i'm too lazy to make captions


he’s so beautiful (´▽`ʃƪ)♡


“Emma isn’t interested in Hook.”

She’s clearly not interested as demonstrated by the manner in which she most certainly does not get jealous.  Clearly.


nick jensen, landon ferraro, and tommy mccollum discuss bromances for the griffins mailbag (x)


“But you won’t get your new sled if she’s dead.”

Human Sven! We all knew this day would come.

And yup, that’s mute human!Sven. Kristoff signs when he speaks too so that his buddy isn’t forced to read his lips all the time. Obvs I didn’t draw them signing the whole sentences cuz I’m lazy and was terrified of getting something/everything wrong, and yeah I know that there’s a bazillion different sign languages and it wouldn’t make sense for them to be using ASL since they’re in 1800s Norway but… yeah… sorry

Ok I’m doing this again because the other post got lost somewhere on my blog and I’m too lazy to go find it oops anyway which is a bummer since it had a lot of notes but oh well

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