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Fired! After years… years of hard work. And ass kissing. Oh God, I kissed so many different kinds of asses.

@dgraymanweek Day 1 || The Voice of Darkness

Who remembers those little D.Gray-Academy shorts from the 2006 anime aha

Joker x Harley - Pleasure Doing Business With You

Harley smoothed out her sparkly skirt as she walked over to one of the tables across from the stage. Her heels echoing across the floor gave off a sense of power and an unspoken untouchability. Without even looking she could felt the eyes on her. People always stare wherever she goes. Everything seems to come to halt when her heels hit the floor.

She walked up to the table and placed her hand on the edge of the booth. She stood with a smile that could best be described as playfully mischievous.

Yes, sir?

Joker looked up; a wide grin forming across his face as his eyes scanned her petite frame.

Ah, there you are. I was looking for you.

Harley giggled and fluffed her blonde curls.

Here I am!

Joker gestured for her to sit down and she did as she was instructed. As she went to to take her seat beside him, she felt the cold metal of his rings against her bare thigh.

Come sit with Daddy, princess.

She blushed and glanced up at the man sitting across from them. Just as she expected, Joker was trying to send a message to their new business partner. After enough of their contacts made the mistake of eyeing her, they didn’t want to waste any more money on another cleaning bill. Joker made sure it was more than clear who she belonged to.

The man on the other end of the table shifted uncomfortably in his seat as Harley sat in Joker’s lap with a smile. The tassels of her dress swinging as she threw her legs across his lap and wrapped her arms around him. It was almost taunting. Once the man saw the look on her face; he was sure it was intentional.

Now, as you can see, I’ve got some business to attend to. You be good while I finish this meeting.

Harley nodded obediently and played with the charms on her expensive gold bracelet as she waited for Joker to sort out whatever business he had with the man across the table. Despite appearing rather vulnerable or weak sitting quietly in Joker’s lap, she felt powerful. No one would be dumb enough to flirt with her like this and everyone in the room knew it.

Joker moved his glass out of the way and opened the briefcase sitting in the middle of the table. Inside were hundreds of different types of bullets that weren’t meant to be sold. Their new business partner must have had a connection to the latest weaponry. Wherever he got it, it was clear this man could be useful to them. Joker looked through the various labeled sections; admiring the ammo as he thought about who would be the lucky person he tested it all on.

It’s impressive, I’ll give you that.”

The man cleared his throat nervously before he spoke.

Good. I was told this would be of interest to you.”

Joker’s eyes widened as he examined the different bullets. Finally he closed the case; his movements were intriguing. An almost feminine touch; but at the same time powerful and rather unsettling.

I’d say they know me well.

Harley tried not to laugh as she saw the look of fear on the man’s face. Joker was smiling at him; but it was a smile most don’t want to get. It was hollow; empty.


The man jumped at the sound of Joker’s voice. The tone was almost musical and much more enthusiastic; completely different than what he’d last heard.

Well! Pleasure doing business with you. My men will handle any financial questions you may have regarding our meeting today. Will I be seeing you soon?

The man looked lost for words at the sudden drastic change in demeanor he’d just witnessed. He looked at Joker and then to the henchmen guarding the door.

Yes, just contact me with whatever you need, Mr. Joker, sir…

Harley giggled as the man fumbled over his words and quickly made his way to the door.

She moaned softly at the feeling of slender fingers up her skirt. Joker caressed his fingertips down her inner thigh and nipped her ear as he murmured against her cheek.

That didn’t take long, did it?

Harley smiled and bit her lip seductively.

You’re not gunna pay him, are ya?

Joker laughed; the sound making anyone nearby feel sick the second they heard it. He lifted her chin with his finger as he grinned.

Not a dime...”

Harley leaned back against his chest as they both laughed. Everyone watched quietly; wondering anxiously over what inevitable atrocity those two had likely committed.

She wiped her eyes as she tried to quiet her laughter. Her makeup was already smudged across her face from the tears.

Good one, boss.

Joker captured her lips in a hungry kiss and she couldn’t help but moan as his hands slid up her back. Just hearing him laugh was intoxicating to her. It was like drug she could never get enough of. Harley played with the collar of his expensive silk shirt as he spoke.

Oh, I forgot to mention something. There’s some fundraiser going on tomorrow and they’re honoring Gotham’s favorite rich boy. Mr. Bruce Wayne…

Harley felt a rush of excitement at the mere thought. Finally they were going to have some real fun. She knew the answer, but had to ask anyway.

Ya think we should drop by?

Joker brushed his red lips against hers; a devious grin forming on his face once more.


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can you write a scenario where giriboy is caught being really nice to a random girl at a club? and how he would act towards his girlfriend after he got caught

He’s Mine

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„Do you know where Si young is?“ You asked one of his friends. You have been looking for him for a while now, but you couldn’t find him anywhere. He told you to meet him at the club, but since there was a special event today, the little club was especially packed. His friend pointed to the left and you followed the direction of his fingers with you eyes, just to see your boyfriend sitting at the bar with a girl that you haven’t seen before. You let out a sigh and rolled your eyes. You were used to it. He was a rapper who was pretty known in the underground scene. In addition to that he was also extremely handsome. He had a large amount of female fans, so girls would always approach him in the club. You had no objections of him talking to his fans. But what you hated was how he talked to them. He was always flirting and giving them the impression that he was interested.  You knew that he loved you. He told you plenty of times, but you just couldn’t shake off the weird feeling every time you saw him next to a girl that wasn’t you. And it wasn’t helping either that those girls looked as if they were in the model business. It wasn’t that you didn’t trust him. You trusted him completely. But you felt insecure. 

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A Small Gift

“Close your eyes,” Yona says, and though he feels the need to roll them instead because of the cliché-ness of this whole set-up, he abandons his tease and obeys. As soon as his lids shut he feels his heartbeat quicken slightly, a sense of excitement overcoming him. It’s not that he’s never received a birthday gift before, but he’s never received one from her in this way. He has no idea what she could have gotten him, but she made a big deal about calling him outside and making sure they were alone. 

“D-Don’t open them, okay!”

“Yeah, yeah,” he mutters in return, slightly amused by the flustered sound of her voice.

“I… I mean it, Hak. Please.

Taken aback now by her quiet whisper, he feels himself become uncertain. “Princess, I promise, okay? Is everything alri-”

He’s interrupted when something soft suddenly touches his lips.

On instinct he jerks away immediately, a shocked breath leaving him as he barely resists the urge to open his eyes. He can’t seem to process what’s happening, thoughts moving too wildly to be coherent in any way. He doesn’t want to believe that what just occurred did, yet…

Yona’s hands come up to lightly cup his cheeks and his heart slams against his chest as she leans back in and kisses him once more. He feels like he can’t breathe, can’t think, can’t react, too lost in a sea of her presence and taste and smell, and heavens above he’s never desired anything more than this. It makes him want to reach out and touch her, but he’s not sure if that’s appropriate, so he leaves his hands by his side, content to let her do whatever she likes. He’s hers. 

He only realises that he’s forgotten to breathe when she pulls back and he gasps a quick breath. He opens his mouth to speak, but before he can he feels her lips graze his jaw, the motion twisting his gut in a horribly pleasant way.


“Happy Birthday Hak,” she whispers, and then she’s gone from his side, leaving him flushed and in a state of absolute euphoria. 

Happy Birthday Hak - August 9th


Steph Rewatches Suits - Every TV, Movie and Pop Culture Reference, 1.01 Pilot (1 of ?)


- y’all were friends at first & initially he was rlly annoyed by you bc of how lively and cheerful you were ???
- he was like ….this is tiring
- but eventually he began to really enjoy and appreciate your company
- your personalities differed a little but it was a good balance between ur cheerfulness + his apathy :^)
- tried to indirectly ask u on a date by inviting you to go see the newest marvel movie
- and you were like !!! fRICK YES, i love marvel !!!
- and he was like …. (whispers) i know
- it becomes a mini tradition for you two to go see movies together, whether it was like (?) frozen or paranormal activity
- if you wanted to see it, he was down
- all of seventeen kept bugging him to straight out ask you to date him but he refused to
- and well… let’s just say they took matters into their own hands
- seungkwan: yo y/n, be honest who’s ur favourite in svt
- you: hm er i think i’ll say w—
- seungkwan: wONWOO?? om g did everyone hear that? /nudges woozi/ y/n’s fav is wonwoo.
- seungkwan: jeon
- seungkwan: won
- seungkwan: woo
- seungkwan: the sixth oldest member
- seungkwan: the member with the deepest voice
- seungkwan: the—
- needless to say, he eventually had no choice but to directly ask u to be his s/o in order to prevent further embarrassing interferences by the rest of svt
- to which you shyly but willingly accepted
- ANYWAY, now that ur like,,, dAtiNg or wHateVEr, he’s super shy around you but kind of plays it off as not really caring?
- he just doesn’t exactly know how to show it yet o k
- since he’s still pretty new to dating and has just about as much experience as a third grader,,,, pretty much treats u as if yall are still in elementary school lmfao
- in other words, shows his love for u through insults (-:
- “ur annoying”
- “i hate you”
- “shut up”
- “hey what where are you going”
- “nooo come back here … cuddle with me”
- as you can tell, he isn’t the best at expressing his love in words
- but to make up for it….. is very touchy-feely
- so much affection, loves affection, ALL tHE AFFECTION
- always wants to cuddle and hold u close to his chest and run his hands through ur hair
- back hugs + him resting his head in the crook of ur neck and kissing ur temples
- holds ur hand or puts his arm around ur waist when ur in public
- plays with ur fingers or pokes ur sides when he gets bored
- just prepare urself for a whole lot of physical contact when ur with him, no matter how subtle
- however despite his intense addiction to skinship, iS A REALLY SHY KISSER
- really paranoid that ur gonna suddenly pull away bc u think he’s a bad kisser or something, so his kisses are always soft and slow and gentle bc he doesn’t want to scare u away with his lack of experience
- when he tilts his head slightly to the side and starts to lick his lips frequently and keeps staring down at yours,,,, that’s when u know he’s about to kiss u
- holds ur face with two hands as if ur the most precious thing in the world (which to him, you probably are though he’d never admit it)
- always makes sure ur ok with what he’s doing
- like he’d keep breaking the kiss to ask, “are u ok? is this ok?” and ur like omf G shush keep going
- but its super cute to see this side of him hehe bc usually he’s just a ball of negative emotions
- good looking boy holds door open for you?? /death glares/ waiter smiles at you?? /throws shade/
- aka passive aggressive woozi comes out
- gets hella jealous when you spend lots of time with the other members, even tho he knows ur all just friends
- when joshua tries to teach you how to play adore u acoustic ver. on guitar, when quiet lil minghao opens up to you bc you ask him to teach u short chinese phrases, when you cant stop dying of laughter bc of some joke hoshi and dk told u ….
- all of it makes him fume inside but he gotta conceal, dont feel, dont let them know
- he wont exactly say anything to u about it, he’ll just be like
- him: oh, would you look at the time!! we should probably get you home, y/n
- you: it’s 1 o’clock in the afternoon, woozi.
- him: yep ok bye everyone!!
- hes oddly and unexpectedly passive aggressive tbh
- woozi isn’t really like anyone you’ve ever met before but day by day, you learn more about him and learn to love those things about him. you learn that he’s actually a big softie and is selfless by nature and deep down just wants the best for you and his friends and that most of all, he loves you with all his heart.


Ralts / Kirlia / Gardevoir /Gallade variation: Most ghostly.

Mega Ghost | Draconic variation | Mega Draconic

Who knows if I succeeded *shrug* Ghostly to me means… fraying, thin, sickly looking, but with one portion being SUPER bright (in this case, horns and eyes). I love Ralts-line shiny colors too much to not include shiny variation as well.

Will do Megas later.


whenever there’s even the slightest sign of danger, Magnum slips me into the shadow realm.. or wherever that is 

he’s the v protective type ♥

(((this also causes Princess Poffin (my jigglypuff companion) to freak out a little tho)))

ok one last post and i promise to stop spamming Too Short To Ride posts

My (best case scenario) Prediction:

  • Peridot and Steven hang out, resulting in that promo we saw with the tablet
  • Amethyst joins them, and suggest showing Peridot around town
  • Montages of the three trying to have fun, including hitting Peridot in the face with Ball!Amethyst
  • Finally they arrive at Funland
  • Peridot sees the alien pushie at a game booth and falls in love with it. 
  • She wants to win it all by herself, but completely fails, getting more irritated with each try.
  • Steven tries to calm Peridot down, suggest doing something else, like a ride. 
  • They wait their turn in line, but it turns out Peridot is too short. 
  • So Steven excitedly suggests that Peridot and Amethyst fuse. 
  • They do.
  • The fusion (Smoky Quartz?) is able to get on the ride, but once finished, she don’t want to unfuse just yet. 
  • So she continues her fun at Funland, resulting in some minor disaster, poof-ing the two of them. 
  • Steven brings their gems back to the temple, where they reform. 
  • Amethyst is in her new outfit, and Peridot finally gets a star on her outfit. 
  • There are hugs and bonding moments, and the episode ends with the star isis effort and Peridot’s new star. 

And that’s my fantastical daydream. 

. ✧ . * . ˚ SNAPCHAT — open.

KALIA: i’m stuck in my dad’s office how gross
KALIA: i swear i’m about to lose my mind
KALIA: they haven’t installed the vending machine yet
KALIA: and i’m starving