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Thomas Hamilton Memorial Week

In honor of Thomas Hamilton, dailyblacksails brings you Thomas Hamilton Memorial Week. Starting July 25th-31st lets show our love and never forget this amazing character.

  • Day 1 - Most Empowering Moment
  • Day 2 - Favorite Episode
  • Day 3 - Favorite Relationship
  • Day 4 - Anything Appreciation
  • Day 5 - Favorite Scene
  • Day 6 - Most Memorable/Favorite Quote
  • Day 7 - Memorial/Tribute/Free Choice

You can participate however you want, but please do not use someone else’s work.

Please tag posts with #thamiltonmw (within the first five tags so that I can find your work, if you don’t there’s no guarantee that i’ll see it.)
If you have any questions please ask them here.