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Slow Breaths

Summary:  Sorey is a big ball of energy, especially so when new books are on the line. This doesn’t mix so well when Mikleo would prefer a lazy day. But, he knows how to help Sorey wind down, and take the kind of deep, slow breaths that feel like he’s breathing for the first time in days.

Also known as: 4k words of concerted effort to kill you with fluff.

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Mikleo loved Sorey a lot, there was no question about it.  Although, some days, Sorey seemed far too interested in testing his resolve.  When the pounding on his door started, accompanied by calls of “Mikleo, Mikleo, wake up!” the bit of light he could see under his curtain indicated it was just barely dawn.  No matter if he didn’t need to sleep, he enjoyed it.  Almost as much as he did not enjoy being woken up from it at these kinds of hours.  He groaned and rolled onto his stomach so he could bury his face in the pillow and drag the blanket tight across his back.  He knew that luck would not be with him – Sorey was relentless if he wanted him up – but the few more minutes might be worth it.

There came a point, as Mikleo knew it would, when Sorey gave up on knocking and decided to just come in.  He heard the door swing open, and then felt a body hit his bed, bouncing him slightly up off the mattress.

“Good morning,” Sorey said, laying down on the bed so part of his weight rested on Mikleo’s back.  Then he started nuzzling his nose into the nape of his neck.

Mikleo hummed softly, in reply.  Maybe this wasn’t too bad after all.

Then the weight and warmth was gone.  “Come on, it’s time to get up.  You’re wasting daylight staying in bed!”

He sighed.  “I was about to forgive you.”

“I’ll make it up later.  But aren’t you excited?”

It took a moment for Mikleo to remember.  While he thought, turned to face Sorey so he could look at his expression and search it for clues.  He looked bright and excited, which wasn’t much of a clue; that was a normal look.  It did click eventually though.  “Oh, right, didn’t Gramps say he would have two new books for us today if we did our chores well?”


“Hmm, okay.  Why don’t you get a head start and I’ll join you in a little bit.”  His intentions were fully to go back to sleep for at least a few hours.

It seemed that Sorey could see through him, because he frowned, even as he did start to climb off of the bed.  “But what about breakfast?”

“Oh, okay, you’re not here for me.  You’re here for food.”

“Well, I can’t do good work on an empty stomach,” Sorey said, while striking a pose with his hands on his hips.  Then he conceded, “I’m always here for you, though,” and leaned down to kiss Mikleo’s forehead, right in the center where the jewel of his circlet would normally rest.

The two of them had always been affectionate, but these kinds of touches were still relatively new to their relationship, and Lords but it still made Mikleo melt just a bit.  He supposed that now he would have to make a big breakfast in return. “I’ll get started on something once I get dressed.  Now go on, shoo.”

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Happy RM day

honestly, I have no idea where I would be if not for BTS, Namjoon especially. I found BTS in a really dark time in my life and was immediately drawn to Namjoon with his dimples and smile. Listening to his songs from his mixtape as well as songs he has written and produced has gotten me through so many hard times in the last few years. Hearing him talk about his struggles made me feel not alone and made me feel hopeful for the first time in years when he talked about overcoming. He is honestly such a beautiful person inside and out and I consider myself so lucky to have found this amazing soul halfway across the world who can make me feel this way. He has given me so much strength to stand up for my own happiness and make changes in my own life for the better. He taught me to enjoy the small things and to not let what people say bother me. I only wish that I could meet him in person and let him know how much he means to me and so many people around the world. His soul has that kind of quiet glow to it that you don’t really notice until you suddenly do and then it’s impossible to unsee. He is so gentle and kind and caring for everyone around him. his happiness makes me happy and I genuinely care about him very deeply. He is one of my inspirations in life and I am so thankful for his existence

bigredcrazyk  asked:

how would you feel about some skittles headcanons?

1. Truth is, the coach wanted Stiles on the team since the beginning. Coach spotted him on the field when Stiles was training in the summer by himself, trying to burn off the excess of the energy; the failing during try outs was a sham. Stiles has never been particularly interested in joining the team but Scott has been. Coach catches him after the try outs and yells at him:

Stop pretending, I’ve seen what you can do, Bilinski!

The only way I’ll be on this team is when Scott’s on it too.

That friend of yours? I… He’s asthmatic, Billinski, he… the only way he makes this team is if he’s on the bench.

The bench it is. For both of us. And you never mention this conversation to Scott, coach.

2. Scott’s allergic to strawberries but he still ate half of the most sugary strawberry cake ever made just because Stiles was trying his hand at baking. Scott had to spent 5 days at home because of the god-awful rash he got but whatever, Stiles’ happy face when Scott praised the cake was totally worth it.

3. Since Scott’s became a werewolf, whenever he visit Stiles he does this “roll around on Stiles bed and touch as many items in his room as you can” thing. He knows it’s a scent-marking thing but Stiles doesn’t and let’s keep it this way. Now quick, gotta rub myself all over his sheets before he comes back from the kitchen.

4. For the games, Scott wears jock straps. Stiles doesn’t think about it. /when they’re on the field, of course, because the first thing he does when he gets back home is think really hard about it. With his dick in his hand./

5. After Jackson’s been successfully turned from kanima to werewolf Scott climbed Stiles’ bed. Stiles wants to push him away because he is hurt, irrationally so, that Scott didn’t tell him about his plan. Scott is having none of that shit, pushing against Stiles “you got kidnapped and I didn’t find you. You came back home and then ignored me. I found out that you’re safe from your dad. Don’t…” he grips Stiles’ pushing hands, stopping his movements. “Don’t ever do that again.” And Stiles doesn’t know if Scott means “don’t get kidnapped” or “don’t ignore me” or maybe both, and he thinks he should be the one that’s angry but that doesn’t matter because Scott clings to him all night and first time in weeks he feels safe.

6. They weren’t each other’s first kisses. That’s okay though, they will be their last (with matching rings on their fingers and many, many kisses exchanged before that one).

Request: Halo

Request: Heyyooo, could you do something fluffy with Cas based off the song halo?

Word Count: 1,089

Here it is, I hope you like it! Thanks!<33

You’re absolutely, hopelessly outnumbered. Demons surround you from every angle, and every one of them has the same maniacal grin.

“Oh, you’re done for, girly.” One of them chuckles, too much pleasure in its black eyes, “I can’t wait for your little angel boyfriend to find you.”

“You bastard.” You seethe through gritted teeth. The light above your head finally flickers out – it’s been threatening and flickering since the demons turned up. You’re bathed in an ominous darkness, the shadows of the demons closing in on you.

For a moment, you truly think you’re going to die, that they’re going to kill you in an instant. Just… stab you or snap your neck or whatever they want, because to them, you’re just a ragdoll sent for their entertainment. The room is too big and there has to be two dozen of the things. You’re ripe for their picking. It’s not until there’s a light from the above you – no, it’s from near the door – that you realise.


You fling your arms up to protect yourself as the room lights up with a golden grace, Cas easily obliterating every single one of the demons with little effort. You keep your eyes squeezed shut, unwilling to risk your eyesight. The last thing you hear is the agonised scream of a demon as the meatsuit collapses to the floor, all life gone.

“Y/N?” Cas approaches you hesitantly, “Are you hurt?”

“I’m okay.” You blink a couple of times, straightening yourself up. Now the demonic influence is gone, the lightbulb above your head buzzes back to life, illuminating his face. Concern is etched onto his features, and he reaches out and draws you to him.

“Thanks, Cas.” You whisper into his shoulder, wrapping your arms around him. He runs his hand up and down your back comfortingly, pressing a kiss to the top of your head.

“Are you sure you’re not at all hurt?” He asks, holding you at arms length and looking you up and down. You shake your head.

“I’m fine, Cas. Really.” You reach over, pressing your palms to his cheeks and planting a kiss on his lips. His arms circle your waist and you stay like that for a moment, ignoring the handful of bodies littering the concrete floor around you. He only pulls away when there’s a scuffling noise from the stairs right outside the door – Sam and Dean made it, finally.

“Y/N! Cas!” Sam looks around at the devastation in the basement, “What the hell happened?”

Instead of answering his question, you grin.

“Right on time as usual, boys. I like it.” You grab Cas’ hand, and they four of you leg it out of there.


It’s later on at the motel, when you’re sat on the bed together. You have a beer in your hand and he plays absentmindedly with your hair.

“Do you remember how we met?” He asks softly, twisting a lock of H/C around his finger. You offer a smile.

“How could I forget?”

It had been before you’d become a serious hunter – you knew what was out there, but hadn’t a clue how to go about getting rid of it – and a demon had decided to pay a visit to your home. Luckily for you, three guys exploded into the room right before it snuffed you out, and you haven’t looked back since.

“There was a second, all the way back then, I thought it had killed you.” He says quietly, “And it terrified me. I don’t know why – you were a total stranger; I’d seen people die before… it made no sense to me. And today – there were so many of them. So many. And they’d just closed in on you and I thought I was too late.” There are tears in his eyes and you look at him in surprise.

“Oh, Cas. You weren’t too late. It seems you have a skill for it.” You offer a smile, leaning over and kissing his cheek. He smiles slightly.

“I was supposed to be a warrior. A soldier. I wasn’t supposed to fall in love with a human.” He says softly, combing his fingers gently through your hair, “I was so… stony. Stoic. And you just… walked straight past that. How do you do that?”

“Alcohol and good pickup lines?” You suggest, making him laugh. He shakes his head.

“I was not inebriated, Y/N.” He tells you softly, and you grin, “I just don’t… you’re human. Irreversibly, intrinsically, irrevocably human. But you’re like a breath of fresh air, like waking from a millennia-long coma. You make me want to defy what I’m told and be free. Freefall. But it’s not really falling when I know you’ll catch me.”

You bite your lip as his oh, so blue eyes stare at you in earnest, as if trying to unravel you. He looks at you with awe, like you’re some sort of mystical creature made of pure wonder.

“Y/N, you’re an angel. It’s the only explanation I can see. You’re everything people believe angels to be. You’re goodness and you’re light. You’re the first ray of sunlight after the darkest night, you’re the first flower to open after the coldest winter. You’re the brightest star in the sky and the sweetest summer breeze.” His words are filled with a kind of passion you’ve never seen in him, a passion made from pure love and wonder. His eyes are wide and it makes you smile so wide it feels like your cheeks might burst – never mind your heart.

“Cas, I-” You begin, but he cuts you off.

“I was taught that humans, while important as a whole, are individually dispensable. It was entirely wrong. You’ve shown me that.” He runs his fingers over your cheek – you hadn’t realised a tear had made its escape, “Promise me something, Y/N.”

“Anything.” You whisper, reaching over and lacing his fingers with yours, “Anything at all.”

“Never let your light fade. The world needs it.”

“Never.” You promise wholeheartedly. He smiles, leaning in and kissing you deeply – almost desperately. He’s not usually one for big speeches like this, which is surprising to you. He must have been incredibly scared today to give you words so sweet as this. Sometimes he does like to surprise you, though. He doesn’t need to. You have your angel.

1 year as a Creampuff

Exactly one year ago, I gave into the gifs I had seen for days on my dash when this particular set showed up and I reblogged it.
These were my tags:

I binged it on my phone in bed and I was hooked. Then I made this post and yeah, you’ve all been there.

It’s pretty safe to say that the little show that could changed my life (at least my online life) to some degree.

It’s been a ride! I’ve gotten a better show than I could’ve dreamed of, I’ve gotten some amazing friends, I have a following, I’ve met the cast & crew, met creampuffs, stayed in the Darling Mansion and so much more.

I’m eternally grateful that Carmilla exists and that I got to experience it almost from the beginning.

Here’s the first creampuff picture I ever took, right before the S1 finale for the #SaveCarmilla campaign:

Never before have I been part of something so special.

Thank you.