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@pocpotterweekmarch 23rd: favorite ship

“Then she was kissing him as she had never kissed him before…and it was blissful oblivion, better than firewhisky; she was the only real thing in the world.”

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What are your favorite CC long hairs for YA-Elders?

this has been sitting in my inbox for way too long whoops

in no particular order

90′s Babe - @lumialoversims 
Richiee Hair - @aharris00britney
Auli’i Hair - @grimcookies
Juno Hair - @teanmoon
Zelda Hair - @blogsimplesimmer

I’m so happy I could cry. I worked really hard to make Manon’s +1, but when Floy got put up for download I had to cancel the wedding to fulfill my selfish headcanon. Sorry, really not sorry. I usually have a thing about not using other people’s sims as main characters in my story, but I can’t… not… Thank you tinny for putting him up! I have had absolutely 0 motivation to play or do anything sims related for a few days now, but this made me so, so, so happy tonight I was smiling from ear to ear. You will probably (read: definitely) see him cropping up on my blog now. Because I’m actually in love with him? I’m really not sorry.

Floyden (well, base, since I alphaed him) by @tinwhistletoo (random edit: this photo is pre scars and acc, because I am too lazy to restart my game and wait for it to load for the sake of accuracy) 

in which sokka takes mario kart way too seriously

summary: looselydid you actually just blue shell me on our date you fucker’

word count: 1,656

pairing: zukka what did you expect

a/n: this sucks i didn’t even try. also: watch your language kids. don’t be like sokka.

Despite what many people might say, Sokka is not competitive. He swears he’s not. He’s not. He just…gets a little overexcited sometimes, is all.

Especially when he and his boyfriend are playing Mario Kart at 11 in the morning, unshowered and in their boxers and just a tiny, tiny bit overcaffeinated.

(Okay, very overcaffeinated. It’s not Sokka’s fault that he repeatedly misjudges exactly how much coffee a person should consume in the morning. Sue him.)

Anyways, Mario Kart and large doses of coffee are not a great combination for someone as…excitable as Sokka. Which is something that Zuko has yet to learn, despite being his boyfriend of nearly two years and having been subjected to the exact same ordeal many times over.

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"When was the last time I said I love you?" With Henry pls??

Although it is merely five in the evening, when Henry unlocked the front door to your flat he was met with complete and utter silence. With your missing of his last two phone calls, he knew this could mean only one thing: you were asleep. Sure enough, his suspicions were confirmed when he found you curled up on his side of the bed sound asleep.

Kal is pressed against your upper back, the Akita’s chin nuzzled and resting along your neck. It has become the dogs favorite position the past two months. Although resistant at first, Kal had found himself attached to you as of late. I guess that’s what happens when you have to share your owner with someone else. Or perhaps it was that you let him sleep on the bed when Henry is away.

Henry stops to stroke the Akita’s fur, paying a good amount of attention to the spot behind Kal’s ear, before stopping to press a kiss against your cheek.

He had planned on treating you to a home cooked meal, but something told him it might be one of those nights where you awoke long enough to raid the fridge before falling back asleep.

Henry stripped down to his boxers and a white t-shirt before stopping to use the bathroom. It was as he was washing his hands that he noticed it. He quickly dried his hands before picking up the pregnancy test placed on the sink.


Henry was smart enough to know that, but that did not stop the question of “is this real?” from popping into his mind. Neither of you had mentioned plans of getting pregnant. Sure you’d hoped to be parents, but with Henry rarely being home the past few months the idea seemed to be better left for the far future. However, it is not like either of you had bothered practicing any protective measures either.

Reaching up to comb his fingers through his hair, Henry glanced back into the bedroom where you still slept. He found himself wondering how long the test had been left for him to find. He knew you would never share the news over the phone.

He cuts off the light, stopping to carefully lay the stick on the bedside table before climbing in bed alongside you. Kal trudged from the bed as Henry managed to slip his arm around your waist. His intentions had been to move your body closer to his without waking you, but as soon as his touch registered your body stirred.

“…Welcome home…”

You lifted your chin, in your sleep driven haze, in an attempt to place a kiss against his lips. When your lips missed their intended target, instead brushing along the curve of his chin, a soft smile spread across your boyfriend’s lips.

Henry let his fingers lift your chin, his lips giving you what you wanted. As soon as his lips left yours you nuzzled your face against his chest, listening to the soft thump of his heart.

“When was the last time I said I love you?” He sighed as his grip tightened around you.

Your brow furrowed as his fingers lightly passed along your temple before slipping into your disheveled hair.

“Mmm…this morning?” You guess. For a brief second you think your mind might actually be strong enough, in this moment, to ponder his question. “…why?”

Henry can already feel the shift in your breathing pattern, the slackening of your fingers around the fabric of his t-shirt letting him know you were already falling back to sleep.

“I just want you to know I love you more than anything,” he mumbled against your scalp.


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Long time no see-ish! While I’ve been busy with life, I’ve also been working on a few pages. One (TOU) that I made myself, the other, because I’m lazy, by another person. 

The reason why I edited the actual theme was because… I couldn’t stand the font, not how it processed things from a dash post>theme. Like the font was freaking 15px too… anyways! I went with something similair but different. 

I also introduced a thing that I had but… now way clearer and more cleaned up, which is the CC process page

Basically what I’m saying here is, I’ve been a nerd and made things easier for everyone! :D 

Enjoy~! ^-^

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Yeah but I have notifications for this blog and there was one where someone asked what Gew or something meant. And it wasn't there

((OH! i edited the post so i felt it i didn’t need the correction post there, then i realized i did it a bunch of times and was too lazy to fix it since it was late asfkja;sdfjasf i’ll go… do that rn actually…))

((and just for clarity’s sake, i last minute changed the blaster’s dialogue to add sans’ lisp (to imply that’s how they learned to talk) but instead of just doing it for the “th” i did it to all the “t”s making it into a mess.))