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YOOOO if you haven’t watched the trailer/actors’ presentations for the AO!! Stage Play (All Out!! the Stage), HERE IT IS!

I’m!?!? So excited wtf!!?!? They’re so handsome and pretty and ughh, I already love them.

If someone knows where can I buy a DVD version from outside Japan I’d appreciate it!

This would be even more perfect if there were some Ryōin guys, but I’m more than happy with the inclusion of Keijo and Sagami! (Besides from our lovely JinKou, of course.)

Also, on the official YouTube channel there are short presentations from each of the actors individually! Do check them out if you’re interested, they’re marvellous. (And the automatic translations from Japanese crack me up, but might get you pissed).

hey David, you should really get that thing on your neck checked out, looks like it could be poison oak… or bugs…

…particularly… the love-bugs… named Gwen ;)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

ya never know in these woods, amiright???

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  • Have an awesome week you guys! Share your rain pics/vids with me as often as you want!

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fave buckynat fics? love the blog btw

Well I mean, I’m not saying I would lose on purpose cuz that’s not right, but if he were to kill me that’d be real rad - Szeth, who is apparently at least a little passively suicidal.

I started reading the stormlight archive and I’m enjoying it so far

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I'm surprised no one said this yet. Naegi gets his ahoge cut off and no one in his class recognizes him. They're all wondering who this stranger sitting in Naegi's seat is. Naegi is oblivious.

A/N Hinata version here

Naegi Loses His Ahoge and Everyone Loses Their Shit

Ever since Naegi got his haircut, everyone was staring at him strangely.

That’s the weird thing. All they did was stare but nobody approached him. They were all whispering and talking with each other in hushed tones but nobody tried talking to him at all. Did he look that bad? He could take brutal honesty, seriously. It was better than being ignored like this. But he wasn’t going to be ignored for long since it looked like someone was finally approaching him.

“Who the fuck are you?”


Naegi was too stunned to reply accordingly which pissed them off even more.

“I said who the fuck are you?” Mondo repeated as he cracked his knuckles threateningly. “Better talk before I make you talk.”

“Violence is prohibited, bro!” Ishimaru yelled from the sidelines.

“Relax, it’s not like I’m going to beat him up…” He paused. “Too much.”

“He’s totally gonna beat him up. Poor guy.” Leon commented.

“Um… I think he’s too scared to talk. So why not try a different approach?” Fujisaki timidly suggested.

“Good idea, Chihiro! Let’s send out our friendliest!” Asahina seconded.

“Unfortunately, Naegi is absent today.” Sakura remarked.

What? WHAT?? Absent? But he’s right here! Guys, he’s right HERE!!

“Oh, yeah…” She tilted her head in thought and then her eyes widened as she gave light push to her fellow classmate. “Then how about our runner up!”

“Me?” Maizono asked her incredulously but didn’t turn her down. So she then walked to Naegi and asked, “Excuse me but you’re sitting in our classmate’s seat. Are you a transfer?”

Naegi blanched. Were they really serious about this? This has to be a joke.

“It seems that he remains unresponsive. How unfortunate.” Celes commented.

“Move aside. I’ll do this before we waste any more precious time.” Togami commanded as then he glared at Naegi. “A peasant like you has no place here. Get out.”

“Y-yeah! You heard h-him! Get going!” Fukawa seconded from behind him.

First he wasn’t recognized and now he was getting kicked out? All because he got a stupid haircut?? Is this even real???

“Guys… it’s me… Naegi, your classmate.” He weakly tried to explain.

“Eh? Naegichi? Is that you?” Hagakure asked in disbelief.

“Impossible!” Yamada firmly objected. “You lack the tell-tale characteristic of his! I refuse to accept that you are the same person when you’re clearly lacking a ahoge!!”

Aaand that’s it. He just confirmed his suspicions. Just how exactly did everyone see him? A walking ahoge?? Nobody recognized him just because of his haircut. Well sorry for wanting to try something new.

He wanted a new look, not a new identity.

“Hold it.” Kirigiri interrupted. “It’s still too early to confirm or to deny his claim.”

Naegi internally screamed. Not Kirigiri too!

“Who cares? This is way too funny!” Junko cackled.

“Please take this seriously, sis.” Mukuro admonished her.

“Yeah, yeah. Sure. Oh, what EVER happened to POOR Naeggs?” Junko wailed dramatically and then discreetly winked at Naegi.

!!!! She knew! She fucking knew! But knowing Junko, she wasn’t going to let anybody know. Not when she was having so much fun watching this unfold. Naegi sighed. Trust his luck that the only person on his side… wasn’t really on his side at all. This was just too painful to deal with.

So Naegi quit.

He got up and walked out of the classroom. He skipped classes for a month just until his ahoge grew back. The school excused him as “missing” since even the faculty couldn’t recognize him and thus, no news was heard about him. When he came back to class, he let out a sigh of relief as everyone flocked to him in worry but most importantly, in recognition.

From time to time, he unconsciously checks his ahoge if it’s still there and if his identity is still in tact.

Ever since Naegi got a haircut, he decided to never get one again.

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Hi I was wondering what your favorite voltron fanfics are??

my absolute faves…. hm

Legendary V-Men by @ectoviolet

Unspoken Languages by @hunk-my-sunshine

Of Comfort No Man Speak by @fishfingersandscarves

this rax/hunk fic by @transgaysurvivor

A Study In Sleep Habits By Hunk by @chocolateandnerves

Pay It Forward by @platonicsheith

Love Pimples and Tradition by an anonymous account

Seasonal Baking by dinolaur

I Think You’re A-maize-ing by stargayzing

Only, the Knife by pomme (manta (also check out their fic What More Is This)

It’s Not Easy by @loboloca

Space Germs by @masteremeraldholder

i’m def got more to recommend but this is all i can think of tonight! most of these are on ao3 except for grell’s fic. these are also all sfw, so no worries!

please go give all these ppl nice comments on their fics… they deserve it

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rule 2. BOLD the statements that are true for you!  bc this one is super long i’m gonna place a read more ty

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Thoughts on fans of Kyle who are also anti-rey/o? Thoughts on Kyle Ron in general?

as long as you don’t woobify kyIo by acting like he never did anything wrong or try to excuse/justify all his heinous acts as though he was 100% not at fault for anything he’s ever done, then you’re cool.

i love kyIo ren AS A VILLAIN. people need to let him be the villain he’s meant to be. i love that he’s conflicted but still unmistakably bad. i find him to be a great representation of privileged entitlement and the power of choice. like all throughout the movie, he’s given choice after choice, chance after chance to show that he’s still capable of good things and he chooses to do the wrong thing every single time. because he wants power, because he wants the dark side legacy he feels entitled to. 

we see that he feels the light tugging away at him, begging him to be better, and we see him actively fight against it every single time. it’s a fascinating dynamic and i think it could go to a lot of really interesting places. 

but he’s still a murder. he still killed lor san tekka who was unarmed, he ordered the execution of an entire village including children without a second thought, he tortured poe without remorse, he paralyzed rey and painfully violated her mind without a second thought or any remorse then proceeded to kidnap her and DO IT AGAIN with her physically restrained to a chair, murdered his own father, threw rey into a tree at like 30 mph after taunting her and finn with han’s death, seriously wounded/tried to kill finn, then tried to kill rey again when she wouldn’t join the dark side. 

he’s done a lot of bad shit and even if he was manipulated by snoke, they were still his choices. the movie emphasized this over and over. kyIo wasn’t brainwashed like the stormtroopers. he might have been told he deserved vader’s legacy and what he had at the height of his power and then some. he might have been told his family lied to him about vader to keep him from achieving his full potential. those are common manipulation tactics and sure, it warrants some sympathy. i like a good sympathetic villain. 

but he’s still a villain. he’s still responsible for every single thing he’s done. and it’s people who act like he’s just some poor kid (which he was 23 when he turned on luke per bloodline soooo) who had a bad childhood and shitty parents (also not true per bloodline) so nothing was ever his fault that make me hate his existence. 

basically i love canon kyIo canon for what he is and despise fanon kyIo ren for what he’s not.

Just letting you know that I added a tag system to my blog so now you can check all the Rhack stuff I reblogged and who knows, you may find something interesting!

I usually reblog other borderlands stuff, but I know that there’s someone just as obsessed as me with rhack and a tag system is sooo much more convenient to use.
There’s also a Me section, I will probably use it to collect my memes and my stupid face while I wear my ‘I hate Handsome Jack’ t-shirt. (Best t-shirt of the world I swear)