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How well do you draw on paper tho?

hmmm I feel, doodle-wise it’s about the same traditionally and digitally!
I just take a bit more time traditionally because I can’t copy + paste the panels like I do digitally:

Usually I prefer doing the comic stuff digitally, but if I’m too lazy to boot up my computer I just doodle in my little sketch book! :’D
If you’re asking about actual drawings, I don’t actually have many (because I have the drawing stamina of a squashed tomato trying to skateboard with no wheels whoops ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ) but I do have some tucked away in my sketchbook!

There’s a lot of Final Haikyuu quest doodles/drawings in there because I,,, well,,, weLL ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽

(Also the “at the vine tree, turn left” thing was a FHQ!! headcanon story excerpt by my good friend hina, about iwaoi finding each other in the forest in their childhood. Back in the day I wanted to make a series of these tiny watercolours and create small opening for a self-indulgent FHQ!! parody game but alas, squashed tomato drawing stamina strikes again but im determined to finish it somehow!!!)



Since this is one of the hater’s favorite “argument” i decided i would take the time to search the actual meaning of EMOTIONAL ABUSE (on parent/children relationships) and compare it to all we know about John Winchester, so get this:

Child maltreatment is commonly divided into five main subtypes:

  • physical abuse;

For what we know, John never put a hand on his sons. There’s people that say the marks on Dean’s arms in “Bad boys” episode were made by John, but this tweet says otherwise

Also, on season 2 when Sam meets Max, one of the other “chosen ones” with psychic powers and when everything ends Sam mentions how lucky he feels for not having a father like Max’s (he used to beat the hell out of him) and have one like John instead.

  • emotional maltreatment takes five main behavioural forms:

- rejecting: the adult refuses to acknowledge the child’s worth and the legitimacy of the child’s needs; Something that many haters tend to forget (cough refuse to acknowledge cough) is that John’s cirscunstances were different from real life parents.. We can’t know that much of John’s mind, but we know he took them to school no matter where he went to (that’s something VERY important, even if constant changes of school are traumatizing for most kids) and there’s actual proof that the kids did IN FACT have a childhood (with toys and costumes and stuff). 

-  isolating: the adult cuts the child off from normal social experiences, prevents the child from forming friendships, and makes the child believe that he or she is alone in the world; Now it’s VERY important that you’re opened to see beyond the boy’s traumas and see John’s point of view… It is canon that John KNEW that something was behind his family (see on this DELETED SCENE of the boys speaking to an old neighbor that’s witness of John’s transition after Mary’s death HERE), he also said THIS (yet people seem to forget about this too)

“You gotta understand something. After your mother passed all I saw was evil, everywhere. And all I cared about was keeping you boys alive

I know what you’ll say “it doesn’t matter if it’s unnintentional abuse is still abuse” but let me tell you IT’S NOT, because this cirscustances are completely unreal and sometimes on a total different world where everything is so much darker INTENTIONS ARE ALL THAT MATTER.

- terrorizing: the adult verbally assaults the child, creates a climate of fear, bullies and frightens the child, and makes the child believe that the world is capricious and hostile; [john never verbailly assaulted or bullied his sons so i’ll just skip that part] So on this case, real life standars are useless. Because the show itself is about how capricious and hostile the world actually is. Is it prudent to tell is to a child? probably not, but John only cared about their safety (we also know they didn’t know this until they were big enough to handle it and protect themselves)

- ignoring: the adult deprives the child of essential stimulation and responsiveness, stifling emotional growth and intellectual development; Now since we know the boys always went to school, this could be the case of John not wanting Sam to go to college when he was a grown up.. I’m not saying what he did (making him feel bad and telling him not to ever come back) was ok, because it was one of John’s biggest mistakes (and he was aware of it) but once again: YOU NEED TO SEE IT FROM HIS POINT OF VIEW:

“[..]So when you said that you wanted to go away to school, all I could think about, my only thought was, that you were gonna be alone. Vulnerable. Sammy, it just… it never occurred to me what you wanted. I just couldn’t accept the fact that you and me – We’re just different.”

PLUS we know he was proud of Sammy for it, and he often went to see if he was doing fine.

- the 5th behavorial form is “corrupting” but i decided to skip it becuase it has nothing to do with John’s behavior. Actually, whenever Dean acted rebel John wasn’t happy about it and “punished him” (like that time he wasted the money for the food then stole it from the store and he was caught, he left him to learn the weight of his own actions). 

  • neglect;

- physical neglect: characterised by the caregiver’s failure to provide basic physical necessities, such as safe, clean and adequate clothing, housing, food and health care; For what we know, the boys always had what they needed (exept for that time i mentioned that dean wasted the money on something else)

- emotional (or psychological) neglect: characterised by a lack of caregiver warmth, nurturance, encouragement and support (note that emotional neglect is sometimes considered a form of emotional maltreatment); Now I can’t say alot about this one, because we really don’t know that much about the boy’s childhood. We only know John was busy trying to track whatever was chasing them and helping people not to fall on the same shit as him and his sons. But we do know the apparent lack of psychological support was unnintentional (that doesn’t exuse it tho) and the result of a man drowned in fear.

“You know, when you were a kid, I’d come home from a hunt, and after what I’d seen, I’d be, I’d be wrecked. And you, you’d come up to me and you, you’d put your hand on my shoulder and you’d look me in the eye and you’d… You’d say ‘It’s okay, Dad.’ Dean, I’m sorry[…] You shouldn’t have had to say that to me, I should have been saying that to you”

- educational neglect: characterised by a caregiver’s failure to provide appropriate educational opportunities for the child; If by “appropriate educational opportunities” you mean that they should have gone to one school only for at least a year then it doesn’t apply neither.. because John knew something was behind them, that’s why he kept moving.

- environmental neglect: characterised by the caregiver’s failure to ensure environmental safety, opportunities and resources. That wasn’t John’s fault, he did his best on the crappy cirscunstances life gave them. He trained his sons to take care of themselves, and without that training they would be lost now.

  • sexual abuse; no need to analyze this, i don’t think anyone thinks someone that put his life upside down for his son’s safety would do anything to hurt them.


OK, did you even watch season 1? then you need to pay more attention.

John left because HE KNEW something freaking big was behind him, he’s been years trying to track that thing down and now he got that freaking close that it’s too dangerous. What would you do if you were in danger?? John’s #1 purpose is to keep Sam and Dean safe.. Dean was with him at the time so he chose not to tell him anything (to keep him safe) and go after it alone.

Then why didn’t he answer the phone?? why would he? he has one tiny idea of what he’s facing, but he doesn’t know how strong those demons are, so why would he risk contacting dean so the demons could find him? . John didn’t train them to kill that thing but to protect themselves, he doesn’t want them exposed to that… yes he went hunting with them sometimes but there’s a big difference between a werewolf or a vampire and something he had no idea how to kill.. It’s awful that his sons didn’t know if he was alive but maybe he thought it was better that way.

Then after his sons know what the hell is going and he finds out about sam’s powers he tells dean CALL ME and dean gets angry because he didn’t answer before, but things are different now, not because Dean dying is less important than Sam (we have no idea if he ever heard the call about Dean’s health, so we can’t know if he chose not to help or why) but because they’re already in the middle of everything, and the best way to protect them is to stay in contact with them while he tries to find more answers.. he can’t no longer do this alone because sam is his biggest clue and he can’t ignore it. John stopped thinking as a father a long time ago.


People is often pissed about “what john did to adam” and i’ve seen many haters saying “why couldn’t John just leave Sam and Dean with Adam they would’ve been a great family” but STOP FREAKING THERE.

it’s not a freaking soap opera, THIS IS ON ANOTHER FREAKING UNIVERSE. John’s life is not like real life lonely parents’, try to understand that pretty fucking please.

John made a mistake, he was lonely, he met a girl on a hunt and had sex because he’s freaking human and he has needs.. we’re not judging him for that, right??

Then the woman is pregnant and BANG! baby Adam is born. So this is were all the drama comes in. 

We know Adam didn’t love John, for him he was just some guy that went to see him like once a year and nothing else… and it’s awful that he thought that, but John had no other choice.

His two sons were already in the middle, he hunts so peoples’ life won’t be ruined by the supernatural like it happened to him but then Adam is born and what can he do about that? he could have tell sam and dean and leave them with adam’s mother and their new brother but John KNEW something was behind them, so he’d be putting someone else in danger.. he chose to keep the secret, but why did he come back and see adam? let’s not forget John grew without a father, thinking that Henry didn’t want him and left so he knows how it feels, he didn’t want Adam to feel that and gave him what he could.
John’s mistake was to think as a son instead of a hunter and two persons got killed, this should make us think about what would have happened if John didn’t buy guns and left with the boys on the Impala: they would be dead.


Let’s go back to season 1, shall we? when did John ever said he was against the demon for revenge? Exactly: N E V E R. The only thing we know is that he was trying to kill whatever ended with Mary’s life and IT’S CANON (c a n o n) that after Mary died John felt something was behind his family so he started buying guns to protect sam and dean and then left the house.


Of course Sam and Dean THOUGHT it was about revenge (don’t blame them: murdered wife.broken man. chasing whatever killed her; MUST BE REVAENGE), and even if everybody blames John for putting lots of weight on his sons’ shoulders HE HID THE TRUTH FROM THEM because he knew it was better that they didn’t know any of that becuase they’d be exposed and so Sam wouldn’t feel guilty for his mom’s death [now that i’m writting about this this reminds me of john’s death?? sold his soul to save his son while sam thought he was a piece of shit that was going to let dean die then didn’t tell anyone he saved dean so he wouldn’t feel guilty because he knew his boy would???? hm..]


Nobody ever said it did??? It’d be like stabbing someone then saying “whoops my bad, forgive me maybe?” *Hannibal i’m looking at you*. The scene is not about John saying 

it’s about this man’s brightest moment, when he realized he could have protected his sons without exposing them that way (even if they were in danger, he could have stayed with them a little more instead of leaving to hunt and help them deal with the life they never chose), this scene lets us see the world through John’s eyes. It makes us notice how blinded he was because of the fear of losing them, he’s finally able to see his boys as grown men and tell them how proud he is of what they’ve become and accept that he should have tried harder.


OK so that’s an awful thing to say to someone… on that scene we see John talking with Dean and telling him “take care of sammy” then tells him to kill him if he gones dark, that’s kind of confusing for most people and they can only see this as “john is shit” and nope he’s not..

It’s no secret that John and Sam are just alike, everybody knows it. So now that John and Sam have their love’s death in common the feeling is even stronger. When John was holding the YED on his body and asked Sam to pull the trigger to end with both lives, Sam was about to do it but he didn’t because Dean asked him not to (that says alot about both of them). John KNOWS Sam would hate to turn evil, because so would he (and he was right, when sam felt he was out of control he asked dean to kill him), he knew Sam would choose death and that Dean would refuse it, that’s why he asked him to let him go.

I’m not saying this was ok AT ALL, but it is clear that he knew more than he ever said to the boys.. he was trying to make Dean understand that sometimes the best thing you can do is let things happen (like John did hours later: he noticed he couldn’t always be there to protect his sons, and that it was time to let them protect themselves) and maybe it didn’t help Dean when the things with Sam happened (died. then turned evil.then blah) but it did when he saw he couldn’t do anything for him and let him jump in the pit to end with the apocalypse.

The point of this post is not to tell you to love John Winchester, but to let you see things from a neutral (and CANON) perspective.

- It’s OK to dislike a character.

- It’s OK not to have actual reasons to.

- It makes NO sense to label a fictional character as BAD just based on the impact it had on another fictional character’s life.

- It makes NO sense to use real life standars to judge someone from a fictional universe.

- It makes NO sense to hate on people who support a fictional character you dislike just because they’re able to see something you don’t want to.

please don’t be mean about the grammar, i’m still learning english