i'm too tired

  • Takao & Midorima

Takao: “Huh, Shin-chan are you heartbroken? But.. I’m sorry. I don’t think I can cheer you up right now.
Midorima: “Thought so. But, same for me. It’s really frustrating… losing.

So this is going to sound weird.

But I saw this on Facebook.

And something about it seems wrong.

I read it and thought, ‘That’s not right’.

Like red flags went off instantly.

Unfortunately, it’s 11:00 PM and I’m extremely tired so I can’t pinpoint exactly what’s wrong about this.

If there is something wrong.

Something about it just…seems wrong.

I can’t explain it.

I’m too tired.

Anyway, can somebody who’s not about to fall asleep determine whether this is wrong and if so, why?


2013 was kind of a tough year for me and, sadly, I couldn’t be here as often as I wanted to. But, even tho I didn’t have the time and the courage to try to edit more new things for the blog, I was almost always “here”. Visiting your blogs, reblogging your edits/reblogs, laughing with your funny texts and, mostly, being happy and proud to be in the Tizzie fandom. You guys made me happy when no one else could. And by “you guys”, I mean all my followers. Thank you for this amazing year and I truly hope that 2014 comes with much happiness, peace, joy and inspiration for all of you. Happy 2014 ♡

- Mary

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