i'm too tired to even comment on this

How to tell that it's getting bad again:

- I sleep to much or not at all
-I eat too much or too little
-I sound disinterested in everything
-Be spaced out a lot
- I will ramble a lot or not talk at all
-I lose track of time
- I make cynical comments, usually about myself
-I push people away
-I tend to rub my eyes and head a lot
-I avoid eye contact
-I am always shakey
-I will avoid certain conversations

Was doing the pv but got tired so drew my two LL! fav charas


They’re around their fifteen’s when Eleven first notices something that hadn’t quite caught her attention until then. And even if it’s nothing too great, it’s definitely something new. She starts seeing Nancy, although very rarely, in some well known sets of stripped sweaters every now and then.

“Oh yeah, she walked into my room this morning begging for it, saying it matched her new skirt perfectly…” Is the answer Mike gives the first time she makes a curious comment about it. “I didn’t mind.” He shrugged

Eleven was still growing accustomed to the whole concept of families and siblings, Will and Jonathan were undoubtedly a warm welcome into her new life with the Byers but even so, there were still many factors she had yet to work out about their dynamics and boundaries. And just as always, what better source of knowledge than sweet Mike Wheeler?

“Does she borrow your clothes often?” El is more than fascinated with this new discovery.

“Not really… My clothes were too small for her until recently… And she only likes maybe two or three things in my wardrobe… Luckily.” Is all he says

“Oh…” Eleven stays thoughtful for a minute “Do you borrow her clothes too?”

“What? No! No… Of course not. If I did that… I mean– Maybe once or twice I used one of her scarves or… Her socks but nothing past that.” And for some reason out of her reasoning, Mike seems embarrassed at the mentioning of that.

It doesn’t take longer than a couple days until Jonathan takes her and Will to a lake nearby to enjoy the view and feed the ducks while he’s taking some photographs. Then the weather drops low and the sky begins to darken when suddenly the light blue sweater El had thrown over herself back at home is no longer enough to fight the chilly breeze, Jonathan casually throws his pretty much huge jacket over his sister’s shoulders after noticing her shivering, and Eleven is too relieved for new source of warmth, although heavy and oversized, to even feel alien in it. Later at home when she hands it back is when her mind wander back to her previous conversation with Mike; and El comes to simple conclusions that siblings sharing clothes is a natural and yet fascinating thing.

So with time she starts incorporating some of Will’s shirts into her outfits for school, Lucas and Dustin never have enough of Mike’s jealous red face and teasing the hell out of it.

That does stops being a problem with time though, when the five move together to an apartment during college and all lines of personal belongings are thrown by the window. El eventually reasons that these boys must be her family as well after all.


Being a fan of anyone now is so fucking difficult especially when you are older because I can’t even understand the mindset of bullying your celeb or even commenting ridiculous things on their Instagram. Fandoms are so damn toxic and I feel like I get sick of a celeb so quickly because of the fans they come with. I can’t even crush on someone like a normal 20 something year old because the fucking brainless children that come with him or her are literally the worst.

Oh and please come and in my inbox and tell me otherwise. While I understand some celebs are truly terrible they are HUMAN, they have lives, stop holding them up to perfection.

If you hate a character, that’s alright, you’re in your every right to do so. But, if you start to insult their fans with disgusting and homophobic (and even heterophobic) comments then we have a problem! I’ve stayed silent for too long! These people probably won’t read this because they’ve blocked me, but take a good look at yourself before you say anything at all. And, also, do us all a favor and stop acting like you are all fucking saints! I’m sick of this high school clique vibes. Grow up!

shoku-and-awe said: Gaman! Gamba! Genki dase! That’s the thing with eggs - they have two of the three Gs you need to survive living here.

@shoku-and-awe, as per usual your tags are worth repeating: #and we will survive living here #even if some of the time the G stands for gakkari and gudegude and gaaaaaaaaaaaah #neba neba give up

I read a comment about London today, and it immediately reminded me of Tokyo: “I’m not tired of London, I’m just exhausted by it.”

Yup. That. Tokyo, you’re awesome, but there are times when you’re … just …

I guess this is true of life in most big cities, but it would help considerably, Tokyo, if you could just warm up for a change. Let’s level up that temperature. Yoroshiku!


[insert artist comment where I berate myself for the time of morning it is, questioning why I do this to myself all the time, also questioning why I didn’t stop when I posted the WIP , and then immediately flopping over onto my bed and falling asleep]