i'm too drunk to be watching this

But honestly, I just wanna go home.
I miss rain, and splashing in puddles

So once upon a time, @cookiecreation opened up commissions and I sprinted out of the bar, very drunk, to request a slot. I sent an email saying that I wanted “Lance splashing in a puddle” because 1) I couldn’t type much else, honestly, and 2) The above quotes had been stuck in my head since watching Voltron. I received the final piece and I’ve been staring at it ever since, so I thought I’d share it with you all. Enjoy this beautiful piece of art.

i was thinking about it and having the foxes in the same house would be both the best and the worst thing ever and since 1: i can never make serious content for this fandom, and 2: it’s syeda’s (@wasninski‘s) birthday, why the hell not:

  • kevin would end up replacing all of andrew’s candy with like cherry tomatoes or something
  • andrew would have the most horrified look on his face as he realized that those were not in fact gummies and his entire snacking time had been a lie

neil would be the laziest little fucker too 

  • neil: *sitting on the couch with allison* hey go get me some chips or i’ll stick my toe up your nose
  • allison: *scrolling through her instagram feed* mmmm no
  • neil: *already taking off his sock and putting his face near allisons* you made me do this
  • nicky: *comes downstairs* it is with a heavy heart that i must announce that the hets are at it again
  • matt: *not looking up from his cereal*: it’s not me and dan this time so it must be aaron and katelyn


  • kevin: *storms downstairs dripping wet with a towel around his waist* which one of you fuckers turned on the sink
  • dan: *comes out of the kitchen with a glass of water*: i was parched :)
  • in my experience living with other people in a house with a broken shower is the worst bc all someone could do is turn on the sink or flush the toilet and the water temperature in the shower does a full 360 to either satan’s asshole of fucking antartica

sharing a house means sharing clothes but they probably do that anyways

  • andrew: has anyone seen my sweatshirt
  • neil: *muffled by the sweatshirt sleeves he has his face buried in* no you should ask renee she did laundry yesterday
  • andrew: give me my damn shirt josten

and consider:

  • neil: hey guys where’d like half my closet go
  • nicky: *quickly stuffs the garbage bag that was in his hands into the trash* must’ve lost it during the move!! looks like we’ll have to replace everything!! whoops!!

renee makes breakfast on the weekends and it is a m a z i n g. natalie renee walker becomes a saint to any hungover fox(read: kevin, nicky, and aaron)

but all of the foxes put things in places the twinyards + neil most definitely can’t reach and it becomes a challenge to see who can get either neil, andrew, or aaron to use the most extreme methods to get something

  • andrew: *is balancing on two chairs, 5 pillows, three of renee’s cookbooks, and dan’s exercise ball, plus he’s on his tiptoes*
  • kevin: i wonder who put your candy bars on top of the fridge???
  • andrew: i will literally tear out you hair follicles one by one if you tell anyone about this

tbh they act like they hate each other(andrew might actually hate everyone), but they’re just a big dumb family and they have video game tournaments every saturday

  • matt: did you-neil, did you just fucking blue shell me
  • neil: so that’s what what was
  • allison and nicky go so hard at just dance like it isn’t even funny
  • they usually drag neil into their games too bc he’s a pretty decent dancer???
  • kevin plays too if he’s drunk enough
  • aaron usually leaves by then
  • andrew just sits on the couch and watches neil dance and play around with the other foxes bc he’s happy his boyfriend feels safe around the foxes and that he’s happy and carefree bc that’s what he deserves  

anyways the foxes would have the times of their lives living together, especially once andrew and neil get comfortable around them and you can pry this out of my damn hands

this is the worst post i’ve ever made 

Cos I said I would.

Run!BTS Ep 12 was such a bless, we don’t have just Jikook being kink trashs, Taegi “You’re drunk, go to home please”, VHope so in love, Sope being soulmates™, Namjin married couple, Yoonmin “haven’t we seen each other at a cathedral?”, Yoonjin dad jokes, Jinmin 60cm shoulders fanboy, Taekookmin being kink trashs pt2

We’ve BTS actually acknowledging all the abuse that they made us go through since 2013

a conversation my friends and I had about tigger.
  • Friend 1: for a hot second there i forgot that literally bouncing is what he does and thought like, a bouncer at a nightclub
  • me: spdfigfdos
  • Friend 2: I would fucking watch that tho
  • Friend 1: skjdflsjfd
  • Friend 2: Pooh is the barkeep! Friendly with simple life advice u-u The hottest cocktail at the 100 Acre Woods? Honey, of course~!
  • Friend 2: (a blend of whiskey, honey and rum that'll warm your tum tum)
  • me: Eeyore is the sad, sad drunk. oh god what went wrong now.
  • me: Kanga is the single mother whose husband ran out on her and she can't afford a sitter while she waitresses so she brings her kid with her. also, I'm going to hell.
  • Friend 1: christopher robin is the hipster who's always trying to come up with new craft brews
  • Friend 2: Roo often tries to emulate Tigger. He alerts him to the drunks who have had too much so he can kick them out
  • me: Rabbit is the health inspector.
  • Friend 2: Piglett's also a waiter but is very nervous and doesn't like serving the big burly dudes. But he's a total sweetheart.
  • Friend 1: i've created a monster
  • Friend 2: Owl's the wise drunk. You know the guy. They knock back a couple and suddenly they know all life's mysteries
  • me: including the ones you didn't ask him about.

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And maybe, if you're up for it, #20 "Do you like it when they watch?" from the NSFW prompt list as well, also with Hvitserk because I'm a hoe for him and there's just not enough Hvitserk on this goddamn site 😂❤

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And the other with our Hvitserk! Hope you like it 😘.
Warnings: NSFW, sex in public.

You couldn’t control yourself. You had drunk way too much, and drunk you usually meant horny you. That was how you ended on your prince’s lap, grinding your hips furiously against his as your hands wandered around his entire body, eager to feel his muscles. Hvitserk wasn’t in a better state. His glassy and hungry eyes followed the movement of his palms, grabbing and squeezing any part of your body he could reach. You let out a high-pitched mewl when he cupped your breast. You arched your back to push further into his grip. Your brain had stopped register anything but him, not caring anymore about the people surrounding you. Hvitserk began to suck at your neck, leaving gentle nips in retribution every time you clenched his hair a little too hard. Your neck fell backward, mouth agape, enjoying his velvet tongue against your skin. 

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Watching Riverdale With My Brother's Best Friend Who Is Drunk:

•"So like do you think Buckethead and Betty will get together?“

•"Archie and Cheyenne or wait… Cheryl? Yeah, Cheryl. They’re cute.”

•"Wait… who gets shot? Archie? Archie got fucking murked.“


•"Oh shit, so Jughead is a badass now!“

•"Betty and Jughead are kind of cute because he’s a weirdo and she’s kind of crazy too.”


characters: you x daniel

summary: daily pick up lines from your one and only boyfriend, daniel

quote: “you’re such a flirt”

note: it’s my girl Ariane’s ( @deepdickdaniel ) birthday today!!! and as a gift, i decided to write a daniel fic!!! happy birthday, ariane!!!! <3

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Another chicken filet story: I got called a nazi because we don't serve onion rings. I'm not sure how these two things correlate, but apparently they do.

Might be a “soup nazi” joke depending on how old the person is. It’s a Seinfeld thing. If they were 30+ chances are it’s a “soup nazi” joke. But it’s just a theory. A FUCK CUSTOMERS THEORY. *been watching too much game theory, so everytime I say “it’s just a theory” I have to follow it with something*

*and yes I’m drunk so my responses are going to be random and weird and full of inner monologues that somehow escape my keyboard* -Abby

les amis went to see the live action beauty and the beast together and, needless to say, they loved it. some loved it…a little too much. the next time they got drunk, joly, bossuet, grantaire, fee, and baz whipped out a candelabra and began shouting at it loudly, red faced from screaming. “what are they doing??” enjolras asks, having arrived later. musichetta sighs. “they’re trying to communicate with ewan mcgregor”

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hi don't mean for this to come off as stalker-ish, but do you happen to know which are the videos where Ryan and/or Shane """reveals""" something personal or just a weird little detail about themselves? Like Shane's "I once took an improv comedy class", or Ryan mentioning how he used to read Goosebumps books....? (college has been shit-stressful and I'm considering writing some fics as a creative outlet, and I'm scared of getting stuff wrong) thanks a thousand times my dude !!!

i’m too sleepy to continue watching postmortems ajasdjs im sorry i have no more + i have no idea if you meant unsolved only or like other buzzfeed videos but here’s this for now and feel free to hmu if you need anything (i spent too much time on youtube trying to find videos with them in it)

good luck w college!! and don’t worry if you get stuff wrong it’s fanfiction you can make stuff up all is good

oh and yall add more if you have any thank you pals

i’m watching part 3 and 4 of the DCTV crossover super late compared to everyone else and i’m drunk and overwhelmed, it’s so much to process and i’m disgusted, happy, so fucking sad but also excited all at the same time… it’s a lot

the first night chuuya invited akutagawa to a drink scarred him for life. this kid barely shows no emotion and is edgy as heck and before chuuya could even get wasted like usual, akutagawa’s already taken a single fucking sip and the boy is already wasted and is crying and already drunk rambling. chuuya was too scared to take a few more sips. things are getting worse as akutagawa downs the whole glass in one go. he has collapsed onto the floor and is still sobbing. chuuya can’t take a single sip anymore as he watches tough emo kid breaking down and sets his glass down. that was the first and last time he offers akutagawa a drink

The face Stan makes when Lefou is holding his hand to get on the table is basically like “I’m gunna steal this motha fucker watch me.”. This entire screencap is hilarious because Tom is straight up getting smacked in the face so Lefou can get on the table and Gaston is too busy drinking his drunk ass into stupidity and Fou is just like MUST SING MORE.

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Sort of fuck my managers i guess? I work nights and get given 4 isles to do every night, which is stressful enough, but then randomly get told to watch self check-out for 2/3 hours with the barest amount of training (always the weekend too, so everyone is drunk/buying alcohol and need me there 24/7) on it while my managers still expect me (A new employee!) to be able to do all my work myself too smh i get 2 half hour breaks but i'm lucky if i even get time for my second on in my 9 hour shift ;n;

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Hello friend, just checking in! How are you? Have you drank water today? I had a question - would you recommend Yuri! On Ice as an anime? I'm trying to get into them! Hope you're doing well, keep your chin up and stay strong ❤️ - sophrosyne

Hello dear, I’ve drunk a lot of water I’m 60% water right now. 

Recommending Yuri on Ice? Well…


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Look at this! Look at the beautiful thing that is Yuri on Ice!

Please, please watch the show.

I hope you’re doing well and drink lots of water too! Also, good luck watching the show!

you can geek on me anytime okay  \(^▽^)/

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I know we're talking about Weiss right now but right up there in fandom mischaracterization with her is Yang. I see plenty of fics that have Yang as varying levels of a stupid, crass, slutty, mean-spirited person. And I'm just like, "Have you even been watching the show? Like at all?" That's the kind of interpretation of her character you could get from half way watching the Yellow Trailer while drunk but I still see it to this day.

Yeah I see that a lot too. Saw it in a fic I read this morning and it kinda came out of nowhere. Like the story was really good but then Yang suddenly became awful and annoying and SO antagonizing to everyone, especially Weiss and I just hated it so much. People gravitate to Yang because she has such a warm and welcoming personality.

Sherlolly Halloweek: Day Four
  • *Bart's Halloween party*
  • Molly: *dressed as a pumpkin*
  • Mary: *dressed as Harley Quinn; groans* Pleeeeeease tell me who the father is! I swear I won't tell anyone.
  • Molly: *chuckles* I can't tell you. Not yet.
  • Mary: *sighs* Give me a clue.
  • Molly: *shrugs* He's here tonight.
  • Mary: *looks around; points* Greg?
  • Molly: *smiles* Maybe.
  • Mary: *raises an eyebrow* Mike?
  • Molly: Could be.
  • Mary: *eyes wide* Sherlock?
  • Molly: *nods* Equally possible.
  • Mary: *sighs* I give up.
  • *meanwhile*
  • Sherlock: *takes a deep breath* John?
  • John: *dressed as the Joker; sipping wine* Mmm?
  • Sherlock: *slowly* You know that Molly is pregnant-
  • John: *snorts* Yeah. Bastard just sleeps with her, knocks her up and does a runner *shakes his head; pointing dramatically* let me tell you, if I ever find out who did that to her, I'll beat them to death with their own shoe.
  • Sherlock: ...
  • Sherlock: *smiles; hands him a bottle* Have more wine.