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Just a little reminder not to vote Conservative if you have LGBT pals

Not only does Theresa May have an appalling record for being against LGBT rights, she is also implementing 22 billion pounds of cuts to the NHS.

These cuts to the NHS are not going to help your transgender friends.

Many trans people aim to go through gender clinics (an element of the NHS) in order to be prescribed hormone replacement therapy and surgical procedures to help them feel more comfortable in their own skin.

The waiting lists for gender identity clinics are already RIDICULOUSLY LONG. I know people who have been waiting for years, and even when things get going it can be an extremely long process.

Do you think 22 billion pounds of cuts is going to speed this up in any way? No chance! Unfortunately, there’s no doubt in my mind that after such huge cuts waiting times will increase and even more trans people will be forced to wait for potentially life changing (even lifesaving) treatment.

The process of medically transitioning is already extremely difficult for your trans friends. Don’t make it harder for them by voting conservative.

Trans Cinderella Excerpt

‘Maybe it’s the mask.’ 

‘The mask?’ his hand went up to touch it. He’d almost forgotten he was wearing it. Somehow, it made him feel braver. Like he wasn’t really himself.
‘You do look very mysterious.’
‘It’s a masque ball. We’re all wearing masks!’

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arschkrokodil  asked:

cheers! how could that happen? it does seem unfair indeed

No problem :)

  • In the UK, a majority Government is formed when a political party has attained 326 ‘seats’ out of the 650 available
  • The UK is divided into 650 areas which each represent a seat
  • The election is not won by ‘whoever gets the most votes wins’, shown by the Tories who got over 10 million votes and won 331 seats/areas, Labour won over 9 million votes and won 232 seats whilst UKIP won 3.4 million votes and only 1 seat
  • The election is won area by area,  as if each area chooses their party, sometimes a party can edge by with only 400 votes and still win that seat (*cough* Ed Balls *cough*) 
  • The party who has then won over the most amount of areas/seats then gets to form a goverment (if the amount of seats won if over 323)
  • A lot of people were trying to keep UKIP out of power thus tactically voting, which meant the Tories edged past on a couple of seats
  • 67% did not vote for the Tories however

I hope i described that alright, if i’ve messed up somewhere or anyone wants to add something feel free!

anonymous asked:

Why are you against feminism? I mean I'm VERY conservative too but I believe women and men should have equal rights. I mean there are people that go WAY too far with it and that's where I draw the line but I mean..

Feminism is the belief women need more privileges than men to get ahead in life. That is sexist as fuck, it’s saying women can’t get ahead on their own. Don’t claim it’s about equal rights, women have equal rights. Feminism is a sexist movement and the fact that ANYONE would support that makes me sick.