i'm too invested on their happiness

Reminder: Kakashi loves you.


Jun Ryder

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Can you imagine Isak's face when he finds out about Evan's mums?Something like when Evan opened his locker in that iconic way.And maybe Evan didn't tell him, bc why it's completly normal and ok(and he's kind of bitch and loves teasing him)and when he brings him to a family dinner two sweet women rushed to hug Isak and give him kiss on cheek for greeting and Isak has that"what's happening"face( same when Evan kissed him after meeting the boy squad and "u r so hot Isak" sentence)&Evan is laughing

ok so, i lied. i made this into a (sort of?) fic. so, here’s 3k words of isak finding out even has two moms. i’m sorry.

Isak is maybe, possibly freaking out. Just a little bit. Not actual, full on anxiety that makes him feel like his heart is beating as fast as a hummingbird’s, but. He’s getting there.

Even had said it so naturally too, just what do you say we drop by tomorrow?, and he had actually looked kind of nervous, to his credit, but more about Isak’s answer than actually having him meet his fucking parents.

And of course it’s easy for Even, Isak has never once seen him uncomfortable in a social situation. Even when they were standing in the tram, stealing little glances at each other and smiling nervously, Isak too fucking shy around Even to say anything, Even had managed to smooth his way through it, awesome conversation, though. So it’s understandable he’s not nervous about hanging out with three people he loves. But Isak, he can’t even have lunch with his own parents without feeling incredibly uncomfortable, let alone his boyfriend’s. What would he even say? Hello, Mr and Mrs Næsheim, I sucked your son off in the shower the other day, congrats on the genes!

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There comes a point when you can’t play everything off as coincidence anymore, and Harry and Louis passed that point about a hundred “coincidences” ago. All signs point towards larry, and i’m sorry if you think that’s delusional thinking, but honest to god there’s too much for antis to debunk. It’s been nearly seven (7) years and larry is STILL an ongoing debate, to the point where this fanbase is literally separated between antis and larries. The amount of shit they could have done to deny larry, like for instance, IGNORING IT. Instead even more attention was brought to it when they decided to bring in beards and babies and sending out a “hate” narrative. And it’s continuing even now to the point where Ben Winston is trying to erase the fact that H and L lived together by telling lies and resorting to enforcing Harry’s unwanted womanizing image. It’s gross.
Louis’ entire public image revolves around his relationships rather than his music and all the amazing shit he’s done for charity and the fans. We know who he’s dating at all times, we knew B was pregnant before she even started showing, we get pictures of every single time he’s with El including at his fucking public house. We’ve predicted practically every single thing that’s happened with elounor, it’s at a point where I’m no longer laughing at how poorly everything has been carried out. I’m an optimist, so hopefully this is the year they finally have their happy ending, though I doubt anything major like that will happen before the release of Harry’s album, By the way, speaking of the album, Harry’s constant need to the allude the number 28 is an example of one of those unfortunate “coincidences.” If you don’t think the dates all going back to 28 is on purpose, then please explain to me the likelihood of two people being haunted by a number. Also, while you’re at it, explain the corresponding tattoos and explain the new bee tattoo. Explain Louis’ treatment towards Freddie. Explain why Louis’ manager followed El on the same day within minutes of Louis following her BEFORE anything was confirmed or publicly set up. Explain the poorly laid out timeline of everything and how the narrative just makes Louis out to be a lowlife cheater. Explain why Harry can’t even say Louis’ name in an interview. Explain why Harry said he hasn’t dated in a while and yet is so seemingly in love and has filled his album with songs referring to a certain someone. Explain why Hendall is still being talked about when both teams have denied ever dating more than once. Explain Haylor and why Louis was so miserable at that time and why he always showed as much dislike toward it as he could. Explain Harry’s love of all things rainbow and for gods sake thE BEES. Explain the song Home and why Louis changed pronouns. Explain why Harry hasn’t used a single pronoun when describing a partner since practically the beginning, other than the times he’s straight up used male pronouns. Explain the lyric changes and the fond stares. Explain Wellington and rbb. And fucking hell, someone please explain why before Elounor 1.0 Louis tweeted AIMH, and before Elounor 2.0 he tweeted “Always” and captioned a very sad black and white selfie with “You.”
This literally isn’t even half of the shit I could have brought up. Louis and Harry don’t owe anything to me, and I’m aware we don’t know shit about their actual lives, but you can’t attack an entire group of people and call them delusional and use ableist terms and tell us we need to be checked into a mental institute when everything is so completely black and white. All you have to do is open your eyes and realize that people lie, the music industry is not a happy go lucky place, and people in the industry get closeted all the fucking time. Homophobia exists, heteronormativity exists, fear exists, forced closeting exists, pr stunts exist, and not everything is a glorified Hollywood dream

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I just saw Dan ask Daisy if she's finished all her homework on Lottie's snapchat and it made me cry :( It's such a good Dad thing to say and probably exactly what their mom would have said and I'm just so glad that they have him and that he's so stable and invested and good.

I watched that too and felt the same way! Dan is seems quite private, but even with the limited glimpses we see, it’s obvious that he’s an amazing father and he really cares about all of the kids - and they all adore him too! It makes me so happy and grateful to see that.

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I am so glad that you like Gokumaru because it's so rare but a lot of people also like it so?? I'm happy you enjoy it, I have a group chat dedicated to this ship and we've all written headcanons and fanfics and stuff and we didn't expect it to get anywhere but now it has a lot of cute fanart!! It's amazing

THAT’S GREAT I’m very happy to hear that more and more people are liking this ship!!! I wasn’t expecting to get invested in a crossover ship but it’s so good?? So I’m glad other people are getting into it too!! (that group chat sounds lovely I’d love to see the headcanon and fanfic honestly)

Bonus Gokumaru sketch. Nidai has already started designing a training regimen

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sougo d3 (where tamaki hugs him from behind)

Ahh I live to suffer ;;;; I just want those two to bE HAPPY…

Oh man I ended up working way more on this one // I got so invested ;;;; can’t help it I love these two….. But HEY thanks a lot for the lovely request <3 <3


And I really tried to stay away, but the fact that I’m sitting across from you like this…



Let’s all celebrate Yamato&Sora’s 13th Anniversary, ok? OK.

This took a while to finish, :’D but now I’m free to slave over other things. Yay~~~

And, why yes, they’re wearing their respective christmas’ presents.

i’m getting waaaaay too emotionally invested in part three of the baking trilogy, lads


Sooo, this whole bitty reader idea kind of completely got away from me. My brain latched onto it and turned it into an AU. Oh well, I’m just happy people are enjoying it! 

(And yes, the heart colors don’t match up exactly with the game - Readers are a bit different.)

Also: fingers are evil. I’ve been able to see my hands for twenty-six years and I still can’t draw them. 

Lately you’ve been on my mind. I’ve memorized the way you look when you smile, that goofy and adorable half-smile of yours, never showing any teeth because hey, you’re a boy, and boys don’t show emotion, right? or so I’ve been told. I’ve imagined sitting with you on a clear night gazing at the stars and making pointless wishes on shooting stars because secretly, my wish was you, and in my perfect dream, that wish came true. I can still feel the tingles that rushed through my body when I saw you this morning, remember my smile getting so big, animated and cartoon-like because the thought of you makes me unbelievably happy. So, yes, I’ve been trying to move on with my life, but lately, you are my life.
—  9:55PM// I’m already too invested in you, this unrequited love

guys……always and forever, lara jean comes out in like 2 weeks………I s2g I’m gonna cry like I’m too invested in this girl and her life im not ok


i will protect this sea !!!

meguca!wadanohara !!! postin more doodles because i know it will take me a while to get around to makin these nice so!!!

i decided to keep her meguca outfit pretty close to her normal one since through all the endings it stays along that pattern, i only changed it a little to be more meguca-y but. i might edit it even more later. i am honing my skills at meguca outfit designing. i wanna be the very best. (feel free to lemme know your thoughts tho <3)

her soul gem is crescent shaped and on her hat ^u^

technowitchcraft tip

clean your goddamned computers and tablets and smartphones

Meditate into their turned off, darken screens.

Essentially bring forth a manifesto onto them: You are beautiful. You are perfect. You are happy and content being yourself. You are calm. Nothing will trigger you online.

Technology can act as a scrying mirror. Ever looked into a mirror for too long? You can see yourself. I mean really really see yourself. And I’ve found technology can hold onto your thoughts about yourself and others if you don’t invest in cleansing them and scrying into them.

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Can I ask why you don't like Elounor?

Gnf. It’s not that I don’t like them, I mean, they’re not together for my benefit anyway, they’re in love and that’s great, I’m super happy for them, I really am. Getting back together with your first love after two years and so much hardship? That’s the stuff of great romance novels, and it’s incredible that they get to have that, and I sincerely hope that they get to stay together for many, many years because they’re clearly very much in love.

But when I started getting into the 1d fandom they had already broken up, and then Louis got with Danielle, and I fell in love with her, and I think part of me will always, always be bitter that he didn’t stay with her? Because to me, who doesn’t know her in real life and has no idea what their relationship was like, she’s fucking perfect, and I can’t fathom the hurt she must have gone through at seeing him going back to his ex after she, Danielle, was there for him during what was literally the toughest year of his entire fucking life.

(of course I know nothing about what happened, she may have been the one who wanted to break it off, or they might have both realized that they were out of love, but the fact that she kept on wearing his clothes afterwards kinda points towards her still having deep feelings for him and it makes my heart ache)

So I know it’s petty, and as I said, it doesn’t matter in the slightest because thankfully Louis and Eleanor don’t need my approval to be madly in love, but it’s probably going to take me a while more before I stop bemoaning the demise of louelle in my tags, and before I warm up to Eleanor, because while Danielle seemed to soften Louis up, I always get the feeling that Eleanor is… she’s very much like Louis? She’s got a mouth on her, and she doesn’t hesitate to fight back, and while that’s amazing and probably why they’re such a good fit and why she hasn’t let fandom take her down, it somehow makes it harder for me to fall for her, which I guess just means I’ve got a type. I don’t know. I honestly don’t know why I’m so invested in any of this, but again, I only wish Louis the best, and I’m really happy for them both. Just, you know, a bit hung up on louelle.