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Star Wars: Rogue One Cast Play Never Have I Ever

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the door shuts behind simon, and baz looks up from his textbooks, sneer already plastered on his face.

“how was your little session with the mage?” his voice is taunting, mesmerising, almost haunting. like a siren’s song. simon watches the shadows shift over baz’s face and can almost believe baz means him no harm.

“fuck off.” it’s tired.

simon turns his back to baz. he doesn’t see baz frown. this isn’t the simon he’s used to at all.

baz’s voice floats across the room to him. “aw, what’s wrong? does the mage not like widdle simon anymore?”

simon’s shirt makes a soft rustling noise as he gingerly peels it off his body. he instinctively holds his left hand over the giant bruise on his stomach, prays baz doesn’t see it.

“or maybe,” baz continues tauntingly, “the mage finally realises how idiotic this whole thing is and he’s called it off? aleister crowley, i hope so.”

he thinks baz’s voice sounds like music, the sharp noise bouncing off the silence of the night. a breeze blows through the window, and he shivers.

simon pulls off his socks and leaves them on the floor. baz lets out a disgusted sound, but simon really, really doesn’t have the strength to care right now. he climbs into bed, pulling the covers over him.

baz sighs loudly. “i can’t believe i’ve put up with six years as roommates with this prat.”

“baz.” simon’s voice is soft. monotone. nothing like a siren’s song at all. “shut up.”

baz does.


#dgraymanweek || Day 1: The Voice of Darkness

⤷  Option B: Manga/Anime 2006 or Anime 2016


The next time someone says a Ne doesn’t get fixated on something, to the exclusion of all else, that’s a Ni thing, I’m going to laugh in their face.

Here’s the deal with me:

I have stuff I promised to write for this blog. I know some of you are waiting for it. (Others probably forgot I said anything about it in the first place, which – yay, I love you people!) And, I do intend to do it. Soon.

However, I have hit the final few chapters of my first draft on a novel, the portion of the story that demands a strong climax, resolution of all existing plot lines, and a powerful ending.

When that happens, the entire world goes to pot around me while I fixate. I do pretty much one thing: write on my book. I think about one thing: my book. I neglect everything else except personal needs and feeding my cat. I don’t write many e-mails. I don’t write character profiles. I don’t answer asks. I don’t chat with my friends. I ignore comments to my blog. Concentrating that much gets me results, but it also drains me (writing sensory detail, intense emotions, and logical resolutions isn’t my immediate strength), which means I have just about enough energy left over to marathon some random television show and go to bed at night.

The bad news is: this is where I’m at right now, and why I’m not here.

The good news is: barring some major disaster and/or my mental breakdown, I should be finished with my first draft at the end of this week, which means by next week I should have the mental energy necessary to do what I said I would.

In the meantime: enjoy your day, I have a maiden to rescue, an execution to preside over, an assassin to catch, and a sequel to subtly set up. BBL.

- ENFP Mod


3x20|4x12 || the queen siblings wanting the one they love to live a happy life without them.