like it, kinda cute I suppose.


5 = It’s alright, I ship it a little perhaps…

Thank you!! 8D

Giving Gavin Jeremy was more dangerous than Geoff had anticipated. He hadn’t meant to, exactly, had only needed someone to show the new kid the ropes, had trusted that Gavin would throw on his polished shine for long enough to go through the basics before ditching him somewhere. He hadn’t anticipated coming back hours later and seeing the two of them still together, loud and animated in their excitement, Jeremy bright eyed and overeager, Gavin more himself than he normally allowed around strangers.

Maybe that should have set off alarm bells, maybe Geoff should have stepped in and done something about it, but honestly he’d just been feeling fucking relieved. Falling into the highly selective pool of people Gavin has claimed as his own is intense, but it’s better than the alternative, better than unworkable aloofness, awkwardness masked by cold disinterest, or worse, active dislike. Dislike which wouldn’t be expressed, would be kept hidden behind false pleasantry and left festering for months before manifesting in malfunctions and incidents, jammed weapons and disabled break lines. A messy end.

And god it’s not like Geoff had known how far it would go, how one good start would grow into burning buildings and wicked laughter, how the seemingly calm and level-headed Jeremy would only amplify the calamity of Gavin at his most dangerous. The way Jeremy would provide enthusiastic encouragement, an ardent defender for when things got violent, a sounding board for bad ideas, a willing volunteer, and how in return Gavin would lavish him with praise and affection, stolen trinkets and his most dazzling megawatt smile.

They have something like Gavin and Michael’s dynamic, but where Michael draws lines, hauls Gavin back down to earth, tells him to piss off and go do his own thing for a while, Jeremy will bring Gavin the sun. Listens to every madcap idea with a delighted look on his face, as keen to participate as he was the day Geoff hired him, be it a plot to teach a violent rival crew a lesson with a firehose or the unnecessarily risky decision to rob a target while they attend the LSPD’s police ball. Regardless of how badly their last endeavour ended it never takes much more than one of Gavin’s wild grins to have Jeremy dropping whatever he’s doing and following him out the door, the rest of the crew watching on in despair as disturbing phrases like “trained alligator” and “confetti canon bloodbath” drift down the hall.  

Geoff worried. He adores Gavin but he knows him better than anyone, knows it’s his job to read people, to push their buttons and draw out the exact responses he’s looking for; he wouldn’t mess with a crew-mate on purpose but Geoff isn’t entirely sure he’s always conscious of it anymore, and Jeremy is still trying to find his place. Having all of Gavin’s attention is a bit like getting struck by lightning, awesome and terrible and utterly overwhelming, far too easy to lose yourself in. So Geoff has to ask, check a dozen times, determined to make sure his newest hire doesn’t feel compelled, knows his place within the crew doesn’t hinge on his participation in Gavin’s extracurricular activities, that Geoff was the only one who’s orders he actually had to follow.

Every attempt is met with amusement, Jeremy quietly pleased by the concern but firm in his assurance that he’s only playing along because he wants to, that this is all a part of what attracted him to the FAHC in the first place. It took a while for Geoff to see that his fears were unfounded, or at the very least misguided. To recognise that for all Jeremy’s apparent eager naivety in leaping to play a part in the allure of one of Gavin’s plans there was nothing at all innocent about the gleeful look in his eyes, the dark edge in his laugh, the way he pushed and prodded Gavin into plotting bigger and more daring escapades. As much the corruptor as he was the corrupted, an equal partner in the mayhem. And, well. Isn’t that worrying.

So this semester I forced managed to convince my roommate to watch gravity falls with me, and since she was such a good sport about it I made her a sticker sheet as a reward for finishing. The main inspiration for this was actually the bear sticker, since that was her favorite part. 


The Life of a Sterek Shipper:

The collective reaction upon seeing any sort of canon interaction, even if it’s just a mention of the other’s name.

Frozen’s Princess Anna of Arendelle Icon Pack for giveaway winner vivyre

Pack includes: 112 eyeless/semi-faceless static icons and 15 gif icons 

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  • Oreshi: *playing a video game* Alright, I'm totally going to be evil this time.
  • Oreshi: *makes one evil choice*
  • Bokushi: *stares at the camera like he's in The Office*