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can you suggest clothing items that give off a quirky yet cute vibe?

Notice how hard the antis are trying to “friendzone” sheith in our own tags and etc over one lil line from Keith that we all know doesn’t mean they are legit brothers? But just family and even more?

Yeah, I’m laughing at their pettiness too guys. They are desperate over the whole fact we had moments in nearly every episode, that Shiro accepts Keith as half-Galra, and it’s canon that Keith’s greatest hope is Shiro while his biggest fear is losing him.

Not Voltron. Not the other paladins. Not even finding out the secrets to his past. And not even Earth or the damn universe.

It’s Shiro.

Takashi Shirogane is Keith Kogane’s one and only weakness AND HIS ULTIMATE STRENGTH!

Man, they are LOADING US with tons of tropes in one omfg. I expect some implied sun and moon; light and dark; so on and etc references from them now.

Thank you Lion Goddess and Voltron and like idk Zarkon? For making Sheith legit real and for giving us tons of romantic tropes into one great package known as sheith.

Hallelujah Money

Ayyy not like anyone cares but I wanna put some positivity on here about yesterday’s song release. I can’t make a nice insightful analysis of the song because I’m not so great with words and writing. I’ve read a ton of negative and hateful comments towards Gorillaz on all their social medias and it bummed me out. I loved Hallelujah Money; the song is beautiful the video is beautiful and so intense. Benjamin Clementine’s voice is so so powerful in the song and I’m glad I got to discover him as an artist today. I really am thankful Gorillaz are back for phase 4. I’m so excited for what’s coming and yesterday was heart racing for me trying to figure out what they meant by the “transmission”. I wasn’t disappointed. You do you, Gorillaz. Thanks Damon and Jamie and everyone else involved!