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I'm a fan of yours seriously haha! Can you please recommend me a good book to read ? I see that you quote alot of good stuff :D

Aww, thank you so much! :D

Since this is about books, I shall endeavour to make this an extra pretty post! 

(Ante scriptum.: Some of my personal recommendations are in this post (x), the rest will be below. Oh, and by the bye, the quotes on my blog are a wild mixture of books I’ve actually read, quotes that simply caught my eye and some of my own poems, texts, etc

I don’t really know what genre you’re into, so I tried to make it as widely interesting as possible. If I had to recommend just one book, though, I’d say go for “Red Rising”, unless violence doesn’t work out for you)



Agatha Christie: And Then There Were None, Crooked House, The A.B.C. Murders, Murder on the Orient Express, Sad Cypress, The Pale Horse, Cat Among Pigeons, The Thirteen Problems
(ah, the Queen of Crime. If you can, just read all of her books. They’re worth it.)

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle: The Sign of the Four, The Hound of the Baskervilles, Short Stories: The Five Orange Pips, The Blue Carbuncle, The Yellow Face, The Musgrave Ritual, The Crooked Man, The Greek Interpreter, The Final Problem, The Dancing Men
(no comment needed)

Dorothy L. Sayers: Gaudy Night, Murder Must Advertise, Strong Poison, Have His Carcase 
(very artistic writing style on top of intricate plots)

Raymond Chandler: The Big Sleep, Farewell, my Lovely
(all the hardboiled, all the grimness, all the melancholy)

Edgar Allan Poe: The Fall of the House of Usher, The Murders in the Rue Morgue
(mysterious, dark and unsettling)

Fyodor Dostoyevski: Crime and Punishment
(so good! Not at all dusty and boring like people keep claiming. I loved it)

Alexander McCall-Smith: The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency 
(a lady detective in Botswana. She’s awesome)

Emma Donoghue: Room
(told from the perspective of a 5 year-old, who’s spent his whole life in just one room. Want to find out why?)

(Bonus: Ohba/Obata: Death Note 
(basically a visual novel. Very intricate, psychological mindgames and an epic rivalry))

Science Fiction

Philip Kerr: A Philosophical Investigation 
(literary and philosophical references and quotes left and right and they’re actually vital to the plot)

Orson Scott Card: Ender’s Game
(How to Use Your Brain and Rise to Fame 101. Also: How to Defeat an Alien Invasion. Brilliant. My second favourite book

Pierce Brown: Red Rising, Golden Son 
(amazing, current favourite book, soon to be a film, can’t recommend it enough. Imagine Ender’s Game meets Harry Potter meets Hunger Games meets Game of Thrones) 

George Orwell: 1984 
(2+2 = 5)

Ray Bradbury: Fahrenheit 451
(so you like reading? Read this book, then learn it by heart and burn it)

Edwin A. Abbott: Flatland
(sexism aside, this flat book is brilliant - do you want to visit two dimensions? One dimension even?)

Jules Verne: Around the World in 80 Days, Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea
(old-school goodness)

Douglas Adams: The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy
(don’t forget your towel!)

(Bonus:  Randall Munroe What if?
(scientific answers to all the random questions you ever had))


Markus Zusak: The Book Thief 
(told from the perspective of Death, it describes the life of an unusual girl growing up in Nazi Germany)

Kurt Vonnegut: Slaughterhouse-Five
(the main character slips in and out of time as he’s trying to come to terms with his war experiences. Absurd, symbolic and ingenious. So it goes.)

Daniel Kehlmann: Measuring the World
(a beautiful, fictional retelling of the lives of two geniuses: Alexander von Humboldt, who explores the world to understand it and Carl Friedrich Gauss, who scarcely leaves his room and thinks in numbers)

Jane Austen: Pride and Prejudice
(It is a truth universally acknowledged that a person in posession of a tumblr blog already knows this book) 

Joseph Conrad: The Heart of Darkness
(stylistically beautiful, with a crushing atmosphere, the main character travels into the heart of the jungle and observes the cruelties of slavery in African colonies, while trying to fulfill his own quest)

Jonas Jonasson: The 100 Year Old Man who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared
(the fictional life of a man who, for some reason or other, was involved in every single important world affair of the last 100 years and now escapes from his nursing home. Bizarre, funny and with educational value)

Julian Barnes: Flaubert’s Parrot
(the oddest biography you will ever read)

F. Scott Fitzgerald: The Great Gatsby
(I officially greenlight this book)

Charlotte Brontë: Jane Eyre
(independent heroine who uses her brain? Voilà!)

E. M. Forster: Maurice, A Room with a View
(1) is a refreshingly grounded coming of age story of a gay man, 2) is a proxy recommendation by a friend who’s enchanted by it)

Evelyn Waugh: Brideshead Revisited
(tragic, decadent, aesthatical, philosophical, doomed. Includes a teddy bear)

Ovid: Metamorpheses
(I translated some of these in school - they’re delightfully weird)

Homer: The Illiad/The Odyssey
(according to one of my professors the very reason we have an educational system. Long story. Anyway, pays off)

The Brothers Grimm: Folk and Fairy Tales
(witches, wolves and princesses. The full package)

(Bonus: Apostolos Doxiadis: Logicomix
(a biography of Bertrand Russel on the outside, an introduction to logic and set theory on the inside))

Literary Fiction/Philosophical

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry: The Little Prince

Hermann Hesse: Narcissus and Goldmund, Steppenwolf
(1) follows the lives of two very different men (one led by thinking, the other by feeling), who grow up together, walk different paths and never forget one another, 2) is the quintessential story of the tortured soul within an artist, which is half wolf, half man and torn between its desires. Discusses suicide)

Franz Kafka: The Metamorphosis 
(one day, Gregor wakes up and is literally vermin. If that doesn’t hook you, I don’t know what will) 

Voltaire: Candide
(how does one live a good life? Very cynical satire)

Albert Einstein/Sigmund Freud: Why War?
(letters between Einstein and Freud in which they discuss why man has or doesn’t have to wage war)

Alan Bennett: The Uncommon Reader
(the Queen, yes, THE Queen, discovers the joys of reading. Delightful and teaches a lot about literature)

Margaret Atwood: A Handmaid’s Tale
(the protagonist lives in a world where most women have been reduced to breeding machines. Discover why and how she deals with it)

James Joye: A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, Ulysses
(1) semi-autobiographical, a young man with a curious mind grows up and gets to know himself, 2) I don’t even know, but I’m in the middle and enjoying it so far. Prepare for weirdness)

Oscar Wilde: The Picture of Dorian Grey
(what if you didn’t age, but a painting of you did? Welcome to Dorian’s crib! Lavish and beautiful)

Terry Pratchett: The Carpet People
(read this forever ago, still in love with the concept)

Michael Ende: Momo, The Neverending Story
(quintessential “children’s books” (I’m not very fond of that term), filled with imagination, empathy and philosophy)

William Golding: Lord of the Flies
(unleash a horde of young boys on an island and leave them hungry and scared. Welcome to the original Hunger Games. Disturbing, meant to show corruption of society)

E.T.A. Hoffmann: The Best Tales of Hoffmann
(basically: what did I just read? I don’t know, but I’m scared)

(Bonus 1: Alan Moore: Watchmen
(just, just do it, okay?)

Bonus 2: Isayama Hajime: Shingeki no Kyojin
(a plotting tighter than most books, with a gripping story and some really dark things to say (and graphically show) about humanity))


Karl Popper: All Life is Problem Solving
(changed the way I think, thus, changed my life. Amazing)

Edward Frenkel: Love & Math
(you’ll never love maths as much as Edward Frenkel)

John Lloyd: The Book of General Ignorance
(everything you think is wrong)

James Gleick: Chaos
(nifty science! Great introduction)

Alistair Moffat: Before Scotland
(WILL get you interested in anthropology. Would you bury your dead under your bed?)

Apt/Helfert/Wilkinson: Orbit
(gorgeous, full-spread pictures of Earth taken by astronauts)


Oscar Wilde: The Importance of Being Earnest
(spoiler: Being Earnest is very important)

Shakespeare: Hamlet, Richard II, Henry IV, Henry V
(don’t let the anyone fool you: Shakespeare’s history plays are great fun and filled with eccentric characters who majestically talk about their own self-importance. Pro-Tip: Compare with The Hollow Crown, a TV series filled with everyone on British TV. Yes, that means Tom Hiddlestone)

Sophocles: Antigone
(A literal classic)

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe: Faust
(tl;dr: Don’t make a deal with the devil, k?)

Samuel Beckett: Waiting for Godot
(cross my heart: the weirdest and somehow most relatable play you’ll ever see. Well? Shall we go?)


T.S. Eliot: Prufrock, The Waste Land

John Keats: Ode to a Nightingale, His Last Sonnet, Ode to Autumn

Oscar Wilde: Ave Imperatrix, Flower of Love

William Shakespeare: Sonnet 18, Sonnet 100

William Blake: The Tyger

William Wordsworth: The Daffodils

William Butler Yeats: The Second Coming

Happy reading, to all you (future) bibliophiles! :)

@ everyone hating on Magnus right now:

Fuck you all. Seriously, fuck you all.

I don’t care who you think you are, you don’t get to randomly pick the most hurtful, triggering words you can think of and throw them at a character that did NOTHING to deserve them.

Do you have any idea how important this is, what they have done with Magnus? Do you even understand what an inspiration he is for queer teens and young adults everywhere?

Because lemme tell you, just as Magnus, I’m bi (and also demi, which means I experience no sexual attraction towards anyone unless we share a deep emotional bond). And I literally CAN’T THINK of a single show with bi portrayal that I could find relatable until now. And it’s not like there are many shows with bi representation to begin with. And even less shows directed at a YA audience.

I’ve watched shows where:

  • ‘the bi character’ (because there’s usually just one) is always the one to ruin someone’s relationship;
  • the bi character eventually always cheats on their partner with someone of a different gender;
  • the bi character ends up involved in a threesome simply because they’re bi, or in an orgy;
  • the bi character is always torn between two people of different genders because apparently bi people can’t settle for one thing;
  • the bi character likes someone that isn’t available at the moment and therefore feels like they have to go to bed with any character of any gender they run into (which for me, since I’m also demi, makes it very hard to empathize with them);
  • the bi character has been coded to be the villain from the beginning or is later made into one;
  • the bi character’s only function is to be embodiment of unfaithfulness, lust and promiscuity.

Do you even know how much harm this causes to the image of bi people out there, to how the world views us, how we are even afraid to say we’re bi because we know people have the wrong idea about us? Hell, at first I wasn’t sure I wanted to be bi (as if that were something you can choose!), because even I had this wrong and ignorant concept about bi people. 

Do you want a fun anecdote? The other day my friend was talking with his mom on his phone and he mentions me, to which she asks if “I’m weird” like another friend of ours (weird is the term she uses to refer to lesbians —don’t get me started on that either). So he tells her that no, that first of all, I’m not weird, and second, I don’t only like boys. Her answer is “So, does she pounce on everyone she sees on the streets? What does she do, does she go to bed with everyone? She must be wild”. I’m not making this up. I wish I was, but I’m not. This right here is one of the million reasons why we need, why we deserve proper bi representation.

Magnus Bane, in contrast, is a character that defies stereotypes, someone who is confident, who is honest, generous, who tries his best to help and protect people, who is comfortable in his own skin, who is proud of his sexual orientation, who is determined, who knows what he wants and does what he can to get it, but still cares about not hurting other people along the way, who is on the side of the good guys FOR ONCE (and I CAN’T EMPHASIZE THIS ENOUGH, BECAUSE I’VE HAD IT WITH MOST OF THE VILLAINS OUT THERE BEING QUEER-CODED). 

Magnus is literally the best, most positive, most healthy, most relatable portrayal of a bi character I’ve ever encountered. *And he’s also fashionable as fuck.

  • His plot line is not just about I’m so bi, look how not straight I am, what am I gonna do with all my bi-ness and the situations that come up because of it. No. He has his own purpose. He has a job, he helps people for a living, he sometimes assists the Clave, he protects his kind (by giving shelter to other warlocks). He’s his own person. He’s just an awesome character that happens to be incidentally bi. 
  • And he’s not perfect. He has his own personal interests, he sometimes lets his heart rule over his head, he falls in love quickly and messily, he’s not very patient, but he never does anything out of pure spite. He’s kind, he’s flawed, he’s human where his psyche is concerned. 
  • He likes Alec, so he focuses on getting to know him, on helping him come to terms with who he is, and you don’t see him sleeping around to pass the time simply because Alec is not receptive yet (And I’m not slut shaming. People who slut shame are pathetic and narrow-minded. It’s simply that I never found a bi character who would just wait and see how things turn out with the one they actually love, and to me this is SO important because, being demi, this is what it’s always been like for me and I never found someone I could relate to in this respect). 
  • He doesn’t push Alec into anything, he lets him make his own decisions. He just wants the people he cares about to be happy. What happens here is that it looks like Alec could be very happy if he gave Magnus a chance. And yes, both interests (seeing Alec happy and wanting to date Alec) overlap, but that doesn’t make Magnus a terrible person for pursuing both, especially since they aren’t exclusive. Still, his priority is for Alec to be liberated from his multiple burdens and live a happier life.

So, all of this said, if you are still hellbent on speaking ill of Magnus and calling him a bunch of words whose meaning and impact I doubt you understand, not caring about how disrespectful you are being to the people who have been victims of actual abusers, predators or rapists in the process, I can only wish you sincerely to fall face first into a fucking cactus and leave this character and his fandom the fuck alone.

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Book: Outlander
Author: Diana Gabaldon
Pages: 896
Genre: Adult Historical Fiction
Rating:  ★★★★★ (4.5/5)


The year is 1945. Claire Randall, a former combat nurse, is just back from the war and reunited with her husband on a second honeymoon when she walks through a standing stone in one of the ancient circles that dot the British Isles. Suddenly she is a Sassenach—an “outlander”—in a Scotland torn by war and raiding border clans in the year of Our Lord…1743.
Hurled back in time by forces she cannot understand, Claire is catapulted into the intrigues of lairds and spies that may threaten her life, and shatter her heart. For here James Fraser, a gallant young Scots warrior, shows her a love so absolute that Claire becomes a woman torn between fidelity and desire—and between two vastly different men in two irreconcilable lives.

My Thoughts:

This is going to be a short review because let’s face it, no one wants to hear me gush (I feel like gush isn’t even a strong enough word for this situation) about Outlander all day. Let me preface this by saying that I’ve been obsessed with Outlander before even reading it. I started to watch the show at the request of a friend and from that day forward I’ve been a mess. If I’m completely honest, I was actually really nervous to read the book because I’m just so in love with the show; I was worried that the book would some how ruin that for me. I’m happy to say that it didn’t, in fact it may have fueled my fangirl heart even more. So you must be wondering, “Jess, if you loved it so much, why would you only give it a four and half stars?” Well my friends let me tell you. I generously knocked off a half a start for three reasons. 1.) There was a scene, I think it was chapter 24, that pretty much infuriated me. I get what was happening, and I loved the scene in the show, but no means no and stop means stop. 2.) At times the book seemed to really drag on. I mean I loved it at times, because the world the Diana builds is so captivating, but I just wanted to yell, “Give me the good stuff!” 3.) I felt like the romance was lacking, especially in comparison to the show. Towards the end it started to pick up and I started to swoon but it didn’t hit me as much as it did in the show. Also the love scenes were so fade to black! I was not expecting that, especially for something labeled as a “bodice ripper.” Please do not let those three point sway you from not giving the book a chance, because it’s really good and I’m so happy to have read it. Also, please do yourself a favor and watch the show, it’s honestly the best thing on TV right now, possibly ever. 

In all seriousness though, this is a fantastic series filled with wonderful characters, enchanting writing, rich history and a heart stopping romance. Please just go read/watch it! 

title: What happens in the Quinx Squad…
pairing: Urie/Mutsuki
warnings: some swearing. crack. i blame narutouzumakis and hoboeri for everything.
summary: Urie and Mutsuki find it hard to get alone time when Sasaki’s always aware of their every move. Shirazu thinks the place is haunted. Saiko remembers why she stays in her room to begin with. And somewhere, Arima wonders when’s a good time to return Sasaki’s book.

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Hello! I was just wondering, why do you ship Wanda/Steve? I don't mean this to be rude, or anything, I'm actually just really curious. Thanks, and have a great day! :)

This is kind of a big question. I’m not gonna lie. I don’t think you sound rude at all and I completely get people asking because it’s a ship that’s only been touched on a couple times in some “recent” runs (Avengers Disassembled, Uncanny, Captain America and the Falcon which is older but nonetheless) and then hinted at in some of the old comics. I’ve touched on this topic here, here, here… I think those are my tiny rants. But I’ll expand here a bit, now including some MCU things we know. Minor Age of Ultron spoilers and speculation below.

So in the comics, I think I covered that fairly well in my links. Wanda, always a bit all over the place, has canonically since early early comics, admired Steve and his abilities as a leader and his ability to be so…pulled together? I also remember reading somewhere a while back, I’ll look for it but honestly I don’t have the source right now, but that during one of the original old Avengers runs, Steve and Wanda were meant to end up together, but the run ended prematurely so it didn’t happen. So this didn’t come from thin air. They’ve always had this mutual respect and admiration for one another and their abilities. And, the biggest thing I addressed above, was that Steve has always been good and kind to this character who has made so many mistakes and honestly fucked up a lot. Even in a story like AvX, where they weren’t a couple, he was ready and willing to bring her back into the team after what she’d done when she came back to the mansion looking for forgiveness. Really, everyone was, but Steve was team leader. The reason she didn’t end up back with them? Because they left the final choice to that fucking asshole the Vision, who told her to go away (this is not a place for my Vision feelings and I sincerely hope to like him in the films because I do want to like him it’s just tough for me with how he’s treated Wanda). Honestly, so many people close to Wanda have screwed her over at one time or another, but not Steve. The only time really was in that book they did of basically AUs, and there was a high school AU and Steve and Wanda had been a couple but broke up. But like, of all the couples, guys. They paired them. Anyway. They’ve always acknowledged what their relationship is and had a great dynamic between them, teasing one another–and at one point, when Steve tries to push Wanda away romantically because of how much older he is, she first starts telling him how she isn’t a child like he might think, and says–and I quote–”Well, Captain, everyone is nearly 50 years younger than you, you will need to come to terms with that. And with this. Love is not convenient. Love is not orderly or logical. Love is where you find it.” Then they kiss. If that’s not reason enough man like that’s BEAUTIFUL. You can find a section of those panels here.

Now, comes the newer question. The MCU. Of course, I was shipping it in the MCU before there was much logic, because I had the comic ship under my belt with a dash of hope. Then they sat Chris and Lizzie next to each other at the San Diego Comic Con poster signings and I was an absolute disaster. My laptop wallpaper is still a photo of the two of them from that. But the more we learned about the twins and their new story, the more I kept thinking, hey. Maybe at least they’ll talk. Have a chat in the film. I thought that would be enough. But as we learn more, the more I think this is entirely possible. Wanda is from a torn up country in middle of nowhere Eastern Europe, called Sokovia (spelling is unsure, but that’s what Maria Hill called it). She was orphaned at ten and only had her best friend, her brother, as they likely lived poor and on the streets. They worked together to survive. They had each other, no matter what else. And they fought. You can see, they fought, they spoke up about the causes that meant something to them. And then, this man, a German scientist, gives them an opportunity they wouldn’t otherwise have. To do more. To help their country and fight the people who wanted, as far as they were aware, to take everything they knew away from them. Does that sound like a familiar story to you? Steve Rogers, sickly, orphaned young, only had Bucky, survived because of each other, met with a German scientist to potentially do something more–Steve Rogers said it himself. And if that’s not “shared life experience”, man, I don’t know what is. Furthermore, because of her upbringing, there’s so much Wanda doesn’t know in MCU, about this world, about pop culture, silly things like that. Steve’s been there. He knows that. He can help her in so many ways. But she’s not useless, either. We’ve seen Wanda has a fight in her, a bit of sass, something that is so Steve, so like him. They’d just understand each other and get each other. And now, the more footage and stuff I see that has them talking (it looks like in terms of leadership and the twins they’re pitting Tony and Pietro and Steve and Wanda) and fighting side by side and talking to each other, the more I think that there’s a chance this could be real. 

And that, dear anon, is why I ship Steve Rogers and Wanda Maximoff. 

Appreciating Your Spectacles

A/N: So this, is for a lovely friend’s birthday. Happy belated birthday Leina! Hope you like this! potting-lilies. Also: LOL at that title. Apologies.



She flopped down next to him, and proceeded to stuff her bag between her legs and the seat in front of her. As she bent over doing this, a long lock of dark red hair fell across James’ left thigh. He looked up from his book at the girl and gulped.She seemed like a stunner. Her hair was thick and wavy, falling perfectly over her shoulders. Her shirt had ridden up, exposing her bare back as she bent over. James stared at her creamy skin, transfixed slightly by the hint of red peaking out of her jeans, and the dip of her waist. He resisted the strong urge to run his hand over the expanse of her back.

James was jolted back to reality by a pointed cough. His eyes travelled slowly over the woman’s body to her face, only to find her staring directly at him. She raised her eyebrows questioningly at him, and inclined her head, expecting him to justify his staring.

“I..uh..you have a very nice back.” James cleared his throat. Her gaze was unwavering, her green eyes piercing him.

“I have a nice back?”

 She arched an eyebrow higher.

“Apparently?” James winced. He chewed his bottom lip and tore his eyes away from her face.

He stared resolutely at his book, his mind not reading the words on the page, instead focusing on the attractive lady next to him, who still had him fixed under her gaze. He glanced up over his glasses to find her still watching him, but a small satisfied smile enhancing her beautiful features. He moved his head up and cocked his head, his cocky confidence rushing back.

“Like what you see?” he pulled out his trademark smirk for her.

She jumped slightly, stunned at being caught in her act of staring.

“I have no idea what you mean.” She said, leaning back in her seat just as the stewardess announced that they were about to take off.

James scoffed. “Sure you don’t.  You were totally checking me out.”

The lady gaped at him. “I was NOT. You are such a hypocrite. As if you weren’t checking me out earlier?”

“Ahh. I  most certainly was. So you admit then, that you were, in fact, checking me out?” He took a chance and prodded at her side with her finger.

She blushed heavily and fastened her seatbelt. “I was merely… appreciating…your spectacles.”

James laughed out loud. “My spectacles happen to be on my face, not on my chest, where you were obviously staring. That was the worst excuse I think I’ve ever heard.” He laughed again, enjoying the verbal sparring with the gorgeous stranger.

She made a face at him. “That’s the worst excuse you’ve heard? PLEASE. How about ‘you have a very nice back’? That pretty much takes the cake for me.” She laughed too, and James decided he liked the tinkle of her happiness.

She reached over and grabbed the book from James’ lap as they soared over the seas.

“Hey! Specky, you can’t just take…”

She pressed a hand to his lips and held up his book. She parted her soft lips to say something but closed them again, a confused look passing over her face.

“Did you just call me Specky?”

“Mmm. Yesh?” James murmured against her fingers. She dropped her hand. “You know, the spectacle admirer and all? Plus I don’t know your name.”

She looked at him, torn between amusement and exasperation. “You could just ask me my name you know?”

James ran a hand through his messy hair. “Nah. I don’t want to, Specky.” He flashed a lopsided grin at her.

“If you call me Specky, I’m going to call you Back-y.”

James lifted his arms in mock surrender. “Oh God no. I’ll stop calling you Specky, Red.”

She sighed and smiled widely at him, making his heart flutter. “Whatever James.”

James jumped. “How’d you know my name?”

She smirked at him. “I’m a genius.”

“I don’t doubt it. C’mon. Tell me how you knew!” He shoved her lightly, looking for any excuse to touch her.

The lady waggled her eyebrows at him before holding up his book.  “Prat. You wrote it on your book. Which happens to be one of my favourite books of all time.”

 “That’s pretty smart. I’m not surprised. It’s one of the best books to date. So, what’s your name then? You know mine, I think it’s only fair that I should know yours.” James said extending a hand to the redhead.

She grinned back and took his hand. “Lily. I’m Lily.”

They held hands a little too long and stared a little too hard and smiled a little too hard for a platonic friendship to blossom.


People swarmed around them as they stood in the airport, luggage at their feet. Many moments passed in silence, just both of them, looking at the other while the crowd of people busied around them.

James reached forward to grasp Lily’s hand. She squeezed back lightly. He smiled down at her. “It was really nice. Meeting you, I  mean. Best flight ever.”

Lily closed the gap between them and looked up at James. “Definitely best flight ever.”

A beat passed and James lowered his head and brought his lips against Lily’s, his hands finding Lily’s waist, lifting her slightly into the kiss. She reached up to grab his shoulders, steadying herself.

His mouth was warm against hers and the warmth seemed to spread throughout both their bodies as they pressed against each other, desperate for more. Everything seemed to blur except the two of them, there was only James scent of strong coffee, and Lily’s taste of soft vanilla. Her feet almost off the ground, Lily threaded her fingers through James’ hair, pulling him deeper into the kiss.

Minutes later, they broke apart, releasing each other and taking several steps back, flushed and dazed.

James heard someone yell his name, and he turned. His friends came at him from all different directions, jumping on him and grabbing him, yelling themselves hoarse as they tackled James. He grinned at greeted them, trying his best to entangle himself from the mass of their bodies. When he finally weaved out of their embrace, he started to the redhead, then stopped abruptly.

She was gone.


James was sprawled on the sofa, staring at the ceiling. He had dreamt about her. Again. Ever since the flight. Everyday since then, she had been in his thoughts, in his dreams, in his head.

He squeezed his eyes shut and pressed his head into the couch, trying to ignore the ache in his chest. It was closing down on two weeks and he had all but given up hope. He’d done everything in his capacity to find Lily. To find the captivating lady with the captivating smile that had somehow, in a matter of hours, managed to captivate him.

He felt like an idiot. He tried so hard to find her. He looked  her up on the net, tried the yellow pages, tried calling the airline, but he couldn’t find her. Hell. He didn’t even know her last name. He fucking didn’t know her last name! James fisted his hands in the couch cushions and berated himself.  How could he not have asked? They talked about everything and he felt like he knew her so well, but he didn’t. He barely knew her. He didn’t know her name, he didn’t know where she was from or where she lived, he didn’t know her. And yet, he longed for her.

He longed to feel her lips against his, firm and soft. He longed to feel her arms around him, strong and confident. He longed for her smile, her laugh, her quick comebacks.The ache in his chest grew with every passing thought, and every breath he took.

He longed for her.

James lay there for a long time, not even bothering when the doorbell rang. He had no time for Sirius right now. He loved the bugger, but all he wanted to do was think of Lily. Lily, and nothing else. The bell rang again.

And again.

Frustrated at Sirius’ persistence, he swung his legs off the couch, and marched to the door, throwing it open with a bang. His mouth open to yell at his best mate, he froze.

A redhead stood there, her beautiful hair framing her even more beautiful face. Her emerald eyes shone with happiness and relief as she looked up at him, the hands she was twisting together nervously dropped to her side. She smiled at him, absolutely radiant.

It was her. She was here. At his door. On his doorstep. 

She. Her. Lily.

He kissed her.


A/N: :/ I really hope you liked it Leina! Thanks for reading everyone! xx

Souharu Week Day 4: Fight

Something short.  Thanks to my sister for the idea.

Haru pushes the door open to their apartment, only to find Sousuke glowering at him with his arms crossed, looking as if he’s been waiting there for a while.

“Hey,” Haru greets disinterestedly, a single eyebrow raised.  Whatever has got Sousuke riled up probably isn’t worth his time when he has mackerel to cook.  He moves to step forward, but his boyfriend promptly blocks the way, eyes narrowed.  Haru huffs in annoyance and attempts to to slide under Sousuke’s arm, but the taller man stops him with his hip.   

“Aren’t you going to ask?” Sousuke bites out, mouth pressed into a firm scowl.

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Cartinelli 14

cartinelli + things you said after you kissed me

one. She’s not prepared for the daunting new world that has suddenly opened up in front of her, right at the moment that Angie Martinelli had kissed her. Kiss-dazed and starry-eyed, she doesn’t really think things through and –

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Nothing's fine, I'm torn (part 20)

I’m soooooo sorry I haven’t updated. I went back to school today and already I’m drained. I wrote some of it in between classes and now that I just got home I finally finished it. Only a few chapters left :( but I will soon announce my new fanfic that I will post on here and Wattpad. I love you guys so much, enjoy xx


Harry’s POV

After thinking about this for what seems like hours, I think I’ll call her. She deserves at least that after I pulled that dick move on her.
I stand in the middle of my kitchen, leaning with my elbows on the island.
It’s a good thing Kendall’s not home yet, she’d have a huge fit if she knew about all of this. She’s complicated, but I can deal with her.

I fish for my phone in my back pocket and am quick to dial in her number. It’s only 8:34 in the afternoon, hopefully she isn’t sleeping. Who could blame her, she must be exhausted because of me.
After a few rings, she finally picks up.

“Harry?” Her weak voice goes through my ear. Her voice is groggy and tired, she sounds like she’s been crying.

“Y/N,” I speak softly, “how’re you?”

“I could be better, way better..” Her small voice fades. She lets a big breath of air as I try to come up with something to say. And in all honesty, I’m at a loss for words for once.
“Why’d you call me?” I can tell she’s biting her lip, it’s her usual nervous habit.

“To apologize for… You know why,” I say truthfully. I can’t even bring myself to say what for and that makes me such a god damn coward.
“I’m sorry for walking away Y/N. It was just so much to take in. You know how oblivious I am to things, and I never picked up any signs of you having feelings for me.”

“Harry that doesn’t justify you walking away like that. It hurt more than you think it did.” I lean up from the island as I now begin to pace around the kitchen. I bring my free hand up to my forehead and rub my temples, mentally beating myself up over this.
I can’t tell her what I’ve been recently feeling for her because not even I know exactly what it is. I don’t know if what I’m feeling may be compassion but the more I hear her voice the more convinced I am that I really do feel something for her as more than my best friend. I just need
to make sure I am entirely positive that these feelings for her are real. And for some odd reason, I am scared as hell.

“I know it doesn’t justify it. Y/N we really need to talk. We need to sort this out and-” She cuts me off.

“Sort what out? Harry I only admitted to loving you not like I have some drug problem. There is nothing to sort out so just leave it be.”

Before I can say another word, I hear the front door close and the clicking of heels.
“Harry?” Kendall’s voice booms from the living room to the kitchen. She automatically smiles when sees me, making her way toward me and embracing me in an amorous hug.

“Um uh, baby I’m on a very important call right now. Let me just finish this and I’ll attend to you, okay?” I drape my arm around her waist and give her an assuring squeeze as she leaves a small kiss on my neck that makes my shudder.

“Make it quick. I missed you.” She says sweetly, pouting her bottom lip.
I make my way into the living room, looking back to make sure she stayed in there. When she walks away I rapidly resume to my call.

“Are you still there?” I ask hoping she didn’t end the call. I hear faint, small sobs coming from the other line.
“Y/N?” I say softly trying to get her attention.

“This is what I mean Harry. There’s nothing to sort out about this. Look I love you and the last thing I want is for our friendship to end.. But if that’s what needs to come down to this then,” I’m quick to stop her from continuing.

“Please no, don’t. Look come over tomorrow, we can talk, okay? Please say yes, please.”


I can’t get rid of the sting and pain that is making my heart ache right now as I heard him speak those words to her. I’m purposely torturing myself by staying on the phone but honestly I don’t want to hang up. Just hearing his voice brings me tranquility yet so much sadness. Though I’m happy he called me. After Liam left, I just read some books on the Nook Harry gave me for my birthday. It distracted me for a while till I saw his name across my phone screen.
I honestly don’t know if seeing him is such a good idea, but I mean if I never try then I’ll never know. I want to tell him everything, all of it. Even though for the most part he knows everything, but I mean about the shit Kendall has done and said to me. I am tired of her getting away with murder. It’s time to put her in her place, and that’s going to be by exposing her to Harry on whom she really is.

“Harry, I don’t-” Now he’s the one to interrupt me.

“Please, just don’t make this complicated. Kendall won’t be here in the morning so you won’t have to see her.” He practically begs. I know I’m being stubborn because I really do want to go and fix whatever it is I need to fix with Harry. I just love that idiot so much and it makes me happy that he called me. It’s assurance that he does care about me and even if it’s not in the way I want him to.

“Okay,” I simply state with a big huff.

“So you’ll come?” He asks hopeful.

“I’ll come Harry.”
He lets out a big breath, and I can tell he’s smiling. He’s so persistent on getting what he wants and funny thing is that he still has somewhat control over me.

I suddenly hear Kendall’s voice again from the other line as she calls out for Harry. I roll my eyes at how her voice irritates the hell out of me.

“I gotta go Y/N, but promise you’ll come tomorrow?” He whispers into the speaker.

“Yes, now hang up Harry.” We say our bye’s and I settle my phone down back onto my nightstand. Tomorrow is yet to be another unexpected unfortunate events just bound to happen. It has to be.

I woke up bright and early this morning. I changed into a polka dot teal dress with white sandals and curly loose waves. I’ve been dressing to a slack lately and it’s not only for the sole reason that I’ll see Harry today. Regardless of what I wear or how I look, I know he’d never find me attractive, not like her. She has such a small figure while I have curves in all the wrong places, in my opinion.

I texted Liam last night about the whole situation. He told me to be brave and bold and just open my heart to Harry. Be real and stop with the shady shit.
I’m still an asshole for going to Liam for advice when he has feelings for me.
I grab my purse and car keys and head for the door. I unlock my car door and climb in. I’m still a bit tired, so I think a quick stop at a coffee shop would be nice before heading to Harry’s.
My phone goes off as I receive a message from Harold.

“I’ll be waiting x.”

I begin to drive off to my favorite coffee shop. It’s such a peaceful place but I have barely had any time to go there.
It’s about a 10 minute drive when I get there, thank god the LA traffic is dead for now but that won’t last long.
When I enter the shop, the delicious smell of coffee beans fills my nostrils.
Just as I’m about to order my coffee, the front door opens and Kendall appears at the door with a handsome guy. What the hell? I quickly turn my head away so she doesn’t see me.
Out of all fucking coffee shops in LA she comes into this one, and not just by herself. I hide behind a wall so she doesn’t spot me. I can’t make out what they’re saying, but she’s giggling way too hard. That same giggle she has around Harry. There’s a lot of mumbling going on between the two, but it’s barely audible.
Oh so suddenly I hear the sound of attached lips, lips smacking. What? She can’t… Oh god no.

The place isn’t filled with too many people but no one’s paying attention to them. My heart drops to my stomach and I think I’m going to hurl.
I sneak my head to the side just to see what’s going on, and before I know it, there she is snogging on that guy’s face while his grimy hands squeeze her waist. Though I’m seeing what I’m seeing, my eyes just can’t believe it. She’s cheating on Harry…

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I really appreciate your blog, and I find it very useful. I'm writing a series of books, and I've typed my characters. Do you have any tips for me, to prevent any stereotypical types, and make them not come off as the wrong type? Also I have a character that I'm struggling to find out if is an ENTJ, ESTJ or ESFJ. I've read about the differences, but I wish you would explain. You always seem to know a lot, and I would be so thankful!

Learn the theory inside and out. Most people just learn enough practical detail to get a rudimentary grasp of one particular type (their own) but if you know the theoretical concepts and principles really well, you’ll understand the basics of every type and be able to apply the ideas universally. Of course, it also helps to know and observe real people and to compare theory against reality to refine your ideas away from stereotypes. Characterization is one of the hardest parts of writing fiction. It’s not easy to write characters who are both interesting and believable. On one hand, you have to maintain a degree of consistency in characteristics and motivation or else the audience cannot believe in them; on the other hand, you have to leave room for characters to grow and change within reason or else they never really come to life. Every type has its own trajectory of change and development, a blueprint of strengths and weaknesses and motivations and how they mature over time. I have addressed this before in analyzing fictional characters. Study type development and know the patterns well.

Complexity: Good characters must have a set of conflicting motivations that make them torn between competing interests. Real people are not machines whose brains work like computer programs, chasing after one thing and only one thing and then being satisfied if they get that thing. The worst kind of character has no inner motivation at all but is purely driven by external plot events. Two-dimensional characters usually only have one simple motivation that moves them through the plot and oftentimes there isn’t a satisfying explanation for why that motivation exists or how it really matters in the grand scheme of things, which makes it hard for the audience to care what happens to them. Three-dimensional characters have deep inner conflicts that produce a mixture of believable traits and behaviors, often living in morally gray areas, sometimes doing good, sometimes bad, sometimes failing because of personal flaws and shortcomings, allowing the audience to see their own complexity and identify with what’s happening. Good characters grow alongside plot developments, addressing and overcoming flaws as they move. This means that their actions must always have a proper purpose as well as realistic consequences and those consequences must be dealt with in ways that not only propel the plot forward but also character development.

Listen to Characters: This is very important and speaks to the intimate relationship a writer has with their characters. Once a character really comes to life, they will start to signal to you what they want to do and which direction they want to go in. Many writers make the mistake of being too possessive of their characters or identifying too strongly with the protagonist or they give rigid plot points priority over legitimate character needs/desires, with the result being that characters are denied true freedom to grow and change naturally. An example comes to mind from J.K. Rowling who expressed regret about certain writing choices because she had stuck to her original conception of the story instead of following the characters’ natural evolution through to their logical end.

Oblivious | Part 2 of Unrequited

This came out a lot longer than I planned.  Okay, so maybe I planned on it being this long and that’s why I avoided writing it until now. Haha!  I hope you all enjoy it.  This is the last installment. Oh!  And sorry for any mistakes.  It’s almost 6 A.M. here and I stayed up just to write this.  To be honest I zoned out, I don’t even remember the last half of what I wrote. “ヽ(´▽`)ノ” But as usual, tell me what you think about it. Enjoy!


You stared at the teen sitting beside you, eyes narrowed as you listened to him speak over the phone.  Mark glanced at you nervously and turned his body away from you, slightly cupping his hand over the receiver to whisper into it.  Your back was nestled comfortably into the crease of the couch and your legs were thrown over Mark’s lap.  Drawing your leg back you lightly tapped him with your foot, frown on your face.  You were curious as to how important this call was for him to shy away from you. 

It wasn’t like you didn’t know who was on the other line.  The two of you had been waiting for a good thirty minutes for the less than punctual Jackson Wang to arrive.  It’s been a few weeks since the incident in the gym; or since your little run in with his sexual life.  As soon as you got home that day you immediately called Mark, complaining to him about how much of an idiot his best friend is.  Mark was always the one you talked to.  You were comfortable around him; you trusted him with your deepest, darkest secrets, even if it meant letting him in on your obsession with Jackson.

After you spoke to him you felt a lot better, but just as you suspected, his promised weekend wasn’t yours.  His time oddly belonged to the girl he met in the gym.  This was a first; the first time he’s ever kept a girl under his arm for more than twenty-four hours.  Mark and you both assumed that he was going through a phase.  It wouldn’t be the first time that he actually settled down with a girl for more than a day.  Unlike the picture you normally painted for people—or he painted himself, Jackson wasn’t a bad guy.  He just liked sex; he had a high sexual prowess and was extremely insatiable. 

Most people judge him for that; manwhore, player, gigolo, womanizer, promiscuous.  Those are terms that Jackson heard on the daily, but you wouldn’t call him any of that.  Insatiable.  That was what he was and that is what he would always be.  However, he wasn’t just insatiable in his sexual desires.  Jackson was one of the best people you have ever met.  He’s one of the kindest people and he gets taken advantage of a lot because of his kindness.  He had an insatiable amount of kindness; he always has to do the right thing. 

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