i'm to lazy to turn on a light


He didn’t speak, but you knew what he was thinking. He wouldn’t hurt you physically, but knowing he thought you were a traitor caused you enough pain. You didn’t want to fight him, you didn’t even want to join a team. T’challa’s eyes just stared at you before running off to fight Bucky. 

You sighed, rethinking your position in the battle. Maybe you could have talked to T’challa and convinced him that Bucky didn’t kill his father, but that didn’t matter anymore. You followed Steve into battle as if it were a reflex. He is Captain America after all, he wouldn’t start a war over something doltish..right?

steve version

tony version 

natasha version

bucky version


list of favorites [32/50 female characters]: Lyla Garrity

“Thank you Lord for this food that we are about to receive and for your wisdom, Lord. I pray that you will guide me and everyone at this table to respect you and make good choices. For example, do not take advantage of the vulnerability of a recently separated but not yet divorced woman. And in turn, to give others at the table the strength to remember that a mother of three should not be wearing skinny jeans. Amen.”

A lazy afternoon with Calum would probably consist of him playing guitar in the backyard; with you laying out on a hammock listening to him just play a few chords. Watching him in complete awe his cheeks would turn a light shade of pink but a smile would be plastered on his face. He would begin to bob his head and hum along to the sound of the guitar, making you fall in love with him more and more each second.

The fanfiction vampire
  • Me: reading fan fiction peacefully in the dark
  • Family member: bursts into room abruptly turns on torturous lights.
  • Me: Light, So bright so bright.
  • Family member: *interrogation light* why are you always in the dark? Why do you never come out of your room? WHY, WHY?
  • Me: *disgruntled noises* can't you just except the fact that I'm obviously a very lazy fan fiction obsessed vampire and leave me to be in peace.

ladyknighttime  asked:

Mabel A4 (if you're still doing it). And maybe a Christmas/Hannukah/general holiday sweater because that seems very Mabel-y

“Just because the lights in it are a MILD fire hazard doesn’t mean I should turn them off!!!”

Pose meme!

A cute Zimbits idea I had too late last night
  • Okay but what if Jack and Bittle are both very light sleepers? What if sometimes one of them wakes up and just gets overwhelmed with the fact that they're really together and just has the urge to kiss the other and so they do and since, you know, light sleepers and all, the other wakes up from the light kisses being rained on their jaw and this always turns into lazy, tired, loving kisses with lots of smiling and very drowsy eyes and soft "I love you"'s or just no words at all and they'd fall asleep again like that, cuddled up extra close and with their mouths intertwined together, so in love
  • And I'm maybe a bit emotional about this right now because theSE TWO

After procrastinating for roughly 6 months i finally decided to draw Germanium haha— i only had concept sketches of them till now

In the right angle, when hit by light, their body might turn transparent. They use this as a way to approach others without being noticed and to hide. Their vision during night time is extremely good.

  • Vik: pretty please come turn my lights on.
  • Vik: i'll give you alcohol. or food. or sex. whatever you want.
  • Vik: seriously, it's dark and i'm afraid to move. help me.