i'm too drunk to be watching this

Run!BTS Ep 12 was such a bless, we don’t have just Jikook being kink trashs, Taegi “You’re drunk, go to home please”, VHope so in love, Sope being soulmates™, Namjin married couple, Yoonmin “haven’t we seen each other at a cathedral?”, Yoonjin dad jokes, Jinmin 60cm shoulders fanboy, Taekookmin being kink trashs pt2

We’ve BTS actually acknowledging all the abuse that they made us go through since 2013

the first night chuuya invited akutagawa to a drink scarred him for life. this kid barely shows no emotion and is edgy as heck and before chuuya could even get wasted like usual, akutagawa’s already taken a single fucking sip and the boy is already wasted and is crying and already drunk rambling. chuuya was too scared to take a few more sips. things are getting worse as akutagawa downs the whole glass in one go. he has collapsed onto the floor and is still sobbing. chuuya can’t take a single sip anymore as he watches tough emo kid breaking down and sets his glass down. that was the first and last time he offers akutagawa a drink

a conversation my friends and I had about tigger.
  • Friend 1: for a hot second there i forgot that literally bouncing is what he does and thought like, a bouncer at a nightclub
  • me: spdfigfdos
  • Friend 2: I would fucking watch that tho
  • Friend 1: skjdflsjfd
  • Friend 2: Pooh is the barkeep! Friendly with simple life advice u-u The hottest cocktail at the 100 Acre Woods? Honey, of course~!
  • Friend 2: (a blend of whiskey, honey and rum that'll warm your tum tum)
  • me: Eeyore is the sad, sad drunk. oh god what went wrong now.
  • me: Kanga is the single mother whose husband ran out on her and she can't afford a sitter while she waitresses so she brings her kid with her. also, I'm going to hell.
  • Friend 1: christopher robin is the hipster who's always trying to come up with new craft brews
  • Friend 2: Roo often tries to emulate Tigger. He alerts him to the drunks who have had too much so he can kick them out
  • me: Rabbit is the health inspector.
  • Friend 2: Piglett's also a waiter but is very nervous and doesn't like serving the big burly dudes. But he's a total sweetheart.
  • Friend 1: i've created a monster
  • Friend 2: Owl's the wise drunk. You know the guy. They knock back a couple and suddenly they know all life's mysteries
  • me: including the ones you didn't ask him about.

atelophobish  asked:

from the apartment plot thing, 4th from "the walls are paper thin" or 5th from "you broke into my apartment" with romione ((these two are s c r e a m i n g romione)) if you want to, please!

“The walls are paper thin and every night I watch jeopardy and I guess you’re really smart because every night you shout out the correct answer and at this point I’m not sure there’s a question you can’t answer?”

A/N: this was supposed to be a small drabble i promise but somewhere along the way it turned into an absolute monster of a fic and now i’m thousands of words deep into a romione university au i never planned to write. it’s a long way from being finished but i didn’t want to leave this ask unanswered any longer so here’s the first scene of what i have so far :)

There are few things more pathetic than drinking cheap beer alone in your apartment on a Friday night, Ron thinks to himself as he takes another sip. Unless, of course, you’re drinking cheap beer alone in your apartment whilst watching jeopardy on a Friday night.

It’s not that he doesn’t have anywhere else to be- he has friends he could hang out with, sure- but campus life is new to him and he hasn’t quite figured out the logistics of college yet.

Harry would probably be amendable to exploring the area with him, Ron’s sure, but Harry had to go and get themself knocked in the head during rugby practice earlier- the bastard- and is under strict instructions to get some rest before the match tomorrow.

Logically, Ron’s next course of action would be to see if Seamus and Dean wanted to hang out- only, he’s pretty certain it’s date night for them, and Ron does not fancy trailing them around like some useless third wheel, thank you very much.

Next on his list is Neville- but Neville is already fretting about falling behind in his classes (it’s been a week!) and as such has already informed Ron that he’ll be spending the night in the library, which is- well. Ron’s never been much of a library guy, to be honest.

Which leaves Ginny. And whilst Ron may be pathetic enough for cheap beer and old jeopardy re-runs, he is not pathetic enough to resort to spending Friday night intruding on his little sister and her friends.

So here he is, alone, drink in hand, trying to guess the next answer before the contestant.

At first, he’d tried to turn it into a sort of drinking game. For every answer he got that the contestant didn’t, he’d take a drink. This fell rapidly, however, when he’d gone five whole rounds without touching the can in front of him, at which he promptly gave up and resorted to shouting out whichever option hadn’t been the answer in a while (a winning strategy, if he does say so himself.)

The answer onscreen (”Harper Lee was a childhood friend of this ‘In Cold Blood’ novelist when they were neighbours in Alabama”) has only just appeared when Ron makes the executive decision that the question is option two- it hasn’t been option two in at least three turns, so he’s pretty confident in himself when he yells “Who is Tony Hillerman!” at the screen.

“Oh, for heaven’s sake!” yells a voice that is decidedly not Alex Trebek. “It’s- ‘Who is Truman Capote!’”

The voice that speaks sounds verging on exasperated and seems, bizarrely, to be coming from Ron’s wall.

It takes a second for the pieces to click together in his slightly-less-than-sober brain, but once they do, Ron feels like smacking his palm against his forehead for being such an idiot.

His new apartment has unbelievably thin walls (he suspects it’s one of the reasons it was so cheap) and his next door neighbour must have been able to hear his less than dignified yelling from her place.

Overcome with the urge to hide his face behind one of his newly purchased sofa cushions, Ron settles for groaning instead- before abruptly shoving his fist into his mouth when he realises that she’ll be able to hear that too.

“Thanks!” he calls back instead, because it’s only polite, right?

“No problem.” he hears shouted back, and damn him if there isn’t something like a hint of amusement in her tone this time.

Ron smiles.

He briefly entertains the notion of going over to her place. Then he realises the numerous problems with that scenario. Mainly being that he doesn’t even know this girl- he can’t even remember her name (although he’s pretty sure it was something weird, beginning with an H) - and also because he is well on his way to becoming drunk, and Ron may not be that well acquainted with college etiquette yet- but he’s pretty sure most people don’t take too kindly to having half-drunk strangers appear on their doorsteps.

So he watches the rest of jeopardy in silence.

(What he definitely is not doing is hoping to hear his neighbour’s voice shouting the answer through the walls again. Nope. Nuh uh. Not at all.)

Me watching the dtmwagt vid
  • <p> <b>5 sec in:</b> i hope this reaches the usual panic! level of awesomeness<p/><b>10 sec in:</b> looks like a typical pop video<p/><b>30 sec in:</b> a random drunk club hookup?? That's the best you could come up with????<p/><b>1 min in:</b> seriously Brendon, i had like,, expectations!? what is this trash??<p/><b>1 min 30 sec:</b> god he really sold out i swear I'm- WOAH!<p/><b>2 min:</b> ahem someone has been watching too much kinky stuff wait till Ross sees this lol<p/><b>2 min 30 sec:</b> noooooo what the fjuck how could you wtf damn you!!,.!<p/><b>3 min 43 sec:</b> i have no words what did i just watch<p/></p>

no but what if grantaire was enjolras’ guardian angel, and he really has been doing his best to protect this small human. he’s been working his butt off to protect enjolras from all of the stupid ideas that enjolras has E has like zero self-preservation instincts okay while knowing that every day that passes is one day closer to the day when he won’t be able to do anything because not even angels can stand in the way of eight different bullets at once so instead he decides to spend those last few years in a physical form, because he may not be able to protect enjolras from dying, but he can save him from dying alone

but to be visible to enj and everyone else he has to lose his angelic whatever and become mortal, so knowing full well that instead of being by enjolras’ side once the blonde dies, ready to welcome him into the afterlife as is part of his job, he’ll die by enjolras’ side. so Grantaire has to lose his wings and immortality, willingly sacrificing it for his human protege but finding that the pain of his torn apart back is too much to bear without help and that’s where the alcohol comes in

also this would be the first time he could actually interact with the human he’s protected for over 20 years but he can’t reveal anything about himself and therefore he’s still just watching from the sidelines, physical form or not

may have been listening to fob and “i thought of angels choking on their halos get them drunk on rose water see how dirty i can get them" gave me ideas

Sherlolly Halloweek: Day Four
  • *Bart's Halloween party*
  • Molly: *dressed as a pumpkin*
  • Mary: *dressed as Harley Quinn; groans* Pleeeeeease tell me who the father is! I swear I won't tell anyone.
  • Molly: *chuckles* I can't tell you. Not yet.
  • Mary: *sighs* Give me a clue.
  • Molly: *shrugs* He's here tonight.
  • Mary: *looks around; points* Greg?
  • Molly: *smiles* Maybe.
  • Mary: *raises an eyebrow* Mike?
  • Molly: Could be.
  • Mary: *eyes wide* Sherlock?
  • Molly: *nods* Equally possible.
  • Mary: *sighs* I give up.
  • *meanwhile*
  • Sherlock: *takes a deep breath* John?
  • John: *dressed as the Joker; sipping wine* Mmm?
  • Sherlock: *slowly* You know that Molly is pregnant-
  • John: *dressed as the joker; snorts* Yeah. Bastard just sleeps with her, knocks her up and does a runner *shakes his head; pointing dramatically* let me tell you, if I ever find out who did that to her, I'll beat them to death with their own shoe.
  • Sherlock: ...
  • Sherlock: *smiles; hands him a bottle* Have more wine.
Random Starters:
  • "If I die today make sure the world knows that Sporty Spice was the best Spice Girl there ever was."
  • "Fuck you Baby Spice was the best to ever exist and I'll make sure they put it on your headstone."
  • "Let's play a game called Provoke The Murderous Geese. You can go first."
  • "Kissing him is like kissing a jelly fish."
  • "If you tell me to Bing it one more time I'm going to break this laptop over your head."
  • "Is that a dead body or a sex doll?"
  • "You are to me what NASCAR is to chocolate pudding."
  • "I'm afraid only a qualified professional can help you undo that level of fuck up-ery."
  • "Spin the bottle is so juvenile. Unless the bottle is a bottle of tequila and every time it lands on you you have to take a shot. Sure you'll still end up kissing some loser, but at least everyone will be too drunk to care or tease you about it the next day."
  • "Don't lick the icing off my fingers ever again."
  • "Everybody knows England isn't a real place."
  • "I'm going to have to call your mother on you this time."
  • "Guess who's having a baby? Not me, my uterus is throwing a tantrum and I need you to either let me rip your head off or bring me ice cream and watch Titanic with me."
  • "If we go to Hawaii I'm going to find an active volcano to push him into."
  • "Okay, we COULD invite your mother over to play Scrabble, or we could just have sex and... not do that."
  • "So I've decided we need to buy a hippo and name it Hulk."
  • "Will you please break into the library with me to help me return my overdue books? Every time I go in to pay a fine the librarian gives me this judgmental look and if I have to see it again I'm either going to cry or set the place on fire."
  • "How many mirrors has your face broken in your lifetime?"
  • "Peter Pan came to me in a dream last night and told me to tell you to go fuck yourself."

anonymous asked:

hey can u tell me something good about either like hamilton or lmm or the next part of ttfou or something bc I'm really sad tonight and i just finished crying until i was nauseous so plz just some positivity?

OH NO FRIEND I hope i’m not too late ok here we go my momma instincts are kicking in are u ok????? message me if u ever wanna talk ok?

good things about hamilton: 

herc is the flower girl at alexander and eliza’s wedding

hammy’s booty pop during non-stop

tjeff’s/lafayetts’s bounciness

good things about lmm: 


his drunk history episode

his carpool karaoke (srsly watch this if u haven’t it’ll bring you all the happiness in the world)


aannnd i’m not gonna say anything about TTFOU bc i don’t wanna spoil it but instead have the schuyler georges:

ok i hope this made you smile lil anon, i love you <3


I sometimes imagine that they are FINE AND THEY LOVE EACH OTHER NO MATTER WHAT AND BILL IS NOT FUCKING EXISTING. … Of course when I’m sad. 

Ooor Bill could exist but Roderick knows about everything and he is trying to help William! c:

…No, it’s not like that I’m thinking about The Cipher Project AU! everyday…

Fun fact - I have been too lazy to go for a water so I used wine for watercolors. …DRUNK ART, BECAUSE WHY NOT.

… I know they can’t be happy but… why they can’t be happy? Why…?

Dating a Fire-Breathing-Bitch-Queen: Episode #4
  • Rowan: Aelin gives me a lot of crap about being over-protective. And yes, i can get a little carried away sometimes...but honestly, she's one to talk
  • *Rowan and Aedion walk through a crowd, looking for Aelin who was suppose to meet them there, when a young fae warrior runs into Rowan*
  • Warrior: Hey! Why don't you watch where you're going?
  • Rowan: *glowers* You ran into me
  • Warrior: You were in my way *steps towards his face* Just like you are now *fae is clearly drunk*
  • Aedion: Back off okay? Just go on your way, you don't know who you're dealing with
  • Warrior: Apparently I'm dealing with someone who is too stupid to move out of the way of someone who demands respect
  • *Aedion moves towards warrior, but Rowan holds up an arm, Aedion looks at him surprised*
  • Rowan: *shrugging* I don't know, I haven't seen Aelin all day, the battle yesterday was exhausting, I just don't feel like dealing with this *looks fae up and down* annoying gnat today
  • *Aedion shrugs back, and the two of them turn around and start to walk away*
  • Warrior: *yelling* I see, you know fae like you are why we lose battles like the one yesterday! Though i'm surprised they didn't see your ugly face and run for the hills, when you're done with your girl you tell her to come and find me, she'll have a nice ride then!
  • *Aedion and Rowan instantly stop, and turn around. Before they can say or do anything a streak of blonde and blur of heat run past them almost knocking them over. Aelin barrels towards the drunk and confused fae*
  • Aelin: *shrieking* UGLY FACE!?! I'LL SHOW YOU A RIDE!!
  • *Aelin comes to a stop, raises her hands and blasts the fae with a wall of fire. The crowd gasps, some backing away and some moving towards the crater in the ground, the fae laying unconscious in the bottom. Clothes burned off. Aedion and Rowan are by her side instantly,peering in*
  • Rowan: *glancing around at the gossiping crowd* Maybe in the future we should deal with conflict in a more...courtly manner
  • Aelin: *snorts, shaking her smoldering hands* He's just lucky I didn't burn his hair off
  • Aedion: *peering into the pit* I think he was overcompensating...should we move him?
  • Aelin: *fists still on fire* No...if he thinks he knows so much he can figure out how to get out of that pit. If i have to look at him again i'll boil his insides *struts away*
  • Rowan: *staring after her in a mixture of awe and disbelief* She is, I mean she's-
  • Aedion: Insane. Clinically insane.
  • Rowan: I was gonna say awesome...and really hot-
  • Aedion: Gross
My Experience with Fandoms
  • Tolkien fandom: fanatical, but not "insane". Calm, and friendly. Very community based, very patient with each other. Usually consists of hippies and christians. Also, very enduring.
  • Whovians: the definition of geeky. Very enthusiastic, jovial, and loving. Analytical, calculating, observant. Insane, in their own right. Often found rambling about things that make no sense. Sometimes mean and cutting, especially when concerning "who the real fans" are.
  • Potterheads: fiercely loyal, sometimes malicious. Not very friendly, but very real. Never ending, very involved, very attached. Probably one of the most diverse fandoms I've ever seen. Smart. Watchful. Loving, in it's own way.
  • Sherlockians: Straight up insane. Goofy, weird, like a bunch of college kids who are constantly drunk and slap happy. I can never tell if they are friendly or mean because I'm too busy wondering ???????? about most of the things they do. However, they are very loyal, VERY patient, and very supportive of each other.
  • Supernatural: Dark, enclosed, sardonic, emotional. Has a sense of family, friendship, loyalty, and hard times. Very supportive of each other, and very open to the fandoms around them. Somewhat crazy, but mostly just on top of everything. The are sharp, on the ball. Probably the most supportive fandom I've ever seen.
  • Marvel: Normal. If I were to call any fandom normal, it would be the marvel fandom. Now, they are a fandom so, of COUSE they aren't normal. But usually they are very easy to get along with, very chill, fun to be around, fanatical, funny, crazy, a good mix of everything. A good fandom to relax in. Easy going.
  • Anime: Intense. Wrapped up in itself, exclusive. Constantly moving, constantly transforming. There is a sense of loyalty, and family, and also a sense of good taste in stories. Can be cutting, but I wouldn't say "insane", just intense. Usually in the end they are loyal to each other after their fights.
  • Merlin: Similar to the tolkien fandom, but less calm. Very loyal, loving, open, community based, but also with a tinge of that desperate-denial-fierce-insane-love vibe. Steady, stable, and adventurous. Sometimes unreasonable.
The “family” show we watch

So far in  OUAT we’ve touched on some pretty adult topics…

- Drugs (Maleficent)

- Alcohol (The QoDs and Regina got drunk)

- Cheating in marriages (The vault and also David/Mary Margaret )

- A couple in bed together certainly not making tacos (two actually - Graham and Regina and David and Mary Margaret)

- Mentions of non-consensual sex (Hook admitting to getting women drunk before raping them)

- Torture (Regina and Pinocchio)

But a same-sex couple is too “inappropriate” for young audiences

Spanish architecture in YOI

This show truly does deliver on everything because we got a kiss, dork parents with their smol and angry son, a proposal, drunk Yuri on a pole, some of Viktor’s backstory (which is honestly the sweetest love story ever), AND SPANISH ARCHITECTURE FOR YA GIRL 

First up, we have the actual love of my life, La Sagrada Familia, and everyone’s son, Phichit 

Next we have the dork married couple in front of the love of my life (it’s just as beautiful during the day as it is at night tbh) 

The Venetian Towers! And Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya!  They really should have visited the Magic Fountain of Montjuïc now that I think about it. Yuri would have turned tf up with the Disney music 







I’ve actually never been to Casa Batlló, and it’s a damn shame considering how much I idolize Gaudí and his work



And finally, my child Park Guell at night

I’m honestly just so proud of this show for delivering on literally every single thing that’s been hinted at this season.  And they really outdid themselves with the Spanish architecture, imo

I’m just really shook because I love architecture so much and Gaudí is my idol (on top of Otabek fINALLY SHOWING UP, the Yurio and Otabek interaction, the Vikturi proposal, and drunk Yuri uno. Those things left me shook too)  

Best parts in the Agust D MV

- Suga tied to a chair. Um that’s fucking hot??? 

 - The reoccurring theme of fire. Okay suga we get it. You’re mixtape is fire we know 

- Damn. Fuck. Shit. So much swearing in the video and his voice sounds so hot. 

- When he picks up the knife with his mouth. Again, too hot. He’s way too hot. 

- The multiple angles of his face. Thanks to whoever was in charge of the camera. 

 - Drunk suga??? A beer fell and he was walking a little tipsy. WHY DOES HE JUST LOOK SO HOT 

 - Middle finger. Yup his middle finger. Pls suga are you trying to kill me? 

- Dab. Ya. He did it.