i'm too tired to even comment on this

How to tell that it's getting bad again:

- I sleep to much or not at all
-I eat too much or too little
-I sound disinterested in everything
-Be spaced out a lot
- I will ramble a lot or not talk at all
-I lose track of time
- I make cynical comments, usually about myself
-I push people away
-I tend to rub my eyes and head a lot
-I avoid eye contact
-I am always shakey
-I will avoid certain conversations

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Was doing the pv but got tired so drew my two LL! fav charas


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I'm queer and honestly I'm getting tired of the gay stereotype represented by Eskild, I'm getting sick of it, it's too much and I feel like it's terribly, terribly harmful. I'm not even gonna comment on Noora/Dickhelm because I'm really gonna throw up. Wtf

Really??? I’m sorry you feel that way. But Eskild is pretty similar to the actor and it’s not like it’s an unrealistic portrayal of a gay character. Yes, he’s a walking, talking stereotype, but some gay people are stereotypical, some aren’t, most in some degree

I’m not a fan of Eskild, he’s too much, and too shallow, for me, but I don’t think him being stereotypical is harmful. It’s not his, or other gay people like him, fault that those stereotypes exist. They’re just being himself, and for Eskild that is being feminine, loud and shameless.

i think i love time the most when i’m with you by evenbec

Even brings it up for the first time in February. It’s an offhanded comment, and Isak isn’t sure if he’s supposed to laugh and roll his eyes or take Even seriously.

“Baby, imagine if we woke up like this every morning, and I got to smell your morning breath every day.”

aka Morgan got too emo watching today’s clip 

EVERYONE KNOWS NCT U WAS A FREAKING AMAZING UNIT WITH AN AMAZING BOP! Y'all literally don’t have to bring it up every freaking day, we know this. Stop with the rude ass comments about how “NCT Dream and NCT 127 aren’t as good as NCT U”. If NCT U isn’t back, it’s because y'all slept on them when they debuted, okay? Half of the people bitching about this are people who joined the party too fucking late. If y'all had supported them from the beginning, I think SM would have ran with this unit and pushed them to do more, but you slept on them. Stop with your rude comments, because at this point, even if NCT U did make a comeback, it probably wouldn’t be with the exact same members. And don’t drag NCT Dream or NCT 127 just because you prefer NCT U. If you like them that much then you shouldn’t have slept on them.

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[insert artist comment where I berate myself for the time of morning it is, questioning why I do this to myself all the time, also questioning why I didn’t stop when I posted the WIP , and then immediately flopping over onto my bed and falling asleep]

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fic prompt? this person has a huge crush on another person and he/she doodles on their notebooks about their crush and one day, the person's crush accidentally takes their notebook instead of their own

This is a great one so thank you, lil anon. I have no idea how American universities are so this is completely based on how things work at my university. (Thursday is the day everyone goes out because a lot of the students return home for the weekend)

The Best Time of Your Life

~3700 words


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Who on earth believed it was all right to schedule one of the most complex and difficult courses on a Friday, at 8.30 in the morning, no less. Because Killian could have a serious talk with that person. Students are not fresh, nor eager to learn at that time; they are tired, their minds still hazed by alcohol and lack of sleep. And having those people sit through a three hour lecture by a professor who has never heard of the word intonation, is basically spurring them to fail.

But every week again, at 8.15 sharp Killian walks into the lecture hall, a trace of darkness under his eyes and the thought that he can’t miss this class in his head.

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  • FAN: TOP oppa, I was curious about something. Remember the UFO Town video you posted a long time ago where you said things like, “You’re a pure love man, come on, come on. My voice is pretty. Turns out you’re a blood type B, too." Ah, I really can’t understand what you’re saying…Were you sober or drunk then? I have always been curious since a while ago. [*https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dnuun-CfCgQ]
  • T.O.P: I was sober then, too.
  • -
  • FAN: Oppa, I can’t sleep even though I have to go to school tomorrow. Is it a good morning to you oppa? It’s a good night to me. I may go to school with less than 3 hours of sleep. So tired. Even though I’m in my senior year in high school, I will keep fangirling.
  • T.O.P: Thank you. Hang in there and study hard.
  • -
  • FAN: Why did you delete the video (laughs) [*https://youtu.be/aG2DTG8qIfw]
  • T.O.P: I'm not drunk but I was surprised by the comments hehe
  • -
  • FAN: 5x5 BAE BAE
  • T.O.P: unusual unusual~
  • -
  • FAN: You should wear lip balm before going to sleep, your lips...
  • T.O.P: What is 'lip balm'?
  • -
  • FAN: You won't ever take a normal selfie right? (laughs)
  • T.O.P: Nope
  • -
  • FAN: What you said in the interview is touching. I’m relieved that you’re enjoying Insta, but it will feel lonely if you delete it later once you get bored with it. Hope we can keep seeing each other. Fighting.
  • T.O.P: 😛 Depends on what I feel. This is my insta. I’ll delete it when it becomes boring.😛😛
  • -
  • FAN: Oppa, you don’t know how to hashtag (laughs)
  • T.O.P: Why do I need to add hashtags? I don’t like it. It depends on my mind. This is my insta-ya.
  • -
  • FAN: Oppa, I like you but please don't post up too many things T_T I can't see any other insta postings T_T I really love you, but please no more postings T_T
  • T.O.P: Then please unfollow~ This is my space.
  • -
  • T.O.P: are you crazy??
  • -
  • FAN: ...♡ I want to pinch your cheek
  • T.O.P: Wake up, you girl
  • -
  • FAN: Oppa, there is an article saying oppa uploaded 300 photos in 4 weeks, (laughs) Fangirl is happy
  • T.O.P: If you are happy I'll upload more in the future, you fool.
  • -
  • FAN: If oppa comes out with the hair, two-thirds of females in the world will be taken to the hospital because of excessive nose bleed. You were definitely considerate of the fans (for having) abnormal hair. I got to know how considerate you are...
  • T.O.P: Don't overreact/exaggerate
  • -
  • FAN: Oh oppa, please call me a fool too.
  • T.O.P: You like “fool”?? You fool.
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