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whos the small spoon and big spoon when u both cuddle 👀

Yusuke: … Do couples use spoons for purposes other than eating?

Yusuke: Fascinating…



If you wanna start a fight
You better throw the first punch
Make it a good one
And if ya wanna make it through the night
You better say my name like
The good, the bad, and the dirty


the door shuts behind simon, and baz looks up from his textbooks, sneer already plastered on his face.

“how was your little session with the mage?” his voice is taunting, mesmerising, almost haunting. like a siren’s song. simon watches the shadows shift over baz’s face and can almost believe baz means him no harm.

“fuck off.” it’s tired.

simon turns his back to baz. he doesn’t see baz frown. this isn’t the simon he’s used to at all.

baz’s voice floats across the room to him. “aw, what’s wrong? does the mage not like widdle simon anymore?”

simon’s shirt makes a soft rustling noise as he gingerly peels it off his body. he instinctively holds his left hand over the giant bruise on his stomach, prays baz doesn’t see it.

“or maybe,” baz continues tauntingly, “the mage finally realises how idiotic this whole thing is and he’s called it off? aleister crowley, i hope so.”

he thinks baz’s voice sounds like music, the sharp noise bouncing off the silence of the night. a breeze blows through the window, and he shivers.

simon pulls off his socks and leaves them on the floor. baz lets out a disgusted sound, but simon really, really doesn’t have the strength to care right now. he climbs into bed, pulling the covers over him.

baz sighs loudly. “i can’t believe i’ve put up with six years as roommates with this prat.”

“baz.” simon’s voice is soft. monotone. nothing like a siren’s song at all. “shut up.”

baz does.


I got to NYC yesterday!! But I was too effing exhausted to do anything, so I didn’t update anything :’D BUT NOW I’M BETTER SO I WILL

We arrived at NYC after two flights that took us about 13hrs at 8.10am, then it took us almost 3hrs to get to our hotel from that ;;; by the time we got here we were Dead and then immediately we went out at like, 12 in the afternoon and didn’t get back to the hotel til almost 10pm… I couldn’t feel my legs after all that :’D

And of course today we went out at 8am and walked and got to the hotel at 5pm….. my feet are screaming constantly and so I am.

BUT OTHER THAN THAT… I actually don’t feel that out of place here!! Iiit’s surprisingly similar to Buenos Aires, only that it feels everything is… like, an extra large combo. Buildings are twice as long and twice as big, the things they sell at store are twice as varied (more like 4 times as varied), the food is twice as big and you get FREE REFILLS, there is twice as much stuff to see and stuff to live thru… and my feet hurt twice as much I’M SORRY I CAN’T LET THAT GO

(mental note: buy a nice pair of sport shoes…)

But that’s that!! Uhhh so far I’ve visited the Empire State Building (I HAVE PHOTOS) and we’ll be back tonight to see it AGAIN… I’ve bought a Lot of stuff (including two reference books!! one for anatomy and one for COMICS WOAH) and a REALLY NICE AND COZY COAT FOR, WHAT, 14 DOLLARS?? HOW TF IS IT THAT CHEAP???? HOW COULD YOU SELL THAT SO CHEAP EVEN IF IT’S OUT OF SEASON IT’S BEYOND ME

also my new darling which is my Cintiq and which I will legally marry if I go to Las Vegas someday. i love her so much already, i’m installing the driver as i type. i’m gonna name her and everything no one shall stop me


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Hello, I just had a question from the "how does one love themself?" ask. you said "my friends love the way i laugh at my own terrible puns." and that's how you start to love yourself. but what if, one day your friends don't love the way you laugh at your own puns? what do you then? I've had a time when a friend would love the way I laugh but all of a sudden my friend hated the way I laughed...

sometimes, friends outgrow each other and it’s just how things go. change is inevitable and you’ll find someone new. just have a talk with your friend to see where things went wrong. see if you can fix it and if not, then the two of you can go down your own separate paths. it’s probably fixable though + everybody has bad days now and then.

ok i’m not usually like this but tomorrow i make the biggest presentation of my school career and i’m also 4 away from my next hundred… so waking up to see i’ve reached that goal might make me feel a little more confident about this whole thesis presentation thing lol