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Ah I don't mean to bother you but do you have any advice on how to deal with depression I'm sorry for bothering you I just don't know what to do

 Hey, it’s ok yeah you can totally ask me. I’m probably not the best person to go to because I’m not a therapist or whatever, but I definitely have experience with dealing with Depression so, I’ll tell what you helped me. and hope that maybe it helps you in some way shape or form. 

So when I was in this abusive relationship with my ex, I hit total rock bottom and I have never been so low in my entire life. Honestly if you met me now, and then met me like 2 years ago, you literally would be talking to two different people it was so bad. but I don’t need to go into detail or describe depression. I’m sure you already know what it is very very well. 

So, the killer about Depression is that you feel empty, sad, angry, etc etc, and it’s kills all motivation and drive and inspiration to do the things that you once enjoyed ya know? like, you no longer enjoy doing whatever your hobbies were, and you have no interest in doing them anymore. Depression tells you that you want to is sleep, eat/not eat, sit and stare at nothing, do nothing, not talk to friends or family. And because Depression is so strong, it’s easy to fall into doing those things of just not doing anything, and isolate yourself from any form of social interaction with friends and family etc. And a lot of the time you feel like that’s all you can do, like you don’t have the literal energy to do anything else such as something as simple as getting up out of bed after sleeping in over 10 hours or something. (it’s not laziness, it’s depression.) 

Well those things that Depression makes you want to do, is the exact opposite of what you should do. And those things Depression says you hate and don’t want to do, – all those hobbies, or getting up and taking a walk, talking to friends, doing something, is exactly what you need to do, to help you with your depression. The best medicine I find is distractions, and not letting it control you. It’s tough, especially emotionally, and you’re gonna hate it for a really long time, but eventually doing all those things you useto like, and now hate, the likeness to it starts to come back. but it’s easier said than done, and it takes a LOT OF WORK! and it’s hard. but you can do it! 

Trying to find some kind of reason or obligation helps too. like what really got me on the stepping stones of doing better is I got this Indie game job, and I was given the like impossible task to make over 100 little paintings (all the custom artwork) in 3 and a half weeks, high quantity, in high quality. It forced me to paint and draw even though I had like no interest in art because of the major depression I was feeling, and that job forced me to draw 8 to sometimes 15 hours a day. It was brutal, and for a bit I hated having to draw so much cuz I didn’t really enjoy art, but then forcing myself to get up and do something I hate (but once loved) I started to like it again. And then when the Indie game ended, I wanted to keep pushing myself to improve and have a reason to keep me drawing, which is why I started Youtube. And it really helped me build my confidence and fight against the depression. 

Now the thing is, Depression never goes away, it’s a mental illness and it’s not something you can get rid of like a virus or bacteria. BUT FEAR NOT! just hear me out!  It’s a constant battle everyday. You can’t be cured, and no amount of therapy or med can change that. Don’t fall into the misconception that meds/therapy fixes the issues, because it doesn’t. It is HELP. and Help isn’t fixing, it is assistance for YOU to fix things. So getting medical or therapeutic help is definitely good and I promote it, but you can’t rely on it to fix your problems, because it has to be you to put forth the initiative, which is why I told you what I did above first. Meds and therapy try to regulate your hormones and work out solutions for you to deal with the issues in yourself and your environment so you can work out your depression. so the goal in getting better isn’t to find a cure, even still to this day I struggle with it a lot, and I have my moments and my episodes sometimes. BUT I’m not saying you’re going to be miserable for the rest of your life, because the truth is, you can be happy, while having depression. 

The goal is to learn how to maintain and live with it, so you aren’t controlled by it. I have control over my depression right now, and despite that it’s still always there in the back of my mind and it resurfaces sometimes, I’m actually very happy and have become a pretty stable person. (especially compared to who I use to be) 

So start by forcing yourself to get up, doing small things, try to seek out interests that distract you from depression, but also force yourself to fulfill responsibilities (work, school, chores, etc) which helps you get stronger and start gaining control of the depression. Seriously something I find very helpful is going on a walk. It’s easy to just slump around or sleep in bed and never get up, but walking, (that thing that you don’t want to do) actually helps a lot, and there’s a scientific reason for it too, not just it sounding nice. But the more you can do for yourself, and others even, the better you’ll feel, even if it doesn’t seem that way or a long time. It takes a lot of time to crawl out of the rut you’re in, but you’ll get the if you just keep going. 

I know I don’t give the best advice, but, I hope this helps in some way. 

love is

Apparently something about Agent Washington screams “tell me what your definition of love is”. Not that he would know.

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“Those who can’t do, teach”

That is the biggest load of bullshit and the root of so many systematic flaws in our (Canada’s) education system. Why?

Kids are always told, always taught “Hey even if you fail at this, you can always be a teacher” because of the myth that “anyone can teach!” Well you know what that leads to?

People who failed at their passion, failed at their achieving their dream, becoming teachers. True, some people really find their passion in teaching even if they never originally considered it, but I’m not talking about those people.

I’m talking about those asshole teachers man, the ones you can just TELL don’t give a fuck. You know the ones, we’ve all had them at least in our school if not personally for a class.

(For me, my love of science was destroyed and left rotting in the sun because of the same shitty teacher for grade 9 and 10. Utterly gone. Sometimes a spark of it comes back, but never the way it was before I had that teacher.)

Problem is, they are by far NOT the majority of teachers. 

Most teachers truly WANT to teach, want to work with kids and help them grow and share knowledge with them. Here is where those rotted teachers affect the good fruit.

We all know negativity overshadows everything with even a touch of it, so to a student who has a truly shitty teacher, well all teachers suddenly look as bad as that asshole. So a rowdy 15 year old whose mad about that one teacher, suddenly starts treating all their teachers like shit. Whatever, kids have hormones and emotions, and most teachers don’t take it personally (the assholes will) BUT!

Now take that one kid, add like say 6/ class and over 20 years. THAT is the origin of the other kind of asshole teacher: they achieved their dream and loved it until it rotted from beneath them, and they no longer love their job, and what was the point of it all anyways? 

(My school had a teacher like this. She was horrid and impatient and an academic death sentence to anyone who had her class. But she was very very intelligent and if you bothered to notice you could just TELL she was tired and just didn’t care anymore.)

So now there are teachers who just SHOULDN’T be teachers, and others who are SO WORN DOWN they become evil (Die a hero or become the villain kind of thing).

The Good Teachers are suddenly in a losing battle, because kids expect them to be awful, (also teenagers take everything personally man, I did, but damn), and even when a teacher is THE BEST who remembers them? We all have Shitty Teacher stories, but so few actually have like Good/Inspiring Teacher stories.

Thus the entire legitimacy of their profession is lost, because of a few bad apple and a society that believes “Those who can’t do, teach.”


  1. Psychological/ Personality analyses for prospective teachers. Some people just plain and simple should not be teachers. Get rid of them right off the bat. I’m sure they’ll be fucking great in another field, but not this one. 
  2. Respect your teachers. This sounds simple, but I’m not just talking about students I mean their parents, other members of society, basically everyone. No one would be where they are without teachers, your kids are going to be partially raised by their teachers, they are extraordinarily important and yet people don’t just take them for granted, they think they are ‘lazy’ and took the easy road for life. DESTROY THIS MENTALITY, KILL IT, BURN IT, AND SALT THE GROUND FROM WHICH IT WAS BORN.
  3. Tailor classes to fit students’ learning style/personality. This is not coddling, the fact of the matter is people have different learning styles and the current education system works only for one group while royally fucking over everyone else. Many learning disabilities people have are ways the system says “They are different so we’ll label and marginalize them because we don’t know/don’t care what to do about them” but the reality is a lot of these kids just learn in a different way (OK I KNOW THAT’S SUPER GENERAL IM SORRY, BUT YOU KNOW WHAT I’M TRYING TO SAY???). So many BRILLIANT kids struggle through school because they don’t fit the education system’s tiny box, and because they struggle they are labelled “stupid”. In a different environment, with a different teaching method, they could truly excel. Instead of diving schools with “The Smart/Elite Classes” “The Medium Difficulty” and “The Dumb Kids”, schools should be divided by the different learning styles. Help kids learn to learn, don’t smother them and try to cram them into a very specific box.
  4. Stop Mountains of Homework and Change Tests. Forcing someone to do anything will ultimately ruin their enjoyment of it, and homework is a great way to make kids hate learning. People LIKE learning, we really do, but the fastest way to kill a spark is to bury it. Even tests, if you just encourage kids to show off what they know instead of shame them for what they don’t, all they does is fuel the mentality of not being “smart enough” and seriously create a fear of failure. My adult siblings still have nightmares about standardized tests ok, YOU KNOW SOMETHING IS WRONG WHEN DECADES LATER PEOPLE ARE SO TRAUMATIZED THEY HAVE NIGHTMARES. 
  5. Start School Later. Teenagers need their god damned sleep. Adults do too, but the body is going through so many changes during your adolescence that you need more sleep. Even if you are well rested, everyone’s mind is basically soup in the morning (because you’re TIRED) but also you don’t absorb information as well when you are exhausted. Also fewer grumpy students and teachers, which leads to more enjoyable classroom environments. THERE ARE LITERALLY NO DOWNSIDES TO STARTING SCHOOL LATER. (This one is so easy and obvious it’s dumb that we still start school before sunrise.)
  6. Pay Teachers Better. BEING PAID MORE DOES NOT MAKE PEOPLE LAZY, FROM US POOR MINIMUM WAGE FOLKS TO MIDDLE CLASS STABLE PEOPLE. IT MAKES US APPRECIATE WORK AND BUY MORE THINGS AND FIX THE ECONOMY. That “appreciate work” is very key to this, because a well paid teacher is a happy teacher who is far less likely to grow sour and take it out on their students. If we put this with the whole “Kill homework” idea, we get well paid AND well rested teachers who now operate at maximum capacity. You wouldn’t want a surgeon who is underpaid and completely exhausted to do your surgery, so why are you OK with the people in charge of entire generations of kids, effectively the future, to be tired and poor?

These are off the top of my head, and I am positive there are more points that I just haven’t considered. My knowledge comes from an understanding of the education system in Ontario specifically, so please PLEASE add your own thoughts. ( edwardspoonhands can you lend your thoughts on this topic maybe?? I don’t know how different the American Education system is, and Canada takes may cues from The States. )

Guys if we want school to be better in the future, this shit has to change.

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Could you give me advice about high school? I'm taking a lot of AP classes next year and I already know I'm gonna feel overwhelmed and unmotivated from time to time. Any tips? Thank you! :)

oh boy…. okay here are a few from the top of my head:

  • don’t stress out so much. there is honestly nothing worse than worrying over something that can’t be fixed (i.e. grades after the semester is over, gpa after the year is over, etc.).
  • ONE (or even a couple… probably more) BAD TEST GRADE(s) ISN’T/AREN’T GOING TO KILL YOU!!!!!! don’t let some dumb kid tell you that your future is over because you failed a test. s/he doesn’t know shit.
  • don’t compare yourself to others and don’t let others compare themselves to you. there are probably going to be a bunch of kids trying to top each other with “the most amount of APs” or “the highest SAT score”, but it really doesn’t matter once you’re out of high school anyway. just do what feels right and comfortable for you.
  • don’t spread yourself out too thin. a lot of people are going to tell you to be involved in as many extracurriculars as possible but if you can’t handle it, drop it and let it go. rather, dedicate yourself to one or two things that you really, really love. not everything you do in high school has to be for a brag sheet.
  • ask for help when you need it. don’t be ashamed!!!! and if a teacher or a peer makes you feel stupid about it, then that’s their problem, not yours. most teachers are always willing to help, not only because it’s their job, but because they genuinely do want you to do well and succeed.
  • DO NOT DISRESPECT TEACHERS!!!!!!!! teachers are not your enemy and if they feel like it, it’s probably because they’re sick of the crap students pull every single day. please, please respect the faculty and staff at your school. they’re dedicating their lives to teach and help you grow into intellectual, kind, well-rounded individuals.
  • listen well and take really, really good notes. different colored pens and highlighters are life savers, especially in APs and honors courses. don’t be lazy and try to copy off your friends’ notes. you don’t absorb information as well as you could have if you wrote everything down yourself. it’s just a horrid idea… don’t do it.
  • stay organized. color-code, get dividers/folders, label everything!!!!!!
  • GET A LOT OF SLEEP. GET PLENTY OF SLEEP. don’t be like me and pull all-nighters every night. it’s really bad for your health and you’re going to feel like passing out every five minutes, which means you’ll probably tune out the lessons or forget it after class is over. then you’re behind again and you have to learn what was taught in class by yourself….. and it’s back to square one.
  • pace yourself and develop good time management skills. don’t put things off til the last minute, especially those five page lab reports and ten page essays. if you’re like me and work better under pressure, then by all means, leave it til 2 in the morning, but still…. even i don’t condone it.
  • group projects are a bitch. if you haven’t been blessed with the power to attract good partners, you’re going to have to do all the work by yourself ㅠㅠ

and i guess socially:

  • surround yourself with good people who make you feel comfortable and loved. your friends should support you and never, ever make you feel bad.
  • avoid the drama. dear god, avoid all the drama. rumors spread fast, especially if you go to a small school, so just don’t get into any messy situations.
  • ask for advice from the upperclassmen and inform the underclassmen. befriend a good mix of people from all grades. i honestly had more fun with the years above and below me than the ones in my year. you’ll learn a lot ^^
  • go out and have fun every once in a while! don’t lock yourself up in your room all the time and be a slave to your own workload. some of my favorite and fondest memories are from high school. it’s a good four years if you try to make it that way.

and the most important thing i want you to remember is that high school isn’t everything. you may think so now, but high school is literally just a thin sliver out of your entire life timeline. yes, what you do and how well you do in high school factor into which colleges you’ll get into, but honestly…. that’s it. you’re not tied down to your high school records after you graduate. you have so much more to learn and so much more to experience, so please don’t let anyone ever tell you that your entire future reflects upon your high school years.

relax, take a deep breath, and simply do the best you can. you’ll be just fine (:

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do you have any favorite baekyeol fics you would recommend? love your edits btw so lovely!!! uwu

hi anon !!!! ((sweats)) i have too many fave fics to recommend you .. . baekyoel .  .. .. .i’ll give you my top five?? ten?? let’s go with twenty !!! hehe this isn’t really in any particular order because all of them are amazing and you need to read it omfgmomg ((bolded are faves and i have read them more than once))

masquerades - i have reread this fic soOOoO many times it’s unreal i just /sighs/ love it so much i didn’t know i had it in me to adore a fic so much but scientist baek and agent park is cute ple a s e read it pellapsleplsease god this fic is amazing and balanced with all the right fluff and angst and o h h od let me die and be reborn in a world where this fic is tattooed all over my body ((maayacola is one of my fave writers please read her other stories make a day feel like a minute and armor thanks))

linear - this is adorable /stuffs face into a pillow/ beautiful baekyeol is beautiful

third wheel, spinning - this fic is written in second person ((so you’re like…involved in the fic eh heh)) i don’t usually read fics like these but this oNe is absolutely amazing and i was hooked right from the start omfg even if you don’t read those kind of fics please give this one a try !! ((all of sutecha’s fics are amazing omfg other masterpieces are moments like this, let the future fall into place, soliloquy all of which are so well written i love the way she writes ;; even though she’s stopped writing fics now please read all of them))


can i wish you away - well this is  … .no . .. it will ruin you .. .jsut. .. beware it will slay your soul…oh myod


exit strategies - i have no words for this tbh it’ just so. .dark?  ? mysterious ? ? amazing ((side story from chanyeol’s POV can be found here))

try this on for size - oOhoh OH HERE COMES THE SMUT GUYS HOLD YA HORSES !!!! hehe this fic is great and very /wink wink/ if you know what i mean please be of age i don’t want to ruin anyone’s innocence in this fandom so yes this is v not pg13


there are dark times (but i’m glad i have you) - cute baekyeol and no electricity is cute yes i recommend this i hope everyone reads this it will make you happy!!

and then, your heart drops - /clutches self and rolls into a ball/

a former “most love only lasts for a while” - meep yes please let me cry over the perfection of this fic i’m /heart eyes/

baby, i’m your biggest fan - i’m wheezing this is beautiful i’m in love baekyeol and their banter is the most amazing thing in the world fight me

complications - very unique plot it’s really well written too i mean who would’t want luhan as a best friend please i’m begging you rEaD THIS

let love in - very important and tbh i’m running out of words to say because all these fics are amazing and you need to read all of them ple  ase

human nature - goodbye i do not exist anymore rip nicola

chasing what you already have - sigh why do i do this to myself this is what i do everyday i drown myself in baekyeol and cry over them and their cuteness

between the lines - U uGHhh GHhh /dying whale noises / do u hear that it’s my cries of despair over this fic i have thrown myself off a cliff because i am so sad this fic is not a book so can hug it to my chest and sleep with it fml


okAy so i think i’ve cried over enough fics for now woops i’m sorry for all my word vomiting, i think that’s 20 fics?? it was so difficult choosing my top faves ((there are so many more don’t you worry lil peach i never run out of fic recs when it comes to baekyeol)) but i hope you like the ones i’ve recommended so far !! if you need more just shoot me a message, and i’m sorry if the links don’t work or come out on the wrong page in case i’ve mixed them up orz ;;

you can also check my fic recs page here which i will be updating today !! but i bet you once i finish updating there’ll just be 10 more fics to add by the next day otl and i’m so lazy so don’t depend on my fic recs page ^^

thank you for liking my edits cutie !! i love you so much /shoots hearts/

have a nice day and enjoy !!

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Hey froggie! I am studying to be a dietician, avd have seen you mention multiple times that you saw one but they couldn't help you. I'm wondering if you could explain why that didn't work out? I'm confused why they couldn't help you find a solution.

They were helpful. But I have an issue where I need a certain amount of calories to function and I can only do very very limited physical activities. So it is hard to burn enough calories to lose the weight and not be super fatigued from the thing I did to burn the calories. If I make one mistake. Eat one thing I’m not supposed to. If my depression flares up and I lose the ability to care about what I eat… I pretty much undo any progress I’ve made. I will either not lose weight or gain back weight I lost. It is a stressful process that usually ends up as a delicate house of cards that is fated to crumble. I end up at square one again. 

Other issues are that I need extremely simple meals a lot of the time. Pop-in-the-microwave simple. I am often too tired to prepare anything more complicated. There isn’t a lot of good food that I can make myself. When you can barely stand and you need to eat something, it isn’t realistic to think I can sauté some mushrooms or whatever. There are Weight Watchers and things like that, but they can get expensive. 

The other problem is that it is reeeally hard to keep track of a diet, find the willpower to eat all the right things, and stay mentally strong to keep myself from overeating. My fatigue and depression just makes that near impossible a lot of the time. This is what a lot of people would call “being lazy” or “unmotivated” …but over the years I feel I have disproved that.

Eating right is hard for a lot of people without any other health issues. I don’t understand why people can’t make the logical leap that it would be especially hard for someone like me. It requires a lot of energy to keep it up. Energy I don’t have. It is a mental exercise as much as anything and I often am not up to the concentration and mental effort it requires. 

That is just not something a dietitian can fix. 

I’m looking into places that will prepare and deliver healthy meals that I can just heat up. I’m also looking into trying to find someone who can assist me during the day and keep me on track. But those are both things I can’t afford right now. 

A lot of the time I feel like the reason I can’t lose weight is that I can’t afford it. 

If it were just a matter of needing willpower I would have lost the weight a long time ago. Willpower does not create more energy in my cells. It does not fix my brain chemistry. I have put monumental effort into solving this. People who assume I have been eating cheeseburgers all these years are extremely mistaken.

If people want to say I’m just “making excuses” that is fine. All I know is that I tried all the things, and I couldn’t do them. I will continue to look for answers and find a way to solve this, but I think the answer lies in finding some relief of my narcolepsy or CFS so that I have more energy to dedicate to achieving a healthier weight. 

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What are your expectations for the current arc? Do you think the ladies are going to get a more major role? Because of Nami's new climatact and Reiju in general I'm getting really hyped XD and I feel like Pudding could turn out really badass

As a general matter this arc is off to a wild start and I can’t guess most of what is going to happen. I said it here recently–One Piece arcs are usually the most exciting at the beginning, because there is so much potential and so much possibility and we’re in major suspense about how things will unfold. 

When it comes to the ladies, at this point it is hard for me to be optimistic. Oda has long had some problems with how he includes and writes women, but Punk Hazard and Dressrosa just made me want to smash my head into a wall over how disappointing they were. There are bright signs for the coming arc. Since Nami has a new weapon that gives us reason to hope that she will get to use it against a serious enemy. And Carrot has been presented as being very strong so far, so we might get to see her kick some major ass too. I don’t know how I feel about Reiju’s character yet, but she seems to have potential as a powerful villain or an ally. 

And then there is Pudding… Frankly I am very worried about what Oda is going to do with her. I like her design, she’s cute, and she’s the daughter of a Yonko so she might have some of her mother’s monstrous strength. However, her personality and her enthusiasm about getting married are not thrilling me right now. Thus far her personality feels hollow to me. Is she cute? Hell yeah, she’s super cute. That’s the point, and that’s the problem. 

This kind of character–a super attractive young woman who simply needs to be praised in any way for her to be bursting with happiness–is usually created for the purpose of being fantasy fuel for lazy straight dudes. After all, what is better than a woman who wants nothing more from you than the occasional complement? Who doesn’t have goals or dreams or purpose of her own, but rather only wants to make others happy–who is made happy simply by the fact that you like her. You don’t have to actually do anything to make her happy–just you liking her cooking and thinking she’s hot will make her happy and all she wants to do is serve you. 

We already had this character in the form of Baby 5, but it was cool because she was still a villain and her need to please others was just a funny gag that resulted in the gross men who creeped on her getting killed by Doflamingo. But then it stopped being a joke, and Baby 5 was turned into a wife and a trophy, someone with no agency or loyalty or purpose outside of being someone for a man to save from another man, instantly curing her of all her problems because the only thing she really needed was a man who would treat her right. (I have already written in excruciating detail on this subject, and you can find all of those posts here.) 

So yeah. Oda has already demonstrated that he can and will do this kind of thing with his female characters. And I’m worried that it’s going to happen again with Pudding. That Pudding is going to be little more than a bright-eyed helpless girl who will be happy when Sanji drools all over her, and will legitimately fall in love with him if he gives one of his corny one-liners about how he’ll die before letting her get hurt or whatever. I know that there are a lot of fans who are actively hoping that the two of them really will get married, but to me that would pretty much just be another installment in the long history of “gross dude gets ‘rewarded’ with a perfect amazing wife, either to ‘fix’ him or just b/c lamo wish fulfillment.” I seriously doubt that they will get married, but even just Pudding legit falling for him would make me gag. 

But we’ll see. There is a chance that Pudding is actually tricking us all and she’s really a nightmare incarnate and evil to the core. There are still plenty of original, interesting, non-disappointing things that Oda might do with her character. Or Oda could do something different than what I’ve laid out here that is gross and disappointing in a different way. Like I said, it is very difficult to guess what is going to happen this arc, but it is hard for me to get my hopes up at this point when it comes to how Oda writes women