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Okay, you know what, i’m done! this is what i’ve been working on.
I’ve always wanted to make my own AU and i finally got an idea for it (yesterday that is)
It’s kinda like an AU of an AU, the original bbros belongs to @thebbros
I also decided to call it “adventures of journalists Bendy and Boris” (what kinda lame name is that -_-)
oh, and i almost forgot to mention that this AU takes place in 20 century
Anyway, here what’s it about:

Once there was a man with a very high knowlege of alchemy. He was a sick man with very freaky desires and intrests for other people’s suffering, but he pretended to be a regular doctor, wishing to become someone bigger. For years he’ve been working on a type of vaccine that were suppose to give the one that uses it morphing abilities and increase the power of sixth sense. After his last attempt, the vaccine was almost ready but still wasn’t tested, as he was looking for who to test it on, his assistant mistaken it for a regular vaccine and gave it to one of the kid that they were suppose to vaccinate that day by accident. The doctor atempt to recreate the vaccine again but didn’t succeed, so he tried to make a bit different versions of it. After many of his test subjects died of it, he guessed that the only one who could survive it was that kid who got it the first time cuz he was still claimed to be alive. The doctor wanted to use that kid and figure out if that atempt was successful or not, and to test out new ones or maybe to find a way to use him in his own advantage for different things. The only problem is he had no idea who that kid was. He decided to hire two guys who used to work as cops, but were fired for not doing their job well, to find that kid. They were too stupid and desperate for a job to question anything, so they agreed.
The kid that got the vaccine was no other than Bendy, a little boy who lived in an ophanage. When he got vaccinated he didn’t felt any different at first, but after a while, he started having head aches, then he began seeing things and having nightmares, but it only got worse after he and another kid named Boris were adopted by a very nice guy. After a few days of peaceful life Bendy found out that he could morph into an aggressive demonical creature with very big powers, the only problem is he couldn’t control the morphing, or himself whenever it happens. Bendy was very scared of it, but Boris and his adopted father found a way to tame him whenever he loses control, and they didn’t let anyone else know about it. Their father tried to figure out what was happening to him and maybe find a way to stop it, but never did. Soon, it began to happen less often so they all got used to it and excepted Bendy the way he was (cuz luv is awsome and fuk everything)
After years, Bendy grew up and became a jurnalist for a magazine called “long gone”, his job was to travel around the world, investigate and take pictures of abandoned and mysterious places, he took this job because he really liked the idea if this sort of things. Boris was too young for a job like that, but he still likes to tag along on every of Bendy’s journeys to keep him company and make sure he doesn’t go wild again.
i just couldn’t help it, it’s like half past 12 AM and won’t be able to fall asleep before i post it!
i’ll do everything else tommorrow, bai bai now!

  • Andrew: warum bist du hierher gekommen?
  • Neil: weil ich erschöpft bin. ich kann sonst nirgendwo anders hin und bin auf Kevin zu eifersüchtig um mich von ihm fernzuhalten. Er weiß wie es ist jeden Tag seines Lebens zu hassen, jeden Tag verängstigt aufzuwachen, aber er hat dich im Rücken um ihm zu sagen dass Alles gut wird. Er hat Alles, auch wenn er Alles verloren hat, und ich bin - Nichts. Ich werde immer Nichts haben und Nichts sein
  • ---
  • Andrew: why did you come here?
  • Neil: Because I'm tired. I have nowhere else to go, and I'm too jealous of Kevin to stay away from him. He knows what it's like to hate every day of his life, to wake up afraid every day, but he's got you at his back telling him everything's going to be okay. He has everything, even when he's lost everything, and I'm - nothing. I'll always have and be nothing.