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Smol Link with his tol boyfriend Sidon


Smol Zelda with her tol girlfriend Urbosa


You lied about your feelings. Yes. I did. Why would you do that?

@dgraymanweek Day 1 || The Voice of Darkness

Who remembers those little D.Gray-Academy shorts from the 2006 anime aha


Heyo to all you lovely people!!
As written in the lil’ title up there, I want to give a positive message to the people within the Ajin fandom! I’ve personally been a huge fan of ajin for a very long time, and seen the fandom grow a lot! And despite it growing bigger and bigger, it’s nice to see that there’s still a positive vibe within the fandom itself.

I personally haven’t seen any big ‘wars’ or anything of the sorts myself, and while people might have different oppinions or ideas about; what to ship, what is canon and non-canon or other things, I’ve seen a lovely side of the fandom where it’s a friendly place to be, with amazing people to talk to and share oppinions with. And I’m proud to be in such a fandom!!
As said, we might dissagree on perspectives here and there, but that’s natural! I’m amazed to see how well things have turned out in the big picture, and how it’s not stopping anyone from creating bonds with others and share ideas!
Of course there’s negativity out there, but i’m glad it’s not stopping the rest of the positivity.

It might seem a bit random of me to say all this ‘out of nowhere’, but it’s just so nice to be greeted by such a friendly atmosphere. //Despite the show oddly enough being rather dark//  So I wanted to take the time to say how proud I am of all of you guys out there, and how amazing it is to see the such nice people out there.

I’ve seen so many amazing people, who help to make the fandom such a great place to be! And even if you don’t post a lot or not at all, it’s still nice to know that there’s this lingering joy still around! I’m always happy when I see, amazing art, stories, theories or just general ideas, and all of this is thanks to everyone just being so amazing! I really admire this fandom, and I couldn’t be happier about how things are.

Also on a personal note, I really want to thank @omg-satou & @origami10 for being so SO amazing! You guys we’re basically the first people I started talking to when started I looking futher into the fandom itself, and I personally wanna thank you guys so much! You really made me grow as a person not only to be more confident, but also made me actually feel like I was a part of a fandom! -Which was new to me because I was always just the very shy blogger, who didn’t dare to talk to others at all! So I hope i’m not being totally cringy for saying all this, but I really admire you guys and just wanted you to know how much I appriciate what you’ve done for me. ((=^w^=))

But to everyone out there;
stay awesome and I hope you have a lovely day~

DannyMay, Day Eighteen “Green/Nature”


There was ectoplasm everywhere, the green fluid dripping on the walls, pooling on the floor, staining the lab equipment, the beakers, and almost everything that could be touched and was not resguarded.

Danny lay on the floor, on his human form, covered with the green fluid, Sam sat on a wall, next to the portal, and Tucker was kneeling, trying to get up, supportng his weight on the metallic table next to him, a pained expression on his face, this was his fault…

“Yuck!” Danny said, sitting on his place and cleaning his face from the ectoplasm. “That’s gonna leave a stain…” He added, looking at his ruined t-shirt.

“What part of ‘It’s a Fenton prototype’ didn’t you understand?!” Yelled Sam, tsaking off the green substance from her black hair. “But nooo, the techno geek could handle it!”

“Sorry! Sorry! I just wanted to know what it does!” The assaulted geek excused himself, finally standing straigh, and cleaning his glasses with the clean part of his sweater.

“Next time, let’s wait for them to try to use it against me, ok? At least they’ll make sure to let me know they are attacking.” The halfa grouled at his careless best friend. “By the way, you are cleaning this.”

A Small Gift

“Close your eyes,” Yona says, and though he feels the need to roll them instead because of the cliché-ness of this whole set-up, he abandons his tease and obeys. As soon as his lids shut he feels his heartbeat quicken slightly, a sense of excitement overcoming him. It’s not that he’s never received a birthday gift before, but he’s never received one from her in this way. He has no idea what she could have gotten him, but she made a big deal about calling him outside and making sure they were alone. 

“D-Don’t open them, okay!”

“Yeah, yeah,” he mutters in return, slightly amused by the flustered sound of her voice.

“I… I mean it, Hak. Please.

Taken aback now by her quiet whisper, he feels himself become uncertain. “Princess, I promise, okay? Is everything alri-”

He’s interrupted when something soft suddenly touches his lips.

On instinct he jerks away immediately, a shocked breath leaving him as he barely resists the urge to open his eyes. He can’t seem to process what’s happening, thoughts moving too wildly to be coherent in any way. He doesn’t want to believe that what just occurred did, yet…

Yona’s hands come up to lightly cup his cheeks and his heart slams against his chest as she leans back in and kisses him once more. He feels like he can’t breathe, can’t think, can’t react, too lost in a sea of her presence and taste and smell, and heavens above he’s never desired anything more than this. It makes him want to reach out and touch her, but he’s not sure if that’s appropriate, so he leaves his hands by his side, content to let her do whatever she likes. He’s hers. 

He only realises that he’s forgotten to breathe when she pulls back and he gasps a quick breath. He opens his mouth to speak, but before he can he feels her lips graze his jaw, the motion twisting his gut in a horribly pleasant way.


“Happy Birthday Hak,” she whispers, and then she’s gone from his side, leaving him flushed and in a state of absolute euphoria. 

Happy Birthday Hak - August 9th

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i remember when i entered middle school and my 5th grade crush went to a different school. halfway thru 6th grade, i was tired of not having a crush, so i started cycling thru all the boys that i knew and weighing the pros and cons of each of them lmao. then i was like man :/ if i could date girls or something then i would have more options :/ too bad i'm not a boy :/ long story short im bi now lol

beautiful story

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can you write a scenario where giriboy is caught being really nice to a random girl at a club? and how he would act towards his girlfriend after he got caught

He’s Mine

Originally posted by grboynews

„Do you know where Si young is?“ You asked one of his friends. You have been looking for him for a while now, but you couldn’t find him anywhere. He told you to meet him at the club, but since there was a special event today, the little club was especially packed. His friend pointed to the left and you followed the direction of his fingers with you eyes, just to see your boyfriend sitting at the bar with a girl that you haven’t seen before. You let out a sigh and rolled your eyes. You were used to it. He was a rapper who was pretty known in the underground scene. In addition to that he was also extremely handsome. He had a large amount of female fans, so girls would always approach him in the club. You had no objections of him talking to his fans. But what you hated was how he talked to them. He was always flirting and giving them the impression that he was interested.  You knew that he loved you. He told you plenty of times, but you just couldn’t shake off the weird feeling every time you saw him next to a girl that wasn’t you. And it wasn’t helping either that those girls looked as if they were in the model business. It wasn’t that you didn’t trust him. You trusted him completely. But you felt insecure. 

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whenever there’s even the slightest sign of danger, Magnum slips me into the shadow realm.. or wherever that is 

he’s the v protective type ♥

(((this also causes Princess Poffin (my jigglypuff companion) to freak out a little tho)))


Z. (Chain Mail) One or both of our muses get a scary story emailed to them, which begs them to share with their friends. One of them ignores it, and calls the other in a panic when they begin to hear and see strange things in their home. 

“Sam?” His voice was choked as the other man answered the phone, Bill just hoping that Sam would know what the fuck was going on. “Sam, there’s s-ss-something in my apartment- I-” He could hardly get the words out before there was a loud thump on his end of the line, followed by a staticy crackle.

“S-Sam-” Breaking up. The call was struggling to go through. “Sam!”


- y’all were friends at first & initially he was rlly annoyed by you bc of how lively and cheerful you were ???
- he was like ….this is tiring
- but eventually he began to really enjoy and appreciate your company
- your personalities differed a little but it was a good balance between ur cheerfulness + his apathy :^)
- tried to indirectly ask u on a date by inviting you to go see the newest marvel movie
- and you were like !!! fRICK YES, i love marvel !!!
- and he was like …. (whispers) i know
- it becomes a mini tradition for you two to go see movies together, whether it was like (?) frozen or paranormal activity
- if you wanted to see it, he was down
- all of seventeen kept bugging him to straight out ask you to date him but he refused to
- and well… let’s just say they took matters into their own hands
- seungkwan: yo y/n, be honest who’s ur favourite in svt
- you: hm er i think i’ll say w—
- seungkwan: wONWOO?? om g did everyone hear that? /nudges woozi/ y/n’s fav is wonwoo.
- seungkwan: jeon
- seungkwan: won
- seungkwan: woo
- seungkwan: the sixth oldest member
- seungkwan: the member with the deepest voice
- seungkwan: the—
- needless to say, he eventually had no choice but to directly ask u to be his s/o in order to prevent further embarrassing interferences by the rest of svt
- to which you shyly but willingly accepted
- ANYWAY, now that ur like,,, dAtiNg or wHateVEr, he’s super shy around you but kind of plays it off as not really caring?
- he just doesn’t exactly know how to show it yet o k
- since he’s still pretty new to dating and has just about as much experience as a third grader,,,, pretty much treats u as if yall are still in elementary school lmfao
- in other words, shows his love for u through insults (-:
- “ur annoying”
- “i hate you”
- “shut up”
- “hey what where are you going”
- “nooo come back here … cuddle with me”
- as you can tell, he isn’t the best at expressing his love in words
- but to make up for it….. is very touchy-feely
- so much affection, loves affection, ALL tHE AFFECTION
- always wants to cuddle and hold u close to his chest and run his hands through ur hair
- back hugs + him resting his head in the crook of ur neck and kissing ur temples
- holds ur hand or puts his arm around ur waist when ur in public
- plays with ur fingers or pokes ur sides when he gets bored
- just prepare urself for a whole lot of physical contact when ur with him, no matter how subtle
- however despite his intense addiction to skinship, iS A REALLY SHY KISSER
- really paranoid that ur gonna suddenly pull away bc u think he’s a bad kisser or something, so his kisses are always soft and slow and gentle bc he doesn’t want to scare u away with his lack of experience
- when he tilts his head slightly to the side and starts to lick his lips frequently and keeps staring down at yours,,,, that’s when u know he’s about to kiss u
- holds ur face with two hands as if ur the most precious thing in the world (which to him, you probably are though he’d never admit it)
- always makes sure ur ok with what he’s doing
- like he’d keep breaking the kiss to ask, “are u ok? is this ok?” and ur like omf G shush keep going
- but its super cute to see this side of him hehe bc usually he’s just a ball of negative emotions
- good looking boy holds door open for you?? /death glares/ waiter smiles at you?? /throws shade/
- aka passive aggressive woozi comes out
- gets hella jealous when you spend lots of time with the other members, even tho he knows ur all just friends
- when joshua tries to teach you how to play adore u acoustic ver. on guitar, when quiet lil minghao opens up to you bc you ask him to teach u short chinese phrases, when you cant stop dying of laughter bc of some joke hoshi and dk told u ….
- all of it makes him fume inside but he gotta conceal, dont feel, dont let them know
- he wont exactly say anything to u about it, he’ll just be like
- him: oh, would you look at the time!! we should probably get you home, y/n
- you: it’s 1 o’clock in the afternoon, woozi.
- him: yep ok bye everyone!!
- hes oddly and unexpectedly passive aggressive tbh
- woozi isn’t really like anyone you’ve ever met before but day by day, you learn more about him and learn to love those things about him. you learn that he’s actually a big softie and is selfless by nature and deep down just wants the best for you and his friends and that most of all, he loves you with all his heart.