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Can someone (or you) write something about Sterek cuddling when one of them is too tired from life (work/school/etc) while the other whispering sweet things to the other? Pleaseeee??? Because I'm sooooooo exhausted from work + school + life drama and I really want some cuddles but too bad I'm awfully single (and ugly).... - Z

(I’d love to, but I’m stuck in class and got a serious case of writer’s block, so I’ll open this one up to everyone. I know @ajeepandleather and @bilesandthesourwolf are looking for little writing prompts, but if anyone wants to write this then please do and tag me so I can share your wonderful writing. Please! Roll in the sweet, fluffy drabbles!)

(And Z, you are not ugly! YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! And I hope life treats you better because you deserve only the best. ♥ )

Merry Christmas, everyone!!!

I’m @venatorphile‘s Secret Santa on twitter event by pure chance XD lol, @yamineftis got a good sense on pairing the participants, it seems. Well it’s okay, more lawlu for you guys too!

Should’ve uploaded this sooner, but I accidentally fell asleep. This year’s Christmas was really exhausting *o*

  • What she says: I'm fine.
  • What she means: It's been five years, and while a huge part of the fandom loves Arthur and Eames which is awesome, I just wish they could do so without ignoring that there is a chunk of the fandom that doesn't, and who believes Arthur and Ariadne are a valid pairing, and would respect that instead of reblogging our gifsets with snarky tags about how it was just 'a heated moment' or by erasing Ariadne completely, I mean we are a part of the fandom too and it's exhausting to be separated from everyone saying that this other pairing 'is so obviously canon' which erases our pairing completely by claiming that the kiss we get giddy about meant nothing at all.